Zion Williamson Bullies Pelicans & LeBron James Shooting Contest vs Kyle Kuzma In Bubble Practice! 

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Zion Williamson Bullies Pelicans & LeBron James Shooting Contest vs Kyle Kuzma In Orlando Bubble Practice!
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Jul 11, 2020




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Comments 100   
L C 6 months ago
NBA 🤗🥱🥴🤔😷🤑
Ethan Luke
Ethan Luke 6 months ago
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Rah Spillz
Rah Spillz 6 months ago
I thought Zion got leaner.. he looks exactly the same
Dustin Scroggins
Dustin Scroggins 6 months ago
Zion not gonna be able to do that when he gets to the nba
BlackachuGod 999
BlackachuGod 999 6 months ago
Fax. Too fat
Pedro García
Pedro García 6 months ago
Bron wearing #6
Christian Leota
Christian Leota 6 months ago
All these training videos these guys never miss. Keep grinding men
JUMP GAMING 6 months ago
2k curse
Gold_Leader928 6 months ago
The scouting report for Zion: “In awe at the size of this lad, absolute unit”
Rogelio Jalamana Jr.
Stay safe pls
Progressive news
Progressive news 6 months ago
Bro I’m so excited to watch the NBA again. Didn’t think I’d miss it this much
D W 6 months ago
Lonzo free riding assists off Zion
Lee Choctaw
Lee Choctaw 6 months ago
Bron tryna get waves on his wig 😂😂😂
MakeUFumble 6 months ago
Zion will command a big market. Won’t stay with Pelicans when contract up
Sagar Sigdel
Sagar Sigdel 6 months ago
Zion dosent need good handle he drops people with his strength lol
Wesline Reyna
Wesline Reyna 6 months ago
No way Zion isn’t gonna be a allstar in 2021
Prettyboi Killuh 777
Number 3 look like Gelo ball
PoshGawdYT 6 months ago
Stop putting an ad in the last part of the video #fuckingweirdyoutubers
Tacti Cutest
Tacti Cutest 6 months ago
Wow soft practice
Dog World Online
Dog World Online 6 months ago
Zion playing like an all star. But he's STILL too heavy. He'll have a Great career, not not a Long career.
Dog World Online
Dog World Online 6 months ago
@Adam Uchiha Thanks for calling me GENIUS. I don't like to brag. But since you mention it... Zion has a large frame. AND he's overweight. The 2 facts are not mutually exclusive. With his vertical style of play, at his weight his joints won't last long term - unless he shaves off pounds. You don't have to believe it. Time will prove me right. Just wait and see for yourself.
Adam Uchiha
Adam Uchiha 6 months ago
That’s his body type genius. He’s clearly in great shape. You don’t know how long his career will be😂 tf even made you think you were qualified to speak on that
Q V E 6 months ago
Q V E 6 months ago
Q V E 6 months ago
Swiizy2000 6 months ago
Was that gelo I saw as #3👀👀👍🏾
M M 6 months ago
Zion is a prodigy regardless of the hate and no he didn't get thinner but it doesn't matter. He's just different take Barkley but put Zions mass on him and he's in trouble and out of the league this kid is unprecedented.
Certified Jr
Certified Jr 6 months ago
Clickbait 🤦🏾‍♂️
Glidrz 6 months ago
@0:18 was that Gelo Ball making the 3? Or am I really that blind
Jwillemar 6 months ago
That's Josh Hart bro
That NBA dude
That NBA dude 6 months ago
Yo the content hard
Zachmeister TV
Zachmeister TV 6 months ago
The bully kid ✔️
TreGwop 6 months ago
Leon jumpier really got goated
Sakilye Poole
Sakilye Poole 6 months ago
Lakers looking really scary
Nathan Casey
Nathan Casey 6 months ago
Zion looking sharp
Shawn Jones
Shawn Jones 6 months ago
No commentary? Smh
Hoodie_Kobe_ 6 months ago
0:41 steph curry, is that you?!?!?! 😂😂😂😂😂
MoneyGod vG
MoneyGod vG 6 months ago
That last guy wasnt lebron was it? He looked lighter and his head was taller
Lone Wolf NWJ
Lone Wolf NWJ 6 months ago
This is exactly how the atmosphere of the NBA Finals will be
Chris Breezy -Ryan Barbosa
So that report about Zion losing hell of weight, yeah that was a lie...
Andrew Schwapp
Andrew Schwapp 6 months ago
XquisiteGDR 6 months ago
This will be one of the best playoffs in years. Forced to a basketball bubble teams will be more basketball focused.
Leroy Rodgers
Leroy Rodgers 6 months ago
I swear I never see anyone miss in practice lol.
Doug'e Joseph
Doug'e Joseph 6 months ago
Why aren't the Magics practicing on there own Gym that doesn't make any sense this is there Home Court. The pelicans must have come after someone fill me in on that.
Jeremiah 6 months ago
I thought Zion and lebron was practicing togheter
Joe Yaknow
Joe Yaknow 6 months ago
Despite everything they must be having some sick ass pick up games. Like I would pay to see some of these
Richxwolf 6 months ago
All in all Pelicans got the better trade. They have a young ass core with Zion, Lonzo, I gram and Hart and Haynes. They got potentional afffff while lakers traded everything for what 2 years of winning while pelicans got 10+
Music Man
Music Man 6 months ago
He looks like high school zion oh no
Po man Podcast
Po man Podcast 6 months ago
roxanne charles
roxanne charles 6 months ago
Kyle kuzma is overrated, he will chocked in the playoffs. Lonzo, Brandon Ingram, and Josh Hart will out play him in playoffs.
Anthony VanTrump
Anthony VanTrump 6 months ago
So is anybody gonna talk about LeBron wearing #6
CG GAMING 6 months ago
Who misses the parody’s tho
Itchy Stick
Itchy Stick 6 months ago
Lebron getting mad old out here dawg
Rajiv Virdee
Rajiv Virdee 6 months ago
Rockets are better 🏀🏀🚀
chaetadori 6 months ago
ya'll be hating on zion cause the crowd wants you to, he just a kid just wait until he prove himself.
Nelson Kuria-Joseph
Nelson Kuria-Joseph 6 months ago
@Dripward no
Nelson Kuria-Joseph
Nelson Kuria-Joseph 6 months ago
@Deluxe and hes not going to get it
Dripward 6 months ago
Since Zion didn’t even play most of the season I’m pretty sure because of injury, does this mean he’s eligible to be a ROY candidate in his second season if he plays most of the games similar to Ben Simmons?
Jimmy Kimmel But blackface
Dragon boy Karter yea, why would someone who only played 19 games get rookie of the year? It doesn’t make sense
Jaimee Foxworth
Jaimee Foxworth 6 months ago
You be loving Zion cuz you want to feel like you're an individual with unique thoughts. Plus you want Zion's cookie.
Jay Scotty
Jay Scotty 6 months ago
If lebron comes back with even half a 3 point shot 🔥🔥
Chip in4seven
Chip in4seven 6 months ago
Brons jumper looks uglier every year just like my wife
Mag Jan
Mag Jan 6 months ago
0:30 the shots and the music are in sync lowkey
RCR Brewster
RCR Brewster 6 months ago
Almost Clickbait
REAPING WAYS 6 months ago
Did Bron change jersey number?
mangi sunam
mangi sunam 6 months ago
Not a lakers fan. But i love how AD is only shooting mid range shots
kaza 2002
kaza 2002 6 months ago
Zion still landing bad after dunking
Lebron James
Lebron James 6 months ago
If kuz doesn’t hit his threes I will trade his ass away
Raswin Ugalde
Raswin Ugalde 6 months ago
Dayumm zion like a speedy tank
thkalas 6 months ago
his last shot from the corner was traveling, I don't know how many points from traveling has he scored during his career
Gurjas Singh Batra
Gurjas Singh Batra 6 months ago
We here talking about practice! Not the game, not the game, but practice, man! How silly is that?!
weird indian guy
weird indian guy 6 months ago
ball and zion's teamwork seems effortless. Hope they stick together.
Vekuuh 6 months ago
did anyone else notice that Bron is wearing No.6
freddy Flores
freddy Flores 6 months ago
Zion lookin nice on the court
Trick_poke 6 months ago
Nobody on the pelicans can guard zion he’s there best player
UhhJuann 6 months ago
Why do they make threes so effortlessly in practice but in games brick wide open shots 🤦🏽‍♂️
Ultimate3x 6 months ago
ham mon because if they aren’t confident in their shot they ain’t gonna make it
JoaquimStar 6 months ago
Cash_money_hy430 Hype big fax there is only gonna be defense no crowd getting to the players heads
Cash_money_hy430 Hype
They have no excuses no one gonna be in the arena
chaetadori 6 months ago
@Ultimate3x bruh why do they look confident af they dont look pressured
Chef C
Chef C 6 months ago
@Ashanti Nyongo I just wish I could make 3 in a row goddamn. It doesn't matter how many "form" videos i watch these dudes mechanics aren't human.
supersayian jj
supersayian jj 6 months ago
Damn Zion was really bullying them he couldn't be stopped on the court
Matthew Caban
Matthew Caban 6 months ago
Eric Vasquez 0:11
Matthew Caban
Matthew Caban 6 months ago
Eric Vasquez did u watch the video ?😭😭 lmao don’t worry I got u 1:11
Madhav Sharma
Madhav Sharma 6 months ago
Oh man for once i thought the title of the video reads zion bullies pelicans and lebron james .......😂😂😂😂😂
ShimGodzz ThE GaMeR
ShimGodzz ThE GaMeR 6 months ago
Am I tripping or did gelo shoot that three😂😂
Jared C
Jared C 6 months ago
Wouldnt it have made sense to have a two week quarantine once they arrived in the bubble? Now if someone has it they all gettin it
Mick The King
Mick The King 6 months ago
It’s hard to believe that Zion hasn’t reached his prime
Cash_money_hy430 Hype
Luke probably hit his prime 5 years ago he been playing pro ball for years
A J 6 months ago
He might have or very close to it, at least physically maybe not as much skills wise, but we just don't know i belive someone like Luka has and i belive that giannis has as well i don't see them getting much better than what they are right now. Nutrition and training has gotten much better now a days so who really knows how close they are.
syd rock
syd rock 6 months ago
Rob giving the ball to a.d
Toriano. X
Toriano. X 6 months ago
What’s the Instrumental that is used while kuz and bron shooting?
Tadi Tadiwanashe
Tadi Tadiwanashe 6 months ago
Alberto Agilar
Alberto Agilar 6 months ago
LeBron stay in recruiting mode
Wance 6 months ago
Mans recorded this off bleacher report
Aaron Thomas Music
Aaron Thomas Music 6 months ago
LeBron wearing 6!
Dnnkrstr07 6 months ago
I wonder how high can he jump when he lose weight
Enigma The Gray Man
Enigma The Gray Man 6 months ago
Y’all gonna be disappointed with Zion
iamphil84 6 months ago
Omg...everyone will be so fresh for this restart! Very exciting!
Tony 6 months ago
The White Wolf
The White Wolf 6 months ago
Bron wearing the “Courage” 17s
Adrian Tacaca
Adrian Tacaca 6 months ago
Eaglehh he always wear 6 at practice
Vekuuh 6 months ago
and he rocking No.6
Hasan A.
Hasan A. 6 months ago
It ain't the same without Clive's perpetually mildly shocked/slightly sarcastic commentary included
Hasan A.
Hasan A. 6 months ago
Said in clive's voice: Damn, what's with all the clive hate? It's like dis channo sponsored by Hatorade. What the deal man? Andamou...
Marcin Kiersnowski
Marcin Kiersnowski 6 months ago
Better without it
Out Of Time
Out Of Time 6 months ago
Trash channel
Hasan A.
Hasan A. 6 months ago
@Rusty Jookz k
mahmoud ahmed
mahmoud ahmed 6 months ago
Its better
Freed by Yeshua
Freed by Yeshua 6 months ago
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FinalSauceGod 6 months ago
Zion is back to doing a 360 with no effort next season he gon be a problem fr
connor Nichols
connor Nichols 6 months ago
Lakers are gonna punish everybody this playoffs
Rong 6 months ago
Zion still looks the same, i thought he lost lots of weight.
Adam Uchiha
Adam Uchiha 6 months ago
Y’all are so dumb. Zion has a body type which makes him who he is. People in the world have different body frames. Zion will always be a big dude. He has the ability to put on muscle much faster than typical athletes. It’s not unhealthy it’s his body type. He definitely looks in better shape and ready to be even more dominant
Mystic 6 months ago
@Demba Camarah but he did lmao that's why I told you he didn't give it to you because you are clearly blind in what you need to see there are things you see physically and there are things you don't see physically so you're blind but not blind physically
PhillyG 6 months ago
He looks quicker and lighter on his feet
Demba Camarah
Demba Camarah 6 months ago
@Mystic god didn't give u that ability either. You have your opinion and I have mine.
Demba Camarah
Demba Camarah 6 months ago
@wavy jar He doesn't look any different than what he looked like in college 285 pounds 20% body fat
Jesus Saves
Jesus Saves 6 months ago
Man Zion didn’t lose no weight. They was lieing.
oshane davis
oshane davis 6 months ago
this is the difference between a young team that needs to practice and an experienced team that just needs to stay in shape.
Josiah Carby
Josiah Carby 6 months ago
GV Billy right
MrYounis26 6 months ago
@Festie Vids When they do 5 on 5s are lebron and ad the captains or are they on the same team and facing the rest
optimus prime
optimus prime 6 months ago
Festie Vids
Festie Vids 6 months ago
lakers do 5 on 5s too lol you dumb
BIG DADDY 6 months ago
Or just 2 different videos
Scaryy1k 6 months ago
who wearing #3?
Scaryy1k 6 months ago
BigTimmy25 6 months ago
Jordan would of whipped out the dice and asked niggas how much they trying to lose mid practice....
LYL TURNING POINT 6 months ago
Zion Looking like he's in better shape, but he has the same run 🏃‍♂️ lol
peace 6 months ago
@Tradarius Maddox LOL
Tradarius Maddox
Tradarius Maddox 6 months ago
Yeah that’s not goin nowhere soon
Trakbeaterz 6 months ago
2k Pro-Am
Help me reach 11k with no videos
Wait are u going to return to the “no voice videos,” if u are plz don’t.
Aaron siby
Aaron siby 6 months ago
Zion lost lots of weighy
Harry van der Pligt
Harry van der Pligt 6 months ago
If you watch Chris Smoove you'd know I'm talking about. Where was Moses Cuh?
BigT 6 months ago
He takin time out cuh
Kenny's Burner Account
Who is wilt chamberlain
CHRISSOFLY • 6 months ago
He not real cuh
M O 6 months ago
You didn’t need to mention the first part
LoneWolf024 6 months ago
In a video game cuh
Bob Narama
Bob Narama 6 months ago
Road trip food they eating bro. Hope they enjoy it
lmorda81 6 months ago
Can someone please explain to me why this billion dollar league in this billion dollar resort is hooping where I had my wedding reception
Nick Ronaldo
Nick Ronaldo 6 months ago
Notice at Lebron’s jersey number