Zion Williamson Destroyed With Pelicans By Clippers' 25 Three Pointers! Clippers vs Pelicans 

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Zion Williamson Destroyed With Pelicans By Clippers' 25 Three Pointers! Clippers vs Pelicans August 1, 2019-20 NBA Season
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Aug 1, 2020




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Comments 100   
Mpho Mazibuko
Mpho Mazibuko 2 months ago
U stupid ding dong u just jealous cause u got a dad bod
Arthur Ostapenko
Arthur Ostapenko 5 months ago
us-first.info Guys this channel does sports highlights around the world please go and subscribe to his channel he's been grinding hard and please watch ads for support he just needs a little bit more money for better content I personally really enjoy his content and his other channel you can find I his home page and go to channels and you'll find it thank you for your attention.😊
2kCutz 5 months ago
Bro is it that hard to lose weight damn Zion, he played better at duke
Mir Biotaalic
Mir Biotaalic 5 months ago
" Zion was wearing a BLM t-shirt, but Zion you're weight matters to!" 😂😂😂😂😂
Joseph Gonzalez
Joseph Gonzalez 5 months ago
You’re hating on Zion with that “I read a script at a 5th grade level” looking ass 😂😂
Tj always give it to God Black
Oops! Guess he doesn’t need to lose weight. Smh. us-first.info/player/video/fpaCmH91Z5-rjHE.html
Kristoffer M.
Kristoffer M. 5 months ago
1Round Pick and a 1st Over all Pick Turns To 1st Over injured🤣🤣🤣
Rosangzuala Chawngthu
Hes fat..an americans will make all the excuse for him..
elijah lopez
elijah lopez 5 months ago
“Teletubby Zion Williamson” thought that shit was so funny💀
CJ 5 months ago
“Your weight matters too” 😂😂😂
Lebron the goat
Lebron the goat 5 months ago
This man sounds like giannis
Grégoire 5 months ago
Trash commentary
Devontai Mitchell
Devontai Mitchell 5 months ago
Lmk if y’all fw this song I think bro 🔥🔥🔥💯 us-first.info/player/video/maprnW-ggGikjHU.html
Not Troy
Not Troy 5 months ago
Title gore
SmithMayo Idk
SmithMayo Idk 5 months ago
Still loving the Kawhi and PG duo. 2 of the best defenders in the league on the same team is crazy🤯
Yes 5 months ago
garbage ass title
jeff vw
jeff vw 5 months ago
All this time off and Zion still looking like baby fat.
Deriontae Moffett
Deriontae Moffett 5 months ago
You don’t know how Zion can handle his own body unless your Zion
Mike Hubbard
Mike Hubbard 5 months ago
duke sucks
Mello 5 months ago
You know their doing stop acting like you don’t or at least you should know sir. The NBA never had a human like this in the league ever which is why the Pelicans are handling him the way they are plus other things as well
Jana 5 months ago
The whole video is facts
Aljon Justin Gines
Aljon Justin Gines 5 months ago
Zion is prone to injury now
Prev GOATED 5 months ago
Zion is not what the NBA made him seem to be. All he is is a money maker.
d c
d c 5 months ago
He said "weight" 7 times in 38 seconds
Phoenix Rising One
Phoenix Rising One 5 months ago
This guy has no idea what he's talking about. Lol. Literally a casual fan with a youtube 😂
Lúcio De Assunção
He looks really fat!!!
Revolutionary News
Revolutionary News 5 months ago
Zion been eating all shit
Jav 5 months ago
Clippers' scored 25 Three pointers which destroyed Zion Williamson and the Pelicans
Mar Mar
Mar Mar 5 months ago
Nah he’s too big
Nikolas NunnFears
Nikolas NunnFears 5 months ago
zion is overrated
Brandon Caro
Brandon Caro 5 months ago
Bro why you talking bout his weight he built bro
makavelliibrz_10 5 months ago
song ?
LtDansLegs69 5 months ago
Wow this guy is annoying as fuck
jjcevallos12 5 months ago
Change the title! “The clippers destroy Zion Williamson and the pelicansThis is grammar isn’t much better
BrainDamaged pothead
Zion in 10 years will be that guy that everyone is like "what was that kids name? You know that one guy. You know who I'm talking about. That one guy."
FLYYY 2x 5 months ago
Zion Looks Like It Hurts To Run
Alex Alex
Alex Alex 5 months ago
Zion lookin like he eat a Big Mac everyday for breakfast 😂😂😂
1eski 5 months ago
Tele tubby Zion , lmao 😂😂😂
da1fromdaheightz 5 months ago
U from nola ? Sound hurt lol
RG NO CAP 5 months ago
roddas26 5 months ago
Dudes career is over before its even started. It's a shame, but it happens.
Marco Oliver Dela Rama
Use your body man! Use footwork go hard in to the rim work on your post game use your head man!
Micha L
Micha L 5 months ago
Zion is done
ron love
ron love 5 months ago
1:24 paul George : EZ
404swiss 5 months ago
Eating good for quarantine .
Russell Irving
Russell Irving 5 months ago
25 3s because they scared toget in the paint..that’s what he’s doing bro
Caesar 5 months ago
He gained 25lbs during off time
JDeezy 1997
JDeezy 1997 5 months ago
ABG626 5 months ago
pelicans are looking towards next season
In4mous 1
In4mous 1 5 months ago
Michael Leal
Michael Leal 5 months ago
lonzo looking like bust 🤦🏻‍♂️Brandon Ingram is the one who needs the ball in his hands no cap. I had them making the playoffs just because they were on a roll but now I’m just disappointed
charoy19 5 months ago
The way Zion runs back to his half after a dunk looks gay af
Daniel van der Merwe
What a fat ass
Terrell Heard
Terrell Heard 5 months ago
Naw bra, long story short he should have sat out the rest of this year and just came 2021 fresh. They not giving him minutes because they know he not a 100% healthy.
Thecoolguy5623 _
Thecoolguy5623 _ 5 months ago
Boi i thought he will be good and he is thr no.1 pick he might not be picked
N BChox
N BChox 5 months ago
You just contradicted yourself... says he’s too overweight to be playing ... then Says why isnt he playing...
Zane Quillen
Zane Quillen 5 months ago
Damn image zions downfall being his weight 😰
Zephyr IV
Zephyr IV 5 months ago
I rather give this a view then give them a view
Show Stoppa
Show Stoppa 5 months ago
Zion Hunting!!! us-first.info/player/video/rMlihKeggYSDd4E.html
Ed G
Ed G 5 months ago
"Your weight matters too" hahahahaha
Carlos Diaz
Carlos Diaz 5 months ago
Little do you know he lost 20 pounds and gains it back in muscle
Del Redway
Del Redway 5 months ago
Still overrated anyways.
Tru2disshyt 504
Tru2disshyt 504 5 months ago
If he on a minute restriction put him on the secondary so we can get better value out of him dat way u have a strong closer
yooastra 5 months ago
I’m Not A Zoin Fan I’m A Zion WindMill
Samuel Oji
Samuel Oji 5 months ago
Are you ok Nigga? You sound like a disturbed human being
Cx 5
Cx 5 5 months ago
Zion is too heavy
NeW KinG
NeW KinG 5 months ago
No they are preserving zion for the next coming years. They know they cant win championship even they make zion work full time.
Jet Ramos
Jet Ramos 5 months ago
Nah he wont even win one
OSNAT GAMING 5 months ago
He is so fragile
yamamancha 5 months ago
Zion got them quarantine 15 (kilos, not pounds)
Warlord Jon Pascual
Warlord Jon Pascual 5 months ago
Zion Lookin like the next Anthony Bennett
Jack Knight
Jack Knight 5 months ago
Pelicans wanna fly Zion 😂
Glø Baller
Glø Baller 5 months ago
He talking nonsense
Christoffer Evan
Christoffer Evan 5 months ago
what? Dumb title
Jay Bron
Jay Bron 5 months ago
I hope he don’t be another Greg oden . He a good kid but if he can’t loose weight he won’t last
Quintin Callaghan-Palatchie
this man big capping
Bom Trady
Bom Trady 5 months ago
Damn that’s a 2k stat
Angel Pablo
Angel Pablo 5 months ago
Zion is a bust
BST Kyoto
BST Kyoto 5 months ago
So this is the Zion Williamson on the 2k21 cover
IhoopalotYT 210
IhoopalotYT 210 5 months ago
Bro he’s playing against 2 96 over all lol rip Zion
Mid city King
Mid city King 5 months ago
Everybody says overweight that’s his natural body type. He’s built like a tank there is no way he’s gonna get much slimmer people need to chill.
Ricky Cordova
Ricky Cordova 5 months ago
Zion needs to lose some weight he looks like baby Huey
FlamingoBannz 5 months ago
damn....Clips was droppin dey ass clean off
Mike T
Mike T 5 months ago
Apparently this comment section is full of nutritionists and medical experts with all these comments about Zions weight 🤔
klevdavful 5 months ago
Yo are asking this man to lose body fat and muscle and then put on muscle something he has not done since he play basketball something he has not known how to do ever. Even if you got him 30 pounds lighter the question is will he have the discipline to fight the cravings that he's going to have along with the discipline. If you put him right now on a smaller guard he gets toasted because he's too slow andaz time goes on if there is any more NBA seasons do you think is going to get easier to win a championship?
Daniel Weber
Daniel Weber 5 months ago
Yo who is this guy and why does he keep popping up on my feed? 😂😂 funny video though 💀
Yung activist
Yung activist 5 months ago
Kawhi look like he wanted to laugh
KinFolk ThaGOAT!!
KinFolk ThaGOAT!! 5 months ago
They dropped 25 3's on them trash ass pelicans. How is that Zions fault? Man play center
Khristian Rampersad
Khristian Rampersad 5 months ago
how 2 block this channel
Z Z 5 months ago
He needs to cut his weight before its too late..so big for a dunker goodluck to his knees.
Artfil Wi Fi
Artfil Wi Fi 5 months ago
Morant ROY 😁
Truly Bless
Truly Bless 5 months ago
Bruh why did I laugh when he said Zion wearing the Black Lives Matter shirt. But Zion your weight matters to! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
plss sss
plss sss 5 months ago
Get your self on gym idol zion
Retrogamer Dell
Retrogamer Dell 5 months ago
lol. Zion sucks and Panini is making a fortune off the hype.
Nehemiah Stewart
Nehemiah Stewart 5 months ago
What are they doing🤦🏽‍♂️
rohdz TV
rohdz TV 5 months ago
This guy is overhype, he has potential though
刘畅 5 months ago
Zoz Plays
Zoz Plays 5 months ago
Why are people complaining about zions weight when Shaqs weight was even more. Also wth are the pelicans coach doing. Give Zion normal minutes like 30 to get in the playoffs. If your going to keep making him play these 14 or 15 minute games they will not make the playoffs and the 2k cover athlete curse will be real when Zion leaves. If I was zion I would leave the trash coaches.
Zoz Plays
Zoz Plays 5 months ago
Beau Monton. Yep the pelicans are doing weird things with Zion playing him low minutes if you want him to lose weight then play him more minutes.
Beau Monton
Beau Monton 5 months ago
Hamzah Yousuf im not a zion hater and I never said he was a bust. He was my pick for roty before his injury. I literally only said he was too heavy. He’s already injured himself for significant time twice. Go back and watch his high school highlights. He was more dominant + more explosive. He can afford to lose weight. With that being said, I agree with you that he needs to be played more.
Zoz Plays
Zoz Plays 5 months ago
He also does not need to be on the bench the coach is weird and the pelicans are nit making the playoffs cause of the dumb coach
Zoz Plays
Zoz Plays 5 months ago
Beau Monton so? So was Shaq. Your a zion hater thinking zion will be a bust.
Beau Monton
Beau Monton 5 months ago
Bro shaq was like 7 feet tall. Zion’s like 6’6 and relies on explosive movements. He’s definitely too heavy for his playstyle
AznUragOON 5 months ago
I thought he would be the next LeBron 🤔
true patriotic dominican
Hey you sound boring...
Sanjay Ramroop
Sanjay Ramroop 5 months ago
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