Willians Astudillo gets batters out throwing 46 mph pitches, a breakdown 

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Apr 20, 2021




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Jomboy Media
Jomboy Media 27 days ago
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Kike FTW
Kike FTW 3 days ago
I...can’t argue with that considering I’ve sat here on my 12 hours shift and watched more baseball than my family trying to convince me to go to every game with them lol
SWEAT Delta 15 days ago
pulsar_ 24 days ago
Deep Center Field Press
Fastball now measured with 2 egg timers. Now get him an knuckler or a slide piece, 46-70 all day long.
Hard Frej
Hard Frej 25 days ago
Jomboy has joined top percentile of the must-subscribe channels. Joining the videogamedunkeys and the primitive technologies of US-first. The best sports channel on US-first
T Bone
T Bone 31 minute ago
Is this the same dude that just got fucking rocked in the 9th by yermes
Tyler Gavin
Tyler Gavin 31 minute ago
I dont even watch baseball, but this was cool as shit im not gonna lie
arcguardian 40 minutes ago
Baseball sucks, but mind games in any sport is legit.
JB 56 minutes ago
Here after he let up a HR
IT STINKS Hour ago
I haven't watched baseball in 15 years, and have no intent on ever watching it now with all the virtue signaling trash going on. But I enjoyed this clip. 👍 Nice work.
Virgil Mepsted
That awesome! Sick video!
jesse belanger
jesse belanger 2 hours ago
You're not going to fool major league hitters for long with those rainbow pitches... and when they start making solid contact, they'll be hitting batting practice moon shots.
scatcat1994 2 hours ago
johnny cash
johnny cash 3 hours ago
just bunt. make his fat arse chase the ball
ryan nixon
ryan nixon 3 hours ago
Such a shit game
Joseph Diveley
Joseph Diveley 3 hours ago
When you been playing all game hitting 85 plus mph pitches it's very hard to hit something moving that slow with any real confidence. That's why change up pitchers make some big paychecks. Then even if they do hit the ball it will have so little energy that it doesn't really go anywhere.
Michael Anderson
Michael Anderson 3 hours ago
boring game
hoytoy100 4 hours ago
Surprised this has not happened sooner. If he can go 45-80, that is a huge range that is hard to time. Hope to see more of him.
Ac Duck
Ac Duck 4 hours ago
Who knew throwing the ball slower was more effective...
Skater XL Legend
Skater XL Legend 4 hours ago
Greendotz 4 hours ago
I know nothing about baseball, but I have a lot of time for this video
Roshan Shah
Roshan Shah 4 hours ago
Here after Mercin homerun!
Tim McDonald
Tim McDonald 5 hours ago
I swear to god, when I was 10 or 12 I read a book in the library called "Junk Ball Pitcher" about this guy! Who invented time travel?
lanceuppercut88 5 hours ago
They should use non-pitchers more often. It’s easy to blast a ball coming in over the plate at 85mph because the ball is doing half the work. When you’re lobbing it at half that speed It’s basically just the batter’s power that is making the ball go anywhere. The baseball bean counters should consider that shit
Scott Moore
Scott Moore 6 hours ago
Um see Yermin Mercedes....😆
George Springer
George Springer 7 hours ago
Then Yermin Mercedes annihilates one off him
tylerwilkey1331 7 hours ago
we need more pitchers who can do this
Saurabh Sharma
Saurabh Sharma 7 hours ago
Thats a slower bowl in cricket which is hard to hit if you don't read it early and be ready beforehand to add more power to the shot.
Eric Aldersey
Eric Aldersey 8 hours ago
This has revived my hopes of a professional sports career
Simon Jones
Simon Jones 9 hours ago
I thought the guy was in his 40's but he only 29 lol
M Murase
M Murase 14 hours ago
When your changeup is a fastball. XD
Neil Truick
Neil Truick 16 hours ago
If Bartolo Colon and Dave LaRoche had a love child...
Pat Needham
Pat Needham 17 hours ago
Who’s here after yermin nuked his 46 mph 3-0 pitch😂😂
Scott Martin
Scott Martin 17 hours ago
This guy looks like Bartolo Colon
Bob Damico
Bob Damico 17 hours ago
Not tonight he was yerminated!!!
OreGanoo 17 hours ago
Who’s here after he gave away a homer?😂but please never stop letting him pitch
Grant Hogan
Grant Hogan 18 hours ago
Baseballers finally learning what cricketers have known for decades
Matt Croy
Matt Croy 18 hours ago
Quick, edited, and with entertaining commentary. Baseball is fun to watch if you're watching jomboy; or drunk.
The Bed Doctor
The Bed Doctor 23 hours ago
I guess Rookie of the year was right. Float it.
mortdeus Day ago
well i mean they call it a changeup for a reason.
Aron Summers
Aron Summers Day ago
Playing smart asff
Cody I
Cody I Day ago
I did some deep reading here because I work intel and as you baseball fans know, if you can pay for it, we can get it for you. We think the twins are trying to develop ancillary pitching ability throughout their lineup to deal with the growing use of espionage in scouting starting pitchers. The thought is , if 5 or 6 of our guys can get 3-6 outs in addition to our scouted pitchers we can put a dent in the other guys strategy.
Glad they allowed him to do this, just proves most hitters are swinging before they release lol , if you can hit it at 100 you can hit it at 40. Well at least that should be true lol
KeiFresh Day ago
When I was a kid we used to play baseball on the backyard and every once in a while I’d throw a “granny slow ball” pitch which would always work and this is basically that
Mr. V.P.
Mr. V.P. Day ago
bruhh i despise baseball but your analysis makes me want to watch all your videos
Craig Johnson
Definition of work smart not hard 😏
Adum Ligess
Adum Ligess Day ago
Put me in coach
Joe Crocker
Joe Crocker Day ago
Baseball lmao!
Bob Sauce
Bob Sauce Day ago
So I can play now?
Curve due to gravity 😂
GhostSamurai Day ago
No question the most alpha pitching ever seen.
Cordele 2 days ago
There was no breakdown.
Mista Keez
Mista Keez 2 days ago
Ruger Shooter
Ruger Shooter 2 days ago
uhhhhh Steve Hamilton blooper ball
Chad Sanborn
Chad Sanborn 2 days ago
That lob had great drop. No one is going to hit that. And if they do it will never be anything but a grounder because of the angle it is going to be hit by the bat. But then to suddenly zing one in really keeps them guessing. If you have a better guessing like that, you will get him out almost every time.
Daniel Nunya Bidnezz
Astudillo: Mr. Loblolly
Axel Official
Axel Official 2 days ago
The catcher is throwing faster than the pitcher, no wonder the players are confused 😐
Elijah 2 days ago
We faced a guy like this in little league. I swear going to the mound against him was scary as shit.
The Man
The Man 3 days ago
#india_stands_with_israel #israel_needs_indian_land
Ze Bunker
Ze Bunker 3 days ago
What a scumbag bag. Shave, cut hair, button shirt. Make the sport respectable again.
Paronax 3 days ago
Professional baseball players forget how to hit slow moving pitches
Pixel_Geist 4 days ago
in 2021 you dont need to bring the heat just the mofongo
Procore Cup Series
This is something I’ve always wondered; if pitchers throw slower then the ball won’t go as far leading to less XBH
Green Plasticbag
Green Plasticbag 5 days ago
It's never about pace. It's about messing with the batters timing
I, Lukraze
I, Lukraze 5 days ago
This is one of the best things I've seen in baseball hahaha keep it up Jomboy, I'm back every day lol
Dale olson
Dale olson 5 days ago
Who’s the over weight out of shape slob on the pitching mound?
LJ McC 6 days ago
the epitome of fitness
Rustic 6 days ago
Makes me think of One Outs
Jeff Swift
Jeff Swift 7 days ago
I would utterly enjoy a solid starter who could do this for 6-9 innings well. I would watch baseball again.
Ryan Taylor
Ryan Taylor 7 days ago
As a former pupil of a former MLB pitcher....he always preached 'it's all about location and changing your speed!!". Man he wasn't lying...lol
Spark Joseph
Spark Joseph 7 days ago
“Except that guy he definitely can’t” lmao
Obadiah Johnson
Obadiah Johnson 7 days ago
The narrator sounds like nick miller from new girl
Brendan Crays
Brendan Crays 7 days ago
I’m dead 😂
TraumaER 8 days ago
This is now my favorite pitcher ever LOL!
P2DW 8 days ago
Baseball didn't have a concept of a Slow Ball!?
arnon royna
arnon royna 8 days ago
It curves due to gravity! 😆
Ben L
Ben L 9 days ago
You see how often MLB batters will just... get themselves out?
littleviking 06
littleviking 06 9 days ago
I striked out a bully by doing this. He was so pissed
Wombola 9 days ago
I saw this in a baseball manga called major
DRzDonn 10 days ago
He took a page straight from the TCG. Fuck the meta. I'ma go anti-meta and win.
Robo Jimbo
Robo Jimbo 10 days ago
Batters started treated em like softball pitches. Loading up and swinging high. Always surprised me pitchers don't do this more often
Travis Smith
Travis Smith 11 days ago
Makes me think of the last pitching sequence on "Rookie of the Year".
Dyortos 11 days ago
People don't realize that when you throw 90 miles an hour all that Force needs to go somewhere when it hits the bat just right that's how you get home runs the logic and baseball is a little bit doctored
Kevin Marshall
Kevin Marshall 11 days ago
yep, throwing slower also make recovering the ball much easier as more effort is required by the batter to get any kind of distance on the ball and doesn't get as muchtravel, and as a result the ball falls short where it can be easily caught or picked up.
Philk K
Philk K 11 days ago
Wuss commentary
Adam M
Adam M 11 days ago
St8 ⛽️
Matt H
Matt H 11 days ago
This is something I actually used to do against my brother when we played some baseball game on Nintendo back in the 80's. If you never changed your pitcher, he couldn't throw anything other than balls that barely made it over the plate, but the hitter could never hit anything other than line drives.
Damage, Inc.
Damage, Inc. 11 days ago
I dont follow baseball. Why was this dude allowed to pitch?
Kevin Marshall
Kevin Marshall 11 days ago
because he make people go out.
David T
David T 11 days ago
The last joke🤣
Cody Ferrell
Cody Ferrell 12 days ago
Man if you could accurately throw between 40 to 100 at any given pitch. You would be unstoppable. I think Zack Greinke was throwing like 55-90 that year heat won the Cy Young award. But don’t quote me on that.... I think so tho.
JoingsterJ0k3r 13 days ago
Basically it’s making expert guitar hero players play on easy, on songs they love playing on expert
Kristian Tolliver
Kristian Tolliver 13 days ago
he’s just smarter
Graeme Gunn
Graeme Gunn 13 days ago
Organized sports aren't that complicated to play. I'm glad you're all hyped up though, everyone should have a hobby.
Simple Person
Simple Person 13 days ago
Say what u want but this guy has the AL Cy Young locked down. Gonna end the season with a 0.00 ERA
Kyle Klontz
Kyle Klontz 14 days ago
To be fair, 2 of the 3 outs were ripped right at the 3rd baseman
Mike Westbrook
Mike Westbrook 14 days ago
Nothing better than a few good changeups and a decent fastball
Paul Den
Paul Den 14 days ago
I like how the ball just plops in there and it's a strike. 😄
Hass B
Hass B 15 days ago
This guy can go 200 pitches a game. No need for a closer, relief, anything.
mags 15 days ago
Hey, if your outfield is good and you can trust em, might as well
4K Definition
4K Definition 15 days ago
may as well just hire a catcher to be your pitcher and just have em throw ball
Eric Stewart
Eric Stewart 15 days ago
Ha Ha
Jamo’s World
Jamo’s World 15 days ago
If “ I really don’t give a F” was a pitcher.
Tad Thurston
Tad Thurston 15 days ago
We do the calculation of the slowest possible pitch in my classes: us-first.info/player/video/rJKFraZqn2Vlm3k.html
DayyyDr3amin 15 days ago
So, as someone who doesn't watch baseball? Is this guy just not giving a fuck, or is this actually something they specialize in that catches batters off guard? Or both?
awrdsf awfafw
awrdsf awfafw 16 days ago
why care about teams that are bought and sold like entertainment slaves? i don't get this shit at all.
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