Zion Williamson Forced To Snitch On Duke By Judge For Allegedly Being Paid To Attend University! 

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Zion Williamson Forced To Snitch On Duke By Judge For Allegedly Being Paid To Attend University! New Orleans Pelicans rookie forward Zion Williamson will be required to answer questions about whether he or his family accepted improper benefits during his one-year college career at Duke after a Florida court denied his motion to stay the discovery process.
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Jun 3, 2020




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Focused All Day
Focused All Day 7 months ago
When you get the top 3 basketball( Barret, Zion, Reddish) recruits to commit to your program, something is up.
ThirdEyeShine ॐ
ThirdEyeShine ॐ 7 months ago
He cheated... but duke is corrupt anyways cause they have an inside deal with the NCAA, that's why they dont get in trouble for things other schools do
Tranq Marlon
Tranq Marlon 7 months ago
If the parents took the $$$..then they are the STUPID ones....there is no way, in 2020, that they didn't think this was gone come out...
Jamal Daniel
Jamal Daniel 7 months ago
Bruh college players need to get paid like that work hard asf and gets no money ? Ima be mad
smyzo 7 months ago
Bruh, college players get paid a cost of attendance stipend. Maybe argue they should get paid more.
Basketball LiFe
Basketball LiFe 7 months ago
These blocks, only Lebron James has the secret Go to watch this video if you are a fan of basketball us-first.info/player/video/pZePiYipn2KinX0.html
Basketball LiFe
Basketball LiFe 7 months ago
These blocks, only Lebron James has the secret us-first.info/player/video/pZePiYipn2KinX0.html
Elem 7 months ago
And?? This is old news bruh.
Barkadleh Miguil
Barkadleh Miguil 7 months ago
Why you talk like that .
Quinton Smith
Quinton Smith 7 months ago
🥰🥰🥰🥰 #TarheelNation I love this story 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Jason Keith
Jason Keith 7 months ago
Time for Coach K to retire anyway. This will just speed it up a bit.
PeachesYoYo3 7 months ago
Idc if they paid him he balled out at Duke and I loved it. If my career would be in jeopardy I’d tell the world too
Dj Johnson
Dj Johnson 7 months ago
It’s funny the agent brings this up now knowing he or she knew about it while they was his agent more than likely they just made because they won’t profit off him anymore
Sean Akari
Sean Akari 7 months ago
As an attorney I just want to say, great analysis! This is a bad look for Duke no doubt. This is news to fans but not to the league. The management company’s reputation is likely ruined too as a whistleblower and for going after Zion. Zion, however, is not innocent either, he did the least worst bad thing by accepting favors/gifts. With players going abroad, the development of the G league. And discussions of potentially dropping the age back down to 18. I think college ball is going to see a decline in the manipulation of major players. Curious to see how this plays out. They’ll likely settle before Zion is even deposed. I don’t see this going to trial.
Josh Irvin
Josh Irvin 7 months ago
Blue Chips!😱😱😱🤷‍♂️💯💯
BigEye_chicken 7 months ago
I feel bad for Zion.
Kay Ant
Kay Ant 7 months ago
He mightest well change his jersey number to 69
conch .
conch . 7 months ago
Roses are red Violets are blue Why am I seeing this video If not subscribed to you?
BballBully 7 months ago
You didn’t tell the whole reason. They played that improper benefits card in order to say if he was receiving gifts, then that means he wasn’t an eligible collegiate player before their marketing agreement with Zion so whatever Zion’s reason for wanting out of their agreement should be looked at as if he were not an eligible college player.
isaiah alsup
isaiah alsup 7 months ago
Fuck the ncaa for how they treat players and children. Turning a craft into a money farm. Fuck you mf Republicans
Mr. Bozack
Mr. Bozack 7 months ago
Zion at USA practice next year: " but coach, i had no choice and they was...." Coach K: "SHUT UP!!!, SAY.. ANOTHER..MUTHA..FUCKN..WORD...AND THIS SHIT IS OVER NICCA!"
Bert 7 months ago
Zayan willyson
J.G. Ramos, HBAC
J.G. Ramos, HBAC 7 months ago
If that is true, Duke will probably get what college sports calls the Death Penalty. OUCH!
Marcus G
Marcus G 7 months ago
Leave the man alone. LeBron and others have done it. It is what it is. Thats how I feel.
Mike 7 months ago
Basically how you sell your soul
Rock Hadnot
Rock Hadnot 7 months ago
I already knew something was up with him going to Duke...I wont go to far into that but the real ones know..
Proud Texan
Proud Texan 7 months ago
Dude I seriously can’t stand this guy. Why are you always in my recommended? You seriously know stuff about the US-first algorithm no one else does.
Copeboi77 7 months ago
If we find out his parents accepted money and the ncaa does nothing I will be pissed. This the third year in a row for duke having these exact allegations. It’s not just duke theirs several blue chip programs
Nathaniel Roso
Nathaniel Roso 7 months ago
He’s not a snitch if they FORCE you to tell the truth
Ryan Bakalarczyk
Ryan Bakalarczyk 7 months ago
2020 is really changing life as we use to know it. Our generation is taking over.
Ivan Rivera
Ivan Rivera 7 months ago
Just lie 🤷‍♂️
Stop Hating.
Stop Hating. 7 months ago
The agency snitched on Zion
TheDizzleHawke 7 months ago
This is nothing new. The movie Blue Chips came out like 20 years ago.
John Lavender
John Lavender 7 months ago
Look he’s just going have to pay 💰 period
Sergio T
Sergio T 7 months ago
To be very honest, IT DOESNT MATTER EVERY NBA PLAYER GETS PAID TO GO TO SCHOOL. They get free shoes,scholsrships,prolly slack on hw and everything its all a lie. Its for everyone
Barchtic 7 months ago
When the players realize the management team willing to snitch on you for $$. Hope everyone drops em
dirty donutz
dirty donutz 7 months ago
They gave you a ticket to the NBA then you screw them over, makes sense smh
rebellucyanne 7 months ago
Fuck is up with this dudes voice
What’s The 411 with Druski Williams
It’s despicable how much these universities make off of these college basketball games and his kids don’t get paid anything
Noah Pedmac
Noah Pedmac 7 months ago
It be ur own parents
Morris Lyons
Morris Lyons 7 months ago
Division one players should be paid to play college sports.😠😠😠
joel ramirez
joel ramirez 7 months ago
You’re the only one snitching here boy
Samuel S
Samuel S 7 months ago
Ain’t no street activity going on. This is not snitching! Learn the definition.
shaec 93
shaec 93 7 months ago
Y’all really think he’s going to tell on his self lmao 🤣
Tyler Johnson
Tyler Johnson 7 months ago
Hes a bust and pa snitch damn sucks
KEAVION BUGGS 7 months ago
Zion doesn't have to testify anymore
FACTS ONLY 7 months ago
If you say anything that was spoken just to you, outside that circle, all trust is gone 4 you. Unfortunately in this day and age of social media and propaganda, loose lips sink ships don't apply 💯
Mark Montague
Mark Montague 7 months ago
blue chips scenarios have been going on for decades
Zach39107 7 months ago
Fuck Duke
Brian Bones
Brian Bones 7 months ago
watch amateur on netflix tho
robertspencerhoward 7 months ago
LOL. They said SNITCH. Because he is gonna tell the truth?? LOL. Yall crazy as fuck. I don't give a fuck if its DUKE or whomever. THEY got caught. Shit like this has been going on for years! LOL.
Tarun B
Tarun B 7 months ago
Even Harvey spectre can't save him
Kentrell Samuel
Kentrell Samuel 7 months ago
I would pay the nigga to he was an amazing player their. But I understand why it shouldn’t have happened.
TheAlmightyShowOFFF 7 months ago
I wish there was a block button so i can block this guy hate seeing him on my recommend
bono hiuson
bono hiuson 7 months ago
Just pay the college kids and everybody's happy.. What's so complicated with that??
Joey Richardson
Joey Richardson 7 months ago
U a pssy bruh, get a life . U the problem.
Cory Carter
Cory Carter 7 months ago
Zion "the snitch" williamson 😂😂
Cory Carter
Cory Carter 7 months ago
A snitch bitch 😂😂😂 cant take him anywhere 😂😂😂
WeSo IMG 7 months ago
So Can’t That Management Company Get In Trouble For Doing Business With Him And Being Aware Of Him Taking Benefits? I’m Just Asking....
Mophit 7 months ago
Can’t he just plead the fifth
noah earwood
noah earwood 7 months ago
He did not get paid from duke stop trying to create more drama than is there
Aaron AshCaster
Aaron AshCaster 7 months ago
So call out every school then. Only doing it because of success from rookie year.
jon snipe
jon snipe 7 months ago
All he gotta do is plead the 5th
andy vu
andy vu 7 months ago
Let the players play fk this management company .
902 Padre
902 Padre 7 months ago
Fuck this immigrant
Yankeefan8995 7 months ago
Dude you sound like an idiot doing commentary. You sound like your 12. Stop making videos. You SUCK at it. And leave Zions name out of your bitch mouth. You can’t even do your own research. You just try telling us shit we’ve already heard.
Carlos Juarez
Carlos Juarez 7 months ago
They pay him to help him out which I get is wrong, but then he turns pro makes a bunch of money and now wants to play the victim. Hate that crap. If you really good hearted, you would turn that down or go somewhere else because you have dignity.
Carlos Juarez
Carlos Juarez 7 months ago
Take my comment back, dumb envious agency, Zion you good
Ramin A
Ramin A 7 months ago
How the fuck you calling it “snitch” they not in a gang you idiot, they not living “street rules” man it’s a business stop this bullshit.
Your the Best
Your the Best 7 months ago
I hate DUKE. Ha ha ha
TheGatsbyNupe 7 months ago
He has a 5th amendment
Bryan Miles
Bryan Miles 7 months ago
College players should be paid anyway Zion has the most hype since Lebron and he very well should have been paid at whatever he chose to go to
smyzo 7 months ago
They are paid a stiped. Say they should get paid more so it makes sense.
Andre Diaz
Andre Diaz 7 months ago
Colleges has been paying players for yrs and I think the schools SHOULD pay them. The schools make millions and STILL want payment for tuition
Abdullah Khan
Abdullah Khan 7 months ago
You sound awful.
Mellow 7 months ago
Then again, his AGENT is responsible, as his agent would have been apart of the deal tho……
Jesse Alexander
Jesse Alexander 7 months ago
They better give them the Mochigan punishment of the Fav 5. Coach K better admit what he did. This is going to change college basketball.
Jordan Debow
Jordan Debow 7 months ago
Wouldn't the Management company who set up these deals be the ones at fault?
Gregory Kernozek
Gregory Kernozek 7 months ago
He gonna 6ixnine them
Elliot Peacock
Elliot Peacock 7 months ago
They should all be paid, NCAA is a scam.
Real Truth
Real Truth 7 months ago
Colleges dont pay their players. So what else do you expect? Not fair. Students got bills too. What if they play and get hurt? They'd have wasted their time playing for free. Then whos gonna help them?
Georgine Lapoint
Georgine Lapoint 7 months ago
01:36 01:00 02:48
Demond Hopkins
Demond Hopkins 7 months ago
Lonzo that cold 1:40
kris shipp
kris shipp 7 months ago
6ix9ine and DeAngelo Russell all in one smh
Blaine Croucher
Blaine Croucher 7 months ago
Snitch on a university that makes millions a year off of players, not exactly the 6ix9ine reference I would choose
Pisces NoCapKage
Pisces NoCapKage 7 months ago
A lotta good talent gonna START to go to Duke... Bruh Duke been huge for a grip
Mr. Park
Mr. Park 7 months ago
Snitches get stitches but damn man what college entities do is the BIGGER CRIME!!!!
Joey Li
Joey Li 7 months ago
Bro ur voice g.... not it
Ian Madrid
Ian Madrid 7 months ago
Everybody's playing dumb ever since that the NCAA system ain't corrupt. Schools are selling tickets, jerseys, air time, sponsorships and getting a lot of enrollment of course they are hooked with the money and uses that to entice the next wonder kid. I don't know why everyone is starting to become like Sherlock or Einstein that they've suddenly figured this out. It's not about zion it's about the entire league itself. 🙄
Vighnesh Ramesh
Vighnesh Ramesh 7 months ago
Duke paid Zion but they didn’t win the title 😂😂
Vighnesh Ramesh
Vighnesh Ramesh 7 months ago
😂😂😂 wow more drama in 2020
Patrick Beverley
Patrick Beverley 7 months ago
0:00 😂
D. Banks
D. Banks 7 months ago
Zion isn't nothing to talk about
ISAIAH C 7 months ago
Hate your fucking voice
Paul Prejean
Paul Prejean 7 months ago
Exploitation pure and simple. This management company is burning bridges before they are even built. What player is going to deal with them after this?
smyzo 7 months ago
He signed a contract, violated that contract, now he has simpletons defending his actions. Gotta love 2020.
KenSo Fuego
KenSo Fuego 7 months ago
Zion Williamson is forced to 69ine on Duke.
Isaac Ezeodogbo
Isaac Ezeodogbo 7 months ago
Ayo Clive it’s been a year since I subbed to your channel and been watching yo vids before you hit 1 million subs
Damian Clark
Damian Clark 7 months ago
Watered down TMZ is back
Za ck
Za ck 7 months ago
News from a parody account like I give a fuck
Jeff G
Jeff G 7 months ago
Are you Haitian ?
Cyclic 7 months ago
And this is why Lavar is a genius with his leauge. Now Fr tho I see why these players skip college and go right to the leauge.
DevInDenver 23
DevInDenver 23 7 months ago
What no one's saying tho is if he was still on contract with them and owed them money, then he should not have sued because another management company was offering more money. Sounds like he put himself in this position because he wanted more money. Ain't it funny how greed is ALWAYS the downfall? Not saying this will hurt him much, I'm sure he'll be just fine..
Pers-Jam 7 months ago
plead the FiF