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Impaulsive is a significant break from the typical content viewers have come to expect from the vlog channel & we could not be more proud and excited to watch this unfold and grow. Please be advised that we will be exploring a wide variety of topics (some adult-themed) and our younger viewers (and their parents) should be advised that some topics will be for mature audiences only.
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Nov 6, 2020




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Comments 100   
Corey Olsen
Corey Olsen 3 days ago
This is a girl, not a woman. She’s not the type of person that you want to date, she wants attention rather than respect.
DJ Spooky 2
DJ Spooky 2 4 days ago
Jesus Harry is blowing up
Grecia Medero
Grecia Medero 6 days ago
If a guy had donde this no one would be mad. It was a WEEK like if she’s dating around she can do whatever she wants. Guys do this all the time. Sure she’s a clout chaser and looks obnoxious but that’s besides the point. She’s doing what men do and Everyone is mad. Make it make sense
ruf ruf
ruf ruf 6 days ago
Her body to head ratio is off. Does she have dwarfism?
Christina S
Christina S 6 days ago
these dudes have like 0 clue what the woman is talking about most of the time. Like when she talked about how she was annoyed with him flexing about being able to date her and they just blanked 😄 men
Harry Byrne
Harry Byrne 8 days ago
Veronica Simone
Veronica Simone 8 days ago
J Bac
J Bac 9 days ago
Whoa. That old set is a little too high school. Love the show though.
Barta Bhaus
Barta Bhaus 10 days ago
No we don’t need tea, we want this story to be short, concise and to the point. Thank you very much
Jordan Greene
Jordan Greene 13 days ago
Yall calling her a clout chaser name a single influencer that isnt? Ill wait
John Olsen
John Olsen 19 days ago
she looks old
Jodii Capo
Jodii Capo 21 day ago
Dont save her she dont wanna be saved.
Jin Intoniq
Jin Intoniq 22 days ago
2:10 that comment was NOT it
JDChicago 22 days ago
She is so not worth any of this......That's the check that cashes.
Rondo Fuentes
Rondo Fuentes 25 days ago
She has no brain at all my god
Layhla Grace
Layhla Grace Month ago
Any person that dates people just for clout needs to sit down with a therapist. That shit must fuck you up mentally & emotionally.
Synaesthesia Month ago
Immediately disliked her. There's that female manifestation of pathological Narcissism. Fake, sneaky, manipulative. Mean. She's definitely the girl to say hi in a fake voice and roll her eyes 2 seconds later. Super hot though lol. Why do snakes get such nice suits
APRIL Month ago
If you don’t like paparazzi then don’t try be in the public eye for a living 🤣
APRIL Month ago
“I don’t wanna be posted” but goes on a viral podcast 🤣🤣
MrChimorinkaari Month ago
Logan Paul mentioning moral compas 🤦🏻
Julius Sundberg
Julius Sundberg Month ago
Julia Rose feels like a real genuine person speaking from her heart. Everything feels just right. She even tried to marry the guy. Respect.
Epic Fails
Epic Fails Month ago
Probably the best looking girl I’d refuse to date
FourShotMyEX Month ago
This girl is so full of herself it’s not even funny
kream Month ago
Bruh why is she talking shit about someone on a live broadcast
Marty Klutch
Marty Klutch Month ago
god shes so fake
BLAZ 236
BLAZ 236 Month ago
Imagine this being your daughter 🤮🤮🤢🤢🤢🤢
White Nigga
White Nigga Month ago
Even Jake said she's for the street 🤭
Katie Hicks
Katie Hicks Month ago
Like Jake Paul said “SHE BELONGS TO THR STREETS!!!”
Hybrid Mind
Hybrid Mind Month ago
She got a long ass neck
Nicholas DiCostanzo
Do people really care? I never heard of either one of them.
Antonio Rupeti Anderson
She so fake wtf
Jeff Jeff
Jeff Jeff Month ago
She’s a narcissist
Ace Month ago
Watch her podcast and you might change your mind.
Ace Month ago
Yo, so many haters. Let her live her life.
Huhhh Month ago
Poor Ryan(lls). Nice guys finish last fr
RZVT Month ago
Yikes 😬
Jaxx Oceans
Jaxx Oceans Month ago
youngg1201 Month ago
She belongs to the Skreets.
Lukene Mabote
Lukene Mabote Month ago
I have never heard someone use the word “like” so fckin much to the point of getting me annoyed
EX0TIC S0NIC 2 months ago
She even flashed her tits on the show for attention, she deserves next to nothing, btw we all got so much love n respect for harry tho
Mike Kooyman
Mike Kooyman 2 months ago
“ I like to be private” goes on every podcast possible
Gage Maddox
Gage Maddox 2 months ago
He needs Tana back
Rezan Sahin
Rezan Sahin 2 months ago
This Girl is dangerous. Believe me
Kushmael McFlurray
Kushmael McFlurray 2 months ago
You KNOW she’s loose. Still hot as fuck tho.
Ali Chehab
Ali Chehab 2 months ago
she belongs to the stgreets
Ali Chehab
Ali Chehab 2 months ago
they're back together lol and she cheated on Jake she really does bellong to the streets
Ali Chehab
Ali Chehab 2 months ago
well that aged fast
Julianna Giammarino
Julianna Giammarino 2 months ago
KraZZy wolff
KraZZy wolff 2 months ago
Hey yo but Julia is the girl so it just looks bad but that guy Harry is just getting views and get over it move on bro 😎 later
Sinner Shiann
Sinner Shiann 2 months ago
This weirds me out. She tried to have a fake wedding too hahah her and jake are perfect
Nicholas Sweigart
Nicholas Sweigart 2 months ago
Welp spoke to soon lol she cheated and he said they been done Lmfaoo😂🤣
Goat Mania
Goat Mania 2 months ago
Guys You know how Fake Chinese products are? She is even more fake than those products.
February Fluster
February Fluster 2 months ago
She looks orange
Kevin Vaillancourt
Kevin Vaillancourt 2 months ago
You guys should of asked her why she cheated
Ben Caffrey
Ben Caffrey 2 months ago
Sami Michelle
Sami Michelle 2 months ago
So crazy that she started her career from being on the MTV show 'Are You The One' to dating Jake Paul - wild.
Bear Steier
Bear Steier 2 months ago
Валентин Гълъбов
Basically JULIA ROSE : like like like like like like
Joseph Alessandro
Joseph Alessandro 2 months ago
You cheated that the difference
life choices
life choices 2 months ago
She really tried it w that pap accusation LMAOOO she’s so lame
SimpleThingsMatter. 2 months ago
She belongs to the Streets...
Paloma de moustier
Paloma de moustier 2 months ago
this comments are disgusting
Jordyn Brown
Jordyn Brown 2 months ago
“Do anything for clout” - offset
Ryan McFarlin
Ryan McFarlin 2 months ago
Everywhere I watch interviews of her she has her tits out like no respect for herself. She seems toxic, self absorbed, and has no respect for herself.
Kiersten michelle
Kiersten michelle 2 months ago
I don’t even know who this girl is but I was watching Harry on call her daddy and everyone was saying her name so I needed to see her and thank good they’re not still together just based on this clip
Jolie Forte
Jolie Forte 2 months ago
Jolie Forte
Jolie Forte 2 months ago
Rebecca K
Rebecca K 2 months ago
Baby you got married in Vegas, you married EVERYWHERE. This isn’t “What happened in Vegas” the movie lmao
Mikaela Benner
Mikaela Benner 2 months ago
“Harry was on a dating show though” the show he was on isn’t even one that is meant to find connections? In fact JULIA is the one who was on are you the one which is meant for that!! Not to mention she had a boyfriend back home and publicly cheated on him. Talk about a double standard babe.....
DARK RECON 2 months ago
Dylan Blaize
Dylan Blaize 2 months ago
Das why u don’t cuff girls who sell they nudes😂
Kaine 2 months ago
Plastic Dumpster trash
no no
no no 2 months ago
i do not like her wow
Sanjay Singh
Sanjay Singh 2 months ago
She's beautiful And cheap❤️
iheartlacey7 2 months ago
These comments are disgusting
Elyse Shires
Elyse Shires 2 months ago
I don’t like to judge women, but: Ew
Adam 2 months ago
This girl is gonna get challenged to a boxing match any day now. She’s fucking over way to many dudes lmaoo
Sean Flynn
Sean Flynn 2 months ago
Lmao she isn’t jakes, she’s everyones
ouu. 2 months ago
she fake
Marysia Jurc
Marysia Jurc 2 months ago
This girl needs a major hair treatment her ends are so dry.. sorry I don’t want to be rude
Ayush Neogi
Ayush Neogi 2 months ago
This is how many times she said 'like' 👇
xmrw0nqzlifex 2 months ago
Her and Jake can be toxic together they deserve each other honestly Tana please stay far away from Jake
Boop La
Boop La 2 months ago
The way she keeps making sure her hair doesn’t cover her boobs half hanging out. This girl is such a joke hahah no one should ever want to date her. She’ll do anything for attention.
Will McDaniel ıı
Will McDaniel ıı 2 months ago
Brooooooo....harry a fuckin wierdo
Dinpuia Puia
Dinpuia Puia 2 months ago
Gold digger n fake😂😂
Vincent LaGrega
Vincent LaGrega 2 months ago
God what a weird ass life and bubble these You Tube, IG influencer, and reality Tv stars have and are in. Shit is so fake and sad.
Alan SD
Alan SD 2 months ago
Logan doesn’t like her for Jake, and neither do we
Vincent LaGrega
Vincent LaGrega 2 months ago
The dude really thought she wanted tea. Man oh man 😂😂🤦
Dawson lucas
Dawson lucas 2 months ago
Everyone saying she’s a clout chaser even tho she already has millions of followers and her own multi million dollar company 😂
Ash 2 months ago
She considers herself like a new Rolex 🙄
Papa Beast
Papa Beast 2 months ago
You should get Bradley Martin on here
# oneandonlytyler
# oneandonlytyler 2 months ago
fake tits fake tan fake teeth fake hair,fake emotions .........=bad relationship
Jahni Carpenter
Jahni Carpenter 2 months ago
jhvaa akalo
jhvaa akalo 2 months ago
how many times did she say 'like'....
Johm Bm
Johm Bm 2 months ago
JM 2 months ago
Why does every girl sugar coat shit when they flat out cheated? She was dating this guy and goes and sleeps with another but tries to make it sound like it isn’t cheating? Lmaooooo
madison fisher
madison fisher 2 months ago
How many times does she say ‘like’ ...
IsaacJamesFitness 2 months ago
She belongs to the streets....
Jasmine 3 months ago
Is she dumb ?
J. Montrice
J. Montrice 3 months ago
I keep scratching my head trying to figure out he Jake Paul is famous he’s not that attractive and his personality is Vanilla I don’t understand the allure...This is not coming from hate and I just really don’t get why he’s as famous as he is, it’s strange.
its ivory
its ivory 3 months ago
Morgan Lile
Morgan Lile 3 months ago
Can I just say this, it does not matter how long you where together if you did not set up regulations example like saying you can date other people when you are in the relationship but you just have to tell them who they are that is fine it doesn't matter how long someone's in a relationship it still hurts a lot when they find out they weren't loyal unless it was specified in the beginning that it was fine to be with other people. That's what I find so frustrating is because they're saying it was just a week it shouldn't matter but it does matter. Also when was he seen with varsity pippen I just want to know. And for me it doesn't matter the gender just don't cheat unless you're in an open relationship.
Tana Mongeau | Ep. 11