You NEED To Play This With Your Friends! 

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Mar 30, 2021




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Devyath Prakash
Devyath Prakash 42 minutes ago
Electricity dosent pass through wood u fake sh*t 🤥
Dylan Zuriel Perlas
Dylan Zuriel Perlas 58 minutes ago
Disclaimer:you need friends!
Zzahra Tasbia
Zzahra Tasbia 3 hours ago
Your mum is ma favourite texture pack
Dude whats that guy's name in the yellow jacket? He looks exactly like that guy who showed off his editing skills.
zoysia ttu
zoysia ttu 3 hours ago
Well your mannequin just moved his face and moved in Dominican is slender Man
Connor 11 hours ago
Dude won £ 600 😂
abdul H
abdul H 14 hours ago
Haha so funny! Cant stop laughing
Yandi Permana
Yandi Permana 15 hours ago
Wow from indonesia
عباس علي
عباس علي 18 hours ago
Sandy Fardiansyah
Sandy Fardiansyah 21 hour ago
Brian and the first time ever you want to you want me a little too confident in
MR LEMON tv 21 hour ago
There is Brandon Baum or not
swatemper blogs
swatemper blogs 23 hours ago
Como es que con una silla de madera le de toque a alguien
Czarny pikuś
Shock chair is not funny
tristan games
It's kinda funny that the balls go in the hole that is open isn't it because that isn't possible unless you push the table funny right I think so
cloudy_ leaf
cloudy_ leaf Day ago
That one mannequin in the edge: 👁️👄👁️
charlie Day ago
Gian Sander Mayol
the title: play this with your friends me: ok.... i- i dont have any...
Hello There
Hello There Day ago
The shock chair is so fake... Literally anyone above the age of 10 knows wood doesn’t conduct electricity
Five Nights at Lexy’s
“Ok, where’s my money? “Haha, anyways-“
Cooper Robbins
Dude wood can’t conduct electricity
sunitha sandela
I like this game
Baha Hansdak
Baha Hansdak Day ago
I get irritated watching people using food for fun. Do they know there people dying out of food scarcity. I don't think they watch anything apart from their own you tube shorts! Useless video. Doesn't add any good to the world.
General Guasasa
This sad and cringed 😬
zachary wan
zachary wan Day ago
We all overlooking the fact that everybody had a different cup. And this be happening too all the vids similar to this😂😂
Péter Bodó
Péter Bodó Day ago
MRTL Day ago
Thats not good game This is only wasting of foods....why not you think about poors 🙏.
Suriati Mat Abd Ghani
mr sus
mr sus Day ago
write_read Day ago
I don't have friends
Trickbop Day ago
An electric wooden chair?? Really?? 😣 Cringe af
Aadi plays roblox
The options could get you arrested lol
Adan Villanueva
Adan Villanueva 2 days ago
He didn’t get electrocuted, electricity doesn’t flow through wood. And he used his car key to activate it
Cayden Formyduval
So the "electric chair" huh. Well its an insulator due to the fact that its wooden, the "source" of electricity is under the area where the person would get shocked an lastly... and my favorite, HE USED A CAR KEY TO "SHOCK" HIM
Khaalid Musrhafe
Khaalid Musrhafe 2 days ago
Dayyan Reki
Dayyan Reki 2 days ago
White white guys guys lucky lucky
tehh prdshtx
tehh prdshtx 2 days ago
Muhammad Sufyan
Muhammad Sufyan 2 days ago
TurboLight 2 days ago
Bro what was that electric chair it's made of wood and it's activated with car keys
Yoda 2 days ago
I hate trash like this
Elisa 2 days ago
why does the guy that is wearing some kind of green stuff and white shirt looks so familiar
Demon 2 days ago
Someone got the shocky chair
Jay 2 days ago
This makes me want to throw a flashbang into a room of epileptic kids
skyfame gaming
skyfame gaming 2 days ago
Guy literally getting shocked by a wooden chair
Amrendar Shah
Amrendar Shah 2 days ago
UhSan 2 days ago
"Alright guys back to the basement"
Silvia Ciciliano
Silvia Ciciliano 3 days ago
Guau me encantan esos vídeos chistosos
jen jen
jen jen 3 days ago
Okay okay know back to the basement
Why you lookin
Why you lookin 3 days ago
Daniel Pasca
Daniel Pasca 3 days ago
ce amuzand
Daniel Pasca
Daniel Pasca 3 days ago
kamal kamal
kamal kamal 3 days ago
Mustafa Taganmuratov
Ooo gooof
ilaria fucito
ilaria fucito 3 days ago
lol ꧁𒊹︎︎︎ᴥ︎︎︎𒊹︎︎︎꧂ | (• ◡•)|
Learn Online by teens
Wood and cloth are insulators of electricity and do not allow electricity to pass through them. But how can he get shock?🤔
bhagyalakshmi Varkala
I like that change shauk chair so funny funny
Gaming Gab
Gaming Gab 3 days ago
My friends after playing:Unfrie- Wait I don't Have friends
TyujimLaw Yx_cle
TyujimLaw Yx_cle 3 days ago
bro everyone knows its a fake chair. imagine using a car key to ‘activate a fake electric chair *pathethic*
raffasya Dudut
raffasya Dudut 3 days ago
매우 신나는
Prince Babasa
Prince Babasa 3 days ago
Butt shocker
Soma Kaur
Soma Kaur 3 days ago
I very like this game. Tuhanu ek galti dasa ke wood bijly noo rokda hai chair te aag kiwe lag jugi hor video send karo please
Kardason 3 days ago
Electricity can’t run through wood I’m sure-
Tejeshwar K
Tejeshwar K 3 days ago
Guy got caught overacting when he used wooden chair for shock😂
Loddy Larra
Loddy Larra 3 days ago
Titanus Sharkzilla
the guy in the builders vest was Brandon Baum!
Leslie Caceres
Leslie Caceres 3 days ago
Es mentira a la madera no le entra la electricidad
shontel yalofil
shontel yalofil 3 days ago
OfficialSparklex 3 days ago
“600 pounds” 😂😂😂 its 500 bruh 🤣
Heather Harvey
Heather Harvey 3 days ago
The second one haha
ca_rlos274 3 days ago
O que tomou choque Tava com as aquelas cuecas que só fica a Bunda pra fora sabe?
Sonnaboy 4 days ago
I thought I was watching insta reels...
Andri Harahap
Andri Harahap 4 days ago
Saitama 4 days ago
🤣 they use a wooden chair and use a car key haha wha- that’s funny is the only thing I Laugh in the hole vid
Kevin Malone
Kevin Malone 4 days ago
That "shock chair" was just a stool that does literally nothing. Also dude use his car key as remote for that thing
Tootie Is god
Tootie Is god 4 days ago
Ball shock
Geraldine Yataco
Geraldine Yataco 4 days ago
Me gusta boy a ver si lo puedo descargarlo 😭
Geo O
Geo O 4 days ago
Brain damage
De Gaming LL
De Gaming LL 4 days ago
If you look under the chair there is just 2 batteries
Lizayo 4 days ago
Cringe af
nasi goreng pecel es teh
dam i want 500 dollar
unicornia. romero
Sgj fkd
OGB HOTNIGGA 4 days ago
Six hundred pounds🤣🤣🤣
Ana Karine Macedo
😕 porque você fez isso com as outras pessoas dois tá bom esse cara inclusive aí gritou
Deadly Shinobi
Deadly Shinobi 4 days ago
The Chair should be the foldable metal chair not the wood chair
Mt. Core
Mt. Core 4 days ago
Ok so he used a key car to activate remotely a shock chair which is wooden?
Abhay Ranjan Tiwari
The chair is totally wooden
Genesis Coronado
Genesis Coronado 4 days ago
SL8 _Slate
SL8 _Slate 4 days ago
The chair had no possibly way of shocking him, it’s a wooden surface, wood cannot conduct electricity. Plus he used a car key to activate it
Elvinabila Zahra
Elvinabila Zahra 4 days ago
Nadine Deschuytener
Romy 😻💗😻💗😻💗
Ōkami Kuro
Ōkami Kuro 4 days ago
La légende raconte qu'il ne les a toujours pas
Ja'naeja Carroll
Ja'naeja Carroll 4 days ago
So lam
Moon Child
Moon Child 4 days ago
Am I the only one who notice the Mannequin?
Samia Hassan
Samia Hassan 4 days ago
lt is so bad
Mrno Body
Mrno Body 4 days ago
That chair can’t shock him it’s wood
Kuni Jena
Kuni Jena 4 days ago
Kuni Jena
Kuni Jena 4 days ago
Falcon Playz
Falcon Playz 4 days ago
U guys at wasting ur food bc ur rich than poor not:(
Spiritual Gazi
Spiritual Gazi 4 days ago
ohh ha oh ha ohh ha
Kiara Chaudhary
Kiara Chaudhary 4 days ago
You wasted the food
【GAGAN】 4 days ago
Mere dost to asa he uthake le jayange sab😂
He Almost Died.
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