Would You Text Us Back? (Board AF) 

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We’re exposing our texting skills with the game New Phone, Who Dis! Be honest… would you text us back? We're on Twitch now! Check us out every Monday, Wednesday, Friday at twitch.tv/smoshgames
This video was shot with a very limited crew. All cast & crew followed all CDC and California COVID-19 precautions and filming guidelines.
Ian Hecox: ianhecox
Courtney Miller: co_mill
Noah Grossman: noahgrossman214
Saige Ryan: notsaige
Producer: Layne Pavoggi
Tech Director: Mark Raub
Moderator/Social Team: Erica Noboa
Moderator: Rebekah Estey
Editor/GFX: Max Crandall
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Apr 4, 2021




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Comments 100   
Storm Boy
Storm Boy Day ago
I love the cards game y'all have been playing lately! Keep up the hard work; I love the content y'all produce.
Nightwing84 Day ago
Are Ian and sage dating ?
Moka Akashiya
Moka Akashiya 2 days ago
I love sage’s laugh! So cute!
Anikan Skywalker
Anikan Skywalker 2 days ago
Why does me look like ian and who is me is he new
LueyMD 2 days ago
Saige's laugh is so adorable. I CAAAANT
Xavier Martinez
Xavier Martinez 3 days ago
Sage squeaks, things that give me life.
Kevin 5 days ago
I haven't watched a Smosh video in a long time, so I had to ask WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO NOAH'S HAIR!?
King Tilip
King Tilip 6 days ago
Isn't this just like cards agents humanity
GirlWithABobble Hat
They're laughing but Scottish people use the phrase 'tryna munch' when talking abt eating
Tunnel Vision
Tunnel Vision 8 days ago
Even if Ian won the last one he wouldn’t have won, because he would have been the judge
Mari M
Mari M 8 days ago
The squeaking needs to stop
Jason Moore
Jason Moore 8 days ago
Ummm.. I really wish they hadn't shared my personal text.... and I don't mean the one with my name either
Grim ReaperTV
Grim ReaperTV 8 days ago
Saige be like:🐬🐋🐬🐬🐬🐋
deezle317 9 days ago
Noah looks like he has the best duugs
deezle317 9 days ago
SockPotato 9 days ago
As someone named Stephanie I’m happy that saige won that card
Brielle Brubacher
t he s q u e a k i s so c u te🥺
Brielle Brubacher
Tamino Stam
Tamino Stam 10 days ago
why do i get the feeling i need to insight check this entire video? or is it always a natural 1?
Nathan Hound
Nathan Hound 11 days ago
Courtney: *Goes through multiple prompt cards* Well now gotta throw the whole video away
Joseph Wilson
Joseph Wilson 11 days ago
So, like cards against humanity
kimikittiekat 11 days ago
I ' L L DO A M U R D E R
SikMindedGaming 11 days ago
I'm glad to see more videos with Saige, but her laugh sounds like a terrified hamster lol
Newton H
Newton H 11 days ago
I never know what the fuck is going on with Noah's hair, but I love it.
Hello Emily
Hello Emily 12 days ago
wait ians hair looks so good
Joe _
Joe _ 12 days ago
I still like this channel but I do feel like a lot of the videos should be grouped with Smosh pits videos or something, I remember Smosh games being an actual gaming channel but now its mediocre party games with a few good shows but ones that would fit better on a different one of Smosh's channels.
Hopeless Simp
Hopeless Simp 12 days ago
Every time Saige squeaks I grow a little happier
Kathy H
Kathy H 12 days ago
Great episode but I really don't care for Saige or her laugh. Iffy's transition in has been wonderful. Saige... not so much.
Sarah Bonilla
Sarah Bonilla 12 days ago
I like saige. She’s a cutie
Alison Campy
Alison Campy 13 days ago
Saige is giving all us squeak laughers some representation 🙌
Your Uncle
Your Uncle 13 days ago
What squeak coming from the spencers worker is very annoying.
Valerie H
Valerie H 13 days ago
Bonnaroo. Highly recommend.
Julianne Whitis
Julianne Whitis 13 days ago
I’m not a fan of saige
Mason Foxwell
Mason Foxwell 13 days ago
Ian: says have you punched that subscribe button lately Me: punches my computer screen
Sabrina Renee
Sabrina Renee 13 days ago
Wow this is the first time I’ve seen them play a game that I already have. Am I cool now?
Henri F.
Henri F. 13 days ago
Saiges laugh sounds like Morning
Vanessa Russell
Vanessa Russell 13 days ago
I was trying to figure out if there was a weird bird outside my window or if Sage was squeaking 🤔😂love her laugh
Iman Shyrazy
Iman Shyrazy 13 days ago
did saige swallow a chew toy before the stream? that sound is pretty cute ngl
Kahlyda 13 days ago
Is there a guinea pig on set?
chelsea b
chelsea b 13 days ago
for all yall hating on Sages laugh... sit down her laugh is ADORABLE
Jules Corocoto
Jules Corocoto 13 days ago
Saige's squeaks are still new to me
Eli Trousdale
Eli Trousdale 14 days ago
anyone else hear a random guinea pig in the background or am i losing my mind?
Khaela Hunte
Khaela Hunte 14 days ago
Next time, you should play in characters who you wouldn't wanna text back!
Jesse Robinson
Jesse Robinson 14 days ago
I kept thinking they had a canary in a cage somewhere, but it was just Saige laughing 😂
bayli ferris
bayli ferris 14 days ago
saiges little squeals are so cute omg
Becca Zappa
Becca Zappa 14 days ago
Paige looks like a mashup of Bella Thorne and Jenette McCurdy
Ronak Dave
Ronak Dave 14 days ago
Those squeaky lil laughs and the "uwu" and the "i'll do murder" My heart
Unicorngirl 3008
Unicorngirl 3008 14 days ago
Saige: *hamster intensifies*
renee barbosa
renee barbosa 14 days ago
Saige in Smosh Games is the best. Bring her more.
Brady Schwoch
Brady Schwoch 14 days ago
The editors are working SO. HARD. to keep Saige’s laugh at a manageable volume.
The Builder
The Builder 14 days ago
Wtf is that laugh bro
Bunny_chan : b
Bunny_chan : b 14 days ago
Go new person
C L 14 days ago
Blink eight times 😂😂😂
爱ᴇʀɪɴ 14 days ago
So like Apples to Apples but texting? Gotcha.
Julia Paloni
Julia Paloni 14 days ago
Eat it or yeet it???
Morgan Wiz
Morgan Wiz 14 days ago
Is there a mouse on set? SAIGE GIRL COME ON!
Cassidy Rollins
Cassidy Rollins 14 days ago
Sagie makes me think of Kari from Mythbusters
ImmortalDeath 14 days ago
Basically the same as cards against humanity
Erik Maez
Erik Maez 14 days ago
If someone can tell me how many times Saige squeaked in this video I will give you my wood carvings
Olivia Is Not Here
Olivia Is Not Here 14 days ago
Country wants to be a Femme Fatale
rimmer100100 14 days ago
wanna see more of this
Nicholas Ortega
Nicholas Ortega 14 days ago
Yesss we're bringing noah into these
andie 14 days ago
saige’s laugh is cute
Kristy Kimber
Kristy Kimber 14 days ago
Ians hair is wild
Monty Sansom
Monty Sansom 14 days ago
Sage the guinea pig spirit animal
S P 14 days ago
I'm not insulting Sage but your laugh is adorable its like a tiny guinea pig squeak
S P 14 days ago
Ps. i have a friend who sneezes (for real) like a Pikachu.
Richard Montes
Richard Montes 14 days ago
I hear a dolphin but I don't see a dolphin
thejoysoflife 14 days ago
dude saiges laugh sounds like a little parakeet and its the cutest thing I've ever heard
aimee marie
aimee marie 14 days ago
omg saige literally laughs like me and i thought i was the only one-
King Panda
King Panda 14 days ago
OMG Saige 😅💕
Levi Sabbatino
Levi Sabbatino 14 days ago
Ian: "So you're sayin there's a chance." Me: I understood that reference
Amsyar Malek
Amsyar Malek 14 days ago
Saige’s laugh is so adorable 😂
CloudiixAva 14 days ago
Isn’t Saige that girl with Tourettes on TikTok or does she just look like her?
Midnight Drizzle
Midnight Drizzle 15 days ago
Saige's laugh is honestly pretty damn annoying. Its so scratchy in the headphones. Please stop. Sorry, not sorry.
Cronus Ampora
Cronus Ampora 15 days ago
Saige laughing: 🐭
jchill214 15 days ago
Paramore featuring Taylor Swift. It finally happen guys
abigail pimpo
abigail pimpo 15 days ago
courtney getting so excited every time she got a card is the sole reason for my happiness
Alijah Dickenson
Alijah Dickenson 15 days ago
Just me or were there a couple of moments here like... 👀👀 👁👄👁
SanaIsHotASF 15 days ago
Ian are you looking at rule34’s for that research 😏
DarkNebula199 15 days ago
i love how Saige's laughter sounds like windshield wipers
Evie 15 days ago
saige's squeaking has to be fake. it's like every five seconds lmao, and her neck looked so tensed whenever she tried to do it
Benny's World of Toys
Noah's hair is tight af
Ivorella Rackley
Ivorella Rackley 15 days ago
Ethan Collins
Ethan Collins 15 days ago
Thought a bird was loose in my house because of Saige's squeak 😂
Ivorella Rackley
Ivorella Rackley 15 days ago
I love Saige so much omfg 😭 their laugh is so ducking cute. Super hope they stay on cam 🥰🥰🥰🥰
hidey_boo 25
hidey_boo 25 15 days ago
That game looks ace
maddie maryanne
maddie maryanne 15 days ago
I love noah's hair so much 🖤
TheTruthPenguin 15 days ago
Saige has that bird chirp laugh
Mr. Redmare
Mr. Redmare 15 days ago
What is going on with courtneys eyebrows 😅
Jabreakit Jubawtit
Jabreakit Jubawtit 15 days ago
The girl with the orange hair laughs like me lol
Kaitlynn Angel
Kaitlynn Angel 15 days ago
Saiges laugh is the cutest
strawburry 15 days ago
Nobody : Sage : 🐬
Gen Morden
Gen Morden 15 days ago
Saige’s squeaky laugh is adorable 🥺
joel quinn
joel quinn 15 days ago
Saige and Courtney fan fic here we come
Justin Johnson
Justin Johnson 15 days ago
I love when Saige squeaks when she laughs.
kloud_kuromeshi 15 days ago
Epic Rap Battles of History? I see Ian is a man of culture.
Κωνσταντινος Συκιωτης
why is this such a boring video?? oh yeah i know...SHAYNE IFFY AND TOMMY AREN'T HERE
Rachel Kinakh
Rachel Kinakh 15 days ago
ok saige’s squeaks when she laughs are just the cutest thing ever
Corwin Alexander Gaming
Sounds like Saige needs to join NoPixel; she’ll get plenty invites to “hang”
MILES TRUTH 15 days ago
Saige wow 😯
Voidfoxx 15 days ago
when i was a kid i got Now 10....god im old!
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