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If you laugh you lose, good luck. #meme #memes #MemeReview
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Feb 21, 2021




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Comments 100   
Zeducation 4 days ago
New podcast this week on the podcast channel! us-first.info/more/nXUaXYSdfA1t-2mW2fZxvA
Looga Boooga Cow
Looga Boooga Cow 8 hours ago
Illionis currently sitting with 14 inches be like:
Tanja K.
Tanja K. 18 hours ago
Adam Est
Adam Est Day ago
Your moderators on Discord suck. They delete memes and then can't say why. If you have people like that, killing conservative speech, you might as well call yourself Joeducation...
Kel Castle
Kel Castle Day ago
If I wake up to see sun pelosi I'd go back to sleep cause it would be a nightmare!
Reggie Amazing
14:48 Or as I call it, the Jesus emoji! Yeah! Finally!
Daniel Richardson
I don't get @9:53 anyone able to explain?
Craig Kerwood
Craig Kerwood 2 hours ago
But Charlie Brown kept falling for the "kick the football for me, Charlie Brown" trick by Lucy didn't he? Pretty stupid if you ask me.
MojoPup 2 hours ago
Re: The vertical blinds....Here's a property mgr tip. You can get clear or colored plastic repair tabs that you apply to each side of the blind over the slot. Viola! Like new. I even apply them to the blinds before I hang them for the first time also. They're very hard to break that way.
Absolute CoWitness
Absolute CoWitness 3 hours ago
One of the best ever. I lost a lot 😎😎😎😎😎😎
FlipNasty 3 hours ago
That is a real ad and a real gym
Jeff Meade
Jeff Meade 3 hours ago
He also said his administration would and I quote... “cure cancer” 🤣🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️
Max Giroux Productions
The question is not "is this real" the question is "is this a real bee article?
Max Giroux Productions
You mean Z-ucation?
Joe Hunter
Joe Hunter 5 hours ago
This is the worst shit ever not even funny
Michael Lee
Michael Lee 5 hours ago
Sleepy Obiden is so inspiring isn't he lmao we're so screwed 😂
SinnerD2010 5 hours ago
Pewdiepie has really gone down hill. P.S. Lost @ Makunt Izichi
Rachyun Kim
Rachyun Kim 5 hours ago
i dont have to do shit
Jeannie Scarber
Jeannie Scarber 7 hours ago
They shut down the insane asylums, now there is a homeless problem.
jean francois du tremble
the winter thing is true loll im from quebec and im like..look at those stupid people loll
Billy Bio
Billy Bio 9 hours ago
Ok the one at 6:05 got me 😆😂
Titus 3
Titus 3 9 hours ago
Jenny's "boyfriend" the great white black panther was worse, and now there everywhere.
Kurt Green
Kurt Green 10 hours ago
I like how he used Idiocracy as a measure for society . I think everyone that has seen that movie sees it coming
Depressio 10 hours ago
Makunt Izichi ALMOST got me
michael dudziak
michael dudziak 10 hours ago
Gender neutral thing......that's got a beard.
SavedBy-HIsBlood 11 hours ago
Where can I get that megachurch meme lol
Jamie Drys
Jamie Drys 12 hours ago
are you really Zac Radford?
Sandburn58 12 hours ago
Joe Biden might have looked like he is playing Mario Cart, but in reality he was practicing for his upcoming driving test.
Galina Ra
Galina Ra 13 hours ago
Great channel. Mortgage loans should be forgiven. ALL LOANS MATTER! Btw, I'm in MN too!
Oleh Lytviak
Oleh Lytviak 13 hours ago
Maybe the glue lady is not that stupid
Caleb Adams
Caleb Adams 14 hours ago
Dementia can’t come soon enough, I still remember 2020.
sick tunes
sick tunes 14 hours ago
Whats up with the pakistan story?
Tygamer45 15 hours ago
“How do you live in California” Ez answer, still in high school.
Jason Moore
Jason Moore 15 hours ago
Here's a hack for the blinds Use duct tape to reinforce the part at the top of each blind that commonly breaks, and do this before they break. Done the right way the same thing can be done after they break too. (This only works if u use commonsense)
frost phoenix preparedness
I raffed and raffed....arot...-kim jung un
frost phoenix preparedness
I wonder if those masks stop mace.....? Bmwaha
Benny Northeast
Benny Northeast 17 hours ago
‼ *So I made a facebook group...* ‼ And you should join. I'll make you a moderator. Let the anarchy begin
Jim of Aotearoa
Jim of Aotearoa 17 hours ago
I just hope that the Universe is funny enough for that girl Makunt Izichi to be a real person. I doubt its true but let this be a challenge to all the Izichi's out there...you know you wanna...
Lil Dinosaur
Lil Dinosaur 17 hours ago
9:15 Hey to be fair if we are considering Elizabeth Warren a Native American with .001% tribal blood ... Chrissy Teigen can be one too !
nunya bidness
nunya bidness 17 hours ago
But still it is funny as hell
nunya bidness
nunya bidness 18 hours ago
The guy with the laptop listening to Biden in the background had me dead...🤣🤣
A random youtuber /hermitcraft fan
I have had enough brainwashing from the teletubies. Not cool to put a face of a democrat on top of the sun that says good morning. Not cool. Not f*cking cool.
Beelz 19 hours ago
Worst "You laugh you lose" I've ever seen. I've always complained about the people who talk a million miles an hour, and basically yell the whole time. But I felt like I took a double dose of Vicodin 4 min into the video. Christ nailed to a stick... Maybe drink a strong coffee the next time you record?
Paweł P
Paweł P 20 hours ago
That very cruel punishment i think it is illegal in most of western countries. I think i will go watch water running in toilet now so i will see something more exited.
Scott RAYBURN 21 hour ago
The Left only knows how to Destroy. They spread Hate over and over like a herpes outbreak.
Paweł P
Paweł P 21 hour ago
at gorila glue really i don't believe that, serisly how can you be that stupid? Edit. NWM I've seen this video my dog is smarter then her and is easier to understand then this gangsta English.
Nicholas Vaters
Nicholas Vaters 22 hours ago
I can think of plenty of options before I start using a lawn rake on snow.
Violet Frank
Violet Frank 22 hours ago
Love president Trump. Show your support 2024. Dub dub dub dot presidentialposters dot com
Robert Hansson
Robert Hansson 22 hours ago
Imagine voting for Biden.
Karen Stepp
Karen Stepp 22 hours ago
Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute...!!! I'm cool with the first punishment, but that second punishment is a bit much! Okay, it's a LOT much!! Just letting you know Tyler I will do the first one, but no way am I agreeing to that second one. What a nightmare!! 😬 😵
Tyson Ward
Tyson Ward Day ago
3:50 Now I know I'm not the only one! I have two of these broken blind fins now and only one spare one left. I'm too afraid to even dust the thing anymore for fear I'll break another!
Russell Boland
At 12:46, still completely unfunny Edit: made it to the end and barely cracked a smile. Not as good as some of your others.
@18:30 I worked for an asylum called a behavioral healthcare center here in Ohio. They are not gone and they are not inhumane. Those who work there are the best of the best both in CQB tactics and still willing to come to work knowing that you could get a No. 2 pencil in the ear from behind at any time for no reason at all with low pay! True Story.
Eaglekun !
Eaglekun ! Day ago
3:40 I have those blinds at work I hate them but with a paper clip and tape and a knife to make a hole you can fix/improve them
Casey Hamilton
o wow. a whole bunch of white middle aged dudes complaining about dems. I would have never guessed.
Avery Shelton
Hb 3531 New bill trying to restrict video games.
Short Round
Short Round Day ago
...and D, do we bribe voters overtly now?
Heather Luna
Heather Luna Day ago
We love you💚💜🧡💙♥️💚💜🧡💙♥️
Zero Zero
Zero Zero Day ago
If student loan debt is forgiven then why even charge for college?
Manuel Rosario
You laughed so watch the biden townhall again but you must drink a coffee before so you wont fall asleep 😂
Bob Fizer
Bob Fizer Day ago
only thing i see stupid is the wormnurse zeducation just a pile of dung'
join the conversation
TYLER? Sorry but TEXAS had a "wake-up call back in 2011 with a nasty spell of cold weather. People KNEW that the VORTEX was on the way! Why didn't people prepare??? WHY? WHY? Some of the vid, I understood. Other parts are beyond me.
Ma ga
Ma ga Day ago
This is not even near funny
Shaun K
Shaun K Day ago
I lost at the driving Grandma to church one. I live in Africa and we don't get snow either, so I didn't have a chance...
Anthony Mazzola
I hate that you said I know you southerners like your sweet tea. When I, Alabama born and raised, am being handed sweet tea.
Mikunt Izitchie
I forced air out of my nose quickly but I never actually laughed.
Rusty Bucket
Rusty Bucket Day ago
Did not laugh .
67L48 Day ago
There would have been rioting in the streets and CNN would have exploded if Trump had said blacks and hispanics weren't smart enough to use the internet. The earth may have spun off its axis. Biden? Meh, nothing to see here.
357 bullfrog
357 bullfrog Day ago
To be as stupid as Joe is he had to work at it. I mean he is stupid on steroids
Knitting Pasta
Oh my gosh, I'm not sure if Joe's lying, more like he can't remember his promises. Or much of anything.
juan Gonzalez
Its a guy getting head 1717
Luuk den Besten
Somebody is a big Trump fan i think
Shannon Cats
Shannon Cats Day ago
Mama took care of your stalker.
Deez Nughts
Deez Nughts Day ago
Dammit I laughed when you said manually transcribe Joe's speech lmfao
Nadia Flores
Nadia Flores Day ago
Please explain why the black guy was funny, its making me nuts because I don't know 😦
Lorrie Blanks
And let us never forget that Epstein didn't kill himself. Thank you.
Lorrie Blanks
Guess I am getting dementia.......
ZiSt1989 Day ago
6:10 got me there, makunt izichi brought me to tears 🤣
Politicians are cancer Deserve to hang
Sweet tea gets as much hate as pineapples on pizza.
Vince Laroc
Vince Laroc Day ago
Caleb Wyant
Caleb Wyant Day ago
Dude preach California sucks
Mc AppleTon
Mc AppleTon Day ago
Taking the stairs
I Am Who I Say I Am
They said the $600 was a down payment. $1400 is a payoff on an illegal bribe for votes.... $600 down payment on the $2000 promised. Just sayin'
Michael Mendiola
I understand the bookshelf one. It’s detached from reality: scholars. Book smarts doesn’t mean life smarts. What works well in the mind often falls apart in practice. Now combine that with MSM which targets college graduates (specifically environmental studies and social sciences) then voila you’ve got yourself an indoctrinated citizen who doesn’t like “bullies” and will use that as a moral high ground.
Thomas Birtles
“Wear your mask and you’ll be fine”” That’s not how masks work.
Olecranon Rebellion
Oh my God, the Ted Cruz meme is killing me.
lordbryson Day ago
it is a real "ad" actually, I have see it in spanish
david ross
david ross Day ago
4:30 1. Countries laugh at texas for once in a century snow storm. 2. America laughs when Nato is disbanded and the entire socialist planet has to pay its own bills.
Ohioan Empire
Execute order 65
TS RealTexan
TS RealTexan Day ago
We love her too. Never stop laughing!!!!!
JonO387 Day ago
I don't understand the gear shifter joke.
Leslie Gray
Leslie Gray Day ago
The high stakes gambling with shotgun shells is funny bc ammo is so hard to find now... Ex: We were in the local gun store a few weeks ago and it just so happened that a cop, two lawyers, and the judge walked in around the same time. They were all checking to see if the gun store had gotten any more ammo in yet... Of course they had not and one of the lawyers said, "Its easier to buy drugs than bullets now!" The other one goes, "Pretty soon people are gonna be selling ammo by singles in the street." Cop said, "Yeah, its gonna be like, 'hey man how much you want' and the ammo dealer will pull out a small bag with one 9mm round for $10 and another baggie with three for $25!" The judge said, "That's alright, anything under 6 is a misdemeanor, so as long as I dont buy more than that I can get away with it." The whole store DIED LAUGHING!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Leslie Gray
Leslie Gray Day ago
So many jokes about Texas. And I get it, I appreciate them... But if anyone had made jokes about any other natural disaster... like the flooding in New Orleans in 05... OMG...
Powwer69 Day ago
6:03 ok, you got me lol
Mz Clementine
Holy s*** my ex-best friends father invented those blinds. Wow yeah I know they are s***** blinds. He's a s***** person.
Amy Hogarten
Amy Hogarten Day ago
☠️Toxic Hillbillie Bile☠️ Check your brain at the door to watch.
Reggie Amazing
14:48 Or as I call it, the Jesus emoji! Yeah! Finally!
Rhonda Wentzell
I’m from Canadastan and almost won, all except for those window blinds...... So relatable.
Genghis Khan
Genghis Khan Day ago
He showing his unorganized book shelf just like someones we know.
Reggie Amazing
5:00 I was without power for 90 hours, it was negative four in my condo, I used a jar to avoid having to get out of my bed to use the bathroom, because it was that cold in my place. With no power, my fridge became the hottest place in my condo, and my food spoiled quickly. So on Tuesday I ate a tupid ham and cheese, and then on Wednesday all I had left was some cheese. I also have Mint Mobis cheapest plan, and ran out of data quick, so all I could do for days was try and sleep under 10 covers. It really sucked man. In all my years I have never seen anything like this here. And our snow output while not great, was a good six inches. But it was the cold and lack of power that got us.
Shadow Ascelin
Trying to figure out what the joke is about the dude with the caption "It's this cold". Sadly knowing having the joke explained doesn't make it as funny.
Ben Pyne
Ben Pyne Day ago
6:58 he's showing that all the books are ON THE SHELF and he's ON HIS 'SMARTPHONE'. He didn't vote vfor Joe because he's INFORMED but because he's glued to MSM. (?)
Justin White
Justin White Day ago
I didn't laugh but I'm sharing you anyways
Ben Pyne
Ben Pyne Day ago
3:29: that was definitely a giraffe that used a black marker to camoflage itself so it didn't get eaten.
Pamela Smith
Pamela Smith Day ago
About 14:56. Sam Kinison did a bit about that. He was hilarious.