World’s Most IMPOSSIBLE Magic (Omegle) - #Shorts 

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One of the World’s Most IMPOSSIBLE Magic Tricks on Omegle- enjoy!
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Thank you so much for watching friends!


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Feb 16, 2021




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SeanDoesMagic 8 days ago
If you enjoyed friends, HIT THAT SUBSCRIBE :) We are so unbelievably close to 1 million and I’m so thankful for you friends!
Maria Moore
Maria Moore Day ago
Hi guys my name is Jeff Tv and do you know my number
R3TR0Z Day ago
X X Day ago
Bet u got a lot of deck of cards below dont u
John Emmanuel Matondo
I know this magic i buy that card in lazada
Martha Burch
Martha Burch 2 days ago
Australien 10 minutes ago
almost stole her heart with that one
Awdiwa Hour ago
This was on america's got talent a few years back.
KobyD1 2 hours ago
To be honest... That girl sounds like Kiera from Caylus/Infinite- 0.0
Jett Monkey
Jett Monkey 14 hours ago
Woaaaaaat the👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🤝🤝 stupid
Komose idk why
Komose idk why 15 hours ago
He has cards on the table and puts the card they say as the last card
Fille boi
Fille boi 15 hours ago
I think he had all the cards already done and he just waited until she said the four of ♦️ and he just searched after it Cuz you can see him looking Att the card when she says her card
Dark Blue
Dark Blue 17 hours ago
The last card that showed the 4 of diamonds the 4 of diamonds was not there before while he was asking them for a card he wrote it down without her seeing it
Mike Kenney
Mike Kenney 17 hours ago
Raquel Almonte
Raquel Almonte 17 hours ago
Oooh i know the trick behind this🤔😏
Amy Mac
Amy Mac 19 hours ago
QueenBB 19 hours ago
Shes so british i can drown my self in tea
Hisham Cuadra
Hisham Cuadra 21 hour ago
I can't call it magic cuz you just showed her every card and just flipped it and St f until you get four of diamonds
Lê Nguyên Kha
Lê Nguyên Kha 21 hour ago
She is so beautiful ! What is her name ?
Yza Montenegro
Yza Montenegro 22 hours ago
Me out of nowhere: Hey! Did you know brother Sean looks like a big baby when he smiles? If it sounds offending or upsetting, it means brother Sean looks cute when he smiles so I hope brother Sean keeps up his magic tricks with smiles
MICHELLE GOMEZ 23 hours ago
He must've made the whole flipbook and when she named hr card just written it quickly
Amaya’s Stories
Omg how did my friend get on here
Dark__ Wolf
Dark__ Wolf Day ago
I think I know how u did that 😇😇😇😇😇
Elisha Sanchez
I would worth it a follow !
Bruno Savarella
Wintrr Day ago
This has to be staged or show me how you did it
wolfs725 Day ago
Ok am i hallucinating or did i see this magic trick in America's got talent or other spot?
Carly Pettit
Carly Pettit Day ago
Is that tarlia mar the person who’s dating Simon/ miniminter
Carly Pettit
Carly Pettit Day ago
From sidemen
No Chill
No Chill Day ago
Witch craft! But I would have played along and said the instruction card!
Jackson Howard
He probably did it with all the cards and did it the same
Legendärer Abo
This Trick is so easy its not one of the hardest
Martin _player23
It's easy, just make copy of all cards an swap it before you show the trick
chunibyuu Day ago
hey! hey!
wassup253 Day ago
MilZeyH Day ago
I feel like I know how this is done... just switch the last few cards or something to the one that matches the persons guess? Idk 😂
Loegan Oliver
You know what when he said bam I paused the video and said huh I have that card
Wilda Isenhart
I subscribed and I liked your video ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍🤎
RoCaBa Day ago
Thats... Thats 2 diamonds..
Maria Haddad 6eme-d
Omg how?! can you do a tutorial please
GomBaCCh 2 days ago
Must have waited hours for someone to pick 4 of diamonds
Mamma Toni
Mamma Toni 2 days ago
how do you do that that impossible 🤯
Anael Ali
Anael Ali 2 days ago
Gj but like you could've just made all the cards and secretly put the card the person thinks of at the end but still gj
Allen Scott
Allen Scott 2 days ago
Man u good
Skylar Gatten
Skylar Gatten 2 days ago
I will not follow or subscribe unless I see it myself until then no
Flamey Boi
Flamey Boi 2 days ago
There are 4 of the cards there his just passing them until he finds the card gg
Pickle Rick
Pickle Rick 2 days ago
Just curious but do you go on tinder for this content? I mean hey more props to you hitting two birds with one stone LOL no pun intended
John Emmanuel Matondo
I know this magic i buy this on lazada
Francisco P. G.
Francisco P. G. 2 days ago
His voice is so sweet
mi lk
mi lk 2 days ago
He stalkef her and showed her diamonds and 4s so he could implant the number in her head
Denim_devil {YT}
Denim_devil {YT} 2 days ago
Allie Neece
Allie Neece 2 days ago
He was probably waiting for days for someone to pick 4 of diamonds😂
harry wood
harry wood 2 days ago
Imagine copying a bgt magician, couldn’t be this guy 🤫
Drippy Mase
Drippy Mase 2 days ago
He made flip books with a common cards that they would pick
Martha Burch
Martha Burch 2 days ago
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 2 days ago
Sean picking up all the girls 😃😂
Emmanuel Garcia
Emmanuel Garcia 2 days ago
I love your magic you are the best thanks for these videos
• Twisted Wires •
Actually, he told her to say four diamonds before he started recording
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 2 days ago
My sis could do it
Jadiel Arroyo
Jadiel Arroyo 2 days ago
ꫝitꪶꫀr 2 days ago
Why is this bullshit showing up on my feed I never watched a single magic trick on this account
Rebecca Wood
Rebecca Wood 2 days ago
saki sani
saki sani 2 days ago
WOW Sean is a Magic man
AniBlu 2 days ago
You have other cards for the end and got the card she said
Cammy 2 days ago
I think he just made a flip book for every card
Fiora Nency
Fiora Nency 2 days ago
Follow you
Fiora Nency
Fiora Nency 2 days ago
Follow you
alisha raja
alisha raja 2 days ago
I did hit that subscribe button¡!
Maylin Muñiz Gomez
Unicorn Gamer
Unicorn Gamer 3 days ago
I love how she’s just being nice and saying that she agrees
Iva Stanojevic
Iva Stanojevic 3 days ago
There is this milk brand in my country called meggle, but it's pronounced like Omegle just without the O, and every time I hear Omegle I think of milk.
Samurai Cheems
Samurai Cheems 3 days ago
Plot twist he made 52 flip books for every card
Teresita Feliciano
My sis could do it
Koizumi 3 days ago
You have different stacks for all the different cards and then you get the one she said XD
Samedh Vlogs
Samedh Vlogs 3 days ago
I love yore magic tricks
Nancy Walker
Nancy Walker 3 days ago
Yes I’m OK right now when I don’t know but you can you call 911
Nancy Walker
Nancy Walker 3 days ago
Oh my God I poop my pants somehow but I’m so awesome but I’m better roll
LeahxSanna 3 days ago
Margaret Ross Bataclan
dian putra
dian putra 3 days ago
What if she said "blue eyes white dragon" When you asked her to name "any" Card?
Franky's Roblox channel
This is ez to figure out so basically he has someone under the table with a bunch of different flip books with the same thing except for they all have different cards and whatever she says the guy under the table pulls out that the Pacific flipbook it’s easy to find out
Video Ezy
Video Ezy 22 hours ago
um no.. its just the last card he swaps out. nobody is gunna make 52 flipbook decks lol
Sukhmanjit Dhinsa
U deserve more clout lol
Jibu Georgekutty
Jibu Georgekutty 3 days ago
I know the secret
Sha Blox
Sha Blox 3 days ago
Music name plz
Samyuktha S
Samyuktha S 3 days ago
It's totally different shots.
Zack Davis
Zack Davis 3 days ago
The real magic in this is how he gets people to actually stay on Omegle and not skip
iBedwars 3 days ago
the music in the background is so cute☺️
Not me knowing how to do this....... 😳😳😳
Artist3G Knight
Artist3G Knight 3 days ago
Is that the fat kid from the spiderman movies????
Ravi Tandon
Ravi Tandon 3 days ago
Cristian Rodriguez
Josh Wallace
Josh Wallace 3 days ago
You should try for AGT or something, maybe you could eventually try to fool Penn and Teller, either way I'd love to watch
•B ë c h ë M e l ø ñ•
Don't cuss🤣
Giorno Giovanna
Giorno Giovanna 3 days ago
Torrance T
Torrance T 3 days ago
All fun and games till he skips someone and sees a lil more than a trick
Jet Lee
Jet Lee 3 days ago
I think I know u made each individual flip book with every card at the end. and got the one with the 4 of diamonds
ghostie ghost
ghostie ghost 3 days ago
I know the trick it really good
JoeThe Beast
JoeThe Beast 3 days ago
Amazing trick, it seems like it was setup but I wont say anything I like seeing these
Breanna Fry
Breanna Fry 3 days ago
You just actually made her say it and then you drew it
Cate Christopher
Cate Christopher 3 days ago
I saw you pause the video and while she was saying her card you were going to the stack of cards you must have chosen the card with the diamonds on it but you are pretty cool that was awesome
Ayonna Neal
Ayonna Neal 3 days ago
itz Ema'studio
itz Ema'studio 3 days ago
How the quack
Luviena Macfadden
Omg YOU are so cute
sg -
sg - 3 days ago
Skywalker Number
Skywalker Number 3 days ago
He changes the last card to wait ever you say
Lauren L
Lauren L 3 days ago
its obvious he either just drew the card on, or he has one for each card