Why Hasn't This YouTuber Been Stopped? 

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We have a troll who is stuck in the days of 2008 still thriving by on the principle of brigadier other content creators, the kind of cringe that you just can't even laugh at. Thanks for watching!
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Feb 21, 2021




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Arsenal 473
Arsenal 473 9 minutes ago
I'm kinda curious on how most YTers don't get arrested when they literally become public for commiting crimes.
Thicc Thicc
Thicc Thicc 14 minutes ago
Vortex Blast
Vortex Blast 14 minutes ago
Bruh I swear I don't know why whenever I watch one of your videos I get either sleepy or actually sleep like I just did. I think you should change the way of how you talk so you won't be boring, im sorry but it's the truth, your titles are always interesting but I can't even watch the half of the video. If you read this, I thank you
The Raven
The Raven 33 minutes ago
Copy paste edgelords and feminazis, what a world we live in..
Jimmy Gymnasium
Jimmy Gymnasium 40 minutes ago
I am officially scared of starting a career.
Martian BAT nationalist
3:40 he's laughing at max simps
Marquis 56 minutes ago
05:28 - Huh, Charlie said it was him who did that.
Martian BAT nationalist
Prophet Charlie (PBUH) gave enough evidence, but max's infidels decide to ignore it and attack our beloved prophet. Plus, Max admitted everything before closing his channel.
T King
T King Hour ago
Max lasted this long because no one cared to put pressure on him. Good riddance, finally. and before anyone says things came up now, Max for years has been doing dirty stuff and harassing people, plenty of info and videos exposing him. Took till now.
Martian BAT nationalist
Maxmultustianus is to blame for turning hagia Sophia into a mosque!!!
Jamie John-Davis
Man I remember when he did the overwatch trolling vids, those were funny as heck. Then his channel just got really bad. Unsubbed a while ago
Stevano Hour ago
Max is great stop being lame
cxdyedits Hour ago
hope this is satire
Martian BAT nationalist
Imagine supporting a zionist
weeb person
weeb person Hour ago
stfu he deleted his channel so he wont get arrested shush
has Hour ago
This is the best video about it, glad he dident say he was a pedophile and other false claims, gj.
Alfred Jordan
Alfred Jordan 2 hours ago
6 flaka
6 flaka 2 hours ago
Ok but his mw videos were funny
Bananadog5 2 hours ago
3:39 hanna Barbera laugh
MemeLord DK
MemeLord DK 3 hours ago
Oh my god! JC! A bomb! JC: *A bomb!*
Rob Ethy
Rob Ethy 3 hours ago
us-first.info/player/video/fbpmeYtnpoyjjHU.html MAXIMILLIANMUS NEW CHANNEL explains why he deleted the channel...
Rob Ethy
Rob Ethy 3 hours ago
@Bat Vermin lol
Bat Vermin
Bat Vermin 3 hours ago
I'm an idiot
Alternity Cheats
Alternity Cheats 3 hours ago
lol his adress got leaked and now he's scared and he is deleting everything. nice weather in sweden isnt it max? XD
Scales N’ stuff _
Esben M
Esben M Hour ago
not anymore
Scum 3 hours ago
i was on his discord server back in 2019. people posted real cp there and he didn't care lol
turbo vpn
turbo vpn 3 hours ago
But he fun tho
Sora X-King
Sora X-King 3 hours ago
US-first: "We will not allow channels on or off site harass or promote bad things without punishment." US-first translated through retard speak: "We just wanna fucking punish/censor anyone we disagree with rather they say it on or off site. Got someone doing bad shit on Discord but has no effect on our ties with political leaders? Psh, like we should give a rats ass."
eiecctro 3 hours ago
The internet loves immediately cancelling non-problematic people who accidentally lip sync the n-word. But once someone does stuff like this, they don't even react
GalaxyOfReeses KIng
Ladies and gentlemen... *WE GOT'IM*
Sahil Mohonee
Sahil Mohonee 3 hours ago
3:40 That evil laugh tho XD
EzPizi 3 hours ago
jeff 3 hours ago
Hold his fans just as accountable because he can give them the gun but they pull the trigger
Captain Saitama
Captain Saitama 4 hours ago
Max really fucked it up for a lot of people including me. Although he didn't do anything directed towards me, what he did to Cr1TiKaL's discord got me ban on his (Cr1TiKaL's) server. What had happened was that Max's fanboys started raiding the server and tbh it wasn't even that bad, but then a lot of people on the server with a low rank got kicked for suspicion and I was one of those that got kicked. The reason why I was so low rank was because of how II had been spending more time on other servers. So basically I banned from a server because of some stupid dude and his stupid fanboys somehow convinced an entire team of mods that anyone that was low rank was automatically on Max's side. Edit: I didn't even know who Max was until Cr1TiKaL released his vid, so that further proves my point that I wasn't on Max's side
pasty 4 hours ago
dude really said "i thrive off negativity"
Sigurr 4 hours ago
Lol everyone's butthurt over trolling, you're a bunch of hypocrites
Martian BAT nationalist
@Esben M who said I'm a n@zi?
Esben M
Esben M 8 minutes ago
@Martian BAT nationalist Because Nazi chuds are trash.
Martian BAT nationalist
@Esben M how?
Esben M
Esben M 16 minutes ago
@Martian BAT nationalist Zionist? Sounds like you're no better than him.
Esben M
Esben M 18 minutes ago
@Sigurr Yes. It's pathetic.
Freezy 4 hours ago
he made a guy eat his own shit on stream
Alex Day
Alex Day 4 hours ago
Max was a goat
Jimmy Seit
Jimmy Seit 4 hours ago
The only reason I feel bad about this situation is that there is this US-firstr named WAMO who was a really close friend of his.
Sfekke 4 hours ago
Had these guys raid my stream a long while back now, absolute *sses with 0 respect.
No_No_No 587
No_No_No 587 5 hours ago
holy shit, i went to high school with weest (idk if he says his real name). awesome dude, didn’t deserve all that drama though.
Brian French
Brian French 5 hours ago
I watched this dude a bit before,but I never knew he did this shit
Cone8042 5 hours ago
If you want a US-firstr that makes argument videos look up trea flocka he's funnier and doesn't do stuff like this
ajver19 5 hours ago
How little of a life these people must have that when a stranger online tells them to harass a different stranger online they trip over themselves because they're so thirsty for daddy Max's brief attention.
ABK 5 hours ago
bro i didnt know about this till critical made a video on it, i saw people with the pfp and i was like oh cool matrix shite and i actively used the oh yeah yeah meme without knowing this, i am now on a journey to delete as much media as i can where i seriously use the "meme"
ABK 5 hours ago
critikal and mutahar post about the same person? well you know what that means, its -mob mentality- uhh teamwork time!
GamesLpFreak 5 hours ago
Oh yeah yeah you can't take a joke grow up man children Oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah.
Benny BIG money
Benny BIG money 4 hours ago
Oh yeah yeah yeah im so cool oh yeah yeah oh yeah I call men children but im not oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah
Halfsy 4 hours ago
loser 5 hours ago
joke?? what joke??
Timothy Tobing
Timothy Tobing 6 hours ago
I reported his channel and it worked :D
weeb person
weeb person Hour ago
lmao It's all thanks to you, dude. XD
AMadRipZ 6 hours ago
His channel doesn't exist anymore
AMadRipZ 6 hours ago
Gonna throw my 2 cents in here. Max probably wasn't a ped but was too deep in his ass that he thought making a joke about that as a troll was a good idea but it backfired quick. Not trying to defend him, he admitted that he was still an ass who did all those horrible stuff like sending his army to that poor girl, but he was never a ped and always banned that stuff in his discord. Why do i think it's kind of plausible? Never really saw people who had proof he had cp (and if y'all gonna say "you can't show proof of cp because then you'll be jailed" there's literally nothing hinting cp, only OF links in the "discord exposed" videos i saw). People have also said that he was just a fk up guy but never tolerated *real* cp. He said the reason he deleted his channel was because people are on a doxxing spree and are doxxing people who aren't even him. He basically quit because the drama is affecting a lot of people. Still an ass tho. Basically, the cp stuff could be a reach but he's still a waste of oxygen that I'm glad is off this platform.
Baby Playz
Baby Playz 6 hours ago
His channel is gone yes
CEO of bruh
CEO of bruh 6 hours ago
spoiler: he stopped
sebastian szczawinski
Mutahar. I got a serious question for you. Do you happen to like gfuel?
joe 6 hours ago
0:09 you should
a cats
a cats 7 hours ago
cringe cancel culture vs based people will stop liking someone if bad things they do become public knowledge
Dream Catcher Pone
Dream Catcher Pone 7 hours ago
5:56 Blurred Muta Blurred Muta
Nova Rodriguez
Nova Rodriguez 7 hours ago
why cant i find Maxamiliumus on youtube, Wtf did he delete his channel? Yep i checked he deleted his Channel, his response honestly what a bitch just deletes it after charlie uploads 1! video hahaha wowww
AMadRipZ 6 hours ago
Apparently he stopped because people are on a doxxing spree and are doxxing random peeps.
Nova Rodriguez
Nova Rodriguez 7 hours ago
sorry he "Closed" it thinking he gonna make a comeback oneday he doesnt deserve it
AJ 7 hours ago
The answer to the title: because he litteraly did nothing that’s why..
Devil cJ
Devil cJ 7 hours ago
xAN0NYM0US_M3L0Nx 7 hours ago
There’s a fine line between edgy humor and harassment, and max has crossed that line a long time ago
jobelplayed minecraft
I got some nerves of steel.
I K 7 hours ago
fairly based individual
Noodle Danger
Noodle Danger 7 hours ago
and youtube delete, pewdiepie disstrack on 6ix9ine. ffk youtube
Roxer Blox
Roxer Blox 7 hours ago
a bomb.
Demon Asylum
Demon Asylum 8 hours ago
I don't think his channel should be deleted because he says mean things online, its the internet if you can't take the heat stay out the kitchen
big hero
big hero 5 hours ago
He made a guy eat his own shit in front of an audience who was a fan
loser 5 hours ago
i mean..is spamming sexist, homophobic and racist slurs a joke??? and not to mention how fucking terrible the man is in general????? have you even *seen* this man in action???
AMadRipZ 6 hours ago
Sending your fans to harass a poor girl and her sick dad, or to attack streamers by spamming bad stuff in the comment to trick the bot, is way beyond "saying mean things online".
Cronched 8 hours ago
3:40 this has intense memeability
Void of Space and Time
weest is worse
AcidAuroraz 8 hours ago
Max's videos were hilarious though, dude knew how to troll like it was his job. Oh wait it was his job
Skull 8 hours ago
sad cause i barely found out about him and just thought he was a troll (genuinely enjoyed his cod content) but didn’t realize he was a piece of shit
carl warior
carl warior 8 hours ago
The last remenants of yt 2014. He got a strike
Steven Kane
Steven Kane 9 hours ago
I'm glad your doing awesome again Man! Great to have you back! Love you!
michael leno
michael leno 9 hours ago
Lol xD love you man!!!
Samuel Ling
Samuel Ling 9 hours ago
DOOM Studios
DOOM Studios 9 hours ago
At least jc denton is free but there’s more Jc dentons to free
Jeff Pray
Jeff Pray 9 hours ago
I personally threatened that US-firstr.. I must have scared him off youtube
logical memer
logical memer 9 hours ago
went to unsub coz i didn't know any of this but then found out he deleted his channel
logical memer
logical memer 7 hours ago
@AMadRipZ lol yeah but technically no
AMadRipZ 8 hours ago
Bad ending: Forever A Subber
Dwerpy-Hat :3
Dwerpy-Hat :3 10 hours ago
Me: *Sees Thumbnail* Also me: *Flashbacks of 2019*
R4K45H1 03
R4K45H1 03 10 hours ago
"homies sipping on each other's dongs" xD
AJ Bants
AJ Bants 10 hours ago
Even if all this targeted harassment & cp stuff turned out to be not be true. Mfs got caught in 4K making a mentally disabled man eat his own shit on stream. That’s so messed up
AMadRipZ 5 hours ago
And the cp stuff was a stretch that got big because he made a joke out of it, he denied that but he admitted the harassments were true.
AMadRipZ 5 hours ago
Apparently the s*** eating man was a pos himself and apparently they didn't expect he would actually do it.
ROBDEWAND 10 hours ago
4:13 ooh he is in wildspartans discord
dylan camarena
dylan camarena 11 hours ago
I don’t like weest
Noble Abraham
Noble Abraham 11 hours ago
Meanwhile Im waiting for the day that the Gfuel tower collapses
Martian BAT nationalist
Maximilianmustun was a neo-ottoman zionist
Magma Fox
Magma Fox 11 hours ago
Lol i absolutely forgot about the existence of MaximilianMus
memer boy
memer boy 11 hours ago
2:34 Love or hate him he is spitting straight facts
Brain Engine
Brain Engine 12 hours ago
.... - - .--. ... ---... -..-. -..-. .-- .-- .-- .-.-.- -.-- --- ..- - ..- -... . .-.-.- -.-. --- -- -..-. .-- .- - -.-. .... ..--.. ...- -...- -.. --.- .-- ....- .-- ----. .-- --. -..- -.-. --.- / -.--. .- .-.. .-.. / .. -. / ... -- .- .-.. .-.. / .-.. . - - . .-. ... -.--.-
Benny BIG money
Benny BIG money 4 hours ago
I get so sad when I hear Maximillian because my mind goes to MaximillianDood lmao
FallenCreeper 12 hours ago
Maximilianmus: *Literally harassing people for years* Twitter: *I sleep* MatPat: *Debunking a gender of Pyro in TF2* Twitter: *Now thats a crime*
FallenCreeper 3 hours ago
@AMadRipZ Ikr the MatPat Pyro Video was made like 7 years ago and its not even that serious whereas this ‘Max’ Situation is dead serious.
AMadRipZ 8 hours ago
Literally about a video years ago, wth.
Shrinath Arolkar
Shrinath Arolkar 12 hours ago
What u meant to say was Chiralty I think.
PastUserT 12 hours ago
His fans are stupid
Nawanii 12 hours ago
Max deleted his channel, this is a Oh yeah yeah moment.
Succ Boah
Succ Boah 12 hours ago
Hm, guess that’s one decent thing that came out of 2021. Good job guys keep it up
- Indigo -
- Indigo - 12 hours ago
That Sonic GFUEL tho 😳
Christopher Ramos
Christopher Ramos 13 hours ago
Bada Bing
Bada Bing 13 hours ago
Max is one of very few people who, if he jumped off a building, everyone would laugh
On37vN 13 hours ago
“I regret it. I would do it again tho”
RICO 13 hours ago
Max wins all of his arguments because he's calm.
Nick B
Nick B 13 hours ago
I’m not gonna stand here and listen to you all bad mouth the greatest pfp this world has ever known
Martian BAT nationalist
So facts don't matter to ya
Lumine 14 hours ago
You KNOW you've fucked up when Cr1tikial AND Mutahar make a video about you
Dark Daggger21
Dark Daggger21 14 hours ago
Damn back then I liked max but after this probably not
PottotoTotto 14 hours ago
ObbyAidz 14 hours ago
When I see someone who uses a JC Denton profile picture without even knowing Deus Ex, that's when I get out the GEP gun, lay a couple LAMs, and fire.
Ryan B
Ryan B 14 hours ago
I would love to see this little Max in person.
PA Lotto Junkie
PA Lotto Junkie 14 hours ago
"Oh No No" 🙃
Zagradovska 14 hours ago
people shit on furries and weebs and stuff for simply existing, meanwhile shitheads like him are left to thrive. thank you for calling him out, and thank you for calling out all the people you do
Zagradovska 12 hours ago
@re tard but why? they're just trying to have fun and enjoy life, yet they're bombarded with stereotypes and the people making fun of them are much worse than them
re tard
re tard 13 hours ago
Furries are still degenerates but this guy is on another level of criminal
The Oddfellow
The Oddfellow 14 hours ago
hey muta you should do a review of an app called ifunny
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