“ YOU THREATENING ME ?? “- DALLAS TEXAS POST OFFICE - First Amendment Audit - Amagansett Press 

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“ YOU THREATENING ME ?? “- DALLAS TEXAS POST OFFICE - First Amendment Audit - Amagansett Press
Mary Gomez - Supervisor
Cachena McMillan - Clerk
401 TOM LANDRY HWY DALLAS, TX 75260 - 9996
Phone 214-760-4545
Fax 214-760-4387
TTY 877-889-2457
U.S. Constitution NOT void where prohibited by law !!
We believe that many of our rights and civil liberties as American citizens on American soil are at great risk and that a simple act of civil disobedience has the power to effect great change. While we have no interest or intention in breaking any law, we are willing to stand up for freedom and the constitution at any time and at any place and do so in a responsible and productive manner. It is our goal to create free and open discussion whenever possible in an effort to educate both ourselves and anyone with a desire to learn. A well known rule of government is that ignorance is no excuse for the law. It is our stand that we as Americans have been either uninformed or misinformed regarding our laws and rights for far too long. We are not attorneys or scholars, however we have been involved in professional photography for over 30 years and have had our rights and freedoms challenged more times than we can remember. No one group or person has the ability to effect change across the board, however we are committed to doing our part by continuing to stand up for our constitutional right to free press and the right to take photographs and video in public. All donations will be used exclusively to further this cause. We want to thank you in advance for your support of what we do and want you to know that we are committed to working harder than ever to defend our rights, your rights and the Freedom to Film in Public!!
Link to GoFundMe: www.gofundme.com/help-keep-amagansett-press-on-the-road&rcid=r01-155101646049-01970d9110434a62&pc=ot_co_campmgmt_w
This video if for educational purposes only.
Unless otherwise specifically stated, all content, images and video are copyright 2009-2021 Amagansett Press (TM)

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Apr 6, 2021




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DG 1
DG 1 16 days ago
The hardest stamp purchase I've seen you have. How pointless their refusal to serve you for a different reason each time you attempted your purchase.
Joe Niekamp
Joe Niekamp 3 days ago
@Bo Jr Your tinfoil hat is a little crooked there.
Bo Jr
Bo Jr 5 days ago
@Joe Niekamp they got you nice and deceived...
Marcia Patterson
Marcia Patterson 6 days ago
@Clay Thomas they are going agsinst the law and the ada. Do you know what AMERICANs disability act. Telling him he must wear a mask is like telling a man with a wheel chair he can’t come In in a wheel chair. Or a blind man with out his dog.
Marcia Patterson
Marcia Patterson 6 days ago
@Sky he just told you why he doesn’t have to wear a mask. He has a medical exemption. Have you read the order he’s talking about? You need to be educated then too.
David Robinson
David Robinson 8 days ago
@DeadlySniper 👍. 💩🇺🇸
Jeff WithaG
Jeff WithaG 11 seconds ago
Liberalism is civilizations cancer.
GLENN COLLEN 7 hours ago
Unbelievable BS so glad your out there flexing your first amendment rights, cause your out there fore and for that I THANK YOU !!!
GLENN COLLEN 7 hours ago
Unbelievable BS so glad your out there flexing your first amendment rights, cause your out there fore and for that I THANK YOU !!!
VM Carpenter
VM Carpenter 10 hours ago
If this was the other way around and a white woman told a black man do not serve him this would become a racist issue with media all over it.
NightShiftBear01 15 hours ago
I was hoping you wouldn't capitulate to their mask bullying. That one guy should mind his own business. You should sue that post office.
Daniel Lafferty
She needs to be gone then she don't listen to her supervisor she's out the door.
John Wolf
John Wolf 2 days ago
So all those people waiting in line and no one is getting help bs
John Wolf
John Wolf 2 days ago
You should sneaze on all theas sheep
John Wolf
John Wolf 2 days ago
That guy been tapeing his box for like 15 min ahahah 😂🤣😆
John Wolf
John Wolf 2 days ago
What about the old guy at 30:40 they gonna make him where a mask he's like 90 bro ahahah. Bet tempted but he gets serviced and yes I comment as I watch
John Wolf
John Wolf 2 days ago
That postal cop is on something or drunk u see all that twitching ahah
Balonium Falcon
Balonium Falcon 2 days ago
What time is it? You have to take that up with postal management.
Val Brooks
Val Brooks 2 days ago
Jason says.. I’m going by back in there and stick it up their ass..... LOL But I really wish you would report the black lady. I didn’t get her name. She needs Some time off or fired
Xavier Jack
Xavier Jack 2 days ago
Very unprecedented behavior by those postal workers! 😡They should all be fired.
debi 911
debi 911 2 days ago
Every time I see one of these videos I have to give you credit. The nosy, obedient sheep make me sick, they havent a clue what this is all about and it aint a virus. Every time I have to yell at the computer what a dumb bunch of fucking idiots we have living in this country. SHEEP! AN EO? A fucking EO? EO's only apply to govt employees and govt functions, NO EO can ever apply to the citizens!
Kellie MacDonald
Kellie MacDonald 3 days ago
Oh yes... Buying just one tamp again Jason... ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC !!!🙄
Larry Boone
Larry Boone 3 days ago
Their violating a Civil Right. It blows my mind. We as a country went through that over race decades ago. They really can't see their acting the same way those racists acted? So everyone in a green shirt has to stay outside? Is that the future they want to take this country to? Insane. It's like we as a people have learned nothing.
tdcmachine 3 days ago
Those postal employees are mini-tyrants doing the bidding of the big horrible tyrants in Washington. These mini t's are stomping all over our rights, and don't even realize what they are doing to themselves. Only one free thinker among in the lot??
Kenneth Hickey
Kenneth Hickey 4 days ago
I'm just postal police, your asking me to work, REALLY ?? :)
Meeso Lansing
Meeso Lansing 4 days ago
So they became punitive even when you complied with their demand to put on a mask - refusing service at a public facility because they "feel" like it! Every single one of them should be fired.
ES 4 days ago
Jason, I hope you filed a complaint!!
SSW The Watcher
SSW The Watcher 4 days ago
Show proof of medical exemption
jose bermudez
jose bermudez 4 days ago
No seas bestia y ponte máscara puedes morir o matar a otros
SSW The Watcher
SSW The Watcher 4 days ago
That postal policeman does not know anything. What's wrong with the officers eyes. He should not be driving with those blinking eyes
SSW The Watcher
SSW The Watcher 4 days ago
You wear a mask to protect others. Wear it to buy a stamp then then take it off ass you leave.
James Diggs
James Diggs 4 days ago
FWU-Training 1to1
How many rolls of tape is that dude using 😂😂
FWU-Training 1to1
They being racist to da white man
FWU-Training 1to1
Wow!! This is real bad customer service !! Dam woman get some corn bread!
duck two
duck two 4 days ago
what f---ing mess
gerald mckinnon
gerald mckinnon 4 days ago
you should have pressed the issue on you having the mask exemption, and demanded service or you would not leave.
Michael Byrd
Michael Byrd 5 days ago
"Im not gonna repeat myself, but I've already repeated myself". Dude be careful, you have no idea where you are! You will get hurt in Dallas.
Wrongdamrd 5 days ago
Ahhhh postal employees, always such a lovely, polite group of individuals. Makes you just want to visit a post office every day.
Sven3xs 5 days ago
Disgusting, horrible people. What a disgrace to this country. Utterly pathetic.
James Field
James Field 5 days ago
Aww that dear old lady wanted to give you a stamp she was so sweet
jocknomore 5 days ago
Diversity is our Strength! So long Texas, we hardly knew ye.
Jugee Rivera
Jugee Rivera 5 days ago
I see this and words like. . Atrocious, disgusting and sickening immediately come to mind..
Jugee Rivera
Jugee Rivera 5 days ago
Clearly discrimination. Every single one should be written up or suspended. Do we need to even wonder why USPS has been hemorrhaging billions for decades???
william7111982 5 days ago
I personally think it was politically motivated they assumed.....
Karis Gaitho
Karis Gaitho 5 days ago
Beautiful never give up, thanks guys be blessed.
Johnathan Weber
Johnathan Weber 5 days ago
This video sickens me to know the world has fallen this far and has become a nation of ignorant brainless sheep
Marcia Patterson
Marcia Patterson 6 days ago
I’m so proud of Boomer for calling you do something about it.
Marcia Patterson
Marcia Patterson 6 days ago
Good lord ! The rudest people.
Fenian Bhoy
Fenian Bhoy 6 days ago
Marcia Patterson
Marcia Patterson 6 days ago
If they require a mask they should be willing to supply you with one.
Marcia Patterson
Marcia Patterson 6 days ago
Postal police just said I just sit here with no duties.
Fenian Bhoy
Fenian Bhoy 6 days ago
Listen guys, it may be BS but whats the problem with just putting a mask on for the short time you'll be There?, no youd rather slag folk who aren't putting folk in fear, "a face nappy " i guarantee you ,you 2 aren't medically exempt, if you can't wear a mask for a short rime your not fit enough to be out, if dental work, really bad lungs,broken jaw etc, i know they can't ask why but I can, what makes you 2 exempt?
Fenian Bhoy
Fenian Bhoy 6 days ago
"We'll find out if she found out she was wrong " after just saying she was right, man I like your content but all that talk is really annoying, "good day sir" etc , its every one his words are cringeworthy,
Dusty Curcio
Dusty Curcio 6 days ago
OMG....hes just there for a pay check. He could care less.
carolyn harris
carolyn harris 6 days ago
What is actually the point of this video? You are purposely not wearing a mask just because. Then wonder why people don't want to serve you. Covid 19 kills. Then on the other hand as long as I have on a mask I will give you your stamp and explain that you should wear a mask in this facility in order to get serviced. You got too much time on your hands sir.
mustaffa1611 6 days ago
i cant believe they put the face diaper on
J. Allen
J. Allen 6 days ago
Is this a case of the African/American revenge on whities for slavery ?? Racism would be an interesting case to follow up.
Michel Guev
Michel Guev 6 days ago
All this bullshit to buy a stamp what kind of world are wee living in they can video all they want but when wee do it all hell brks loose wtf
Michael Scott
Michael Scott 6 days ago
I say it needs to shut down every day..
Michel Guev
Michel Guev 6 days ago
I dont work for public services but im being videoed whether i like it or or not so suck it up butter cup .
Michel Guev
Michel Guev 6 days ago
They are just obaying orders like in Nazy Germany tere job depends on it thats how they go us all .
Michel Guev
Michel Guev 6 days ago
Remember Georges Floyd i can breathe well i cant breathe fresh oxygen with that damned mask on me .
DJ Vincent Kelly
DJ Vincent Kelly 7 days ago
I would've personally escalated this and have every single one of them fired for refusal of service, for violating your medical exemption, refusing to do their jobs & being plain belligerent. People get a position & suddenly think they have power & Licience to do whatever they want despite the rules they choose to accept. Sack em all.
Esparanza 7 days ago
Why, oh why, can’t people mind their own business! I have a mask exemption as well and not one place of business will allow me to shop. Customers have no issue addressing it with me as well, I do let them know that it is none of their business.
Brian Johnson
Brian Johnson 7 days ago
Also if you have a heat related stroke or other medical issue related to dereliction of duty, would they feel better knowing that causing it would leave them personally responsible?
Brian Johnson
Brian Johnson 7 days ago
So answer me this? If a postal employee is accused of theft, who comes to arrest them?
PAWEL GWIZDZ 7 days ago
And how much of tax dollars are given to them post office? What a joke. Any other business would be long gone.
gene allen
gene allen 7 days ago
Every one if these nazis in this post office should be fired
Logan Vanover
Logan Vanover 7 days ago
Funny thing is, they wouldn’t have mentioned the mask at all if you had worn in completely on your chin with your nose and mouth totally exposed. Like seriously, these people think it’s a fashion accessory.
R.C.L 7 days ago
That officer had no idea what poster 7 was. You could tell by his response. What a tool.
Quinnon Fitch
Quinnon Fitch 7 days ago
Lots to un-pack here. The postal "Police" need to be internally cited for not doing their job and not caring at all... as does the post master for not taking charge of the situation sooner, you've then got 3 of the counter staff with "retaliation based behaviour" in not wanting to serve you and all leaving their post. They showed a total lack of knowledge on poster 7, ignored mask mandate policy but, they did serve the old guy without a mask on who you walked past on your way out to get your face shields, they clearly opperated with double standards and indifference...and wasn't the poster 7 15 years out of date?. The 2nd police officer seems to be a blunt knife, and WTF is going on with his eyes, i sure wouldn't want him to give "eye witness" testimony as a police officer.
Micheal Rininger
Micheal Rininger 7 days ago
What I just saw was a JACK OFF,acting like a JACK OFF,and Postal workers Exerting their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS not to serve a JACK OFF THAT THINKS HE HAS MORE RIGHTS THAN OTHERS DO
this attitude you get from black women is why most of them are single
Richard Rice
Richard Rice 7 days ago
the shield being worn is an acceptable substitution for a mask by law. people all over to include employees use them. the stupid asshole employees of this post office should be fired! ALL OF THEM.
Lydia Harris
Lydia Harris 8 days ago
I went into a Dollar Tree store the other day in OH using a cart a man offered me as he unloaded his groceries I got down a couple rows and was told 1st my cart was too big so I’d have to leave then I was told I’d have to leave because I had NO mask on I told her Im 72yrs old and have A Fib and a lot of medical issues and I can’t wear one when I got to front door the employee told me “to get the F-k off her property” and had one of her employees to video me at my car to get a picture of of my license plate then she called police saying I had threatened her now Ive received a certified letter from police to never step foot on that property again😡 I have 50 receipts showing how often I’ve bought from that store and have never been so mistreated💔 all this because I can’t wear a mask☹️this is only the beginning of Revelations and the mark of the beast you need to accept Jesus into your heart Jesus is coming ✝️
Tina Butler
Tina Butler 8 days ago
Can’t believe that McMillan and her clerks wouldn’t follow their bosses direction and walked off the job. I would never do that in any of my previous positions. What kind of job allows you to do that. Jason and Ben both are allowed to go mask less. McMillan also tried to violate HIPAA laws. She had no right to know what his disability is. Shame on her. Jason was exactly right about the postal police, what are they there for? The first one seemed absolutely useless. The second one just brushed him off like he was nothing. This whole video makes the Dallas post office look atrocious. I’m sure there are people that need jobs that have applied for them that would actually appreciate having customers come in. I’m sure they would treat them much better than these horrible clerks did.
Alisha Stout
Alisha Stout 8 days ago
Ugh! This is the most disgusting display of people policing other people I’ve ever seen.
tlc 8 days ago
I feel bad for the person that’s going to receive that guys box. They’re guna have a hell of a time getting through all of that tape!
Chewie Pac
Chewie Pac 8 days ago
Love the lil ol lady just tring hard as she can to help you out like shes seen this before.
David Robinson
David Robinson 8 days ago
America the land of ignorance.👎👎👎👎👎👎👎🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
V C 8 days ago
They don’t deserve those jobs
C T 8 days ago
I work in Texas a lot. The people like to act like they are the last free state in America. High property tax, high sales tax, high fees for state parks, restricted hours for alcohol sales, restrictive firearms laws. Really just a state of bootlickers that think of themselves as cowboys.
Josh Logsdon
Josh Logsdon 8 days ago
Love the work man keep it up!!!!
Andrea Guzman
Andrea Guzman 8 days ago
HI Jason I just Emailed the main post office this is what I sent them :This email is in Direct response to the lack of profesional services and complete disregard for the postal employees following the federal guidelines outlined in there policy and the oath that they swore to uphold upon there employment with the federal government, and to the service of the public! I avidly follow a very Successful US-first channel called Amagansett Press, April 6, 2021 they did a 1st amendment audit of the 401 Tom Landry hwy 75260 Dallas Texas Location . On this day I became 1 of thousands of other concerned citizens because I witnessed The rights of these two individuals violated on numerous occasions, From the violation of Hippa Law when clerk McMillan asked for Jason to provide medical proof of exception, to the supervisors lack of knowledge of the federal law ,and rudeness , to the clerks denial of service and abandonment of duties because the where uncomfortable being on "video" which is the biggest double standard I've ever seen because they are under constant surveillance while at work anyways, to the lack of knowledge of the postal police to do there jobs as required, and lastly shame on the post master for not stepping in and fixing this issue when they requested several times to speak with her/him. I am absolutely appalled by the behavior of the staff at this Federal location , and I demand that this be handled and the persons involved be reprimanded appropriately and reminded that they do not get to make up there own rules with regards to public service! There job is not based on there feelings, and if they are apposed to preforming there jobs appropriately and in a accountable manner than they must be removed from service!!! As a United States citizen I have a expectation of service and standards that must be met to insure that not only my own constitutional rights are not infringed upon but also those of my fellow Americans! I will be sharing this video to every public social media platform that I can to get my point across! This is not a request that action be taken it is a demand!!! As federal employees you must comply with the Law ! Anything else is unacceptable and will not be tolerated!!! You prompt investigation into this matter is appreciated! Sincerely A.Guzman
Matthew Tarpley
Matthew Tarpley 8 days ago
Now see if that were you behind the counter and she was the one with the camera denying her service, that would be RACIST! This world sucks now!
Markus James
Markus James 8 days ago
That officer was a pretty swell guy. ( Officer 1)
Carmen Almonte
Carmen Almonte 8 days ago
Luke Bowen
Luke Bowen 8 days ago
55:33 most professional person there.
Ali1 9 days ago
Jason please give us an update on this post office. Thanks.
Ali1 9 days ago
This place is unbelievable, all the workers are unprofessional and they have no idea about their own rules and regulations. We need to get rid of all of the staff in this post office. EVERYONE PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO SO IT GETS OUT THERE.
Sami Tube
Sami Tube 9 days ago
Very very long video. You could just cut some shots to shorten the length.
james 9 days ago
Texas............................lmao............they come to my town as tourists..............its difficult to have that much patience.
Joey Carmona
Joey Carmona 9 days ago
Terrible!!!lets help make this video gone viral.Good job Gansett
Alice 9 days ago
That one lady starts talking to you then says she doesn’t want to have a conversation with you 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ People need to calm their asses. Getting SO upset over a camera. Grow up. Always great watching your videos, Jason. We all appreciate you and Ben. Hello from Canada! ✌️
Jeff Jensen
Jeff Jensen 9 days ago
Oh wauw, you sure showed them, complying to their mask / shield request. Seriously, what the hell? I would have never expected this from a channel that is all about standing up to your rights.
Gary Pyles
Gary Pyles 9 days ago
Oak Cliff Thats My Hood
Matt Mason
Matt Mason 9 days ago
What authority do the postal police have if they have no authority over what happens inside the post office. More government money at work. Insane! This whole situation just pisses me off. It made me livid! You guys handled this painstaking situation like a champ! You always do! This post office violated so many rules and regulations.
Matt Mason
Matt Mason 9 days ago
Perfect example for when your customer service skills are so bad that only the federal government will hire you. These employees are a joke! They should all be reprimanded or fired!
Matt Mason
Matt Mason 10 days ago
There was a FOLLOW UP audit done by ‘It’s Just A Camera’ at the same post office a couple days later. Here is the link of you want to see how it went. us-first.info/player/video/acR5hYVlemZkq5M.html. (Jason, maybe you want to pin this comment for your viewers?)
I B 10 days ago
Covid doesn't kill 99.4 survival for most people, even that clown fauchi said masks don't protect you.This needs to be reported to higher management, too many ignorant and lazy workers.
Yasharahla-Asa Israel
File complaints
Yasharahla-Asa Israel
Shes not getting it
Yasharahla-Asa Israel
They should b fired
T, Skipwadoo
T, Skipwadoo 10 days ago
Now you know why they’re running in the red.