World Falling Mod with Ranboo is Hilarious! 

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Me and Ranboo played the "Falling Falling" map and had lot's of funny! I PROMIES!
Editor: @LlamaNeck

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Feb 15, 2021




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Shahbaz ahmed
Shahbaz ahmed 3 hours ago
Hi good nice video very
Rebecca Davis
Rebecca Davis 4 hours ago
tubbo just got a mil subs like a week or 2 ago tommys gonna get 7 mil next upload and this is like tommys video's that get em subs hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Una Do
Una Do 5 hours ago
im wathcing this video while i answer my schoology exam in math
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose 48 minutes ago
Bamboo ranboo
Melanie Padgett
Melanie Padgett 5 hours ago
someone: the blocks are falling like Tetris! me: Chiaki...
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose 48 minutes ago
whats the server ip/ adderess?
lila francisco19
lila francisco19 6 hours ago
ok but are we not gonna talk about that little song tubbo did
George Agutter
George Agutter 6 hours ago
A how do you get this mode btw good vid
Makayla Morales
Makayla Morales 9 hours ago
3:34 is just 🤦🏻‍♀️ tubbo your so cute God 🥺✨
J0shPlayz 13 hours ago
i litterally did the "du du du du" as it appeared on screen 21:40
Advaith S. Pillai
Advaith S. Pillai 14 hours ago
I remember when I was in the top 100 views when skeppy and bbh played this together ❤️
kota & cog
kota & cog 16 hours ago
0.26mil in 10 days
I Hate Lots of People
It’s funny how Tubbo has started to speaking like Tommy and Ranboo has started sounding more and more like Technoblade
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose 21 hour ago
My new favourite ranboo quote: “do you have a personal vendetta against baby Jesus?”
Folky 14 hours ago
silence, bot
🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
A Ghosty Boy
A Ghosty Boy Day ago
“Ranboo has a crush on the ended dragonnnnn he wants to do bad- AUGH”
DasGeniusGo Ho
Alexander Javier
Oh no. Tubbo is turning into tommy
Brianna Day ago
Qspace 2
Qspace 2 Day ago
It's weird seeing blocks that what not normally fall, fall. *Proceeds to name one of three blocks that fall*
Frxgg1 Day ago
whats the server ip/ adderess?
Fishy Fishy
Fishy Fishy Day ago
Bamboo ranboo
Sins RBLX Day ago
Bamboo farm more like Ranboo farm 🤣
Ava Kennedy
Ava Kennedy Day ago
I just thought of something that is inspired by you turning the language on Minecraft to German, maybe you can change the language to irish(Gaeilge) for a future challenge?
Ava Kennedy
Ava Kennedy Day ago
I forgot to mention if you actually decide to do this there are many different meanings for most words
T Deckert
T Deckert Day ago
Lindsey Leard
Lindsey Leard 12 hours ago
Alvin Norlander
̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿'̿'̵͇̿з= ( ▀ ͜͞ʖ▀) =ε/̵͇̿/’̿’̿ ̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿
Alvin Norlander
̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿'̿'̵͇̿з= ( ▀ ͜͞ʖ▀) =ε/̵͇̿/’̿’̿ ̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿
Ranboo Day ago
Ranboo Day ago
Mandy Simms
Mandy Simms Day ago
im like tubbo becuase when i get hit i dont swear unless it kills me
dolita windo
dolita windo Day ago
that was a little bit crazy and a little bit nuts also congrats on 1mil!!
anastasia gamgoneishvili
I’m not a boy
Ludi et Historia
Those minecraft skills though....
jaiden Brown
jaiden Brown 2 days ago
I'm a girl thank you very much
The Omaru familyTM
I am the only one who know what tubbo’s Minecraft skin and where it came from?
Flamingo 2 days ago
tubbo tubbox the box remember that inkow we need to leave 😭
easy go!!!!
easy go!!!! 2 days ago
can anynone hear the cuphead theme song in the back round
Flopter 2 days ago
14:42 fianlly pog
Shadow King
Shadow King 2 days ago
Umm Tubbo where did you get the idea from?
Jess Harwood
Jess Harwood 2 days ago
And I know you simp for Tommyinnit You do actually
Jess Harwood
Jess Harwood 2 days ago
Tubbo have you thought of Tommy being drunk
isabelle c
isabelle c 2 days ago
“just like normal minecraft just with steriods”
Gustav Fyhn
Gustav Fyhn 2 days ago
U shoulds make a song ur voice is not bad
Paul Roche
Paul Roche 2 days ago
Does anyone from breath of the wild realize that the subs sound like koroks
Oliver Jogab
Oliver Jogab 2 days ago
hey tubbo i have to tell you sister something so can you pleas ask her too add my snap its l1ldemon dont tell her i am in love with her ahe is soooo cute and wow so cute she is so plz reply i am a big fan of you and techno and ranbooo !!!!!!!
Sean Maguire [Student]
this is where all the blocks from Wilbur's world went.
_UnCommon_ 2 days ago
the ONLY thing i like abt being dyslexic is tubbo knowing how hard it is to be dyslexic
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 2 days ago
TF TUBBO!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hamster Dude
Hamster Dude 2 days ago
Make an snp
Hamster Dude
Hamster Dude 2 days ago
Xavier Galland
Xavier Galland 2 days ago
I love the korok subnoise
Dominic Gomez
Dominic Gomez 2 days ago
I found this video at y11
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov 2 days ago
that was a little bit crazy and a little bit nuts also congrats on 1mil!!
:] 2 days ago
“ramboo my beloved”
Penny. Z
Penny. Z 2 days ago
Tubbo: “Thank you boys so much...” Me: What about the girls?!
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov 2 days ago
wheres tommy :(
XxstannyxX 1730
XxstannyxX 1730 2 days ago
Pleaseeeeee do some more let’s play big dig vids
Poppi Ni Cheallaigh
i ama gairl
LTCat2010 2 days ago
IT litterally do be looking like 2b2ts spawn
Camille Vargas
Camille Vargas 2 days ago
I'm not a boy
Ally Combs
Ally Combs 3 days ago
First off!!! Why only thank you to the boys as a women I am sad but I still love you SECOND WHY DID U REPLACE TOMMY?? RanBoo as much as I love you, please stop replacing tommy and tubbos Bff relationship
Daisy The Destroyer
AnotherHuman 3 days ago
the p e a n i
The Randoms Randomness
21:31 so are we all just going to ignore the four people who made it to the end?!?!?!
Leleluu 3 days ago
"oh, ranboo! I found packed ice. oh, and it's gone.." this scene made me almost cry qwq he sounded so exited, and then sad.
dance.k 3 days ago
:o "Boys" Yes Something refuting to me as a guy!!! Igfiduighhohogig Yeeeeeeessss bitvhes
Xedzaf 3 days ago
Taht Hurt! That Hurt ! That hurt! XDD
VinSio 3 days ago
Tubbo has become the wholesome Tommy
pringle 3 days ago
anyone else watch the stream and the spaghetti break?
James Slattery
James Slattery 3 days ago
Well, at least it's not rain.
Lillian Melanson
Lillian Melanson 3 days ago
Yes he keeps on dropping blocks on me
nuci mzevashvili
nuci mzevashvili 3 days ago
wheres tommy :(
domleo08 3 days ago
hAckEd UsERR
hAckEd UsERR 3 days ago
Can somebody help me and say how to create server?
ParadoxPerson02 3 days ago
"I thought you were a block." - Ranboo, 2021
Cerberus 3 days ago
8:40 he deleted his iron pick lol
favorthe void
favorthe void 3 days ago
boys? i am a girl thank you very much 🙂
I'M NINJAX! 3 days ago
Tubbo plz make part 2 plz it was fun plz make part 2 🙏🙏🙏😭😭
cloudyxwater 3 days ago
No one is talking about how tubbo minded gold with a stone pickaxe-
charp123 3 days ago
When Tommy gets 5million views on every mod video
Daithi Moss
Daithi Moss 3 days ago
Put the Ender dragon in a boat
Rosemary Peterson
it'll be the handiest of*AH*
Ali Taher
Ali Taher 3 days ago
Tubbo using a pickaxe to break clay, gravel, sand and wood hurts me on a personal level.
Rosemary Peterson
i like how tubbo writes ranboo's laugh as "hauh hauh hauh"
Rilix 3 days ago
I love how it's edited just like a Tommyinnit video and also tubbo speaks just like him in the intro
drew 3 days ago
imagine the height difference if they ever met irl
teddy Au
teddy Au 3 days ago
“i’m about to piss them all off don’t mind me”
Ak Ronny
Ak Ronny 3 days ago
bru H u cant even spell believe 13:09
Amarie 3 days ago
i bet ranboo likes the enderman because he is a enderman ... -noted
Chris MongoJooba
Chris MongoJooba 3 days ago
Tubbo is getting closer and closer to changing his channel name to TobyInnit
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 3 days ago
the channel names is misspelled i think its suppose to spell tommy
Roaa aldolymi
Roaa aldolymi 3 days ago
Oh my tubbo and ranboo are dating
Aimee Rodman
Aimee Rodman 3 days ago
stopstopstop they are minors
Kohen Thakur
Kohen Thakur 3 days ago
My sister was born in 2012. Was 2012 bad tho?
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 3 days ago
This vid so cool !?
Andrei Eli Pasco
Andrei Eli Pasco 3 days ago
pog 1 mil
SonicBroZ 3 days ago
QFlash YT
QFlash YT 3 days ago
everyone who says they cheated it was just peani who gave them gear.
Xxfire breather
Xxfire breather 3 days ago
And I Kid not Unsubscribe
Zoometic 3 days ago
Xxfire breather
Xxfire breather 3 days ago
hey love ur vids
Andriana MT
Andriana MT 3 days ago
0:14 well that hurt like a bitch- (im a girl)
May Lapyae Han
May Lapyae Han 3 days ago
Tubbo: Ranboo my beloved Ranboo: *giggles* Tommy: *sad child noises*
Corpse The kid
Corpse The kid 3 days ago
The girls like that liked the video
Random Man
Random Man 3 days ago
"no one invites Ranboo for a funny video" Tubbo: fine I'll do it myself
Doggo friend
Doggo friend 3 days ago
Praveen Yadav
Praveen Yadav 3 days ago
Bro, It's time ..... pls get verified plss...