WIN OR GO HOME! Semi Finals 5v5 Men's League Basketball! 

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Enjoy this video of the SEMI FINALS game to go to the championship...
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Jan 14, 2021




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Tristan Jass
Tristan Jass Month ago
Enjoy the video guys... Love you all and thank you for the support! Big things coming soon! 🙏
Hoop DaD
Hoop DaD Month ago
Good work bro
Thomas Taylor
Thomas Taylor Month ago
Yo Tristan Jazz. Hey bro i was wondering what actually happened to John? I must of missed a video or something. I normally watch all of your videos, especially your games. But like i said i missed something and cant find anything on what happened. Could you please elaborate? An why was number 23 on the opposing team this game? An not on your squad?
Leo Yu
Leo Yu Month ago
play d tjass 25 shot like 5 3s over you
Sincere Grant
Sincere Grant Month ago
@bigg ishh stop hatin shut up
bigg ishh
bigg ishh Month ago
upload the championship video damn bruh it been over 24 hours
AKBlind 2 days ago
No ones gonna talk about the Guys free throw Form?
Savxxz 4 days ago
Jass you the best at basketball but what type of basketball you playing men’s 5v5 basketball or basketball championship
Santos Xvii
Santos Xvii 9 days ago
#1 is not good idk what y’all talking bout . Buddy shot like 28% from the field . IQ maybe. But overall performance not impressed . Tjass is just incredibly gifted surrounded by mediocre Rec players and the softest big man in mankind lol
Adam Foo
Adam Foo 7 days ago
terrible shot chucker but he got some iq
RJ&O Vlogs
RJ&O Vlogs 10 days ago
5:46 my man needed a shooting boost
rebz on tv official
keep sharing guys. continue to watch the game every vlog in videos. GD bles injoy
Slaughter Gang
Slaughter Gang 13 days ago
2:09 "this team watches the ball a lot too" ".... family on three"
Kyle Cosgrove
Kyle Cosgrove 13 days ago
20:35 Nobody: T-Jass: *That sh!t don’t matter.* 🤷‍♂️
Brandon Morales
Brandon Morales 14 days ago
did any body realize its white people vs black people
Jeff Luvvern
Jeff Luvvern 19 days ago
keepin it honest.. your bench was doin the talkin this time... its basketball, talking is the mind game...
Walt Kelly
Walt Kelly 22 days ago
number #23 looks like slender man he's so tall
Mitchell Spillman
Mitchell Spillman 24 days ago
This game was like chess if you know what I mean
XEHJU ON ADS 24 days ago
We ain’t gonna talk about how his Jersey was the wrong way
Adam Foo
Adam Foo 7 days ago
he do it on purpose
Jordan Young
Jordan Young 25 days ago
Jordan Young
Jordan Young 25 days ago
Aren’t you playing again your friend form your other league your teammate
Quentin 25 days ago
This stuff really goin on with covid huh
Daily Memes
Daily Memes 25 days ago
Is this a league it looks fun
Fucc Yoo
Fucc Yoo 27 days ago
Love to see the diversity......
SDW Oreeyo
SDW Oreeyo 28 days ago
5:45 My man on the other team was feeling too confident I ain't gon lie😂
Han Lu
Han Lu 29 days ago
The plastic period intrestingly signal because organization notablely ski underneath a rambunctious egypt. gamy, draconian brazil
Gabriel Escobedo
Gabriel Escobedo 29 days ago
it looks like white vs blacks lmaooo
Taylor Weishaupt
Taylor Weishaupt 29 days ago
The backwards jersey is dumb
Hans Gulbranson
Hans Gulbranson 29 days ago
By the looks of the video, you're just your average hooper :(
Rasta Dej
Rasta Dej 29 days ago
carla Etame
carla Etame Month ago
Kyle Byrd Clevenger
Tristan bro. You got guys dedicating their lives to this basketball stuff. Just to make millions and be in the nba. You’re playing for fun and getting just as much notoriety as an nba player and just as much money if not more. You’re the goat bro 💯. Love your work man hope we can link and hoop sometime.
Kyle Byrd Clevenger
Agree #1 was a nice pick up
Dave Jones
Dave Jones Month ago
We not gonna ignore that he has the goku drip jacket
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson Month ago
That team was horrible
Bird 07
Bird 07 Month ago
What shoes you wearing?
Deshawn Atlaz
Deshawn Atlaz Month ago
Didn’t number 23 on the other team play on his team??
Will Robinson
Will Robinson Month ago
Can someone please explain to me why Tristan wears his Jersey backwards🤣
TyTy Taylor
TyTy Taylor Month ago
Green Team defense is no good and I seen fews mistake on that team I’m not trying to be negative or nothing it’s just that it’s seem like they are not taking it serious and just playing physical.
xOUTLAWxVENOM x Month ago
My boy Jon. Tell him I said wassup, we went to middle school together.
Dom West
Dom West Month ago
Is it just me or does the other teams 23 look exactly like cash. 😂🤣
Nick C
Nick C Month ago
Now I see why you guys lost the Chip. You guys went crazy hard in this game. And was expected to play another great team right after. All good. Still amazing games!
AyoSovvz Month ago
18:22 you can hear mans yelling.
John Edwards
John Edwards Month ago
I cant help being tripped the fuck out by homie wearing his jersey backwards... why do you want to get choked by your shirt its specifically designed to be worn the other way haha
De Bo
De Bo Month ago
Is it just me or the game was segregated
_KarlRigo_ _
_KarlRigo_ _ Month ago
Like he said that team had no clue what to do...😂
Quillz King'Swiper
2021 My Year I'm About To Blow In Music🎶 King Destined For Greatness
Jeffrey Johnson
Jeffrey Johnson Month ago
Logan. Stop fucking clapping in people's faces and worry about where you need to be on the court. I also like his large minion on the bench getting all excited for Logan's 1 of 3/4 baskets coming off the bench yelling. Dude comes in and hacks up the joint. My pops played professional baseball and said one thing to me that resonates today: act like you have been there before.
Jeffrey Johnson
Jeffrey Johnson Month ago
#1 taking pressure off TJass with some passes, handles, and buckets. Makes it way harder to just key T. Would like to see him #1 play the 2 and John at the 3 with T.
Rene Insunza
Rene Insunza Month ago
Lori Rhodes
Lori Rhodes Month ago
T jass literally plays no defense
Big Bucket Dom 45
I highly believe that me 16 year old sophomore could drop a 20+ in those games And hang with grown men on the floor
Damon Franklin
Damon Franklin Month ago
Sergio needs to slow his shot down. Immediately after he catches the ball he’ll go into his shot, and there’s not a defender anywhere near him. Take a second to lock eyes on the rim
Dennis Deschamp
Dennis Deschamp Month ago
WHY IS THERE ALL THIS HATE ON SERGIO. PEOPLE TALK ALL THIS SHIT BUT PLAY AGAINST HIM AND HE WILL SMOKE YOU. ITS EASY TO CRITIQUE FROM YOUR COMPUTER. GOD BLESS. T go take care of your foot bro i love your content plus everyone and I want you to be healthy. God Bless bro and ty
Vincent Carlucci
They should take top 5 youtubers vs 5 nba players that aren't washed up... true test
עומרי שרון
What about the finals ?
Brad Hunter
Brad Hunter Month ago
When are you gonna post championship game @tristan jass
TG Gang
TG Gang Month ago
Me waiting for the championship 😅
Jesse White
Jesse White Month ago
did they win the final...can't see the video of the final...
Jesse White
Jesse White Month ago
The big dude carried that game...
Jacob Potter
Jacob Potter Month ago
I need the championship video to drop man!!!
Alex Wampler
Alex Wampler Month ago
ian c506
ian c506 Month ago
Serg gotta rebound!!!
TrizzyBlnd Month ago
whats the beat to the outtro
B_ShizZLe Month ago
How do you they have different players
B Clark
B Clark Month ago
Rec league gets 500,000 views. LOL. What a world.
Hayden Tang
Hayden Tang Month ago
Who is waiting for the finals??
Әлішер Өміртай
Why are there only whites in your team ?!
Liam Spraggs
Liam Spraggs Month ago
When is the next game video ??
Draidon Barker
Draidon Barker Month ago
Jass you have got to get your center to stop shooting 3s he is terrible he should never be out of the paint on either end of the floor be who you are not who wish you were play your strength this is a team game and you screw your team over everytime u shoot a 3.
Ded Gg
Ded Gg Month ago
Команда белых вынесла черных
Cleon Adams
Cleon Adams Month ago
Where is the Champion game at
Oranfall Month ago
8:55 wasnt a travel.
Jarod Burns
Jarod Burns Month ago
Did I miss something? Why is 23 in green not with you anymore
Hidden Munchies
Hidden Munchies Month ago
Love your videos
Timothy Vangg
Timothy Vangg Month ago
“I don’t have to score this game at all” Shoots 70% of the whole team lmao
Jeffrey Johnson
Jeffrey Johnson Month ago
He took 12 shots knuckle...
Ayjay Gee
Ayjay Gee Month ago
Tristian Lillard
Michael Walker
Michael Walker Month ago
I heard Sergio plays D1? Which blows my mind because he is dog water. Seems like he has zero ball IQ. The man is massive and should be backing down all these players but can barely make a contested layup or put back against a defender 6 inches shorter than him😂
Devon Salome
Devon Salome Month ago
Can someone tell the guy who says "way off" every time the opponent shoots to STFU... annoying...
A. Bar
A. Bar Month ago
Wonder if it's the same guy that says "and 1" after almost every shot too
Serge why the hell did you go up with that at 18:25 ?
Hoop DaD
Hoop DaD Month ago
Good work bro
Ok I’m gonna say it. Sergio is not that good lol
Jack Kineke
Jack Kineke Month ago
that one guy screaming way off before they even shoot, when they're already up by 15 is a little much
Migo Suave
Migo Suave Month ago
Timma1409 Month ago
FamILy oN ThREe
Timma1409 Month ago
Tristan's boy( tall guy) is so soft like not trying be mean he just doesn't have ANY physicality what so ever. Idk if he's scared or what but if he learned to not be so timid he could be really good. I'm not hating btw just my observation
Wolfy Films
Wolfy Films Month ago
I gotta be honest I didn’t really dig the vlogging next to his teammates and stuff... like your a team it’s not about you and your foot...
Wolfy Films
Wolfy Films Month ago
Why does he wear his jersey backwards?
Brandon Mann
Brandon Mann Month ago
Nobody : Coach: Way off 🤣
Abdirahman Warsame
That number 1 dude is nice keep him
Korkosh Productions
Everyone when the refs blow a whistle: ✋🏼🤬🤚🏼
John Pham
John Pham Month ago
All I hear is “find yours!” And “and 1!” lol 😂
Andrew Franklin
Andrew Franklin Month ago
9:20 Serge is 6'10, has someone that is not taller than 6'4 on him. Gets an offensive rebound and directly goes back up with it hitting the left edge of the backboard after shooting from the right side.... You really cannot make that up.
Jay O
Jay O Month ago
12:56 where is the foul??? I hate biased refs
Jay O
Jay O Month ago
@8:46 That travel call would've drove me crrazy. Probably would've gotten a tech.
Ajax020 Ajax
Ajax020 Ajax Month ago
If i get 1 dollar every time that guy says way off i will be a miljonair
Risze Triple 8
Risze Triple 8 Month ago
How are they a great team
Tronci Month ago
I swear 23 used to play with you guys? I also noticed that big man in your team which I saw in another team you guys played
Why #23 switch teams on y’all?
Rick Dime
Rick Dime Month ago
Sergio be doing some dumb ass shit sometimes bruh
Greg Ellis
Greg Ellis Month ago
Can someone tell Surge (sp?) that he can't shoot 3's?
Zain Amer
Zain Amer Month ago
That guy on the bench is really annoying
Zain Amer
Zain Amer Month ago
Yo nummer 25 on the green team (away) got a dewrag on for the looks
Philippe Paradis Potvin
Castro Castro704
Tjass is a bucket 🏀 !
Ashley Ramsey
Ashley Ramsey Month ago
You remind me of myself I'm now 31 years old, I love the game of basketball and you play so much like me! I'm left handed tho
Ozzee Month ago
Post some vids then let’s see your skill
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