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Apr 16, 2021




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Jaymee Gott
Jaymee Gott 13 days ago
Now that's funny
Kai_Bailey 13 days ago
O-O I think he was really drunk and His friend recorded to show him after 😂😭😭😂
Derck McCoy
Derck McCoy 13 days ago
Wtf is this garbage. Nobody cares about your idiot roommate
AidanTheGaymer 13 days ago
Having to wait so long to find out it was his girlfriend made it so much funnier lmao.
Queen GP DEAREST 13 days ago
✨Have you met Jared? OF CORSE I MET JARED, the one that took you away from me✨
Francisco Juarez
Francisco Juarez 13 days ago
That guy sure has only one ladyy
valley 33
valley 33 13 days ago
I remember my first beer..
Breezee 13 days ago
God bless everyone spread his word
Coolfool121 13 days ago
That laugh at the end 🤣
AKESHAAA 13 days ago
At least this is not staged...right? ;-;
Simplyxnuggets 13 days ago
Plot twist his girlfriend is his mom
Cool Guy 99
Cool Guy 99 13 days ago
This is hilarious. 😆😆😆
ayesha nisar
ayesha nisar 13 days ago
If you guys could watch him** for me
Cherrie Specht
Cherrie Specht 13 days ago
Joshua Ortton
Joshua Ortton 13 days ago
I couldn't stop farting because I couldn't stop laughing
Camila 13 days ago
Oh my god this is so funny.
Tha Sleepy
Tha Sleepy 13 days ago
This is wholesome and gold
Kimora Whyte
Kimora Whyte 13 days ago
✨What the fawk Jared✨
Immy 13 days ago
yeah i’ve met jared, ofc ive met jared
Maja da potato queen
Omg who else watches Wilbur soot... I mean Jared,cheeto like wtf
Moto squad Tv
Moto squad Tv 13 days ago
anticommi trollolololololol
Ahhh I remember my first beer 😂🤣😂
TheAvrgJoe 13 days ago
This is how it starts. Next scene they’re kissing. #FOH lmfao
TubboLikeDaBee 13 days ago
The fact that his name is Jared makes it 10x’s better idk why
OctoSpot 13 days ago
He’s acting more like he just got his wisdom tooth pulled out then drunk
Kevin breaud
Kevin breaud 13 days ago
That's a good look for your girlfriend to dump you. Acting like a kid when your drunk is not attractive
Seaweed Chills
Seaweed Chills 13 days ago
This is the guy Wilbur hates? Huh.
Rosalyn Uv
Rosalyn Uv 13 days ago
I love happy drunks!
Let's Go!
Let's Go! 13 days ago
Catherine Grochowicz
I’m dead 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
Cub VA
Cub VA 13 days ago
Even and Jared Kleinmen at a sleep over:
UnderSee 13 days ago
"that is your girlfriend not your mom" "how ya doing"
Little Debbie Olson
Lmfao 🤣
Jared Jones
Jared Jones 13 days ago
Why y’all saying wtf Jared like y’all disrespecting me lmao jk I like this vid
Emily Aceves
Emily Aceves 13 days ago
"Thats your gf" "Oh...how you doin?"
Charlie 13 days ago
I remember my first beer ffs🥴 Jesus Christ this is cringe
xxGen Gacha_Artxx
xxGen Gacha_Artxx 13 days ago
"I gots cheetos!!!" He was so happy 🤣☺️😔🤚
more dum ideas
more dum ideas 13 days ago
xXtytyXx 13 days ago
"Oh look it's my mom"
Adjowa Afful
Adjowa Afful 13 days ago
It gets like that with wine 🤣🤣🤣
CeAac NL
CeAac NL 13 days ago
Hahaha legend
Sanyila Wilder
Sanyila Wilder 13 days ago
Amanda Serroul
Amanda Serroul 13 days ago
😂😂😂😂😂 this is amazing
Llewelyn May
Llewelyn May 13 days ago
Hey look drunk 🥴😂🤣🥴🥴🥴
Graynonymous 13 days ago
........jared? 🍴🍴🍴🍴
Jonathan Munleon
Jonathan Munleon 13 days ago
I wish everyone got drunk like this
annie, tsu, rico, and mikasa simp
honestly this is cute
Mauro D Lobo
Mauro D Lobo 13 days ago
Fake asf
Legend The Frenchie
Boarderline 13 days ago
I am now throughly convinced that drunks have the brains of toddlers
Hate CODM 13 days ago
Mane called his girl mom it had me laughing hard
Menibor1 13 days ago
I remember my first drink
DNF is real
DNF is real 13 days ago
Wilbur Soot fans be like wtf that jared
Amos Romingquet
Amos Romingquet 13 days ago
Now thate a friend I need he's a good person
Amos Romingquet
Amos Romingquet 13 days ago
Allyson Cameron
Allyson Cameron 13 days ago
At least he didn't think his mom was his girlfriend
Matthew Baker
Matthew Baker 14 days ago
Ok there was 699 comments and I didn’t want to ruin it but now it’s already at like 800 comments
Mauricio Fernandez
Mauricio Fernandez 14 days ago
Dog the end 😂😂😂😂 that’s for sure what kind of drunk they are lmao
XxTogaHimikoxX 14 days ago
Can I have a Cheeto pls I’m hungry
Suzette Marla Canapi
That f pickuo line naaaayz HOW YOU DOIN -Joey Tribbiani
John Christie
John Christie 14 days ago
let’s note that he drunkenly thought his gf was his mom bc he loves her that much.
Valeria Luna But call meh Val kid o
How the heck ya get ur gf confused w/ ur mom 😑😐
Sanaly Jones
Sanaly Jones 14 days ago
Oh no it's his girlfriend not his mom
Myron Peyton
Myron Peyton 14 days ago
He acting high not drunk
ִ ִ ִ
ִ ִ ִ 14 days ago
this is cringe
SCXR3CRXW 14 days ago
This is me when im drunk 😂
Emma Hellgren
Emma Hellgren 14 days ago
"Me saw this" "Me calling Bff" Me:hi mom Bff:whaaaaaa-
Locke Da'boss
Locke Da'boss 14 days ago
There is still people that can act.
imnot 14 days ago
Looks like he's about to eat the last dandelion
Moonlight Kitty •ᴥ•
When he said “look I have Cheetos” sounded like he was more proud then finding diamonds in Minecraft
wildlife lion
wildlife lion 14 days ago
caleb billions meh
caleb billions meh 14 days ago
Lucia Vitelli
Lucia Vitelli 14 days ago
Julius Pronk
Julius Pronk 14 days ago
“I think I’m home” is the mood
Some Immature 12 year old
I really hope I become a funny drunk when I grow up
Jonah Bean
Jonah Bean 14 days ago
WarMo05e5 14 days ago
Hi mom🤣🤣🤣🤣
Dayna Asher
Dayna Asher 14 days ago
Y is that me tho
Hüñii_ Drëãms
Hüñii_ Drëãms 14 days ago
POV: He called her mom, and she was pregnant and didn't tell him. So she was like wait u know? Then he would be like wdym? And she would be like I am pregnant, I thought u were calling me mom as a joke because we r going to be parents. Lmao😟😂 P.S. Yes, I just made a whole story in my head. 💀
mUffin 14 days ago
Lmao this made my day
Sass Class
Sass Class 14 days ago
Dreighlynn Yazzie
Dreighlynn Yazzie 14 days ago
LOL You are funny 🤤
Bjay 14 days ago
R ryruguutu
Isaac Meme
Isaac Meme 14 days ago
Had to comment
Jerry Flowers
Jerry Flowers 14 days ago
Wise Ronin
Wise Ronin 14 days ago
Switch to Joey from friends in an instant
NinjaDukey 14 days ago
His last giggle was so funny 😭😭😭
Lorna McGee
Lorna McGee 14 days ago
JL 14 days ago
he loves his cheetos
Belen Quiroz
Belen Quiroz 14 days ago
Lol "hi mom"
Julia_ xox
Julia_ xox 14 days ago
He's in your bed, I'm in your Twitch chat 😩
winter dragon3549
winter dragon3549 14 days ago
he look like the guy that gets high in game over man
SKG Swayy
SKG Swayy 14 days ago
This is my friend and I over and over and over again 😂
Abolfaz sadege
Abolfaz sadege 14 days ago
Okay at first I thought he wasn't drunk but when he pull out the cheeetoes or whatever and started to laugh I knew he was drunk for sure
Lisa Morgan
Lisa Morgan 14 days ago
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 he thought his mom was his girlfriend bro
Jarod Spurlock
Jarod Spurlock 14 days ago
God damnit why it gotta be someone named Jared
the rainy cring boy
The end no noooo
Miigwans 360
Miigwans 360 14 days ago
**Giggles** "Look I got CHEETOS!" I fell apart and died 😂
Spud 14 days ago
What was an acting performance so good you forgot it was acting
Edward Chan
Edward Chan 14 days ago
So my roommates rly drunk rn and- NO IM NOT
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