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Men in the decorated palace of Shah Shujah Ool Moolk, Afghan. Coloured lithograph by R. Carrick after Lieutenant James Rattray, c. 1847. CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Jo Dusepo, Large-bodied Syrian oud with floating bridge (left) and Zenne oud (right). CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons


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Apr 2, 2021




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Comments 100   
Shawn Shackelford
Shawn Shackelford 4 hours ago
Awesome 👍😎
RJ Robertson-DeGraaff
Historians said they were "good friends"
Erica Maron
Erica Maron 18 hours ago
Missed the C dogs at 11:00 ish 🥲
Regan 38
Regan 38 Day ago
Zach has a weirdly perfectly shaped forehead.
Nicky Gonzales
I loved The Last Jedi, so you guys bashing The Rise of Skywalker just brought more healing to my shattered soul. Thank you.
Pratibha Bhuriwale
DOJA CAT YAAAYYY say so will slap forever tbh
E F 2 days ago
I really appreciated the obviously Beatles influence in the Ode's song this episode.
Nathalia 2 days ago
The way they described the haircut reminds me of Edna Mode from The Incredibles
small keanu
small keanu 2 days ago
do y'all think zach knows shane and ryan murdered the try guys in the sims???? lmao
Cece Henry
Cece Henry 2 days ago
Ryan wasnt told about that rotten jellybean he got, is that actually how hes been losing ?
Robyn Moore
Robyn Moore 2 days ago
i want to see ryan win! He seems so sad!
Jade Yu
Jade Yu 3 days ago
Connor Murphy
Connor Murphy 3 days ago
OMG the ellen joke had me laughing so hard
Connor Murphy
Connor Murphy 3 days ago
I was so excited to see Zach!! I hope Keith comes onto the show sometime lol
Introvert Gamer666
The professor playing the guitar is so cute
Marie Anne Lavoisier
Does anyone know the song playing in the background at 6:21? Thank u!
Emerald Romero
Emerald Romero 4 days ago
28:07 i guess you could call them pin pals
Sussana Chen
Sussana Chen 4 days ago
I love how Zack was so pure and wanted Ryan to get some jelly beans! Try guys/Watcher crossover episodes are the bomb.
SarahAnnRose23 5 days ago
"You start out with a big chunk of something and widdle it down until it becomes Doja Cat." - The Professor, 2021
Ax0l0tl 5 days ago
I'm a Ziryab stan now
Misterjablez _
Misterjablez _ 5 days ago
I'd love to see an episode about Tarrare, History's Hungriest Man. I think y'all could have some fun with that wild ass story
kangbrian 5 days ago
im imagining ryan listening to say so omg.
The Reality Check
I'm half american and I didn't get 85% of the references zach made.
Maya Piper
Maya Piper 5 days ago
I love watching this series but guess who’s now hooked with me? My 3.5 year old lol every-time he hears the intro he smirks and laughs at the professor since he’s so funny. I would show you his reaction if I could. Thank ya for what y’all do!
Insomania 6 days ago
I’m not going to bother to go back and count, but did Ryan actually win this one numerically?
Rin 6 days ago
Also amir tends to mean prince
Rin 6 days ago
So the vegan paired his wine with cheese empanadas.. so he's more like a vegetarian wolf huh
Marta Mađar
Marta Mađar 6 days ago
"Give me more Harry" - me everyday, same professor sameee
Green Apple
Green Apple 7 days ago
No one noticed Ryan's mug....
Jameson Iris
Jameson Iris 7 days ago
I love how this episode just has all three of these boys talk about movies.
lil' lily
lil' lily 7 days ago
how did nobody say pin pals at the end
Keilee Bentley
Keilee Bentley 7 days ago
Serious props to Shane and the Professor for always picking the coolest subjects to teach us. You have no idea how much I appreciate not just the production value of this show, but the stuff I'm learning also. It's incredible. Thank you so much to Shane, the Professor, and everyone else involved with this show and helping making it happen each week. ily.
Gaming Amory
Gaming Amory 7 days ago
They really missed an opportunity to say "We're Pin Pals!" lol
weston schroder
weston schroder 7 days ago
Omg I felt so dumb I binged watched all of these for the first time about a week ago and I didn’t realize the joke was Ryan never won and I kept like trying to guess who would win lol it took me too long to get it
Clara Azadegan
Clara Azadegan 8 days ago
I like the implication that Ryan and the professor go on coffee dates
Me going back and forth between this and kiss me more every time they say doja cat
tanvee moony
tanvee moony 8 days ago
There should be a loser award, just so Ryan can win something
angler 8 days ago
So are we just going to ignore the professor plushie in the background at 24:10?
Molly Rector
Molly Rector 8 days ago
Can I have jellybeans plz? My dads got an oud and he tried showing me how to play it. Lol
Anonymous Onyx
Anonymous Onyx 8 days ago
Okay "The professor" sure does make some absolute BANGERS but Where's my justice for Ryan. Just, let him win??
Hana Hoshino
Hana Hoshino 8 days ago
i was a little too excited about the oud question lmao i never got to take the IGCSE music exam bc of covid so my brain went "I KNOW THIS"
Nicki 8 days ago
Ryan was truly the Try Guy all along
divasara 8 days ago
the professor would use the light mode on Instagram
Hanna VK
Hanna VK 9 days ago
The Professor’s subtitles: “...Ood...” Me, a Whovian: (draws another tally in the “evidence that The Professor is a Time Lord” column)
Dance Soar Vim
Dance Soar Vim 9 days ago
Bout to a Ziryab the Bard
Thxlia Grxce
Thxlia Grxce 9 days ago
Maybe I would have a live in dj, it would give me someone to talk to
eleanor mack
eleanor mack 9 days ago
shane has 3 hands now
Catherine Zhou
Catherine Zhou 9 days ago
Ryan, your Ricky Goldsworth is showing
Lauren O
Lauren O 9 days ago
Did the Professor admit to eating dolphins?
Emerson 9 days ago
Patriarchy is such a long & old oppressive structure, so many women’s talents were sidelined.
Adam Block
Adam Block 10 days ago
I won't lie, I've watched this multiple times now. I'm pretty sure Ryan actually has more points >.>
Tyler 10 days ago
Zach. It's "loo-in" HE SAYS IT IN THE FILM. Respect our lord and saviour Oscar Isaac.
just a.person
just a.person 10 days ago
i used to genuinely think ryan could win
Jayden Hunter
Jayden Hunter 10 days ago
sorry... did the wolf use vegan cheese or does someone wanna tell him?
Adriana Ontiveros
Adriana Ontiveros 10 days ago
Ryan wassss high on this one
Y2Ksnowglobe 10 days ago
The gentle confusion of "Did you write down a vegetable you don't know about?" sent me.
yeet 10 days ago
no no no hold on im only 1 minute in but WHAT was that about the tattoo on ryans leg??? he has to spread them HOW far??????
The Static Adventurer
me in gary indiana hearing him say the city :eyes:
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov 10 days ago
Donnor Party Episode: We shouldn’t hang out outside the show this episode: they go to star bucks together ✨character development✨
ashullu 10 days ago
ok but that song was like straight out of pretty.odd
Scott Davis
Scott Davis 10 days ago
Nawbah is effectively what they call a “Rock Opera”.. ‘Pinball Wizard’ and such. Even ‘Clutch’s’ Psychic Warfare.. in more modern times.
Samantha N
Samantha N 10 days ago
wow, posphorus really got around, huh?
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov 10 days ago
there’s something so funny about zach and the professor simultaneously saying “they’re fucking.” in such a matter-of-fact tone
Scott Davis
Scott Davis 10 days ago
Imagine if I could download this from Prime Canada... that’d be great. Time to expand lads.
Ruki Thompson
Ruki Thompson 10 days ago
Every time I hear Ryan thanks for tryin my heart breaks just a little more
SarahHogan100 10 days ago
Okay, Ryan has won a few times..... Why doesn't he win on the show? It bugs me.
Nick hyman
Nick hyman 11 days ago
Ryan’s laugh sounds like waluigi and still manages to be audibly pleasing. How? I don’t know. But I love it so much. (ex. 8.29)
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa 11 days ago
Donnor Party Episode: We shouldn’t hang out outside the show this episode: they go to star bucks together ✨character development✨
Dani Byrd
Dani Byrd 11 days ago
2:15 Nooooooooooo
Vampireeli 11 days ago
u should do an episode on achilles so you can bring back the "your they're fucking" sign , make is a reoccurring thing
your average Aquarius
omfg the professor looks so cool with his little guitar 🥺🥺🥺🥺
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa 11 days ago
Get Eugene Lee Yang on here next for an Asian History episode. Preferably Korea.
Renata L.
Renata L. 11 days ago
everybody! write your zyriab/al-rahman fanfics, it is time
frankensteinlives 11 days ago
Ryan: 2 Zach: 2
catsushis 11 days ago
ziryab kinda cute ngl
Caitlyn W
Caitlyn W 11 days ago
I somehow managed to get all but one question right. I feel accomplished
Sunshine King
Sunshine King 11 days ago
Gay legendary musicians, fuck yeah
Annie 11 days ago
there’s something so funny about zach and the professor simultaneously saying “they’re fucking.” in such a matter-of-fact tone
kenna163 11 days ago
Mad respect to the Professor for his review of TROS.
Sydney Stene
Sydney Stene 11 days ago
I'm definitely ignoring my music history paper to watch this, but it's still (kind of) on topic, so it's fine.
Lucas Smith
Lucas Smith 11 days ago
First of all, it was a tie not a win for Zach, and holy fuck there’s a third hand back there during the song!!
司特尼 11 days ago
Say So does slap tho
Maren K
Maren K 11 days ago
Ryan just looks more and more dead inside each episode that pass
Jared Mortensen
Jared Mortensen 11 days ago
Am I the only one that counts the history points? I believe that they were tied at the end of this episode
Macie Savage
Macie Savage 11 days ago
Hey, you should talk about the demand for nitrogen during World War I one episode. I know you probably won't see this comment, so for people to like it I should mention that the largest amount of naturally occurring nitrogen is found in animal and human waste.
Khimaera 11 days ago
Ryan with 3 Zornfeld with 2 #JusticeForRyan
Freedomcat 11 days ago
Get Eugene Lee Yang on here next for an Asian History episode. Preferably Korea.
Freedomcat 11 days ago
Who else keeps track of jellybeans and see the prof. is cheating Ryan?
miko foin
miko foin 11 days ago
Donnor Party Episode: We shouldn’t hang out outside the show this episode: they go to star bucks together ✨character development✨
Mary Kane
Mary Kane 12 days ago
Wish Kate was here for that one ☝️!!
Mary Kane
Mary Kane 12 days ago
I’d rather see the professor’s commercials, than any others !
Kilroy Aodhan Mioruilt
Oh. So nawbahs were early concept albums.
Rebecca best
Rebecca best 12 days ago
The first time I watched this I was drunk and as soon as I saw the professor come on stage playing the guitar I genuinely screamed so loud I woke up everyone in the house. It made me so happy
miko foin
miko foin 11 days ago
This is the third straight episode with no mention of a Genie. I am displeased. ...Not really... but fuck!
Liz I
Liz I 12 days ago
Hello what happened to Are you afraid of..?
Bramble Teaser
Bramble Teaser 12 days ago
Followed you guys over from BuzzFeed and just wanted to say your absolutely crushing it with Watcher!!! puppet History is a stroke of genius.. I would love it if you did some more unsolved mysteries and some ghost hunting expeditions...in your own style of course but seriously guys your doing such an amazing job 👍👍
Starlight Sun
Starlight Sun 12 days ago
What I wanna know is this-who was the third hand controlling either the professor’s strumming or the oud ????? Did Shane spontaneously grow extra limbs? I must have answers
HufflepuffsPanda 12 days ago
No one: ... Seth Rogen: 21:36
Jaime Blackett
Jaime Blackett 12 days ago
I'm really wanting poor Ryan to win one, poor guy gets ripped off every time lol. Although I must say I love the banter at the end.
Clipchip 12 days ago
Can I get a "Ryan, Thanks for Tryin'" Shirt please?
soulless vapid individual
I think Ryan is losing his social skills in quarantine
Julia Hodges
Julia Hodges 12 days ago
The Professor out here flaming Star Wars is not something I thought I needed, but I like it.
Kaitlyn Kellogg
Kaitlyn Kellogg 12 days ago
I literally just watched the try guys mean and thirsty comments. Learned Keith loves puppets. I am so shocked and happy Zach is here!