World’s Most CONFUSING Magic Trick!? - #Shorts 

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Today we’re doing one of the world’s most confusing & crazy magic tricks on the planet- enjoy!
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Mar 28, 2021




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Comments 100   
Rafael Cordun
Rafael Cordun 9 hours ago
I think it's the light source that is covering the up arrow
Vildo XViil
Vildo XViil 18 hours ago
gravity points down* arrow points up points down points up points down* 100000 years later*
PiggyboiMC 22 hours ago
It's asking us to subscribe that's why it's always pointing down
Michael Abagat
Well in other Videos you show us that two cards are facing front and backward direction then you switch it and I’m guessing that’s what you did on this one too but both of them face the forward way, one of them is Arrow up and one of them is arrow down
Terry Lailani Dizon
Wahat but i thought magic is not real
Gojira motion
Gojira motion 2 days ago
Does anyone know how he does that
AaMaMu 2 days ago
Bro how do we do this???????!!
Mason Ritchey
Mason Ritchey 2 days ago
Wadiat Radifah
Wadiat Radifah 2 days ago
How did you do it
Vaddi Vinodkumar
Vaddi Vinodkumar 2 days ago
Hands magic bro please
Gabriel Xavier
Gabriel Xavier 2 days ago
Its the glare cause on the last time he flipped it you can see the fade
saheli dey
saheli dey 3 days ago
Can anyone seeing Sean's shirt it's said i am sorry mom
lupe madera
lupe madera 3 days ago
HOW omgg
cateryn ruiz
cateryn ruiz 3 days ago
What is a magic trick you can’t do
Shine John Abraham
Decoding: It is not a normal card, it has a piece of a card from other card which falls down and up..
Emil Zamasz
Emil Zamasz 3 days ago
How to do it?
Henry Carmichael
Henry Carmichael 3 days ago
Bruh how did u do it 😲
Kyan Mohamadi
Kyan Mohamadi 4 days ago
Oh my gosh how do you do that
Dorsa Naderi
Dorsa Naderi 4 days ago
Aumnuay Wong
Aumnuay Wong 4 days ago
Why don't you lose your cards?
Gust Game it
Gust Game it 4 days ago
I know that one
Lahoucine boutjddigte
Show me how to do it plssss
Marion Rambert
Marion Rambert 5 days ago
How does that work
Goofiths Family
Goofiths Family 6 days ago
You should show us how to do that trick!!!!! Then we can trick out friends
Karabi Poddar
Karabi Poddar 6 days ago
Can you tell us the secret behind it.
Best Uploads
Best Uploads 6 days ago
What's your coolest magic trick
Odus CNr
Odus CNr 7 days ago
What tha what did you graduate wizards school and I love your videos
Alfie Playz
Alfie Playz 7 days ago
Abigail Pachuau
Abigail Pachuau 7 days ago
Wait wh how
Sarika Sonawane
Sarika Sonawane 7 days ago
He's Indian
krishnakumar nair
What the heck😱😱
Wayne Hartsfield
Wayne Hartsfield 7 days ago
How do you do that
Katherine Gonzalez
Katherine Gonzalez
How do you do that
Choua Ly
Choua Ly 8 days ago
Wow I love this
Majid Dad
Majid Dad 8 days ago
How do you do datt pliss make a vidoe how you du datt
Christiano Gelderbloem
Sow us the back of the card🙇
emilio Calamug jr
emilio Calamug jr
FNSLAYZz_ 8 days ago
Do a tutorial
Haider Ali
Haider Ali 8 days ago
Bro this is the most easiest trick I can do it and I did it
naruto boss uzamaki
U r good at doin magic
Ali Syed
Ali Syed 9 days ago
Please reveal 😁😁😁🙏🙏🙏🙏
Ben Hart
Ben Hart 9 days ago
I know how that trick works The pointy bit of the arrow is reflective so he can just tilt it so one goes away and the other shows up
EXCHERZ 9 days ago
Plz show how to do it
Marian Scafucea
Marian Scafucea 9 days ago
Ok... WTF!!! HOW DE HEal U Do THaT
Davis Hasanai
Davis Hasanai 9 days ago
You should take part in america's got talent 4 real
Shawntell Fountain
How does it do that
Azuan Azman
Azuan Azman 9 days ago
cute "magic"
Jyothi Nagarajaiah
Show me the video of any magic fails pls 🥺
Mr JByfield
Mr JByfield 10 days ago
That's a pretty cool magic tricks but you just flipped it around and pull it down wi
Sue 10 days ago
XxKillingxX 10 days ago
Liam Gabrielle Dela Cruz
techonology wonder
techonology wonder 10 days ago
How do you do that
Tomas Jansson
Tomas Jansson 10 days ago
Hi is bad
GAMING FRAGS 10 days ago
How did u do that
Lorena Avila
Lorena Avila 10 days ago
Can you Show me how to that pls
Eduardo Montoya-Sanchez
Yo that was awesome how do you do that Sean
epicwolf 0425
epicwolf 0425 11 days ago
B- but HOW?????????
Thushan Viahmitha
Thushan Viahmitha 11 days ago
I know that
Emma TeRijdt
Emma TeRijdt 11 days ago
How the pleep did u do that!?!?!?!?!???!?!?!??!?!
Kai Nam Cheng
Kai Nam Cheng 11 days ago
How to do that
Sadanand Naik
Sadanand Naik 11 days ago
How do you magisk
Ishan Bodake
Ishan Bodake 12 days ago
Can anyone help me with what is the name of the deck of cards he is using
Nitashree Hemam
Nitashree Hemam 12 days ago
Make a video with your friend then prank then by your silliest magic
Carljenald Celerio
Carljenald Celerio 12 days ago
Sean what country are you born in ?? I ant a stalker boi
chiesca joy olaybal
Wait but how did you do magic??
Nonie Alcubilla
Nonie Alcubilla 12 days ago
Howwwwwwwwwwwwwwww please show me
mini morgz
mini morgz 12 days ago
O my days
Sparsh Gupta
Sparsh Gupta 12 days ago
Pls teach me the tutorial to do this trick
Krishvanth rs
Krishvanth rs 12 days ago
Look at the right side of Sean he has a youtube award!!!!
Saritha Dsouza
Saritha Dsouza 13 days ago
What is that secret
Amy Gutierrez
Amy Gutierrez 13 days ago
MenteGamesYT 13 days ago
I dont understand the fact why your name is "Sean" but its pronounced "Shawn"
Aiden Yang
Aiden Yang 9 days ago
Thats same for every sean im pretty surr
MARUL ZLATOPER 13 days ago
•Evianna •
•Evianna • 13 days ago
We wondering.. . Hmmmm.. does he asways use that thing in his hand cause i know like the marker that follows magnet
Srushti Sonawane
Srushti Sonawane 13 days ago
Show you flying in air note magic tutorial
Hyper Beat
Hyper Beat 13 days ago
I can make that arrow up.
Rohit _10
Rohit _10 14 days ago
Can’t you show how to do
alejandro amorin
alejandro amorin 14 days ago
Tutorial pls I want to empress my father plspla
Static In my head
Static In my head 14 days ago
Now explain how it works
AlanSlayerXP 14 days ago
How tf are you doing this
SheepBruh 14 days ago
Teach Us:( Please
wazaif TV
wazaif TV 14 days ago
Shoot mannnnn!!!!
James PH
James PH 14 days ago
Wait what no way
Dunk-ez Gaming
Dunk-ez Gaming 14 days ago
I've got a theory. Basically the card could be hollow. It could have a hoe in the exactly middle. Their could be another half ti spectate the cards for eachother with one card with the upper arrow stuff together with the half. As sea moves the balf half the upper arrow on the cald would bend revealing the lower arrow card
emmo Ninja
emmo Ninja 15 days ago
endy the ender dragon
No you cut it just right so it looks like that
KJ Crawford
KJ Crawford 15 days ago
😱🤔 and I were going out to get a couple things that
LeBraen 15 days ago
But how ? I min how do you do that
As123 15 days ago
How you did that
Darius der Rote
Darius der Rote 15 days ago
I think I figured it out. It's a powder under a thin foil layer. By pressing the layer, the powder stays in place. Let it go and the powder rushes to the bottom. Am I close?
Lesi Hunter
Lesi Hunter 15 days ago
So cool 😎
M Daimary M Daimary
Can you do one magic trick for me how to disappear please do this magic trick
Ashmeet Singh official
i guess its editing
Aman Bhati
Aman Bhati 15 days ago
Ki koni video rok rok ke aapane baandera benave
Eque Earl john
Eque Earl john 15 days ago
That's good magic with us and you
Maysa Mallahi
Maysa Mallahi 15 days ago
What.. I’m speechless 😶