Yuh-Jung Youn Accepts the Oscar for Supporting Actress 

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Watch Yuh-Jung Youn's Oscar 2021 acceptance speech for Actress in a Supporting Role for her portrayal of Soonja in MINARI. Watch more highlights from Oscars 2021 on Oscar.com and in the ABC app!


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Apr 25, 2021




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One Fine Day !!!
One Fine Day !!! 2 days ago
Her sons are geniuses! We couldn’t see her if they didn’t say her like that.
gotaigo 2 days ago
She’s a hilarious lady! LOL
Olusegun Arigbede
THIS IS AWESOM 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿
Jeremy Parker
Jeremy Parker 8 days ago
ehh shes ugly
Kesorn Weston
Kesorn Weston 11 days ago
She is so cute and funny. Haven’t seen the movie yet but I bet it must be a really good movie.
Bk kim618
Bk kim618 11 days ago
Mmm so brad pitt should’ve practiced saying the names before taking this stage. Kind of careless but whatever.. he helped sponsor the movie so forgiven
Deb Driscoll
Deb Driscoll 12 days ago
208 racists dislike this video. I frickin loved it ♥️
Krishna Gaurav
Krishna Gaurav 12 days ago
She was in "Mother" which is an incredible film by Bong Joon-ho.
Emily 13 days ago
Loved Minari and her speech is so great!
James Yoon
James Yoon 13 days ago
worst oscars ever
The best speech, Miss Youn have ever said during the Oscars of 2021.
Marc Carganilla
Marc Carganilla 14 days ago
0:24 right corner, Viola Davis making sure the lady doesn't fall what a nice thing to do
Nahh B! Podcast & Productions
DAMNIT BRAD WHERE TF WERE YOU WHEN THEY WERE FILMING IN TULSA! lol jk, shes adorable though. congrats to her
432 369
432 369 15 days ago
Asian pride yo!
Pete Wong
Pete Wong 15 days ago
Congrats to her🏆
Gloria Choi
Gloria Choi 16 days ago
I was surprised that a lot of media interpreted her interaction with Brad Pitt as flirting. He is the executive producer of Minari and she was playfully accusing him of not being involved when they were "suffering" in Tulsa where the movie was filmed.
aung oo
aung oo 16 days ago
“We’re the winner for different roles n movie “ ❤️
Eunicep Brown
Eunicep Brown 16 days ago
So proud of my beloved Brad as he looks stunning hot 🔥as he announced Yuh-Jung for her best movie that I'm so proud of both of them for amazing performances at the 93rd Annual Academy Awards ❤😍🥰🤗😘🔥💯🥵🌟😇🙏🙌👌👍😉💋💞💝💖💟👏🏻👏🏻
A. Ngoc Anh Ha
A. Ngoc Anh Ha 16 days ago
this lady is an angel
toobevr1244 16 days ago
She fully deserved this, and her speech was nothing short of adorable perfection. That being said, the Academy seriously needs to throw Glenn Close a bone already!
Ann Choi
Ann Choi 16 days ago
The most perfect speech-natural, humble, grateful, witty and charming! Always liked her-Now, LOVE her!
Lou Da Knowmad
Lou Da Knowmad 16 days ago
Jordi Ortega
Jordi Ortega 16 days ago
So sweet. So packed with important themes, empathy and humility. Bravo
Jinri Musiqui
Jinri Musiqui 16 days ago
한국인 모여라!! 윤여정 선생님 축하드려요 😊
Daniel Kim
Daniel Kim 16 days ago
Mommy work so hard!! That really touches me!! XD
Dr. Fauci
Dr. Fauci 17 days ago
essence arielle
essence arielle 17 days ago
Crazy it took this long for a Korean actress to when an Oscar!
Brandon Navarro
Brandon Navarro 17 days ago
She really said screw the stairs when going on stage 😂😂😂. Huge congratulations and awesome speech 🙌🏽🙏🏽
riffrafftifftaff 17 days ago
she called out brad pitt for being a stingy producer who was MIA in the making of the film, and the us media framed it as if she were starstruck
thersten 17 days ago
ding dong broken! ding dong broken!
inhim05 17 days ago
I bet you will never work for none english speaking countries. How Lazy coward....
uranchimeg odgerel
uranchimeg odgerel 17 days ago
Congratulations my favorite actor 👏👏👏
Sancheezzzy 17 days ago
Y’all see brad was about to help her out. Awwww.
KSMaxiefan01 17 days ago
She’s one of the reasons I’m glad they didn’t have a time limit with speeches tonight
Ransey Bautista
Ransey Bautista 17 days ago
she’s so cute
Sophie Buckingham
Sophie Buckingham 17 days ago
wow. so well deserved & incredible woman making history.✨
Ryan Akwar
Ryan Akwar 17 days ago
People who are upset that they didn’t give it to Glenn Close need to watch Minari.
antmagor 17 days ago
When you consider that Korean is her first language, and when you consider the overwhelming emotion she must be feeling not just at winning an Oscar but making history as the first Korean to receive the honor I’d say she composed herself very well and gave one of the most graceful speeches We’ve seen in a while.
wonderingheights 17 days ago
I like that she thanked her first director
Kay Bean !!
Kay Bean !! 17 days ago
Sooo I just found out she was calling brad Pitt out cuz he executive produced it & never visited the set and conditions were bad on set cuz of low funding 😬
J S 17 days ago
Hahahahahahahaha get woke go broke.
jacob belenky
jacob belenky 17 days ago
Nobody know her, what she did, why she’s getting Oscar , total bs, no wonder, nobody watches this shit
jacob belenky
jacob belenky 17 days ago
Nobody understands her either, should be working at Chinese or Korean cheap restaurant
Park Jun
Park Jun 17 days ago
Okay okay relax~
Brave Soul
Brave Soul 17 days ago
D Gonzalez
D Gonzalez 17 days ago
Is not pples fault If they can't pronounce ur foreign name....js. Be kind.
Alexander Garcia-Cornelius
Is your last name pronounced “Gonzails?”
Michaela Marymor
Michaela Marymor 17 days ago
She is so sweet and so classy, absolutely loved her in “minari”
MP 18 days ago
Brad, where were you, the chief of production com. PlanB : appreciating and disappointing :))
Julie-Michelle Manohar
What a queen. So humble and so refreshing to hear her sentiments 🤩
Scott Krause
Scott Krause 18 days ago
So nice that this talented lady acknowledged Glenn Close!
Prashansha Ghisingh
The Roast😌😍😍😍😍YESSSS MAAM🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩please do it
S. TK 18 days ago
She was the highlight of the show. (Who thought this segue music was a good idea? Awful.)
Park Jun
Park Jun 18 days ago
Worst music..this oscar...I missed orchestra..so much
Nostrodumbass 18 days ago
Nolan Rice
Nolan Rice 18 days ago
ok what was with that SONG that they played for her as she walked up???💀
Leon M. Kelly
Leon M. Kelly 18 days ago
Amazing speech. I cannot stop watching. She is golden. I love her.
LR Hernandez
LR Hernandez 18 days ago
Frank MacLeod
Frank MacLeod 18 days ago
Best Oscar acceptance speech ever.
Frank MacLeod
Frank MacLeod 18 days ago
Mace Windu
Mace Windu 18 days ago
She won simply because she's Korean
Tony P
Tony P 18 days ago
Is it me or does people keep watching this exquisitely humble speech over and over again..? ❤️
sakuuu TvT
sakuuu TvT 18 days ago
Ayi njh
Ayi njh 18 days ago
One of my fave Korean ppl
Joe Champion
Joe Champion 18 days ago
Pure liberal pandering. PATHETIC AND PREDICTABLE...WHAT A LOAD😂😂😂
Joe Champion
Joe Champion 18 days ago
@remy You done? Research my family dumbass
remy 18 days ago
your name is Joe champion I know your not talking smh
Joe Joe
Joe Joe 18 days ago
Didn't realize she was so funny. What a spontaneous speech.
Synecdoche 18 days ago
Minari is overrated there are way better Korean films out there, only won because Brad Pitt
dream2020as 18 days ago
Loved her speech what a queen
Margaux Margaret
Margaux Margaret 18 days ago
I must say foreign winners at the Oscars are so much more wittier with their acceptance speech. Emma Thompson also come to mind. Most locals are so dull.
Erin Montgomery
Erin Montgomery 18 days ago
If anyone deserves an acting award it’s the old lady who’s always in the OR in greys anatomy. She’s seen some things
YEETMO 18 days ago
imagine her ex husband rn
Nicole Jalo
Nicole Jalo 18 days ago
not a korean but i have great respect and constructive criticism to korean film industry and i have been complaining that academy needs to open thier eyes to asian films and finally im ready to die in peace knowing that they slowly seeing now what asians can do. not to bring up race here but just check us out ,see how we work our craft and thats it, thank you academy for giving us a chance , now . they need to explore more to thai films, filipino films (oh god world has no idea how great talents lies in philppines waiting to be recognized)
Thomas Margolis
Thomas Margolis 18 days ago
This is the first actual video from the event. The ratings are of a concern like to cnn, you have your base and believe abc/other will keep enabling the triggered celebrities and wannabes. Another record for ratings, and how many actually pay to see the product @ present?
n8n8n8 18 days ago
so pleased they didn't play the music to usher her off. maybe that's not a thing anymore.
koyukiny 18 days ago
She is 75, and has been an actress for 56 years in South Korea. She is a very famous veteran actress in Korea although she just got recognized in the west.
Ren 18 days ago
andy bosik
andy bosik 18 days ago
HELLyWeird is never getting my $ ever again! Fck these woke aholes!
The Pander Bear
The Pander Bear 18 days ago
Ren 18 days ago
Yuh Jung Youn.
Michelle Chang
Michelle Chang 18 days ago
Such a great and proud moment. ♡
emmaknightley 18 days ago
Pale Dude
Pale Dude 18 days ago
Who’s that lady in red at 1:07. Omg 🔥
Ren 18 days ago
@Pale Dude no problem
Pale Dude
Pale Dude 18 days ago
@Ren thanks. I googled her. I could click on her all day. 😎
Ren 18 days ago
Yeri Han
T-Virus Terrance
T-Virus Terrance 18 days ago
Hello, Humans. What’s something people don’t worry about but really should? TERRANCE OUT
shygirl8001 18 days ago
She’s wonderful!
J Ram
J Ram 18 days ago
She’s funny!
Moonflower Tarot
Moonflower Tarot 18 days ago
Amazing veteran actress ♡ super famous in her home country
Lucia Stumreiter
Lucia Stumreiter 18 days ago
Hi Dave S.,I cannot find the little box. I so enjoyed that. So Positive..
readingking s
readingking s 18 days ago
“But tonight, you are all forgiven” She is a boss just for saying that.
nay nay
nay nay 18 days ago
y’all... pls watch dear my friends..
John NYC
John NYC 18 days ago
She's so cute and naturally funny. Also, Brad Pit was RUFE not offering to help her down the stairs. Hello she's an Established Lady. What a Douchebag.... Ugh!
Amy 13
Amy 13 18 days ago
Her speech is tied for Best speech with Olivia Colman’s 2019 win.
crazyve26 18 days ago
She is so beloved! I have seen my good share of Korean films over the pass 11 years and she is a superstar with super human acting power! 🤩
Fact Check
Fact Check 18 days ago
The Oscars had record low ratings. Fact Check: True ✅
Mark Biernbaum
Mark Biernbaum 18 days ago
The most charming, perfect acceptance speech EVER.
TMX1138 18 days ago
I’m guessing the dislikes are from Kim Jong Un and North Korea lol!
cheems x
cheems x 18 days ago
Erika RNcorazon
Erika RNcorazon 18 days ago
That was a hek of a speech! She is so honest and humble... I love it!
first name last name
I wonder why she won....bet it has nothing to do with "asian hate crimes". Pander pander pander.
Sophie D
Sophie D 18 days ago
no it was because she is a good actor asshole
i dont have time 2 reply
They kicked out homeless people and put up a fence to keep them away to host this event for the wealthy elite
Brian S. O'Connell
Brian S. O'Connell 18 days ago
Where is the social distance Or mask at. Oh that's right not part of the CIA agenda
P Kim
P Kim 18 days ago
She is so famous in Korea right now and I am so happy that she won
Garcia엘르 18 days ago
She’s truly amazing I’m glad
Skydiver 18 days ago
Oscars 2021 Renamed "The Woke Losers Awards." LOL, looked more like the BET Awards. Anthony Hopkins was the token white person.
Robert Ngo
Robert Ngo 18 days ago
She’s lucky, no, privileged enough not be poisoned by the CCP. 人之初。性本善 娃無防。中共奶 獸為師。痴嗔貪 毒身心。全球騙
Sheila Reynolds
Sheila Reynolds 18 days ago
Precious, humble..so refreshing!
rd010123 18 days ago
Asians are so hot right now
Kellmerkis (Tiktok)