Zion Williamson Leaves NBA Bubble For Family Medical Emergency! 

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Zion Williamson Leaves NBA Bubble For Family Medical Emergency! Under the NBA's health and safety protocols established for the Orlando campus, players are permitted to leave because of an illness or family emergency without penalty if they receive preapproval from the NBA.
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Jul 16, 2020




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I'll Shiv you.
I'll Shiv you. 6 months ago
20000th view lol
FL33T WOOD 6 months ago
*CliveNBAParody* = Snitch HQ 💪😁👊
Torin O'Connor
Torin O'Connor 6 months ago
Leave him be
Ray S
Ray S 6 months ago
@CLIVENBAPARODY Your snitching by reporting on the snitching.🤣
Is he gonna play?
Brian Jackson
Brian Jackson 6 months ago
How the hell do correlate a player not wearing a mask to SNITCHING I watch US-first to stay update with players but some of theses US-firstrs are just dumb
shayaan ali
shayaan ali 6 months ago
Kendrick Lamar’s music career must not be doin too good
MrBoJangles 6 months ago
Zion got injured and had to leave, it was reported.
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson 6 months ago
Inferno Mire
Inferno Mire 6 months ago
They gonna try ring the hotline to snitch on Bron but it’s gonna be him on the other end
L V 6 months ago
Orlando Bah Bow
Yuriel Cundangan
Yuriel Cundangan 6 months ago
1:34 🐐
oFesp 6 months ago
I need to see Clives face to see his nose to forehead ratio
Lala Ato
Lala Ato 6 months ago
After restart max. 2 week and the season will be canceled.
Jabon Alexis
Jabon Alexis 6 months ago
Don't put dlo in this but every body staysafe
tubedude92 6 months ago
"just imagine someone snitches on Lebron James" lol
tubedude92 6 months ago
"everyone has turned into d'angelo russell" 😂 🤣
Trae Cox
Trae Cox 6 months ago
Zion be hyped up more then the Popeyes chicken sandwich 😂😂all this attention
Ethan Peterka
Ethan Peterka 6 months ago
The season is not returning, just watch
SG-EXPLOITS Everything
Omg I know why the warriors trade D-Lo so he snitches on LeBron and he doesn't win a ring
fade_sizzy 6 months ago
Welp ja rookie of year go to ja
BR33CH HD 6 months ago
I'm just waiting for the majority of the NBA to get Rona so us streetballers can get our chance lmao #amancandream
Bats. 6 months ago
fucking twat
Sarvesh Soni
Sarvesh Soni 6 months ago
Snitch on LeBron 💀😂😂 good one Brodie
Ron Figg
Ron Figg 6 months ago
🙏 Family
lebron Jay
lebron Jay 6 months ago
20th Century Fox Closing Logos
Nobody give a damn
DarkTimes 6 months ago
Like my comment people. I need unconditional love. Or I'll snitch.
okir rama
okir rama 6 months ago
Man just imagine if the top 5 NBA players has an " Emergency family problem"at the same time
Yo Rodney
Yo Rodney 6 months ago
Why is this news???? Wtf!
AFN white hAt
AFN white hAt 6 months ago
John Gonzalez
John Gonzalez 6 months ago
Stay safe 😷
KingCWTV 6 months ago
I posted it to
Tyreese Pryor
Tyreese Pryor 6 months ago
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Walter Clements
Walter Clements 6 months ago
espn crying in a corner somewhere
Marcus Black
Marcus Black 6 months ago
Hopefully Zion doesn’t lose his shape when he comes back praying for his fam🙏🏾💯
Valerie Kyiamah
Valerie Kyiamah 6 months ago
Bring back the paordys
Chazzrick thomas
Chazzrick thomas 6 months ago
The only reason they having a season so lebron can get another chip WE KNOW THE Truth
krishh jame
krishh jame 6 months ago
@Healing&Build Supersayan c'mon man cut the swish some slack what he did was nasty ....that doesn't mean he is a complete sore loser ..... still he has a great shooting percentage beyond the 3pt line....that's the area where Lakers laacked ....if Smith and Dion start making the 3 ball it's really difficult for the clips and bucks ....I think you also know that
1k subs with 2 videos
Lebron talked about it here us-first.info/player/video/Z8iLf2iKgJp5n5c.html
Vruinz 6 months ago
@Healing&Build Supersayan You say that like he still playin by himself
krishh jame
krishh jame 6 months ago
@Healing&Build Supersayan what makes you think he can't ? And no one knows who is gonna win till game 4 ....so let's wait and watch
Gaz Masterton
Gaz Masterton 6 months ago
Lakers might not even win it..... if they play the Clippers in conference finals, that’s a genuine 50/50 call, and if they win that they have another 50/50 call v Bucks.
Char Char Man
Char Char Man 6 months ago
I hope Zion gets back in the next week or so
Kast 6 months ago
After all of this hype and literally talking about Zion every day, imagine he turns out to be a bust.
Young Freeman
Young Freeman 6 months ago
Kast he’s already dominating lmao this is the dumbest shit I’ve ever read
krishh jame
krishh jame 6 months ago
Injury prone ....or losing love ...bust is a bust ....
The Knick Fan
The Knick Fan 6 months ago
dude, he is already tearing up the nba. The one thing that could happen is that he becomes extremely injury prone, that would absolutely suck. But if he doesn’t get injured he’s definitely not gonna be a bust. m.us-first.info/player/video/q7KBqaeBnYCWjoU.html, the nba portrayed by spondgebob
mark anderson
mark anderson 6 months ago
JADINHTV T 6 months ago
Do you how late you are
Madhav Donthula
Madhav Donthula 6 months ago
Lets all hope Zayaan is doing all good
Richard Hudkins
Richard Hudkins 6 months ago
Zion a big kid he a giant kid
Immortal Greenlight
Immortal Greenlight 6 months ago
So u trying to tell me everyone turned into dangelo Russell and 6ix9ine smh
timothy johnson
timothy johnson 6 months ago
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Darth Dulla
Darth Dulla 6 months ago
timothy johnson fuck off
TowerZombie 6 months ago
1:31 GOAT
Ecliptic Scythe
Ecliptic Scythe 6 months ago
Lucas Sweeten
Lucas Sweeten 6 months ago
This is getting crazy
Conner Dyar
Conner Dyar 6 months ago
Family is first not basketball
GreenBean_904 6 months ago
damn i hope his family alright
Harry van der Pligt
Harry van der Pligt 6 months ago
38th comment.....
style stunner55
style stunner55 6 months ago
I'm early for fucking once
Who Cares
Who Cares 6 months ago
He wanted a bucket of KFC that's all.
Chris Griffin
Chris Griffin 6 months ago
Wats up wit yall ad fat jokes when hes obvisouly not fat
idk malk
idk malk 6 months ago
I clicked so fast I broke my finger
Ezra Tishcoff
Ezra Tishcoff 6 months ago
Me: Sees 143 comments and wants to read them US-first: Nah ur good
1k subs with 2 videos
lol us-first.info/player/video/Z8iLf2iKgJp5n5c.html
Marcus Black
Marcus Black 6 months ago
Me:Can I not see this comment every video? You:Nah ur Good
Oblivion 6 months ago
Edwards Gang
Edwards Gang 6 months ago
Stay safe guys we in this together dont give up pray 🙏 for a cure in 2021
1k subs with 2 videos
1k subs with 2 videos
Preciate it
Acsessory 6 months ago
@Captain Obvious I bet you stink you freak
Captain Obvious
Captain Obvious 6 months ago
Samir Edwards Sounds like it
Edwards Gang
Edwards Gang 6 months ago
Im not a boomer
adam exe
adam exe 6 months ago
Lebron cares about winning the final than family
adam exe
adam exe 6 months ago
@Young Freeman tbh if i was nba player ill join kyrie and not play
Young Freeman
Young Freeman 6 months ago
I’m 100% positive if someone in Lebron’s household had a medical emergency he would be there no matter what even if he had to miss the playoffs. Stop it
LILCALI COOL 6 months ago
yadi 6 months ago
Hope zions family gets better🙏🙏
Jesus Robles
Jesus Robles 6 months ago
Damn so 4 people can be first nowadays
Darnell Tedford
Darnell Tedford 6 months ago
Jimmy Rose
Jimmy Rose 6 months ago
Damn. 🙏🏻🙏🏻
Sophie Co
Sophie Co 6 months ago
The Knick Fan
The Knick Fan 6 months ago
The nba bubble is officially gonna suck...
The Knick Fan
The Knick Fan 6 months ago
m.us-first.info/player/video/q7KBqaeBnYCWjoU.html, the nba portrayed by spondgebob
Loading 6 months ago
He missed that New Orleans food!!!!
Made4Hobbies 6 months ago
I live by new Orleans and let me tell ya you'll definitely miss it😂
The Knick Fan
The Knick Fan 6 months ago
Lol, possibly 😂 m.us-first.info/player/video/q7KBqaeBnYCWjoU.html, the nba portrayed by spondgebob
Timothy Reid
Timothy Reid 6 months ago
"Medical Emergency"
R Wiggum
R Wiggum 6 months ago
DribbleGod XD
DribbleGod XD 6 months ago
Everyone talking about Zion dang is he really that interesting
CameronJDub 6 months ago
ŠØŁØ You clearly don’t watch him play.
1k subs with 2 videos
@timothy johnson you going to hell
1k subs with 2 videos
@timothy johnson nobody gives a single FUCK lmaoo
evan swain
evan swain 6 months ago
timothy johnson bro basketball has nothing to do with your magic sky daddy fuck outta here writing a book in the US-first comment section
Jaylen Ford
Jaylen Ford 6 months ago
Taylor Humphrey ma nigga come up with better roast all u sayin is go to hell😂😂
Camden Does
Camden Does 6 months ago
That’s crazy
Swish Point
Swish Point 6 months ago
Why does my comment have so many likes?
Brian Johnson
Brian Johnson 6 months ago
Not really. It doesn’t have that much likes compared to other top comments
Zachary Razawi
Zachary Razawi 6 months ago
it doesn't
The Knick Fan
The Knick Fan 6 months ago
Teach me this power. m.us-first.info/player/video/q7KBqaeBnYCWjoU.html, the nba portrayed by spondgebob
Nex 6 months ago
*NOTM3 **
*NOTM3 ** 6 months ago
ThUnDeR YT Productions
First nice vid
20th Century Fox Closing Logos
Nobody gives a damn
HamzaGSW 6 months ago
I am first
Michael Parra
Michael Parra 6 months ago
Adriel Clinton
Adriel Clinton 6 months ago
KashflowrkLMB 6 months ago
HamzaGSW 6 months ago
Nope I am
HamzaGSW 6 months ago
Also your first sub
HamzaGSW 6 months ago
We shouldn’t be arguing over who was first to be honest
HamzaGSW 6 months ago
Dante Sanders Go to newest comments I am at the bottom
20th Century Fox Closing Logos
@HamzaGSW I said I was first I commented first
20th Century Fox Closing Logos
@HamzaGSW I was
That NBA dude
That NBA dude 6 months ago
20th Century Fox Closing Logos
That NBA dude nobody cares
HamzaGSW 6 months ago
Nope I am
LokiXCREEPY Gorrgi
LokiXCREEPY Gorrgi 6 months ago
HamzaGSW 6 months ago