Wolfgang Van Halen - Mammoth WVH - Distance (OFFICIAL VIDEO) 

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“As my pop continued to struggle with various health issues, I was imagining what my life would be like without him and how terribly I’d miss him. While the song is incredibly personal, I think anyone can relate to the idea of having a profound loss in their life. I never intended ‘Distance’ to be the very first piece of music people would hear from me, but I also thought my father would be here to celebrate its release. This is for him. I love and miss you, Pop.” - WVH
Proceeds from “Distance” will be donated to Pop’s favorite charity, Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation
www. MammothWVH
I’m so happy
You’ve found a place
That’s better for you
Than this rock we’re living on
I’m so nervous
Don’t know my place
A life without you
I’m not ready to move on
No matter what the distance is I will be with you
No matter what the distance is you’ll be okay
I’m so tired
Can’t see your face
My memory of you
Slowly fades when I go on
I’m still cryin’
Don’t want this place
A world without you
I don’t think I’ll ever move on
No matter what the distance is I will be with you
No matter what the distance is I will be with you
No matter what the distance is I will be with you
No matter what the distance is you’ll be okay
No matter what the distance is I will be with you
No matter what the distance is I will be with you
No matter what the distance is I will be with you
No matter what the distance is you’ll be okay
No matter what the distance is I will be with you
No matter what the distance is you’ll be okay
No matter what the distance is I will be with you
No matter what the distance is you’ll be okay
No matter what the distance is you’ll be okay
No matter what the distance is you’ll be okay
I’m so happy
You’ve found a place
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Nov 16, 2020




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Mike R
Mike R 14 minutes ago
Sent this song to my kids. Touched my heart so much.
Lora Hill
Lora Hill 39 minutes ago
Jenny Amanda Hurwitz
Jenny Amanda Hurwitz 58 minutes ago
What a beautiful tribute from a loving son.
OneBelAnge Hour ago
A beautiful song for a wonderful man and legend. Thank you for sharing and continued prayers for you and your family as you walk this new journey. I feel your pain because I lost my dad in Dec 2019 and I miss him every day. I love you Dad.
Ednerd 2 hours ago
thanks for sharing this! Imagine living at the same time as Mozart and getting to see him live. That's the way I felt getting to see your father play live. I was like.."man I am so blessed to live in the same time as Eddie Van Halen". And we were all blessed to experience his music! You, like your father have so much talent. Don't let the nay sayers bring you down. keep up the great work! Peace!
Brad Bastian
Brad Bastian 2 hours ago
Absolutely awesome, I love the feel Most Music lacks that today, can’t wait to hear you branch out & become you musically 👍🏻
Dan Mongosa
Dan Mongosa 2 hours ago
Wow, such a beautiful and personal video of Eddie Van Halen and his family that you shared with us. Haunting lyrics with very touching home movie moments captured. I just lost my mother a few weeks ago and this song really says how I feel, too. Thank you Wolfgang for sharing this tribute song and your father's memories with us. My heartfelt condolences in your loss.
Janet Mitchell
Janet Mitchell 2 hours ago
I feel the same way about my dad as you do about yours. Thank you for sharing this! BTW: I come from Pasadena. My thoughts are with you.
josh fiene
josh fiene 3 hours ago
If his last name wasnt van halen you wouldnt mind this song no mind stop it yall just want your 2 cents in on a guy who was famous that died and never cared to know you. Eddie was an asshole and could care less about another fan.
Chris Pond
Chris Pond 3 hours ago
I heard this song for the first time the day before my dad was admitted into the hospital. Three days later, my sister and I were with him when he passed. This song perfectly expresses the way I feel and think - it's genius of the heart. My sympathies Van Halen Family, I know how you feel and I hope you all manage with time.
Levi Maynard
Levi Maynard 3 hours ago
Brandon Nolte
Brandon Nolte 3 hours ago
Kealoha Borge
Kealoha Borge 3 hours ago
John Valderrama
John Valderrama 3 hours ago
Rest in peace eddie and thanks for inspiring me to play
L M 4 hours ago
I love your song and as a life long fan of VH, and especially your father, it is wonderfully heartwarming to witness your special bond and the love you shared. Great job !! Keep shining your light and sharing your talents!! You've got a fan in me and I'm sure your father, as well as your mother, are extremely proud!! Keep rockin and being true to you ❤
Vikki G
Vikki G 4 hours ago
It's awesome you are carrying on the VH tradition of music and Edward Van Halen will be remembered for ever. God bless you.
butch otey
butch otey 5 hours ago
Beautful Wolf-just beautiful. What a tribute and a wonderful way to remember those in our lives we lost. Thank you. ❤️
Monty Daniels
Monty Daniels 5 hours ago
Great song Wolfgang. Thanks for posting it to you tube.
James Medina
James Medina 5 hours ago
Hey bro I'm a dad and a son. Great song. Life is short. Let's live it right. Much love and appreciation for your family's contribution to vibrant and powerful music! And thanks to you too! 😬
Stephen Stone
Stephen Stone 5 hours ago
Really amazing. Wolf's got serious skills. Uh, Eddie's kid.....duh.
Holly Berenson
Holly Berenson 5 hours ago
What a beautiful video something Wolfgang will always have
Ellen Billings
Ellen Billings 6 hours ago
I love this song Wolfie done a great job
kim arnette
kim arnette 6 hours ago
Hi from Colorado. Amazing! This song and video has me crying. You sure had a very loving father. God bless.
Jay Dela
Jay Dela 6 hours ago
Just amazingly beautiful!!!
Chica Dulce, tbitzer84
So beautiful ☺️
TheKnightOfHyrule 6 hours ago
I’m not crying, you are
Heather Salomon
Heather Salomon 6 hours ago
Very heartfelt song. I'm terribly sorry for your loss. You had a beautiful relationship. It was a joy to see a small peek into your/dad life. He is the best guartaist. No lie me, my brothers an husband just spoke about this back in early fall 2020.
sv08mba 6 hours ago
Wolfgang - It is clear your dad knew what the most important thing in his life was, and it was you. Everyone that knew him has testified to his humbleness and genuineness. Love makes the world go round, and you made his go round. Your song is great, and the ending says it all and thanks for sharing who he was and his words at the end. He would have wanted to be remembered as the father you demonstrated and said he was. I loved him as a guitar player but I wish I would have had the chance to meet him myself as the man you knew. God Bless!
Scott Tricarico
Scott Tricarico 6 hours ago
This song hit me like a brick with the passing of my parents. Great tribute to his Pop's. #EVH
G - money
G - money 7 hours ago
resurrect the west!
Wolfie is a great songwriter and singer and even hit that sweet falsetto!
tony phoonsiri
tony phoonsiri 7 hours ago
A great guitarist. An even greater father. RIP EVH.
David Sant
David Sant 8 hours ago
That's fabulous Wolfgang, really fantastic song and amazing singing. I felt those words and it was beautiful sad, miss him terribly but we're all moving on towards the same thing.... If the album is as good this then we're in for yet another Van Halen treat. Thanks W.
David Lyons
David Lyons 8 hours ago
Wow 😫😫😫😫😫
Christopher Hill
Christopher Hill 8 hours ago
Wolf....you don't have big shoes to fill, you wear your own!
Harley Quinnzel
Harley Quinnzel 8 hours ago
you pathetic morsels who disliked this song you are sad pathetic fucks he lost his dad and you dont like his only tribute to his father! sickening if you ask me this kid is a legend in the making since birth sad weak pathetic morsels i dont feel sorry for your dislike i shame you
Just Me
Just Me 9 hours ago
How blessed WVH has been to have such a loving, caring nurturing father. I'm so sad that he lost him. My thoughts and prayers are with him.
Marsha Flores
Marsha Flores 9 hours ago
Thank you. Simple words, but I mean them truly.peace&love.
Cross City Union
Cross City Union 9 hours ago
Van Halen lives and continues to touch us.......
Metal Head Hippie
Metal Head Hippie 9 hours ago
Just Incredible.
MzzzNettie 9 hours ago
This is such a beautiful tribute!
Ron Wahl
Ron Wahl 10 hours ago
That was great, don’t think I had ever seen Eddie with his 1993 Eddie Vedder hair
Jeremy H**
Jeremy H** 10 hours ago
Ummmm.....nevermind. Not gonna say it.
Sammy Lee
Sammy Lee 10 hours ago
A touchingly powerful tribute, I have tremendous respect and admiration for Wolfgang and his legendary father, so much so - I paid my own respects... us-first.info/player/video/hrOJq2Rmc6ZlbYk.html
Vonix1 00
Vonix1 00 10 hours ago
They guy can hum
Kris Sisu
Kris Sisu 10 hours ago
Beautiful song. WVH, you've touched so many people with your truth, our truth. Thank you.
Greg Alblinger
Greg Alblinger 10 hours ago
Dear Wolfgang, I am just a fan and the chances of you actually getting this message, which I considered being delivered by wolves, will probably never reach you but I'll try anyway. I'm about your dad's age too and a large number of WOLVES have bent over backwards saying I'm sick, lol. I'm a guitar player but nowhere near pro. My mother passed away a couple of years ago so, I feel your pain. So I found the sheet music in one of my magazines for eruption and learned it note for note and bought 3 evh pedals with my little bit of dough I got from mom. Well, I was kinda fearful to go into the local guitar store and demonstrate what I had told them I knew but I did. Yeah, note for note, lol. And then it happened! OMG! I overheard one of them in the other room use a word I thought I would never hear in a complementary way.
Greg Alblinger
Greg Alblinger 6 hours ago
And if I hurt the feelings of any WOLVES out there with my critic, ah, you poor things. Bless your little hearts.😢
Greg Alblinger
Greg Alblinger 7 hours ago
P.S.:. Cooperate with the wolves and be respectful to them. Their leader is very dangerous to them and will bring them HARM if they don't do what they are told to do. And this may cause what seems to be absentmindedness on their part. They maybe forced to smoke or eat junk food or other things that can cause bad decisions to be made.
Abigail Panciello
Abigail Panciello 10 hours ago
Amazing! I was worried about watching it, but it was amazing! Such a talented guy! Every instrument? Really? Wow!
DVincentW 10 hours ago
My dad took his life when I was 15, he was at Big Sur in CA. I was in Maryland. He served 2 tours in Vietnam as a warrant officer in the Army, flying helicopters. It was Nov 11th 1982.. the day the Vietnam memorial was dedicated.. he would've wanted me to a musician, as he didn't want me to join the military. Sometimes I feel his hand on my shoulder when I play guitar.. 45 years playing guitar is better than the nightmares that war brings. God bless you Wolfgang, and thank the powers that be for Edward giving the most incredible rock music to this rock we're living on.
Daniel Rivera
Daniel Rivera 11 hours ago
Bro I know that I am 12 years old but I am so happy for you wolf I hope u are. Good and you happy in life and u are safe 🙏 💛 ❤ Love from your number one fan Daniel
video64 11 hours ago
This is beautiful.
SheIsntReal 0_0
SheIsntReal 0_0 11 hours ago
RIP EVH! 😢 Wolfgang is so lucky to have had such a loving father! Can't believe anyone would 👎 this video!!
Annabelle Lee
Annabelle Lee 11 hours ago
Wow. Tears. So moving and so well done. Bravo!
Frodo Baggins
Frodo Baggins 11 hours ago
Great stuff Wolf! So sorry for your loss. I saw VH in 1986 at Compton Terrace in Phoenix on the 5150 tour and they were amazing! They were truly having a great time with each other and it showed. Michael Anthony had a condo at the lake next door to my friend Mike Dixon's dad's condo and they met. My friend was standing on his balcony, smoking, and he looked over to the next balcony and there Michael Anthony. My friend was only 15 but they became friends anyway. I believe one of the videos from 5150, or OU812 shows Michael Anthony skiing behind my friends dad's boat. Michael Anthony gave us the tickets for that show. He left mine at the will call booth, 2 tickets in an envelope with my name in the center and "MA" in each top corner of the envelope because we share the same initials. They were in the 6th row seating in front of the stage. My friend Mike and his girlfriend got backstage passes as well. The band had Schlitz beer backstage with the blue bull on the can. They gave Mike one even though he was a minor. Sammy Hagar climbed up on 3 story high speaker cabinets and had a spotlight on him. The song ended and the stage went dark for a second or two, when the lights came back up he was standing in the center of the stage, his arms raised in a V. To this day I still have no idea how they did that. Your dad did his solo and came and sat at the edge of the stage with his feet hanging over. It felt incredibly intimate even though there were 10's of thousands of people there. To this day it is still one of the best, most powerful shows I've ever seen. Thanks for bringing back those memories. -Matt A.
Robyn Nowlan
Robyn Nowlan 11 hours ago
Omg this is the best litterally the best! Your voice is amazing!
Tra pie
Tra pie 11 hours ago
Thanks for bringing this great music to us and sharing so much!! Cried a lot but smiled at the same time, music has done that to me in years!!🙏
Major McDowell
Major McDowell 11 hours ago
Great tribute from a son to the father who he loves so much
Julie Parker
Julie Parker 11 hours ago
Beautiful moving song, big hugs to you WVH 💙 and RIP EVH 😔💔
Craig Campbell
Craig Campbell 12 hours ago
Thought I’d managed to keep it together, then lost it with the phone message at the end. Done your Dad proud Wolfie
Polly Deatherage
Polly Deatherage 12 hours ago
Best song and video ever
blacktopaz8 12 hours ago
Are we being nice or honest...It's a heartfelt song about loss...I'll leave it at that...
Peter Shuey
Peter Shuey 12 hours ago
My father loved VH and he passed away a couple weeks after EVH from Amyloidosis. I know exactly what he is going through, which makes this song even harder to listen to.
alexandr capsamun
alexandr capsamun 13 hours ago
That´s a beautiful song and the private footage makes it very special.
Gary D
Gary D 13 hours ago
556 people who are dead inside
Zusia K
Zusia K 13 hours ago
Well done, Wolfgang... you're a brilliant musician, just like your Dad Eddie. RIP Eddie 💕💕💕💕 RIP Mom🌹 (She died of pancreatic cancer one year ago) "No matter what the distance is, I will be with you"
Jennie Mars
Jennie Mars 13 hours ago
What a beautiful song you did such a great job on the video and the song I am so sorry for your loss your dad was a very awesome guitar player I loved watching those guys and still do I’m watching the videos of the whole band when your dad rest in peace and I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving
Christine Patterson
Christine Patterson 13 hours ago
I just love this good job WVH tears and years for my own children
m m
m m 13 hours ago
Not crying.......💔🎸
Rudy Orosco
Rudy Orosco 14 hours ago
Awsome clip of famous rock&roll dad& son.
rauljcarn 14 hours ago
Great video. It made me emotional. God bless you Wolfie
Christopher Torres
Christopher Torres 15 hours ago
I think the 3:05 mark reminds me of Collective Soul in a way. Maybe other songs too. Can't quite put a nail on it. Love this song though. Love the video. I feel like Wolf Standing next to my dad. I'm taller and rounder too🤗🤗🤗 rest in peace EVH. You are missed.
Brian Solberg
Brian Solberg 15 hours ago
Wow. What a fantastic tribute to your dad!
Iridian 15 hours ago
I will forever miss this man I can't stop listeing to this song keep it up wolf
Iridian 15 hours ago
Great father, horrible husband though
Kristóf Jánosi
Kristóf Jánosi 15 hours ago
Great song! He would be so proud.
Rob Moore
Rob Moore 15 hours ago
Epic! Thank you for sharing this Wolfgang Van Halen!
Vash The Stampede
Vash The Stampede 15 hours ago
Dude!! That was the loss that most shocked me. I’m serious!!
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Beautiful. So sorry about your Dad.
Stephen Strange
Stephen Strange 16 hours ago
Wolfgang, great song....
Karen Gulley
Karen Gulley 16 hours ago
makes my eyes tear .............
David Pearl
David Pearl 16 hours ago
You never get over the loss/death of your parents, no matter how old you are. Losing your parents is one of the most profound, life altering, life changing events of one's life, especially when the last one goes.
Jose Calixto
Jose Calixto 16 hours ago
RIP Eddie Van Halen😭🤘🏻🎸🤘🏻
Lance Johnson
Lance Johnson 16 hours ago
I’m sorry but why are there ANY dislikes on this video. This is beautiful and a great tribute to your Dad. So May great memories. What a life! You keep doing you, Wolfgang. Thank you for sharing this.
Michael Mead
Michael Mead 16 hours ago
Wow Wolfie. This song is amazing . Your pop is amazing and your amazing . I can already see you leaving your mark on ths world like your pop did !
Andrea Kitsch
Andrea Kitsch 17 hours ago
Omg...this is the most beautiful,touching and spiritual song I've ever heard. Thank you for sharing. May everyone whose lost they're dad feel they're father's arms around them, especially when they feel this song.💜💜💜 RIP EVH. RIP to my dad as well TVS
Huck Berry
Huck Berry 17 hours ago
This is such a touching video, say what you want about Eddie, not only was he one of the greatest guitarists on the planet, he was also an awesome father. God speed to Eddie and Wolfgang.
Synic42 17 hours ago
I hope I'll be as good a father to my future child as your dad was to you.
rakib islam
rakib islam 17 hours ago
The people who disliked didn’t have fathers
Johnny Pissoff
Johnny Pissoff 17 hours ago
EVH and Van Halen were very special to me as a teen, I was just becoming a teenager when the first VH record came out and they were the biggest band for all us teens back then and seeing them in concert back then was a blast, it was always a party atmosphere at the shows, I sure miss those days and I miss that EVH smile!
leaboy2 17 hours ago
Awesome song. Your dad had such an influence on my life. I was lucky enough to see him many times in my life. You made him very proud I am sure. Thanks for sharing
Ronald Horvath
Ronald Horvath 17 hours ago
Way to go Wolfgang. I love your fathers music. He is one of the greatest guitar players ever. In my books he was a legend. Eruption was one of greatest. Please try a play music like that. Follow Eddie's footprints.
Ronald Horvath
Ronald Horvath 15 hours ago
Woffie do you have a website or something? I loved your dad miss him I cried seeing Distance. Badwolf1958@yahoo.com RIP EVH
Emi Trout
Emi Trout 17 hours ago
My grandma owned every Van halen album. I started listening to Van halen when i was 10. My grandma let me keep her old vhs tapes of van halen live. I still have them. I always had a crush on eddie. That sweet smile. So much talent i truely believe he was the best gutiarest ever. So much talent. Eddies personality reminds me alot of my dads. It makes me think what would i do without my dad. You can see how proud eddie was so much love. I love this, this is the kind of new music we need.
Sheilasydney Notyerbizniz
Wolfgang, this brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing, your father obviously adored you. Been a big fan as of high school in the Netherlands. Cracked me up every time to hear Eddie and Alex speak in Dutch about rolmops whenever they were over here. Wishing you all the best.
Leonidas l
Leonidas l 17 hours ago
Thank you Wolfgang for such an amazing tribute. Prayers for everyone, really wish you the best.
Thomas Allen
Thomas Allen 18 hours ago
Thanks for sharing your dad with us Wolfgang. A lot of us are better because of it.
Steven Robertson
Steven Robertson 18 hours ago
That's a tough one to watch. Keep on keeping on Wolfie!!
erick hernandez
erick hernandez 18 hours ago
🥺😢😭😩😣😫🥰😊What beautiful message, I have nothing else to say.
Jeff Plummer
Jeff Plummer 18 hours ago
That is a sweet song. God Bless you and your mother . Its clear your father loved you very much and enjoyed every moment wirh you.
Emi Trout
Emi Trout 18 hours ago
Whoever disliked this song you should be ashamed of yourself
Big Country Platinum
So beautiful and powerful, thank you for sharing such a deep and personal part of your life.
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