Zion Williamson Destroys Grizzlies With 23 Points After Getting More Minutes! Pelicans vs Grizzlies 

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Zion Williamson Destroys Grizzlies With 23 Points After Getting More Minutes! Pelicans vs Grizzlies August 3, 2019-20 NBA Season
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Aug 3, 2020




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Comments 100   
Donovan Tyler
Donovan Tyler 5 months ago
Nah, don't play him more until next year
824 5 months ago
Zion is looking huge
Martinez Journey
Martinez Journey 5 months ago
This guy is not funny
Khotta Bogard
Khotta Bogard 5 months ago
He didn't lose weight at all lol, he's probably 300 to 310lb now
Aumarais Estephan Antoine
Reporters should see why Zion has the most potential to be the next great on his generation. His not the most skillful, he’s skilled some how that he does know that skill only will not be enough, so he uses his other assets, his natural gift (his body). Combine all that with enough Greediness and devotion. Perfect formula to be worth considering on “GAOT” discussions!
mike dollars
mike dollars 5 months ago
Why rush him ? He’s mad young and this season means nothing , plus he always plays hard so they have to restrict him til next season
Ryan Bodker
Ryan Bodker 5 months ago
Downvote me all you want but hes getting sat because the pelicans know its only a matter of time before he get injured. You can tell by the way he moves that hes out of shape. You can see it in his body language as well.
Ernest Robinson
Ernest Robinson 5 months ago
They don't want Zion to outshine Ja Morant for Rookie of the Year. Limiting his play and potential highlights so it won't be ambiguous. Zion was a threat when entering the NBA and now.
Mad Villian
Mad Villian 5 months ago
It’s literally like that episode of family guy when Chris dunks
Matt 5 months ago
Just like when they were making Jordan sit out for his Injury lmao Both look mad af
guest man
guest man 5 months ago
Dude need watch his weight or his knees gonna give out. I don’t want to see a promising player hurt. They need hire a personal chef and a trainer for this guy
Kevin Kurt Kalayaan
Kevin Kurt Kalayaan 5 months ago
he too slow dude😂
Texas Cruiser
Texas Cruiser 5 months ago
Is it me or is he not quite looking like 40 mpg shape/conditioning?
Darren Shamp
Darren Shamp 5 months ago
He moves more aggressively with less jumps in paint area , 23 pts in 20 minutes is absolutely performance , he doesn’t have to prove anything , just focus on next season , weight control , keep healthy , stay safe , God bless every young fellas like Zion in NBA !
MJ S 5 months ago
Zion gettin less minutes and gaining more fat inside the bubble
Sheldon Scott
Sheldon Scott 5 months ago
Zion is unbelievable!!! Idk how he still gets the layup when 3 defenders are near by.
Senpai 5 months ago
That’s fucked yo man Him and ja probably knew each other for years before the NBA and they wouldn’t let Zion have fun out there smfh.. Ja from Sumter and Zion played ball in Spartanburg I’m sure they met a lot before the nba
Wyatt Champeau
Wyatt Champeau 5 months ago
Only 23
Anthony Laïb
Anthony Laïb 5 months ago
Zion is on fiver
Bao Warrior
Bao Warrior 5 months ago
ok kendric lamar
isaiah hinson
isaiah hinson 5 months ago
He don't even have the definition in his muscle like he did before. He's gotta eat better and drop weight if he wants to go far.
Dr. Chodalikus Markivicujus
Wtf with this dude who is covering this clip?? Your talking like you eat some Ecstasy dude
Big Play Slay
Big Play Slay 5 months ago
Bro I swear this is so funny
Mr Nice to Meet U
Mr Nice to Meet U 5 months ago
He was in shape on the lockdown but in the bubble skip and shannon said he gained more weight 25lbs plus the stress on the knees all those running back to back court and jumping all those are the reason why they putting him on minute restriction
Big Boi
Big Boi 5 months ago
But Dude ... your fat
Manny Cat
Manny Cat 5 months ago
All jokes aside. His explosiveness off the dribble is amazing.
Gesan Kamil
Gesan Kamil 5 months ago
i cant stop to laugh while reading the comment section🤣🤣🤣
DJ NANDOZ 5 months ago
Too Fat Zion. Lose some weight please
Andres Marchena
Andres Marchena 5 months ago
This dude need to loose wait bro... like god damm just go on kito or something
jay_615 5 months ago
you earn them minutes like everyone else
Key -
Key - 5 months ago
Is he in shape?
Spiritual Soul
Spiritual Soul 5 months ago
Zion picked up STUPID weight...
MarksoPogi22 forsure
It looks like he gain more weight. He needs to chill out on playing in games but work on his weight for next year no need to rush young blood and destroy your knee. Loose like attests 50 pounds Zion!
Mauro Hatatake
Mauro Hatatake 5 months ago
0:21 I'm the only one who saw Zion get his ankle get broken
Danny Cameron
Danny Cameron 5 months ago
Dude future Ja and Zion duo would be crazy, hopefully everything goes well for them and they are healthy if that happens..
Neferkare ThaGOD
Neferkare ThaGOD 5 months ago
T grizzly needs to loose weight
Willy F
Willy F 5 months ago
Fatty.. stop restricting his minutes! Just restrict his calories. I predict he and Lonzo will be the known as the twin busts.
Raging Kid
Raging Kid 5 months ago
Zion “Penguin” Williamson
anthony 23
anthony 23 5 months ago
I believe hes being shelved, the NBA cannot have a real talent be in peak condition against Lebron and his goon squad
Danny Sykotic
Danny Sykotic 5 months ago
Doesn’t look like the pelicans want to keep Zion next season if they don’t give him more minutes
MARZOSIRUS 5 months ago
Sorry Clive if I were the Owner I'd sit him until he lost about 20 pounds. Or limit his minutes to 25 to 30. Any sign of fatigue I bench him. He's too much talent to risk injury at this stage. He should be playing at 240 to 245lbs.
Ruben Ming
Ruben Ming 5 months ago
Está gurdu
Rick Anderson
Rick Anderson 5 months ago
"brung"...it's "brought" (stpd fk)
Igotbirdspigeons 5 months ago
I wouldn’t play him until he cuts either. Unless they become real contenders overnight.
Big Ounce
Big Ounce 5 months ago
How do you limp when you walk, and still the best player on an nba court.
real one
real one 5 months ago
zion a lab experiment
bombfirst157 5 months ago
Zion hasn’t been the same since that broken shoe injury at duke
iReap 5 months ago
Dude’a so out of shape that a bad landing could destroy his knees
NO INTRO 5 months ago
He is FAT :)
Francisco Alcala
Francisco Alcala 5 months ago
Why do you talk like that ? You sound stupid , 🥴
Never Quit
Never Quit 5 months ago
Let me play coach!!! Coach treating him like nevil shed from glory road LOL...
Huios Of God
Huios Of God 5 months ago
At this rate, Zion is definitely going to transform into a Prius.
leonpapilons 5 months ago
A better team will take im you Will see
Jack Gros
Jack Gros 5 months ago
He’s too fat to play a lot of minutes. When he is out of shape he gets hurt.
Shawty Gxdly
Shawty Gxdly 5 months ago
We gonna skip pass like Zion ain’t get crossed :20
maleman julpax
maleman julpax 5 months ago
He needs to lose weight
G. Gonçalves
G. Gonçalves 5 months ago
if this guy were a bodybuilder he would win 10 Mr O
M G 5 months ago
Zion is easily comparable to Charles Barkley especially if he stays on the Pelicans. He’ll have no rings to show for it
King Crusader
King Crusader 5 months ago
ZION will have a short career with the NBA if he keeps on ballooning with his weight.
Derek Loucks
Derek Loucks 5 months ago
Why you act like you work for the nba saying what people should and shouldn’t do all the time 😂 like damn just watch and come up with good news lines
drag Lesnar
drag Lesnar 5 months ago
peace Williamson and equality ball deadly combination
Francisco Lee
Francisco Lee 5 months ago
Fully agree with u man. Im sure Pelicans management limited his minuites so that next year they might add another star to become a championship level team... then Zion will be allowed fo play... but Im also worried cause the way Zion plays looks dangerous to the opponent but also to himself. He should practice more mid range
Zippitty22 5 months ago
Ok, I haven't agreed very much before...but now...yeah, Zion needs to lose weight bruh.
Calvin Collins
Calvin Collins 5 months ago
Give the dude 20 mins their looking long term with Zion don’t wanna risk injury he’s a beast without a doubt that’s they’ll sit his catch a breather soon and pelicans start falling apart they’ll put him back that’s how dominate he is nothing to worry about
Milos Puac
Milos Puac 5 months ago
How is he getting up in the air with that ass clapping like that is beyond me
car lover
car lover 5 months ago
Zion did not want to play in the first place, then he went to the bubble to play the game, then the pelicans just gives him few minutes? Zion needs to play more minutes
Ovie 5 months ago
Zion lookin like he been in the league for 10 years!
Paolo Bonanno
Paolo Bonanno 5 months ago
Niggah with attitude
Tom s
Tom s 5 months ago
Zion too busy in the off season eating chicken nuggets..
Austin Dela Sierra
Austin Dela Sierra 5 months ago
Stop it. He shot 21 shots to get 23 points. Dude shot 40% from the field and 50% from the line. If anyone “distorted” them it was BI.
kiko401000 5 months ago
Monster Zion
Cedric Frazier
Cedric Frazier 5 months ago
Isn't extra weight bad for his knees? He was already strong as hell why put more stress on him..
Nick SKEET 5 months ago
Are we just not gonna talk about tj warrens 53 points
Restoration_400 5 months ago
The Pelicans would rather tank it, and get to draw a lottery pick.
Anthony Witt
Anthony Witt 5 months ago
Why is Zion playing limited minutes?
CaDymuZik 5 months ago
Man I thought he lost weight?
Pipedupgods Gk
Pipedupgods Gk 5 months ago
Na man let his legs rest sending him out without a lot of rest he could end up like d rose or any other player that did the same thing
file interrupted !
file interrupted ! 5 months ago
zion fat
Kyt tv
Kyt tv 5 months ago
They are doing the same thing they did to Michael Jordan
geriallo 5 months ago
Βασιλης μπουμουκος
For a split sec i thought shaquille was thinner!!!
Dre Howard
Dre Howard 5 months ago
Pelicans don’t deserve Zion 🤣
Northerners 1865
Northerners 1865 5 months ago
Zion Williamson for president 2024 😎
home9dog2blue 5 months ago
To Everybody wanting Ja Morant to win ROTY and wanting Zion to beef with Ja, they are seen dapping each other up at the end of the highlights. Yal ppl have nothing better to do 😭😭😭😭😭😭
home9dog2blue 5 months ago
Jimmy Lamour
Jimmy Lamour 5 months ago
Zion is all that he barely can get down the court which isnt good when u in NBA
George Michalopoulos
Im not leaving without my,"and I'm out"!!!!!
Danyal Khan
Danyal Khan 5 months ago
YEAH WHAT NOW disrespected by u bro
Daniel ZZ
Daniel ZZ 5 months ago
too fat man
Zack S
Zack S 5 months ago
"wrap him in bubbles"
Staxz DG
Staxz DG 5 months ago
The respect he gives ja morant at the end ✊
KanjiKingツ 5 months ago
zion to me looks bigger than he was before corona
Invictus 5 months ago
man gained some weight lols
Mike Hawk
Mike Hawk 5 months ago
Not getting enough minutes. I don't know how but this is somehow lebron's fault. He's the one that traded players to the pelicans. Lebron had that planned all along so zion won't get playing time.
Tyler Stewart
Tyler Stewart 5 months ago
The world fake as hell Tory been in the game mad longer than these pop ups. The world did Chris brown like that too. There are 2 sides to every story stop RUINING Black Men Careers FACTS
Bob Saget
Bob Saget 5 months ago
Im a UK basketball fan and I love Zion really wish nothing but the best for this guy.
DFSLounge 5 months ago
Listen, this kid has to lose weight. It reminds me of Charles Barkley in his early years. They used to call Charles the round mound. He was very over weight and it caused problems for Charles. When Barkley lost the pounds, his game changed. He was a beast already but after the weight loss, he became a force. Zion has to loss some weight. Those legs can only take so much of that pogo stick shit😂. Living in new Orleans makes it hard because there is good food everywhere In that area.
Alexander Smith
Alexander Smith 5 months ago
They don’t play him a lot because they don’t want him to re injure himself
Ronald De Vera
Ronald De Vera 5 months ago
Pelicans is not protecting him from injury, they are holding him back. Sooner or later its gonna cost zion his career
nLBlaze 5 months ago
Injuries are part of the game u have to play him! The less u play him don’t make him immune to injuries
João Paulo
João Paulo 5 months ago
He needs to drop weight for sure. Otherwise he will end up killing his knees.
Sharon Jing Li
Sharon Jing Li 5 months ago
You forgot to say "and I am out". That's my favorite part of your videos
DarkTimes 5 months ago
Zion looks like he ate a bear before playing this game.
David Langston
David Langston 5 months ago
The food here in New Orleans is amazing 👌
Gesan Kamil
Gesan Kamil 5 months ago
Torin O'Connor
Torin O'Connor 5 months ago
UFC 257: Weigh-in