Youtube's dirty little influencer secret 

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Logan Paul situation: hellogiggles.com/reviews-coverage/logan-paul-video-suicide-victim-youtube-hypocrisy/
US-first child exploitation: mashable.com/article/youtube-wakeup-child-exploitation-explained/
CEO US-first wins free speech award: www.newsweek.com/youtube-ceo-susan-wojcicki-gets-freedom-expression-award-sponsored-youtube-1585147
US-first has no obligation to free speech: www.businessinsider.com/court-confirms-youtube-has-no-free-speech-obligation-2020-2?op=1
James Charles: www.theguardian.com/fashion/2021/apr/20/youtube-james-charles-demonetised-allegations-sexting-underage-minors
Eugenia situation: www.insider.com/eugenia-cooney-youtube-videos-thin-creators-eating-disorders-proana-thinspiration-2019-5
US-first sucks: slate.com/technology/2018/03/youtube-is-only-just-realizing-that-it-might-be-bad-for-all-of-us.html
US-first favours specific creators: www.washingtonpost.com/technology/2019/08/09/youtubes-arbitrary-standards-stars-keep-making-money-even-after-breaking-rules/
US-first guidelines: support.google.com/youtube/answer/2801973?hl=en
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Apr 30, 2021




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Sydney Watson
Sydney Watson 14 days ago
This platform is a dumpster fire. :')
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford 12 hours ago
@Ray Butler and even one's home country could change the laws and owe you nothing
Ray Butler
Ray Butler Day ago
It's a fair point that the greater the audience you reach the more dangerous you are, but on the other hand the big influencers make US-first able to micro-assess their content, rather than broad sweeping censorship that applies to everyone else. Basically they can't afford to give everyone special treatment, if you make them more money they will appoint someone to manually manage your content, not send triggered bots to blindly censor, that's because your profitability can afford a wage, a payroll. You do get due process and a fair trial by your peers, but US-first is global, you are only really entitled to due process in the domain of your citizenship, not some global court, because frankly there is no global sovereign authority for that, and there should never be. Laws are contained to their jurisdiction, we all know that, and yet people operate in flagrant disregard to those civil borders. I'd suggest you think real hard about your rights, only your home country actually owes you them, not the world...
The Cancer
The Cancer Day ago
Fo shizzle.
Rusty Shackleford
@Ray Butler Exactly! The corporations aren't required to do anything under American law. If anything US-first is protected by it. If one doesn't like how US-first and Google do business, one does not have to use their services. It always amazes me how many people complain about Google and US-first, yet everyone's default search engine is Google, everyone's web browser is Chrome, and US-first is the one and only video service used en masse.
Ray Butler
Ray Butler 2 days ago
Point is, free speech is a civil right, not private, private is actually far more liberal than civil domain, you can't murder on private property but you can talk out your arse to your hearts content. But on the other hand, US-first is a mainstream platform despite being private owned, meaning if their company is destabilizing the civil peace they can and are held liable, so their power as the private administrator to legally cover their own arse is to that purpose. I'd say people need to get over yourselves, it's not about you, it's about them and the law, where they can literally go to jail for causing civil disturbances.
Manuka Honey
Manuka Honey 5 hours ago
Move to Florida
Mahiyat Safiyullah
Mahiyat Safiyullah 8 hours ago
Don't worry Sydney people will realise the stupidity as sooner or later the truth comes out this is a simple facts all lies have expiratory dates and sooner or later they will go out of date. Also people will find your channel and watch your videos as long as you keep posting.
Mahiyat Safiyullah
Mahiyat Safiyullah 8 hours ago
This platform is for people to watch who and what they want and restricting or removing videos isn't free speech but the opposite.
tb0ne2u 11 hours ago
I agree, I don't think anyone should be banned unless they are committing a crime in the video. Let us users decide what content we want to watch instead of being a nanny for snowflakes' eyeballs.
Marcus Phoenix
Marcus Phoenix 14 hours ago
I recently discovered your channel and I LOVE your content and agree with literally everything I've seen especially when it comes to split families! I've recently went through a monstrous time of my life trying to gain custody of my son, it was a nightmare and the extent my ex went to in order to keep me out of his life was such a shock. Luckily I gain the support of many others which helped my case but the things you put out NEEDS to be said! Thank you for your hard work! Truly I am a fan now! Please don't stop doing what you're doing lol. I've proclaimed you a hero on social media🤙😁🤘👌👍✊🤜🤛👏🙌! I cannot not say thank you enough!
LVΡΝ 1 14 hours ago
Are you related to Paul Joseph Watson?
strsocerplaya9 16 hours ago
Get on odysee
Charlie Watts
Charlie Watts 17 hours ago
Sydney, you should probably start building a following on alt-tech platforms like bitchute so you're ready to transition over when/if you ever get banned here.
DCW 87
DCW 87 19 hours ago
If you're from a country that was known to be blunt....then be blunt.
riverakers 20 hours ago
Woke Tube!!
Eric Borgen
Eric Borgen Day ago
Sidney love your videos you should watch Blair White she is transgender and she agrees with all the stuff you like she is allso a republican
Jason Bourne
Jason Bourne Day ago
"What we are trying to do here." See that right there is the problem, everyone here is trying to do something, that's what this place was originally about. She doesn't get say in what anyone posts I don't care if she does own it. If I own a racetrack I don't get to pick who wins right?
Jeffrey Reeves
Sydney thank you for your reporting and commentary. English-speaking White Men dreamed up republican Democracy when they created the US Constitution. Those who flap their gums about "tolerance and diversity" don't believe a word of it. Diversity destroys Unity. It is important to strive to be objective, but Bias is inevitable.
jay ellul
jay ellul Day ago
Its Dollarydoos Sydney. Consider yourself factchecked.
jay ellul
jay ellul Day ago
We need a completely un monitored video streaming website. Completely and utterly free and any moderation. Would be fkn wild!
jay ellul
jay ellul Day ago
I have found it difficult to find the videos i want to watch. Its almost like the 90s when you had to search the exact video you wanted to watch in order to find it...
Dmah4 Day ago
Hahaha😂😂 ‘this is why US-first tries to send you to the gulag.’ I had a long chuckle.
William Roberts
Hey remember that one chick that would celebrate Hitlers bday?
eXDax Day ago
Does anyone else find Sydney's frequent switching between Australian and American accents offputting?
Abdur7man ORG
8:39 Does she mean the Jews?
pillyouup Day ago
to hell with youtube
Terry Lewis
Terry Lewis Day ago
Relying on Lefties to get your ideas out is walking on very thin ice. Time to move to our own platforms with our own servers.
Black Sheep
Black Sheep Day ago
Please Join - Odyess or Rumble
Steve Bottoms
The generation that spends a lot of time on US-first these days neither understands nor cares about hypocrisy. They're all over-socialized, under-educated soy eaters who will believe anything the glowing box tells them to believe.
Hidden History
It is sad that we are now living in a world where bad things are glorified and rewarded, and good things are destroyed and swept away.
Alex Hayes
Alex Hayes Day ago
Alex Hayes
Alex Hayes Day ago
you're my favorite person on the planet
ki same
ki same Day ago
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ki same
ki same Day ago
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US-first where personal freedoms go to die.
EjustE Day ago
We think alike / similar ideas /similar thoughts :-O :-D #Mars
Casey Butt
Casey Butt Day ago
It's quite simple - US-first blocks anything that supports the interests of certain pale-skinned people from a particular continent that begins with "Euro". Those societies, cultures and the people themselves, must be subverted. Once you understand that, everything becomes clear. Since this message points it out, I have to be very careful how I type it or it will be shadow-banned. On the other hand, we all know that Joe Biden is the rightful and great President and BLM is a peaceful organization fighting bigotry. (The A.I. likes that.)
james krellwitz
Hollywood rich Elite like young ones
james krellwitz
It is the good old boys club.
Deborah Hearne
If she really cared, she would post her videos on Bitchute, Odysee, Rumble, etc. This video is her doing exactly what she hates.
The Cancer
The Cancer Day ago
Keep ragging on this dogshit platform.
They recently removed one of my videos for talking about aspects of WuFlu that even the Chicago Tribune has mentioned, but it goes against their stupid community standards they keep changing.
Lily Wojciechowski
Bravo. Bravo. 👏🏻
Acacia Luna
Acacia Luna Day ago
Some of the higher ups decisions are truly baffling. I don’t understand why Onision wasn’t demonetised earlier than he was, yet James Charles was exposed more widely. Maybe because James has a bigger platform? Onision was dating underage fans or teenage fans and US-first didn’t stop it. He travelled to a different state to meet an underage girl for sex- exploiting the consent laws. He married a fan as soon as he turned 18- that’s his current husband. It’s crazy to me how this man got away with it for so long. If he was dealt with more quickly so many people wouldn’t have been abused.
Freedomcat 2 days ago
Anxiety War's brother has a channel featuring his cat it is Lex and Cinnabon.
Andrea 2 days ago
You tube sucks now
Andrea 2 days ago
Im so sorry, you are spot on and I really enjoyed your cgannel
Andrea 2 days ago
I've watched terrorists murder people here and on twitter..sick
Andrea 2 days ago
Wow 9 million, no wonder can't find my people..
Paramount Technical Consulting LLC
An ovbivious, but overlooked, xompnent of this is that the 1st Amendment restircts the government only. Bigger question, what us You Tube, Twitter, Insta-Galaxy, ect? if they are organs of public discourse, then they whould be licensed and regulated as such under existing laws. If not, welcome to the wild west! No current laws apply and caveat emptor.
Critical Thinker
Critical Thinker 2 days ago
US-first is so out of touch that it's bizarre.
Perseus Rex
Perseus Rex 2 days ago
Lets start calling it what it is: Mao-Tube.
Johnny guitar
Johnny guitar 2 days ago
This title secret, explains why I have had vidoes taken down. While others get to keep the very same vid up
USURPER biden is Guilty of Treason
Your NOT advocating for (@10:15) the 'white van people with candy' to be demonitized?? Why not?! Those sicko shouldn't be allowed unfettered & unsupervised access to minors! What about this is okay with you?? I'm done with the pseudo-conservatives. I can no longer bear the hypocrisy. UNSUBSCRIBED.
Charles Townsend
Charles Townsend 2 days ago
I just want people to watch my videos. I worked hard on them and they go pretty much unseen. Thats all.
B USA 2 days ago
You tube is very biased and liars. move to a new platform. You are great. More like "They" tube
Atypical Texan
Atypical Texan 2 days ago
Most every zombie creator on yt and the hoards of rabid fans they attract either team red or team blue have their views of the real world so warped by the abstract fictions programmed into their beliefs they are unable to see reality. If you go through the painful process of questioning every aspect of society invented after agriculture began and the small nomadic tribal groups were assimilated its possible to see how insane and omnicidal industrial civilization is. Time would be better served getting to know real people in your community to develop the close personal connections that are essential in order to have a healthy sense of identity. All that other bullshit is nothing more than cheering for a sports team.
Atypical Texan
Atypical Texan 2 days ago
Corporate behavior is easier to predict and understand when examined with the knowledge of the Ferengi laws of acquisition they operate under. ........ Oh come on its at least a little funny. DS9 is full of cultural, political, and economic critique of civilization.
True Lazr
True Lazr 2 days ago
Sydney is so cute omg
Enkibee’s Journal
All supposed content creators are employees of US-first. They are your boss.
Michael 2 days ago
Came here to claim your sponser link , hope it helps you out!
Bill Villa
Bill Villa 2 days ago
Well done Sydney! US-first is just one example of what is happening in the world. Left leaning people have taken over the internet and mass media with an "it's our way or the highway" attitude. It is high time that new platforms come out run by people that believe in the basic tenets that made this country great. Will it happen??? I don't think so...we are on the verge of too far gone.
bexter4ever 2 days ago
US-first awarded themselves the free speech award... Well no else would. I wonder why? 🤔
sebastian stewart
Sheepeople is derogatory, you should use ignorant masses it has a better tone to it. Or more accurately the flock.
sebastian stewart
5:46 welcome to elitism.
Chey Melinda Rivera
So are we gonna utilize a different platform or...
Kurt Gencheff
Kurt Gencheff 3 days ago
Alright... whos making a new platform so we can leave youtube for good? This would be worthwhile looking into, no more censored b.s
Moebius Event
Moebius Event 3 days ago
This CEO amuses me because even she pronounces her own name wrong :D
Matthew Lilly
Matthew Lilly 3 days ago
Love you Sydney, keep up the fight
Jerry Richards
Jerry Richards 3 days ago
You tube needs to back off and let people police themselves
Chris Olin
Chris Olin 3 days ago
this showed up while flipping through my home feed, in case it's cause for hope
David McNicholas
David McNicholas 3 days ago
This explains why there is so much crap on you tube now.
AutoXtacy 3 days ago
#SydneyWatson You should host your videos on your website. Your loyal fans know where to find you. We stalk you every week. AND SYDNEY....sweetie.... pie.... where is your monthly subscription like The Daily Wire? I see a donate button but I want a monthly subscription with a bobblehead of you for my desk (slides Ben Shapiro, Biden, trump, AOC, and the rest of the ragtag team aside to make room for Miss Watson). ;) Because US-first is private it has a lot of freedom to do as they like. That's the law .... sweetie.....pie..... But that doesn't mean we dont enjoy your content, your hard work, your wit, and maybe are a little bit crushing on your ads! #HAHA On a serious note, you're talented.. keep going! ...and get me that monthly sub link w/ bobblehead. ;)
Salvatore Micheal
YouBoob's 1$t name is Hypocrisy so it's Ms. Hypocritical TheyBoob which obliviously cares about the almighty fuc#ing dollar, then pacifying "powerful" complainers, then political "correctness"; i will Never be able to monitize here because they don't give a Shi# about the truth; they Only care about making money.
Maximus Decimus Meridias
Mmm salt taste good 🤣🤣🤣
Bill Simms
Bill Simms 3 days ago
4:20 “leaving many to speculate she has an eating disorder” No speculation needed .. that is very disturbing
David Roudebush
David Roudebush 3 days ago
I can’t stand influencers
Aditya Vats
Aditya Vats 3 days ago
US-first disgusts me sometimes. Just now I was having a conversation with a transgender individual. We both were presenting our side of the argument in a civil manner. I wrote my most crucial end-of-argument reply, a really detailed one. It was purely concerned with science and had terms used in biology and other such things. No abuses, no inappropriate words and bam....they just deleted it without any reason. Just because it doesn't fit their bias. Well if it's like that then just say it clearly. Why even bother to have a discussion in here if only one side is allowed to speak.
angelfire532 3 days ago
Stockholm Cyndies
Black Wolf
Black Wolf 3 days ago
Narcissist's are hypocrites... and can not handle the truth.
Ruri Rotaru
Ruri Rotaru 3 days ago
Makes me think that those who work at youtube are child abusers and people who enjoy playgrounds to much. I remember that the left and a good portion of alphabet soup where pushing to legalize such predatory behaviors. Making many excuses for these peoples behaviors. And none of this surprises me as the left seams to support criminals and the kiling assult and sexual misbehavior against women and children who dont think like them.
Vojtěch Ryšavý
Devil's advocate here... Google is an advertisement company, so people who sell more adverts, bring in more money, are just worth more for YT. Is it moral? No. Nor it is just. It's a bussiness, it sucks and none of us can do anything about it because in the long run in eyes of Google, every single one of us does not matter.
Christopher Faulkner
youtube, facebook, twitter.....might as well all be run by the communist chinese.
Lari D
Lari D 3 days ago
you rock, and thank you.
Diarmaid Éancháin
"I'm sorry for having feelings." ( No you're not! ) (And I'm glad.)
Paul Ware
Paul Ware 3 days ago
The whole world today seems to be more hypocritical than it's been since the Victorian Era, with everyone terrified of what the neighbours will think. For someone who grew up in the sixties and seventies it's mind numbingly depressing.
DadasaurusRex 4 days ago
So glad I found your quirky videos 😁 US-first definitely has issues but it still has lots of great content...such as this. These issues are pretty prevalent across most Big Tech platforms
Allen Peck
Allen Peck 4 days ago
Sidney Watson The more videos of yours I watch, the more I absolutely Love your style and your delivery. But especially, the 'Sidney Watson' Sense of Humor! Love it! Please don't get kicked off of You Tube!
seek and destroy !
Yes US-first is becoming a censored platform with a severe lefty/monetary issue. But I'll follow you anywhere Syd. Let's go!
CJ Cox
CJ Cox 4 days ago
Anti-Black immigrants like Sydney Watson should be stripped of their American citizenship...
Bob Jackson
Bob Jackson 4 days ago
I hate the fact that unless you get a heap of views in the first day your video is going to remain virtually invisible for the rest of time. P.S. most of my videos don't get a heap of views so they sit there with a few dozen views. While others that got the first day boost get thousands of views.
Kurt Manchester
Kurt Manchester 4 days ago
Dot Wox
Dot Wox 4 days ago
US-first is terrible move to BITCHUT, RUMBLE or ODSESSY
Van Ford
Van Ford 4 days ago
The rapture of the church is about to occur. I know I sound like one of those crazy dooms day nuts but May 14th 2021 could very easily be the last day on earth for anyone who has put their faith in Jesus as their savior. No one will know the day or the hour of the rapture and even the angels of heaven don't know the day but only the father knows the day. It is also true that the bride of Christ will know that the day is near, even at the door, because we are not blinded by the darkness. If you have not put your faith in Jesus as your savior then I am begging you to change your mind because once the rapture occurs you've missed the boat and your trapped on this earth with the Anti-Christ for the next 7 years. The 7 year tribulation period will be hell on earth and you don't want to be trapped down here as this nightmare unfolds. If you do find yourself trapped on earth after the rapture you can still accept Jesus as your savior and be saved but you "must not" take the mark of the beast in your forehead or your right hand because if you do you can no longer be saved and eternity in hell is all you have to look forward to. You will not be allowed to buy or sell without the mark of the beast and at that point you will be hunted and killed for rebelling against the Anti-Christ. I can't guarantee that Friday is the rapture day but I can tell you that the day is very near...even at the door. Don't get left behind. God bless you!
Joe Hook
Joe Hook 4 days ago
Or me calling you a female when obviously I have no clue, smh
Joe Hook
Joe Hook 4 days ago
This is why I love you Sydney.....uh like a sister to be on the safe side, I feel I should explain before it gets turned into a sexual harrassment case
Barnabas Ranch
Barnabas Ranch 4 days ago
You should look into the Odysee platform. I’ll just say that it’s not only profitable but is freedom minded as well. Check it out.
Zachary Hatfield
Zachary Hatfield 4 days ago
You haven't been gulaged because you seem to know where the line is and don't cross it.
Zachary Hatfield
Zachary Hatfield 4 days ago
Work on that vocal fry Syd, luv ya!
Boaz Shalit
Boaz Shalit 4 days ago
Whats your problem with trevor noah ?
Jozy R
Jozy R 4 days ago
Hello everyone! There is an amazing channel everyone should check out. The channel’s call Intellectual Embargo!
Ren 184
Ren 184 4 days ago
Horse Man
Horse Man 4 days ago
I was never approved for potentially monetisable