Why Tyler Herro Received Death Threats ☠️ | #shorts 

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Tyler Herro is one of my favorite players in the league, not just because of his play but because of his mental toughness. Imagine your home town fans sending you death threats in high school just because you made a decision that was best for you.
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Feb 9, 2021




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Frank Michael Smith
Please forgive my mistake: Tyler went 13th overall
Boat Boat
Boat Boat Day ago
@Richard Denaris da
Ryan Anderson
Ryan Anderson 4 days ago
Ok dude you got me Ima follow 👊
Jorom Robby
Jorom Robby 5 days ago
We forgive you
Christine Frank
Christine Frank 11 days ago
@Jayden Reyes j
Project Omnis
Project Omnis 16 days ago
@Jayden Reyes ummm.....not even close
JJ Plays
JJ Plays 3 hours ago
He then sent us home, and know chilling in that nice warm 10th seed
my boy
my boy 5 hours ago
Only in America I guess lmao
MLG_Frog 8 hours ago
It's funny how his last name is herro and he was considered a villain
Funk Boii
Funk Boii 9 hours ago
“embraced the villain role” lol. right. more like “didn’t let the hate affect his mind/ethic”
L L Senju
L L Senju 11 hours ago
Anyone wanna start a raid were gonna raid pewdipies comments. #MRBEAST/RAID share to every server
jetski1453 16 hours ago
Teenagers for the most part don’t know where they’re going to end up in life, myself included. But it’s so bizarre to get so mad that a simply teenager changed and harass him and his family as well as destroying their property. People need to grow up.
Curious 22 hours ago
Those haters punching air rn lmao
James Duffy
James Duffy Day ago
People over rate white players because they want them to be good soooo bad. Herro is a fraud and you’ll forget about him in two years
Lil Burb
Lil Burb Day ago
Imaging caring so much about the “sanctity” of your home town that you have to destroy it and send death threats to a resident
Grindcore Rager 40
As a Wisconsinite, that attitude that "if you are accomplished and from Wisconsin, you must stay Wisconsin or you are a waste of space" is quite common; I know this as a Nebraska ('Husker) fan. It amazes me that nobody points out how rude Wisconsin fans are. I've met nicer Ohio State fans.
Arsenal Fan
Arsenal Fan 2 days ago
Who else is from Wisconsin here?
VeganCarnivore 2 days ago
People are fucking clowns now a days and can’t even respect a persons personal choice.
PradaNYC 2 days ago
Ford Man
Ford Man 2 days ago
Those are idiots with no life
folded shaq
folded shaq 2 days ago
Sill Pill
Sill Pill 3 days ago
BamaSam777 3 days ago
Good for this guy. He showed them he controls his own shit. Put em in the ground lol.
1000iq Main
1000iq Main 3 days ago
What’s the reason for the background music being in da club by 50 cent
superleafybros 123
I'm a Kentucky fan and I loved my boy Tyler. every 3 I said thats my boy
Its Anthem
Its Anthem 4 days ago
Everyone talks about how his hometown hated him but no one talks about how everyone in Kentucky loves him lmao, accept for u of l
Ann Davis
Ann Davis 4 days ago
You should do Nate Robinson
Jacob Porter
Jacob Porter 4 days ago
Kentucky love all the way!
Steez cheeks
Steez cheeks 4 days ago
He legitimately has a song named after him. Do you really think he gives a flying shit about what his home state thinks?
GrandmaGordy 4 days ago
I’m back
The Rebounder
The Rebounder 4 days ago
Me when i take the last oreo from my Brother : *DEATh*
Rayaan 510 • 4.5 billion years ago
And is now super overrated
Micah Whitley
Micah Whitley 5 days ago
This reminds me of when jujus mom got death threats because he was dancing on logos.
Jorom Robby
Jorom Robby 5 days ago
This is like the 30th video you made, ill just subscribe i guess...
EllisTaco 6 days ago
Nice video
Frank Michael Smith
Crossez Prod.
Crossez Prod. 6 days ago
Imagine giving death threats to a kid 💀 half of the things he can do they can’t do their scrubs
WayneDoesRp 6 days ago
its just f****** college basketball people.
N Vessel
N Vessel 7 days ago
I'm a Badger fan, but bruh... Imagine sending death threats to an 18 year old just because he didn't go to the school you wanted lol
Larry Leos
Larry Leos 7 days ago
the123 7 days ago
Dude this is the text book definition of it’s just a game some people are so childish
Stephen G
Stephen G 7 days ago
The funny part is most of the people who made these threats were probably around his age and didn't want to see homie successful 🤣
OZoolydie 7 days ago
Pretty ironic last name
Gladius Shepard
Gladius Shepard 7 days ago
Death threats over a game...smh. Also 18 isn't a kid. But I have no problem with anyone changing their mind and deciding to give free labor to a different college.
Matt Murdock
Matt Murdock 8 days ago
Yay I’m from Wisconsin to
Jonny Maurer
Jonny Maurer 8 days ago
And dude thinks he’s black when he really is whiter than a cloud
A-Aron 5 days ago
Jonny Maurer
Jonny Maurer 8 days ago
Easily the most overrated player in the NBA
TheCornBeefEater !
Wisconsin sucks so who would go there
Xavier Jones
Xavier Jones 9 days ago
Dad sounds like an ass
Electrodynamic Orb
Never heard of this guy does he still play basketball?
IRON60 BITCH 9 days ago
The kid wins fuck the haters
Mr Carl
Mr Carl 9 days ago
I’m a Kentucky fan so those hates can die
ImPolus 9 days ago
I thought he was finna start rapping at the beginning
D͓̽r͓̽a͓̽v͓̽e͓̽n͓̽ R͓̽a͓̽v͓̽e͓̽n͓̽
Imagine saying death threats because someone left. Grow up people.
Seth Curry
Seth Curry 9 days ago
Hes gonna be better than me
Wyld 1
Wyld 1 9 days ago
When you’re from Wisconsin 😱
Radiical 9 days ago
Poor guy
Radiical 9 days ago
Mike Elliott
Mike Elliott 9 days ago
Prayers to him
CK 10 days ago
I guess that happens when you don't say good game
Yume 10 days ago
If you're a hero you'll live long enough to see that you've become the villain -idk
I’m Jay
I’m Jay 10 days ago
Ok I know this
Aaron Kleinschmidt
Aaron Kleinschmidt 10 days ago
Why my guy wearing so much makeup tho
Tronci 11 days ago
It’s C1assy
It’s C1assy 11 days ago
I met him at a heat game he’s awesome
•Afro Bananas•
•Afro Bananas• 11 days ago
Wow are you serious they spray painted his house red? How pathetic
CrociatoAzzurro 11 days ago
That's just stupid. Let the guy live his life as he sees fit.
Sharkzilaaa 11 days ago
Oreo_the kitten1
Oreo_the kitten1 11 days ago
Watch it twice then you’ll know this so u could like the vid
Frank Michael Smith
😂😂😂 that’s genius 🙏🏼
Shane Sweeney
Shane Sweeney 11 days ago
He just be making videos on anything
Shane Sweeney
Shane Sweeney 11 days ago
Im not hating tho
Alex Dude
Alex Dude 11 days ago
Tyler actually went 13th overall
Alex Davis
Alex Davis 11 days ago
Adam Morton
Adam Morton 11 days ago
Frick the haters bro
Logan Napier
Logan Napier 12 days ago
I liked Tyler Herro when he played for Kentucky he was one of my favorite players probably I saw most of his games and I thought he was rly good
Brayden Hearn
Brayden Hearn 12 days ago
The Register
The Register 12 days ago
Went from a villan to a herro
rjrblx 12 days ago
Bruh these people only care about winning
Jah Gaming
Jah Gaming 12 days ago
He look like Jesse from hype for real for real
trxp_will_ 12 days ago
I will always give him the n word pass
Huncho 12 days ago
Imagine sending death threats to someone for making a way smarter move
I grew up in Wisconsin lol
Roblox_lover_girl _lol
Damn I would beat the shit put them kids for doing that to his parents home
Garrison 12 days ago
Not saying good game doesn't make him tough just rude imo
Darxx2 12 days ago
That’s pathetic like just because he saw something better and went for it doesn’t mean you should send death threats or egg or tp his house you shouldn’t do anything at most you can be mad but don’t be trying to take action
Sundar Pichai
Sundar Pichai 12 days ago
Because he’s white. There. Saved y’all from a stupid video
Tyler Herro
Tyler Herro 12 days ago
Probably because im too fucking good at basketball they call me TYRONE HERRO
Sloothman 13 days ago
You know your good when a popular artist made a song about you
Jennifer Chen
Jennifer Chen 13 days ago
You deversed it
JoelMaiato 13 days ago
His dad raised him well
Jaidyn Dingle
Jaidyn Dingle 13 days ago
TBB Toaster
TBB Toaster 13 days ago
He went 13th overall
Awesome Person
Awesome Person 13 days ago
me not know who this dude is, and thinks he doesnt have an arm based on the first pic😬
E E 13 days ago
Oh so this is the dude that jack harlow named a song after
nomuko 13 days ago
People take sports so far smh😔
Lsl8 24
Lsl8 24 13 days ago
I know it’s messed up to send death threats but Tyler ditched his home town like WTF
Fight Me
Fight Me 8 days ago
All money and better career options, nothing personal. It's their gain first before everyone else, can't be mad at that what did their state do to them, nothing.
Ethan Spencer
Ethan Spencer 13 days ago
I love my Kentucky Wildcats and our 8 NCAA championships
KrakenCthulhu OnYT
KrakenCthulhu OnYT 13 days ago
Me *Realise that its a rap story*
Gabriel Zavala
Gabriel Zavala 13 days ago
Welp I live in a town right outside milwaukee and I don't know about playing sports 😬😬 Sike I actually like the anylitics and coaching better
S MO 13 days ago
Is it not ironic that he’s wearing a heat jersey in his pic as a kid and he somehow got drafted to the heat
ItsLuis 13 days ago
Never new people would send death threats over a sport, a lot of pathetic people out there I guess
Brendan R
Brendan R 13 days ago
He do be lookin like @jesser doe
Nicholas Vandergeest
This is liberal Democrat culture if you dont like something haze bully and attack someone he plays for a Republican school and they hate him
Nico Ybarra
Nico Ybarra 13 days ago
I just learned something
bloody bape
bloody bape 13 days ago
Over where an 18 year old will play sports? Sheesh I can’t believe I breathe the same air as some of these degenerates
W for Wavy
W for Wavy 13 days ago
i mean cmon man wisconsin basketball been trash for like 5 years
Finn Cooper
Finn Cooper 13 days ago
Bro why did man look like Daniel Laroso from cobra Kai 😂
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