Why There Was No Video Yesterday 

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Science & Technology

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Apr 6, 2021




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nile d.r.
nile d.r. 7 hours ago
The world is not ending.....not yet?
Rakel Guðmundsdóttir
Don't worry 😉 we will be right here when you come back
Ian Knox
Ian Knox Day ago
What's with the joe Rogan microphone, affection may be,
Martijn Kroezen
May you be well Sir!
James King
James King Day ago
Enjoy the vacation man. We will see you when you get everything in order.
Sir Savien Traliard
Gönn dir ne Pause, deine Augenringe sagen das du sie nötig hast. Wir wollen das du uns noch ne Weile erhalten bleibst. Wir werden dir weiterhin treu bleiben. Dein Videos sind großartig. Liebe Grüße aus Hamburg
Linda Klann
Linda Klann Day ago
Great 👍🏽 rest to you 🕊🤍✌🏽🥰👍🏽🌸🍀🦋🎐🪅🪑
Mr Random
Mr Random Day ago
He looks tired AF.
Ken Gill
Ken Gill Day ago
Looking forward to your return hope it all goes well
Topic recommendation: The damon core
If Joe feels the need to explain us for 10 minutes why he would like some vacation after 7 years, we really are the worst bosses.
Nu B
Nu B 2 days ago
Because you’re lazy and we don’t care....
Swag Nificent
Swag Nificent 2 days ago
OMG take a break
plutoniumshore 2 days ago
Go love yourself Joe...love yourself HARD =P You've earned it!
VikingInfidel 2 days ago
We miss you Joe! I hope you're having an awesome time just relaxing
sevenhornets 2 days ago
It's not 2014 ?
Andrew Bernard
Andrew Bernard 2 days ago
Wow! You said "this is the first time since.." Take a break you earned it. Take the rest of April off. Two week vacations happen. Go to Hawaii.
Casey Jones
Casey Jones 2 days ago
Taking a break??? Say it ain't so Joe
Mikal Rage
Mikal Rage 2 days ago
Joe - “After 6 years of posting every Monday, I need to take a break.” *Proceeds to spend most of his break posting videos about why he needs a break from posting videos.* Literally the most Joe Scott thing ever!
Davina Test
Davina Test 2 days ago
Take a break and chill ❤️🙏🏼
Adithya Ramesh
Adithya Ramesh 2 days ago
What you said about the allure of your routine is so true. Monday is usually an exhausting day at work for me and I always look forward to having dinner while watching your videos, makes my day a lot better :)
Jeremy Green
Jeremy Green 3 days ago
Taking a break is necessary for mental stability. Don't apologize for it. Also guest host suggestions, Matt Patt , Austin ( from THE SCIENCE) ,The dude from Veratisium ( can't remember his name ) or Kyle Hill. May be a good Collab , just thoughts.
Ronald van den Born
Hey, Joe. Love your channel of course. I have a topic you might find interesting. I did. It's about then quantum theory. Especially about waves and particles. In ather worden, can you do a video of Jeff Boyd and his theorie of elementary waves. I'm not saying he is right. But he has a very good point. Here is a link to one of his videos: us-first.info/player/video/gqlpq4-eZZx_rpc.html. You will like this. Grtz Ronald from then Netherlands.
Ian Matuszewski
Ian Matuszewski 3 days ago
Hey Joe. Take your time man. We will still be here. I can't thank you enough for your channel. I didn't really spend any time on US-first before 2020. Like many folks I found myself out of work. My brain a swirling mess trying to think my way through self preservation. And I was able to do the hard thinking, but only with lots of healthy "time outs". I find my bliss in Science and Thought. You have provided my with a much needed sanctuary during these times. You helped me say positive and proactive. I love how you tackle the frontiers of complex experimental science with an easy to understand and good humored manner. You are a good man Joe Scott. You are giving back to society more than you may realize.
grahamlive 3 days ago
This is your job. You need a holiday. 6 years? If I went 6 months in my job without a holiday, I’d go insane. Take a break!
Ryan Farnham
Ryan Farnham 3 days ago
Take that break, you've earned it and everyone needs some time off once in awhile!
Stable Genius
Stable Genius 4 days ago
Joe I have a video suggestion for you, as an Egyptian living in a country with severe water scarcity it would be interesting if you would make a video about potential methods to produce fresh water artificially for agriculture and municipal uses especially in dry countries
Dick Gozinya
Dick Gozinya 4 days ago
Why didn't you just get one of your clones to do it?
Dennis Kessler
Dennis Kessler 4 days ago
Joe, you do you. I enjoy all your content. You, as all of us, need a break now and then. Have a fun break and when/if you need us to trouble shoot your new ideas let us know and maybe we can create a troubleshooting area for such a thing.
Mike Oxlong
Mike Oxlong 4 days ago
Honeymooners was only on for 1 year. Granted, it was an episode every week, write, rehearse and shoot live, but dude, take a nice long break and enjoy
Lauren Jewel
Lauren Jewel 4 days ago
I love this man.
brandon luciano
brandon luciano 4 days ago
Love your chanel love your content .... im going over to check you out on nebula while you're off here ... I never comment on videos by the way but I was missing you so I came to see where you been .... you convinced me to sign up for curiosity a month ago and I never did thank you so thank you As for the break ... no sweat brother I'll be back watching the day you start posting again
Ed Fridy
Ed Fridy 4 days ago
What? Vacation? That is so unamerican. But wait, waiting until everything is your life desperately needs your attention and you are burned out before you take some time to deal with it? Totally american.
Andrew 13579
Andrew 13579 4 days ago
Joe has suffered a break! Did you see him dancing his “bunny fingers” on the screen? He’s gone.
Andrew 13579
Andrew 13579 4 days ago
OMG! What fell in 2014? I’m freakin out! ...”especially since the fall of 2014”
Thomas Nøhr
Thomas Nøhr 4 days ago
Dude! You don't have to excuse yourself in any way - merely announce that you're taking a break. You're human, remember to relax. Also, thanks for all the interesting stuff! You're a cool bean.
thomas lovse lovse
Joe, you should do a video on the Oak Island mystery!
Lowell Martin
Lowell Martin 5 days ago
While I very much like your videos, it truly doesn't bother me. When you post you post so as far as I'm concerned this was unnecessary as your life is your life and you owe no one any explanation. So take care of yourself and your family and relax and take of family business.
pimfinin 5 days ago
vacation good
Jill Turtle
Jill Turtle 5 days ago
Well deserved rest.
Simon Kaastrup-Olsen
Take 3 months mate! Yearh, get some sleep! Spend some money. Upgrade the studio, the home, spend time with the family, and dont come back with grindy content. Come back with perspective and bring it to the next level. And grats on the million. Well deserved!
Lulu Colby
Lulu Colby 5 days ago
You totally deserve a break dude.
Nikeyo HoSang
Nikeyo HoSang 5 days ago
Random thought, are humans going blind? And are we doing it to ourselves by not "breeding" it out of the species? About 75 percent of the American adult population need some type of vision correction. Are we gona go blind in 100 years. Saw a video the other day that had infants needing classes.
clydem56 5 days ago
Take care of yourself, sometimes the tough part is realizing it needs to happen and making the decision to do it. Of course the wife helps 😊
hazonku 5 days ago
Taking care of your life around you is the hardest damn part about being a content creator with a schedule. The real world doesn't really give a crap about your schedule and it's not hard at all for everything to just get out of control & start taking a toll. Over on my platform the holiday season-May is slow anyway so I just dial it all way back. Initially it was due to scheduling conflicts with my other job but what started as a burden became an opportunity to decompress and due spring cleaning both IRL & with my production. I would encourage every content creator to check their metrics, know their platform, and find that opportunity. Even if it's just a chance to take a break it's worth it.
Powerhouse band
Powerhouse band 6 days ago
Do you joe u gotta live ur life and family first. We will be here waiting for ur return.. be safe
Lakshmi Rose
Lakshmi Rose 6 days ago
Has anyone else heard that the divine feminine is on the rise?
Lakshmi Rose
Lakshmi Rose 6 days ago
So desperately need some love my way. Possibly in the form of literal money and not cryptocurrency.
DefiantHardcore 6 days ago
You look tired, dont push yourself. Take your time man!
alex hoffmann
alex hoffmann 6 days ago
i just get out of boot camp im excited to watch the videos and hes going on his first break in five yers big ooof
Leena Krackow
Leena Krackow 6 days ago
Can you make a video on the Russian Sleep Experiment ?
Jeff Dingle
Jeff Dingle 6 days ago
ANOTHER FUTURE IDEA FOR A VIDEO WHEN YOU RETURN.... The story of WW2 British double-agent EDDIE CHAPMAN could be another good subject for a video. He was an English criminal and a wartime spy and during WW2 he joined the German Abwehr but also became a British double agent. His British codename was "ZIGZAG" in acknowledgement of his rather erratic personal history where he was even awarded the Iron Cross with a personal citation from Adolf Hitler. His story today can even be found on British Intelligence MI5 website. Amazing story and he died in 1997. MOVE OVER JAMES BOND...
Joseph Vigil
Joseph Vigil 6 days ago
I never thought I would hear myself saying this. I’m going to download Tik Tok. Edit: Just in case anyone brings it up, I actually did say it. I used the dictation button on my phone.
RULosingMy Mind
RULosingMy Mind 6 days ago
[QUESTION] For when you return: Batteries aren't energy dense enough to make a plasma jet engine an effective replacement for regular jet aircraft, but what would the feasibility be for a hybrid plasma jet engine? For instance, something that uses a relatively low carbon emission fuel, like natural gas, to produce electricity with a generator that then powers a plasma jet? Since air can be ionized, it wouldn't need to carry propellant, just fuel for the generator. Or is there something I'm missing?
Evan Eisenstadt
Evan Eisenstadt 6 days ago
But I need answers on this new particle .... what will I do? Go to Wikipedia LIKE A LOSER? jk ... stay well and looking forward to May.
Taylor Julius
Taylor Julius 6 days ago
Omg... Joe is dead 😭😭😭
Herr Schmidt
Herr Schmidt 6 days ago
Dude chill :)
Netty Runescape
Netty Runescape 6 days ago
Dear Joe, Please take as long as you need. We will all be here when you get back.
GenX Rants
GenX Rants 7 days ago
Take your break. Take care of yourself. Everyone needs a break.
Matt Higgs
Matt Higgs 7 days ago
You definitely deserve a break but i would be lying if I said I didn’t already miss your Monday videos😭
Jeff Veron
Jeff Veron 7 days ago
What would happen if you shot a bullet down the barrel of a tank?? Would the tank round explode once a round was fired thru it? In other words, let’s say that you fired a 5.56 round down a tank barrel that had a live round in it, and the 5.56 round got wedged in between the tank round and the barrel?
ViscorG 7 days ago
Have you done a video on black hole genesis theory yet?
Josh Guminski
Josh Guminski 7 days ago
Hey, you deserve a break. You gotta take time for you. Keep up the great work. Your my favorite US-firstr. Sorry for your problems in texas
billy Born
billy Born 7 days ago
Do you boo. lol. For real. Do your thing. Hope to see you soon brotha.
jacob pancake
jacob pancake 7 days ago
Do you Joe, we love ya an we'll still be here.
Noah Nave
Noah Nave 7 days ago
Dude fr out here not posting shit right when I finished all his videos from the past 6 years and now he ain’t posting when I decided I’ll subscribe to see his new vids
id104335409 7 days ago
I was reading the title thinking about what it means. I actually thought it is some kinds of a paradox I haven't heard of.
Ben V
Ben V 7 days ago
I am finally ditching US-first because of censorship and manipulation. I will look for your content on other platforms.
Stel _
Stel _ 7 days ago
I'm so glad to hear you are looking after yourself and your home for a while. You have done amazing things here while on this weekly schedule; imagine what you could do if you let yourself breathe! Stay safe and wonderful sir; looking forward to seeing your changes when you're ready again
Carl Williams
Carl Williams 7 days ago
I skipped through the whole video. Good luck.
Good Morning Humans
Go smoke a doobie, and chill! I haven't watched you for a month, so turn about is fair play! +
Shaka J Hinds
Shaka J Hinds 8 days ago
You do your do I'll be right here when you come back, ever now and then everyone needs some "ME" time.
Cricket Man
Cricket Man 8 days ago
Just admit it. You chose April to... Be All By Yourself 🙃
J Balzey
J Balzey 8 days ago
Who cares!! Put out content, or be forgotten!!!!!
Colin Smith
Colin Smith 8 days ago
Discovered your little channel back in when you had 200K subscribers, Monday night in Scotland is not complete without your now pretty big show , keep up the great work Joe!!
Zubotai 8 days ago
Maybe come back and do a video on Faust and the Faustian bargain.
Vishen Sivparsad
Vishen Sivparsad 8 days ago
Yve Chapman
Yve Chapman 8 days ago
We love you dude. Take care of yourself.
Matt Barneveld
Matt Barneveld 8 days ago
OMG, a creative who hasn't taken a break from being creative for 6 yrs!!!!! How the heck have you done that and still produced quality for 6 yrs. As a photographer (enthusiast), I have realised this year that about every 12 months I "lose my mojo" and unintentionally have taken a break for about a month or two. I've also realised that after that break, I seem to come back with a greater passion and have made a leap in my creativity. Enjoy your "break" and come back bigger and better (for yourself). Look forward to your return 😊
Matthew 8 days ago
Look after yourself Joe. Hope to have you back soon 😭
Mostafa Aghamirzadeh
Just found your channel, it's amazing. I really enjoy your videos.
Sarah Bryant
Sarah Bryant 8 days ago
McGCh46e 8 days ago
Is Tesla using Quantum computing with Dojo to study data collected during FSD? If not, why not?
TheFriskyComiskey !
Ocean Front Property..... Just watch the trailer..... Do you people even know what that is?
Sam 89
Sam 89 9 days ago
You do you bro. No shame in that.
No school Like the old school
It sounds like his wife had a good old fashion moan, "look at the house it's a f****** mess it's me or US-first" take your time Joe keep the wife happy, I know, from a divorcee!
Doug Hannon
Doug Hannon 9 days ago
It's ok dude. You're allowed to take a vacation -- no need to apologize.
ben cash
ben cash 9 days ago
I'd love to see some collaboration with Dr. Becky maybe she likes to jump in?
jeremy jozwik
jeremy jozwik 9 days ago
enjoy your break, i mean enjoy spending the whole time working on your house! also spring clean while you are at it :D
Arnoud van Thiel
Arnoud van Thiel 9 days ago
I'll be waiting patiently for the blue dot to appear next to your name. Thanks for all that you do.
ReadSetData 9 days ago
Take care of yourself, man. I'll be here.
norwayva 9 days ago
We've all gotta take breaks! Rest up and I look forward to seeing you come back refreshed when you're ready.
Richard Phillips
Richard Phillips 9 days ago
Enjoy the break dude. Do not apologise for it. Take more. Life is short. 😎
SCARLET Ntshangase
Joe Scott can we use Volcano to generate energy/electricity ?
nick Burton
nick Burton 9 days ago
Dude you're awesome take a holiday, do some restructuring them go bk to it when you are comfortable. This may be your living and business but don't let it be any more than that, your veiwers your consumers not your overlords you don't owe us your sanity. Live your best dude😁
There is No Censorship On Rumble
twitter; I've never been there and feel no loss
Dan Wilmott
Dan Wilmott 9 days ago
A holiday is well overdue
TheDigitalRealm 10 days ago
Joe, as someone who binges youtube daily for fun, interesting, educational topics, your channel is absolutely at the top of the charts. The way you break down complex topics into bitesize, easily digestible chunks while adding a splash of dry humour (that, as a brit, I love) to the way you pivot and cover dark, emotional and sombre topics, handling them with the respect, empathy and sensitivity that they deserve - thank you. Please always make time to look after yourself. Its something I havent done enough of (working in a highly stressful IT job, and recently having my hairline recede as a result - Im 23) and am actively working on. Its always a difficult balance to strike, wanting to further my career at any cost, has predictably, not been worth the cost. I love your content and I want you to be in the healthiest, best place to ensure this channel and its content continues to flourish. Love ya man, I wish you all the best life can throw at you. X - Jacob Felt like signing my real name as a sign of the authenticity of my little comment. X
amontillado26 10 days ago
you do you man :D
FunMushizzle 10 days ago
In Australia we get 4 weeks paid leave a year plus 2 week sick leave.. take it easy mate.