Zion Williamson Crazy Alley-Oop & Pass To Lonzo Ball In Return! Pelicans vs Jazz 

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Zion Williamson Crazy Alley-Oop & Pass To Lonzo Ball In Return! Pelicans vs Jazz July 30, 2019-20 NBA Season
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Jul 30, 2020




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Comments 100   
Realtor Credit
Realtor Credit 5 months ago
I just wanna know the background music 😅
Tori Star
Tori Star 5 months ago
Rudy Gobert gonna put up 100 🤣🤣🤣
Robert Estrada
Robert Estrada 5 months ago
is it me, or does Zion's game look stiff?
Juan Alvarez
Juan Alvarez 5 months ago
Damn I really wish you just shut up and just show us the highlights 😒
Jaytiggy00 5 months ago
Imagine if B.I made it
LUIS is GUCCI 5 months ago
Clive: he’s only 21 they can’t stop him. Me: 🤔all he did was an ally 🤦🏻‍♂️
Jeft Dominique Sabile
Sean L
Sean L 5 months ago
Who’s a more fragile player I can think of..... maybe Greg Oden? You can't babysit him forever. NOP is not going anywhere, not this season, not next. Not anytime soon with Zion as their core but maybe as a rotation piece. Their rebuild needs another rebuild.
Giorgos G
Giorgos G 5 months ago
Orvil Marshall
Orvil Marshall 5 months ago
It looks like NBA 2k
DJROMAXTION S 5 months ago
they really need to learn how to finish games
Big Alex
Big Alex 5 months ago
Brandon Ingram is a selfish ball-hog. They need to get rid of him. He is horrible. He chucked up 20 shots, and had 0 assists. They shoulda played Zion in last 4 mins also. Go Pels!
RIchard Kevin Nacion
Zion seems look big
Cesar Fadul
Cesar Fadul 5 months ago
Ima get a few white dudes to infiltrate wegotups.com to see how ya really feel
ABE K 5 months ago
Is it just me or did he get big big 🙁🙁
Brian Kruse
Brian Kruse 5 months ago
I feel like Zion Williamson's going to continue to put on weight, and it's going to be a real issue I hope not the kids a Beast.
Papi Chulo
Papi Chulo 5 months ago
He's 20 tho
Its Mystik
Its Mystik 5 months ago
zion is 20 not 21
David Meza
David Meza 5 months ago
You’re banned bro with your Click bait videos. Where’s the “alley oop pass from Zion to Ball”. ✌🏼
Online Cline
Online Cline 5 months ago
Let's go Jazz!
Hes gone end up like Melo Weight up n down shit tuff.
Tomy J
Tomy J 5 months ago
did zion get bigger??
Al Tab
Al Tab 5 months ago
Cmon dont do gobert like that bruh. This goes to you and the players thats not guarding him enough because they're scared of the rona. Lol
bombfirst157 5 months ago
That’s what Ingram gets for it not being a true buzzer beater, I have people that leave .2 or .3 on the clock, it’s annoying
Ridho Wiranatakusumah
lonzo future jason kidd dion future chuck
Lyric X
Lyric X 5 months ago
I knew the Lakers shouldn't have gotten rid of Brandon. Lonzo and Kuzma yes but not Brandon.
NeW KinG
NeW KinG 5 months ago
Nuh they cant beat jazz with a very good bench player as Jordan clarkson.
Christian Faith Manalo
They should not allow those who got infected to play again. IT'S TOO RISKY.
ASAP Jermz
ASAP Jermz 5 months ago
"He gonna drop 100 I'm sorry" bruh what is this channel this shit is hilarious 🤣👌🏼
Mizrahim Jew
Mizrahim Jew 5 months ago
Nice to watch sports while the economy collapses. At some point, the game ends...
Jay Beats
Jay Beats 5 months ago
Is this Giannis?
Demon Town
Demon Town 5 months ago
Why is Zion's jersey named Peace?
Edgar Reyes Jaén
Edgar Reyes Jaén 5 months ago
Could someone explain me how Donnovan Mitchel and Rudy Gobert recover from COVID-19 and be playing in Disney Bubble?
reyian451 5 months ago
Damn ingram nearly clutched that 3
m R
m R 5 months ago
Man looks like the black hulk
David Bro
David Bro 5 months ago
Zion gotta stop pulling up to burger king
Ali Ramos Tv
Ali Ramos Tv 5 months ago
0:36 Lol
Justin T.
Justin T. 5 months ago
Poster boy hype
v Snags2k
v Snags2k 5 months ago
BLM supporters are simply ignorant and not informed. Do your research before taking sides please because this BLM Groups are just a diversion to something bigger
Sauce Boss
Sauce Boss 5 months ago
Im starting to think Clive is just secretly Giannis. He sounds just like him
Majin 300
Majin 300 5 months ago
How tf Rudy there don’t be got rona
bulletchain WOOD
bulletchain WOOD 5 months ago
You took a keen so fucking disrespectful
Yes Sir
Yes Sir 5 months ago
So did Zion reinjure himself during the time off? It seems like he played even less minutes than he use to before the NBA shutdown.
JustUIt25 5 months ago
...and I'm out.
UR_AL_SHOOK_UP 5 months ago
Blm is a fucking joke haha these rich kids don’t know shit about anything pussys
Manny Uribe
Manny Uribe 5 months ago
I'm pretty sure Ingram that Riddick was kinda wide open on that last shot js 🤷‍♂️
Jack Leffel
Jack Leffel 5 months ago
Pelicans should not of lost
Wetty J
Wetty J 5 months ago
Actually good content now n Not BS
Josh Irvin
Josh Irvin 5 months ago
Ol Feedom out there trying to make the buzzer beater!!! Giv it up bro, shoulda got the ball to Lonzo,JJ,,ZION......SMH!🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🌩🌩✌
Pat Needham
Pat Needham 5 months ago
Over the course of less than a year, it seems like CliveNBAParody has transformed from the clickbait king to arguably more entertaining than Chris Smoove
Henry Benaid
Henry Benaid 5 months ago
Brandon Ingram with an embarrasing finished. overhyped in lakers. goodthing LeGm trade him as quick as he can.
Lee Powell
Lee Powell 5 months ago
He’s going to drop a 💯🤦🏻‍♂️🤣
UchiHa_StylE RaiXo
UchiHa_StylE RaiXo 5 months ago
Dude...still ...i really hate your voice
Almantas Glinskas
Almantas Glinskas 5 months ago
like, when we should start caring about Zion, can't be a fan based on just hype
Almantas Glinskas
Almantas Glinskas 5 months ago
@Everett01 Should I be impressed? only young future mvp hof I see now is Doncic, doesn't really only on athleticism, let's hope Zion knees will hold up to as his hype
Everett01 5 months ago
He averaged 28 and 8 per-36 on 59% shooting and dropped 35 on Lebron. As a 19-year-old...
Dannn 5 months ago
"he aint got virus no more" lmfao im dead
Squanch Wanch
Squanch Wanch 5 months ago
Yea, you know your on the wrong side of it when the nba, target, ea sporte, countless other organizations are promoting blm. Has gotta make u wonder..
Matthew Negrete
Matthew Negrete 5 months ago
Bro you should've came back w autotune or something..
Ben Jamin
Ben Jamin 5 months ago
Zion looks bigger. Doesnt look like he lost weight lol
Here Comes LBJ!!! Look out!!
Maybe he lost a few pounds but he still looks the same
Sherlock Flowers
Sherlock Flowers 5 months ago
This dude’s voice
I Unsubscribed
I Unsubscribed 5 months ago
Thanks for doing these recaps bro, much appreciated
Wes Kentner
Wes Kentner 5 months ago
Man today's NBA sucks
Wong Zheng Kai
Wong Zheng Kai 5 months ago
U r funny dude
Nestor Frias
Nestor Frias 5 months ago
Fat zion
Harrison Songolo
Harrison Songolo 5 months ago
Wait how did he beat Covid?
Harrison Songolo
Harrison Songolo 5 months ago
OUTTAIDEAS88 What if it is lying dormant
OUTTAIDEAS88 5 months ago
Not everyone who gets it gets critically sick. Some are asymptomatic or some just have mild symptoms and recover quickly.
Jatarrio Whitaker
Jatarrio Whitaker 5 months ago
Blake was better
NBK Junior
NBK Junior 5 months ago
Brandon Ingram could’ve hit JJ Reddick for the 3 in that last play
Meat or Feed
Meat or Feed 5 months ago
Can this fat fella play 30+ mins?
DJVICK23 5 months ago
So Zion just gained more weight during all this..
kraziedonnie 5 months ago
0:23 zion is 20 not 21
Jason Jennette
Jason Jennette 5 months ago
Yo does anyone else think this guy sounds like Giannis
Ultra Xtreme
Ultra Xtreme 5 months ago
Oh damm they actually showing mini screens of fans on the big screens lol
Blurry Face
Blurry Face 5 months ago
@Rjnic some disease called covid is going around have you heard of it?
Mdautkreix -
Mdautkreix - 5 months ago
Million merits
Rjnic 5 months ago
What have we come to hahaha
Heero Yuy
Heero Yuy 5 months ago
lol zion didn't loss a weight he still d same
Anas Khan
Anas Khan 5 months ago
Bro why are you crying😂
michael bennet
michael bennet 5 months ago
*they lost cause zion got out wtf. He should've played more minutes*
Jay rue
Jay rue 5 months ago
Nah he shouldn’t of played more they should’ve found a way to play him at the end of the game tho
ShootaJake Gaming
ShootaJake Gaming 5 months ago
No he just came back in the bubble
סער זילבר
סער זילבר 5 months ago
Probably he was just not fit enough because he left
Joseph H
Joseph H 5 months ago
0:59 Cant believe I'm saying this, but this is actually better than espn and TNT!!!
Donald Jr
Donald Jr 5 months ago
I blame the loss on lonzo that boy couldn’t make shit
Welsen Wiratama
Welsen Wiratama 5 months ago
George Murksurass
George Murksurass 5 months ago
Rudy is infected tho
p0613v 5 months ago
Penguin dunk!!!!!
Haryanvi Chora LIVE
Haryanvi Chora LIVE 5 months ago
Why derrick favour is playing? He looks old Please allow okafor
BillyTheKid 9o2
BillyTheKid 9o2 5 months ago
I have no idea why you have so many followers.
Ervin Mari
Ervin Mari 5 months ago
Zion need to lose weight. Damn he look fat
Jc Jimenez
Jc Jimenez 5 months ago
What? Zion is already 21?? I think his only 19 or 20
Marba Curtis
Marba Curtis 5 months ago
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Elitegamer 100
Elitegamer 100 5 months ago
Rudy Gobert bout to b playin my career with how easy he scorin
Andrew Jimenez
Andrew Jimenez 5 months ago
Damn BI woulda been cold making that
DonaTello 5 months ago
Uh huh sure..... If zion’s 20 then I’m 12
Isaiah Thomas
Isaiah Thomas 5 months ago
If you guys noticed drew holiday pulled up he didn’t wanna go in the paint you know why..😭😭Leave Rudy gobertalone
MasiDaGr8 4
MasiDaGr8 4 5 months ago
Love yo channel bro 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Machiavelli 5 months ago
Bron who jordan who kobe who golbert the most unguardable player in nba history
Red Vanderbilt
Red Vanderbilt 5 months ago
Red Vanderbilt
Red Vanderbilt 5 months ago
Lmao funny commentating Clive
andre estian
andre estian 5 months ago
Jazz rim play great defense, poor Ingram lol
The Green
The Green 5 months ago
Rudy Rudy 😛😛
Lanz Remonte
Lanz Remonte 5 months ago
Stop that virus joke you dumbass
flxrez 5 months ago
The beard😭
Y T 5 months ago
Jazz will win the trophy. Rudy Gobert for MVP.
Hector Tovar
Hector Tovar 5 months ago
Nobody finna talk about that pass at 0:50?
Delmar Frazier
Delmar Frazier 5 months ago
I told my cousin Rudy Gobert going to be the MVP nobody want that smoke💨😧😁😁😥😤
TheAwesomeAccount 5 months ago
Zion, 20. Lonzo, 22. Who he talking about 21 years old?
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