Zion Williamson CRAZY WEIGHT LOSS During NBA Season Suspension! 

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Zion Williamson CRAZY WEIGHT LOSS During NBA Season Suspension!
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Jul 4, 2020




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Comments 100   
Mark McNeil
Mark McNeil Month ago
What are you taking about? This video is the worst!!
Dil Bob
Dil Bob 5 months ago
Well this didn't age well lmao
Ahmet Turgut
Ahmet Turgut 5 months ago
Look at him, now!!! 300 pounds?!🤔😡😡😡
The Good Doctor
The Good Doctor 5 months ago
He hasn't changed much tbh. Watch the games.
Kaleb ; ]
Kaleb ; ] 5 months ago
He lose 20 pounds so far
DaJuan Bey
DaJuan Bey 5 months ago
JetBlk M3
JetBlk M3 5 months ago
Lol well the pics of him were def photoshopped bc hes fat af, still getting injured and has 0 cardio
John Tompkins
John Tompkins 5 months ago
If Zion wants to have at least a 10 year NBA career, he will need to get down to 270 lbs. That was his playing weight when he was at Duke, when he was very explosive. Back then, he challenged shots whereas now he just watches people shoot them. He plays very little D. He does not go after rebounds. My guess is when he went home to Spartanburg SC, he ate every day at The Beacon, a greasy spoon place featuring cheesesburger-a-plentys.
The Master
The Master 6 months ago
Dang the flying fridge became thin..
mansour 123
mansour 123 6 months ago
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Achim One
Achim One 6 months ago
What about your stupid voice 🤷🏻‍♂️
Professor Facts
Professor Facts 6 months ago
Zion losing a lot of weight is not going to stop his bully game he is in fact stronger than before and with the weight lost he is going to be faster as well it’s going to be crazy to watch the victims get embarrassed
Troy 6 months ago
He said he "came back lookin like bane, the nba gon have to do a drug taste" "we talkin practice I was eatin"😂😂😂
Peter Kuskis
Peter Kuskis 6 months ago
Streamline the body for maximum potential! :)
Dylan Barnes
Dylan Barnes 6 months ago
he doesn’t even look that much different 😂
Vade Retro
Vade Retro 6 months ago
Lol you love the sound of your voice, what a pontless video.
MOHAMMED WALI 6 months ago
New Drip
New Drip 6 months ago
Makin Fun Of Him But He Has More Money Than You
Rhema Aj
Rhema Aj 6 months ago
😂Why this guy sound like giannis
ESen ES 6 months ago
He will be flying out the gym
RKWDBMX 6 months ago
Liked for making me geek out and almost spill my food from the first words you spoke. Voice of an angel.
Ballers Nation
Ballers Nation 6 months ago
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Syed M
Syed M 6 months ago
TheLivingWeirdo 6 months ago
Weight loss he still look the same Big as shit 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Christopher Bonilla
Christopher Bonilla 6 months ago
He lost weight not muscle.. remember that 😐
Master Baiter
Master Baiter 6 months ago
you have a cringy voice. congrats.
Salah Ahmed
Salah Ahmed 6 months ago
Your personality sucks and you r a bad youtube. Good content tho
thymetime 6 months ago
lmao why is the video just a compilation of the pels getting fucked by the lakers
Pawns Game
Pawns Game 6 months ago
In this type of “closed bubble environment” I think the younger players will shine and get a lot more out of the veterans, like a big ass all pro summer camp
zay 6 months ago
look at kuzma at 0:39 he says damn at the same exact time lmao
Tomeika Miller
Tomeika Miller 6 months ago
Dico Angelo
Dico Angelo 6 months ago
Who started laughing before the video even started? 🤣
Attila Csukas
Attila Csukas 6 months ago
GO HOME STAY SAFE forget about the playoff this year!
Umi Alam
Umi Alam 6 months ago
Why this dude sound like Kendrick Lamar
Anthony 6 months ago
Loosing all that weight is going to make it easier to shoot for him.
LesioJunior1 6 months ago
Bro I think it's good, he still looks like a beast, and will be beast, but with much more health in him
Jed Eliakim Naive
Jed Eliakim Naive 6 months ago
And so what if he lose weight? He doesn't even know you and probably doesn't even care of what's your opinion. You idiot!
GRSL 6 months ago
He needs to lose a Lot of weight to prevent from more injuries, Simple science.
bob clinton
bob clinton 6 months ago
irwin yeong bashed everyone by fucking unlimited times
Legendary Mojo
Legendary Mojo 6 months ago
That nigga Zeon ain’t playing 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿 Wait until June.
MasterBlaster792 6 months ago
I love that the complete second half of the highlights in the background were Lakers stomping on the Pelicans
Armando 6 months ago
Love the dedication from Zion. The Pels are mad lucky to have him.
iijevonii 6 months ago
Nigga he looks the same
Goddess Athena
Goddess Athena 6 months ago
him n the joker lost weight , ready to see how they play out now 💯.
Gary Johnson
Gary Johnson 6 months ago
That ZION going be a Beast for a long Time
Jesus Esquivel
Jesus Esquivel 6 months ago
Riven Joe
Riven Joe 6 months ago
so good zion
thomas jeanjot
thomas jeanjot 6 months ago
Don't sleep on the pelicans!
Mi Me
Mi Me 6 months ago
"Damn! Damn! Juiciest craziest burgers"
Rio Juniardo
Rio Juniardo 6 months ago
like francis nganou
Drae_95 6 months ago
People have to realize all that weight is a lot on your knees
Thomas f.254
Thomas f.254 6 months ago
Why would you think that shit at first!..u stupid fool! & ur voice is irritating..
Machiavelli 6 months ago
Zion all hype man he gonna be another DSJ
Brandon 6 months ago
He gonna carry the pels lmao we showing no love to bi anymore 😭
AJ7 6 months ago
Love how articulate he is. So well spoken for such a young man with so many eyes and critics on him.
Monte_6'8 270Lbs. Actor
"1,000 lbs." 😭😭🤣🤣🤣⛹🏾‍♂️💨
mita bekrija
mita bekrija 6 months ago
If true, he will not be able to push Guys out of his bigass-Way as easy as before...but I'm not sure based on One "Head & Chest" Photo, in these Days of "perfect-photoshop"- it could easily be just another fake News/clickbait.? More Footage needed.
Wyeth Manoban
Wyeth Manoban 6 months ago
This dude is going to break backboards by doing lay-ups.
Daniel Bunton
Daniel Bunton 6 months ago
Hope he plays the same and still steam-rolls and rag-dolls everyone. Was good having 1 player that was different. Just a guess but without bulk he's just gonna be boring like everyone else.
Meshach Jones
Meshach Jones 6 months ago
masamba dia
masamba dia 6 months ago
Can you post workout he did
Curtis Tackie
Curtis Tackie 6 months ago
Zion had to loose weight cause he had issues with his knees
Dios Divine
Dios Divine 6 months ago
Zion changed his name to Bane Williamson
Make 6 months ago
Man, Zeon so inspirational...
Cesar Miranda
Cesar Miranda 6 months ago
Make me as tall as him and I promise I'll stop him
Juniel Dale Dacutan
Juniel Dale Dacutan 6 months ago
Such prejudice... Just keeps whining around he need to get some weight off and add muscles because he is an athletic player who want to play all around like lebron no one wants to be like shaq who is big and just get on the board
ShyGlizzy got jokes 😂🤣😭🤣😂😭
6 9
6 9 6 months ago
Richy Rich
Richy Rich 6 months ago
He had to lose weight! Because his knees about to give out on him
David Johnson
David Johnson 6 months ago
Really making a Zion video but showing the lakers absolutely destroying the owls 😂😂
Mxsdemeanors 6 months ago
The thing is that when you go up with that much force its gonna hurt you,so Zion lands in an akward position so he tried to lose weight to reduce chance of injuries
Cayden Prescott
Cayden Prescott 6 months ago
Let me check
Cayden Prescott
Cayden Prescott 6 months ago
Godvitz 6 months ago
he lost a lot of weight? I guess I need glasses.
João Paulo
João Paulo 6 months ago
I think 2k sports will have to update nba 2k21 with his new body type.
Stephon Lewis
Stephon Lewis 6 months ago
Less weight it's better for his knees
Jamaal Horton
Jamaal Horton 6 months ago
He used that time wisely!!
Emmanuel Cupido
Emmanuel Cupido 6 months ago
This kind of attitude what a franchise player should be. Work hard and be better everyday. And I like Zion not filming his workouts, he will just surprise us on the court what he was really working for.
Way_2 _F1shy
Way_2 _F1shy 6 months ago
🤦‍♂️ “I’m angry that an athlete lost weight” ffs he had so much weight on him that with every dunk it was impacting his knees. If he wanted to survive for a long time in the NBA he needed to lose weight
Trey Frederick
Trey Frederick 6 months ago
When he's was at Duke just damn
Miguel Anthony Lacson
I get hungry because of you HAHAHA
Silver Soul
Silver Soul 6 months ago
He still like 265 while being 6‘6 LeBron 6‘8 245
Ishi Lawas
Ishi Lawas 6 months ago
Hey Giannis
Ameya Pathak
Ameya Pathak 6 months ago
Lol the pelicans acting like they gonna make the playoffs. Grizz nation where you at
Ahmad Albadri
Ahmad Albadri 6 months ago
I hate when people call there step-dad “step-dad” if someone takes the role your father couldn’t take call that man Dad... Being a dad isn’t about fucking it’s about responsibility...I had to get that off my chest man my bad
Envision NFL Central
shut da hell up man
Shmarie Margiela
Shmarie Margiela 6 months ago
This nigga is over exaggerating
Rokutaro 6 months ago
good doctors
icecold1811 6 months ago
The stress of that 100* million dollar lawsuit had that boy loosing weight
allen reformado
allen reformado 6 months ago
He can now alley oop himself., Zion on the 3pt line alley oop to Zion
A D 6 months ago
Nigga said "Crazy Weight loss" he lost like 4 pounds
ealbiter 6 months ago
Thanks for inspiring me ! I’ve lost around 160 pounds in about 10 months and I posted a video on how I did it. I wouldn’t be able to do it without your help!
rayyderrjoe 6 months ago
Clive is so bad that he’s good
hug adfr
hug adfr 6 months ago
juicest press conference
Boxing Fanatics
Boxing Fanatics 6 months ago
Zion is a poorman's shaq
Joey Skar
Joey Skar 6 months ago
That facebook messenger ad needs to chill tf out. Everytime that shit comes on my girl hears that "ding" and goes wild! Her: "Who tf is that?!?" Me: "it's an ad! Chill tf out!"
Malik McLeod
Malik McLeod 6 months ago
😂😂😂😂. Clive! You're the goat lol
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of course he on some drugs or shit. just like lebron. but nba gon cover it all up just what they did with lebron on steroids
Margaret Mouton
Margaret Mouton 6 months ago
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koolwit 6 months ago
Even Before he lost weight he was able to jump really high and now imagine him being skinnier
Av F
Av F 6 months ago
Hope he gave the weight to Brandon Ingram
josiah williams
josiah williams 6 months ago
Views 3.6M
Views 3.6M