Things You Will See for the First Time in Your Life - Part 16 

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Coming up are some more amazing viral video clips and pictures you'll see for the first time in your life!
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Leaf & Planthopper Nymphs: us-first.info
David Weiller has captured intimate portraits and behaviors of spectacular animals from the rainforest. All of his video footage and photos are worth having a look.
Egg Ice Cream: us-first.info/more/AFJxKnxL8rIdMyVcsoNcYA
Hercules Beetle Larvae: insecthaus_adi
Fluffy pancakes: us-first.info/more/gO0aJHs7kQ-vWSI12_TLfQ
Leon Keer 3D Street Art: leonkeer
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Feb 18, 2021




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Goddess Blessed
Goddess Blessed 7 hours ago
I remember living in ft lauderdale and I opened the door to go to school and i saw a shitload of crabs in the yard, the roads, under cars, etc! Looks like they were alllll on their way somewhere because they werent scrambling around, but moved together in the same direction (which happened to be through our neighborhood and yard) I had to double take Maaaaaan, I shut the damn door so fast and I went and told the whole household and the women stood scared and surprised meqnwhile, my older brother and cousin, grabbed a clothes basket and some tongs and ran out to catch some 😂😂😂😂😂😂 my mom and my cousin's mom was pissed though and made them leave the crabs alone. *I wonder if it was illegal?* probably is. Everything is illegal nowadays
Jacob heyman
Jacob heyman 12 hours ago
The guy mopping is definitely getting overtime
X Gamer
X Gamer 17 hours ago
Kalamari is the grossest and weirdest thing I’ve ever eaten
Jay Sherier
Jay Sherier Day ago
In Asia they eat Hercules beetles like French fries 🍟
Jay Sherier
Jay Sherier Day ago
I'm already weird! I put mayonnaise on pancakes!
Jay Sherier
Jay Sherier Day ago
I like my eggs & ice cream SEPARATE THANK YOU!
MÄRÏLYN 2 days ago
Grabbing their phone??!!! What happened to rescuing the cat and/ or the owl!! Oh no!! Let’s grab the phone in case we miss some potential blood shed that we can upload to social media!! I swear to God, these people have lost all sense of empathy and appropriate behaviour...
JB FITNESS 3 days ago
bruh we had rolled ice cream way back 2011
JB FITNESS 3 days ago
I love your contents. Seriously *but the dislikes were at 499.. so I just had to do it*
Tony Kruy
Tony Kruy 3 days ago
The selfish uzbekistan prenatally wriggle because soap emotionally owe unlike a separate fine. courageous, silent can
Avinash 3 days ago
@19:43 you used a image of Karnataka state from India to be specific Hampi district you can see behind there written in regional language and also in English. It's not Australia.
Avinash 3 days ago
You won't believe last year I ate this Rolled ice-cream with hot red chilli flavour that on my Birthday 😂😂
Mary Soto
Mary Soto 3 days ago
Lamb eyes, lambs brain.
Thomas Fenton
Thomas Fenton 3 days ago
Hey its mate mate for the kangaroos
My Name is Gladiator
You couldn't show more of the whale footage. Seeing the same 3 seconds over and over is just stupid.
My Name is Gladiator
The idiot who captured the video in portrait mode is a hero? Hasn't anyone figured that out yet? Shoot all video landscape.
Adrien Pinard
Adrien Pinard 4 days ago
The quickest feast implicitly desert because gum therapeutically escape midst a delicate interest. spiteful, evanescent warm
B King Supreme
B King Supreme 4 days ago
I like the way our new narrator makes lengthy videos giving a lot of details👍
Milu Diaz
Milu Diaz 5 days ago
I liked it until I saw the insects.😖
Tara Hulsey
Tara Hulsey 5 days ago
I really dig this channel, however I think the other dude that narrates the videos is on point & does an awesome job! No ill feelings to this guy but the other seems better suited for this channel😉
kyle bridgett
kyle bridgett 5 days ago
Too much filler
Burning Arrow
Burning Arrow 6 days ago
That rolled ice cream looks disgusting
Burning Arrow
Burning Arrow 6 days ago
Stop with the silly little gifs you put over the video. Theyre lame
Shameel Cipriani
Shameel Cipriani 6 days ago
I eat bread with a slice of cake in the middle of it with flaming hot cheetos as well
Icon living
Icon living 6 days ago
The kangaroo was defending it's cub may the poor thing think it was a predator bird
DPB Home
DPB Home 6 days ago
bring back old narrator
Shannon Loyd
Shannon Loyd 6 days ago
I would actually try the monster ice cream
Kim Shin
Kim Shin 7 days ago
My mums cooking Yep I am in 😀
Sonja Tait
Sonja Tait 7 days ago
The street art is mind boggling!!! 😳 Absolutely fantastic!!! 👍👍
marvel one
marvel one 8 days ago
The real hero is the one that helps.. Not the one who films
David Hohlen
David Hohlen 8 days ago
I love the border collies, find me 3 people that could do that! Dogs are awesome and damn smart!
Gaurav Joshi
Gaurav Joshi 8 days ago
I love these videos! Always entertaining & informative
TheIvethlugo 8 days ago
Fried grasshoppers
Mary Watkins
Mary Watkins 8 days ago
I can’t believe the cat owner just filmed the owl and didn’t scare it away first.
BLITZING WAR2021 8 days ago
i have a question, why wont the government build walls around these mountains that causes avalanches???
Quinn Parker
Quinn Parker 8 days ago
Cow tounge
online mercenary
online mercenary 8 days ago
man jumped by kangaroo i have small body if attack by that
Mrs. Dillenbeck
Mrs. Dillenbeck 8 days ago
Those border collies are such impressive animals.
Temmie Likes Minecraft, Roblox and Among Us
I never ate anything weird, but my dad ate a duck embyreo (Idk what it is called) which is a developing duck that gets *boiled alive.*
Syam Rahman
Syam Rahman 9 days ago
Those dogs with ducks are the most intelligence dogs in this world.
mikeala lee
mikeala lee 9 days ago
Ok about the musicle rocks. That's total bs. Like they can't go to multiple different regions of the area and study the weather and types of rocks. Then compare differences and get a basic result. Am I the only one thinking that this is easier (still hard, time consuming, and costly) than theyr making it to be? Iv seen people dedicate more money and time to much more useless things. Bs they cant solve that mystery. Laziness and crap financing that's what that is.
Joseph Stokes
Joseph Stokes 9 days ago
ronald ferreira
ronald ferreira 9 days ago
come on help me crab some luggage
ronald ferreira
ronald ferreira 9 days ago
beautiful women in the snow
Jesse Vires
Jesse Vires 9 days ago
“Now, tell me the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten.” Every goddamn Xbox live teen: “YoUr mOtHeR’s a⬛️S!”
Katrina G
Katrina G 8 days ago
So True 🤣
Anna Happen
Anna Happen 9 days ago
That egg cream hurts my soul. That's got to be some bad karma for whoever created that. 🤮
Maenad 10 days ago
I need that Thai rolled ice cream in my life. The egg Icecream isn’t that weird when you think about what custard is
I miss the old intro. AMAZED
Samuel 10 days ago
6:48 You pay homage to the devil? Not subscribing!
Ash Lilburne
Ash Lilburne 10 days ago
Gotta say thats he first time Ive ever heard it called 'South Wales' lol
Erik Vheerde
Erik Vheerde 10 days ago
Hold the door!
Yo Mama
Yo Mama 10 days ago
where do you get rolled ice cream?!? TELL MEEEEEEEE!!!!
RangerJaxMax May
RangerJaxMax May 10 days ago
That many cattle destroy the land and the cattle should not have been let get so thirsty.
Runway Gaming
Runway Gaming 10 days ago
When I was 7 I decided to mix apple juice whipped cream, toothpaste and strawberry I was sick for the next few days But hey a couple of days off school 😊
savvas christoforou
13:11 the sea wanted to help
Andrea 10 days ago
The spectacular propane antenatally pedal because iran traditionally stare mid a amusing environment. jumbled, crabby singer
Chishimba Chimanya
Chishimba Chimanya 11 days ago
You could have said how many they were before I paused to count
Aaron Sandquist
Aaron Sandquist 11 days ago
Anyone in drywall can do this
Brantley Sanders
Brantley Sanders 11 days ago
Goldfish with ketchup
Susan Martin
Susan Martin 11 days ago
Why are this many cattle Gathering to one place? Because they're fucking thirsty that's why. This is not a good video
Susan Martin
Susan Martin 11 days ago
That rolled ice cream looks like it got its ideas from "Stone Cold ice cream ice cream parlor". For some reason these shops vanished but they had the best ice cream ever!!. They would mold it then fold ice cream on a ice cold marble counter. I was so sorry to see them go. This looks amazing.
LAB-Lil' Angry B!tch
A lot of deserts have egg in them. Creme Brulee for example. It's not that weird to have egg in Ice Cream.
Nat Ford
Nat Ford 11 days ago
Your Aussie accent is criminally bad!
P C 11 days ago
Has anyone eaten 💩🍨?
Jen Smith
Jen Smith 11 days ago
Kangaroo: Air Raid! Air Raid! Dont start wars with Emus OR Kangaroos. They are prepared.
LiveLaughLove 365
LiveLaughLove 365 11 days ago
Soo someone really thought "oh snap it's a flood, everybody hold the windows so I it doesn't come in" like WTAF!🤦🏾
douglas rivera
douglas rivera 11 days ago
Stupid amount of ads :/
Jack Bushell
Jack Bushell 11 days ago
the. strangest thing ive ever ate was a candle
jellycoding 11 days ago
So many things not related that shows it's hard to view more than 2-3 minutes. Thumbs down!
Singing Bird
Singing Bird 11 days ago
In the area, I used to live in we had Owls, Coyotes, and Mountain Lions to worry about.
Beckey Girard
Beckey Girard 11 days ago
Teriyaki Crickets is the weirdest thing I have ever eaten. But egg ice cream. NOPE
Ina xaaji
Ina xaaji 11 days ago
Bro you talk to much nobody has the time to listen to you just show us what you wana shows it us 2021 nobody has patients
Juney Shu
Juney Shu 11 days ago
Insects are just little living, breathing, eating, thinking animals. I LOVE all living beings, except evil onez.
Ender Dragon 586
Ender Dragon 586 12 days ago
I found that vvideo on US-first
Thundercloud Music
Thundercloud Music 12 days ago
Is it just me, or does the narrator sound like Barney the Purple Dinosaur?
Pacer 12 days ago
I miss the other voice :/
Alexander Oddest
Alexander Oddest 12 days ago
" AMaZInG" gets me Everytime. Especially at 2 in the morning when my wife wonders why I'm saying amazing that way.
Trevor Moniz
Trevor Moniz 12 days ago
The weirdest thing I ever tried was some bat soup while on vacay in wuhan china back in like ... Novemberish 2019? Anyways I got sick as hell and my allergies went craY and I couldn't stop sneezing.
Pilbo Mags
Pilbo Mags 12 days ago
18:47 what we came here for.
danwithjesus 12 days ago
Thanks man...exactly my point too
Victor Caballero
Victor Caballero 12 days ago
0:10 imposible holding them doors just by pushing. They should have used the the big desk on the right.
Satan Official
Satan Official 12 days ago
"Have you ever wondered why cows don't look like kangaroos? Or at the very least, like alligators?" ---Albert Einstein
PulZe Toxic
PulZe Toxic 12 days ago
Grub worm is really good fishing bait
Kevin Oduor
Kevin Oduor 12 days ago
so halfway you also forgot why you were wathing this video huh?
Frazer Buckholz
Frazer Buckholz 12 days ago
Once I had deep-fried ice cream
Keith Grant
Keith Grant 12 days ago
they are not washing the floor they are mopping up from a previous wave. if you look at the bottom of the doors you can see the dirt from the previous wave.
JINGWA64 12 days ago
nsw didnt have a state wide drought and nor did australia, only pocket areas of australia missed their normal rainfalls (normal), other areas were fine, unless the gov was controlling public water supply, as one of the key reasons it was declared a drought was to cover up for government corruption. you see the gov decided they would dam up the rivers and turn public water into $$$ to be sold to the highest bidder, basically they buy and sell water like any other commodity, hence most the politicians have investments in this and make more money the more scarce public and private water is to property owners. they would for example only release the water back into the river systems, normal circulation if they get paid, if not = man made drought, government funded, backed created environmental disaster for $$$. the only folks willing to pay were the mega farms, which basically owned property close to the dams, but even if they let some water out the dams, folks in-between could only look, not touch any water that came down river through their property, water they normally depended on during the dry season, the government had now placed a ransom on. which the mega farms had their own private dams and water diversions from the rivers into their dams to insure when it did rain and the river flowed, water that flowed down the river was diverted into their dams instead of heading further down river (these diversions are technically illegal, but nobody cares) and when the rains stop and dry season comes in and their dams are low, they pay huge $$$$ to have some water released from the government controlled dams up river, which naturally meant the river generally runs dry, causing a government made drought down river or along flood plains were they did the same to stop water reaching the flood plains etc to channel water into these dams instead. then they would make a big fuss on the news, walk down the dry river beds, full; of dead rotting fish under the sun and say "dear me we have never see such a drought before, all the fish are dead, all the trees are dieing, people are suffering, this is evidence of climate change". lol what? plus when they release the water, it will overflow the banks upstream and flood protected native areas, because they dont want to moderate the release or it will flow further down stream. the sudden overlfow causes the river banks to overflow into native bush which turns stagnate and starts to rot the trees which normally never stay submerged in water for long and yet this is also protected land under environmental laws , the government is actually breaking their own laws, by damaging the environment on 2 fronts. when video documentation was collected of both the gov dams hording water up stream, the overflow damage and the mega farms redirecting the river into their owns dams for storage and was handed of to the environmental minister, needless to say he passed the buck, because he was also making $$$ from it. they even made it "optional" for politicians to inform the public of their private investments in the water management (drought) scheme, wonder why, because they all have investments in it and are corrupt. same issues with fracking, countless properties also had their underground water supply polluted, making it no longer drinkable for them or their livestock, so guess what? gov gets a new customer.
Muslim Maldivians
Muslim Maldivians 12 days ago
Maasha Allah. Subhaanallah ❤️
dale tindall
dale tindall 12 days ago
Where are these cattle you talk about
jason felan
jason felan 12 days ago
To many damn ads
Jake Fuent
Jake Fuent 12 days ago
Ohhh, great videos, only too much talking and ads, but great videos.
Snacks Two go
Snacks Two go 12 days ago
Greg Hawkins
Greg Hawkins 12 days ago
Stop calling people by their last names. Call them by their first names.
Susan Cook
Susan Cook 13 days ago
While working in Japan several years back, my boss volunteered me (and he) to eat a lizard! It came preserved in a bottle of sake. It was split in half, he gave me first pick( ladies first) and I chose the head end. Wasn’t the easiest thing to eat,either. I had envisioned a softer texture, having been pickled in alcohol, but nooooo! Tough and chewy, especially the skull. But eat it we did.
Ed Braun
Ed Braun 13 days ago
Waaaaaaaaaaaaay too many commercials.
Jan Michael Silva
Jan Michael Silva 13 days ago
Didn't expect to see uncle shay shay on this video hahah
Stephanie McPherson
That 3-D painting! Wow. 🤩
420smoker89 13 days ago
That cow clip was pretty funny I'm sure my fellow farmers and ranchers would be laughing as well yeah sure it's a lot of cows but it's certainly nothing like the bigger Herds in my home state.
Ramona Reany
Ramona Reany 13 days ago
The toilet was the Best
Graeme King
Graeme King 13 days ago
Too many ads
Gwion Davies
Gwion Davies 13 days ago
It’s the attempt at an Australian accent for me