Why did this iPhone fart..?🤨💨 #Shorts 

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I don't apologize, I could laugh at a picture of a piece of garlic bread at this point..
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#Shorts​​​​​​​​ shorts


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May 2, 2021




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Josh Connects
Josh Connects 12 days ago
Y’all rockin wit da fart phone 7⁉️🤨
ItzJosheyy 6 days ago
I’m rocking a fardphone 12
Alex’s Animals YT
Nah it’s da 10
elfamosotony 29
elfamosotony 29 9 days ago
Yo send me ur Insta or email cuz I need to fix dis iPhone 8 Plus plzzz
Gavin olsen
Gavin olsen 9 days ago
@Erika Montes I'm just looking for a replacement lcd for a Samsung Galaxy A10e
Erika Montes
Erika Montes 9 days ago
@Gavin olsen if u want to get a new iPhone, make sure they’re selling phones with 4 or 5 stars on any site like eBay, Amazon, Facebook Marketplace or etc
Supersmartkazuin Gaming
JUANGAMING 8 hours ago
Why does the "fart" sounds like bassboost.
Antho42 23 hours ago
That my mom kind of phone rn
Charles Jacob Cuevas
Is disame with ipads?
Dan Abiel Velasco
Liking for mentioning PRG
Boostbro 3 days ago
My vr controller is fart though
Charles Webb
Charles Webb 4 days ago
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Shivbardhan Kumar, Roll-39
PRG says get that cruch crunch again 🤣🤣
Triplee Faail
Triplee Faail 5 days ago
Now don't expect your phone to be water resistant/water proof after opening it up
ConGG Gaming
ConGG Gaming 5 days ago
9m Baby
Gray Blanchard
Gray Blanchard 6 days ago
Phone guru guy is cuter😊
NathanPlays 6 days ago
I'm a tech destruction yt offcam
Nick H
Nick H 6 days ago
Me sitting here with a galaxy s9 with a cracked screen thats way harder to fix than a iPhone.
Hay Eater
Hay Eater 6 days ago
What was that laugh
LEGEND HAYAN 6 days ago
Keira 7 days ago
when you don’t have a home button: **living the rich life** (joking, help me i’m poor) (also joking, I’m not poor, but also not rich) (sorry this becomes less funnier the more I talk)
????? le ????
????? le ???? 7 days ago
To be honest... I kinda like a fartin iPhone 7. It's it'z own subwoofer
Play-doh Poptart
Play-doh Poptart 7 days ago
It was vibrating on the table
Fah king Stu ped
Fah king Stu ped 7 days ago
As much as iPhones cost and they couldn't put a little thread locker to seal it in, that's apple for you.
Super Stick Boi
Super Stick Boi 8 days ago
Well uhh the new generation doesn’t have to deal with this beachside WE DONT HAVE BUTTONS
ethanawsome mark
ethanawsome mark 8 days ago
Am I the only one who thinks it sounds cooler
Anjal Mainali
Anjal Mainali 8 days ago
If any one is reading this comment, i had same problem 3 weeks ago All you have to do to fix it is By going to sounds and then vibration then custom and vibrating it on random note For 10-15 minutes then it fixes automatically (Talk about satisfaction)
Zanecellent 8 days ago
ar u and prg enemies
Андрій Кравченко
Had to glue back vibration motor on the Lenovo tablet after water damage. And yeah, before that it was really "farting".
•Fantasya• 8 days ago
Me who has an Android phone 👁️👄👁️
KERL GAMING 8 days ago
PRG says get that crunch.. crunch again. And we are done.
Lilly Smith
Lilly Smith 9 days ago
Sorry I think I’ll do without 😅
Ryan Ramirez
Ryan Ramirez 9 days ago
You also had it on the table when doing the first test. Show it on the table after tightening
Robert Spencer
Robert Spencer 9 days ago
My phone does that
teddybear !!!
teddybear !!! 9 days ago
I thought the vibration was normal
Abhiram Madhu
Abhiram Madhu 9 days ago
If this was done by Apple, they will charge you $500.
Legend Of Legends
BTS stole dalgom
BTS stole dalgom 9 days ago
😤: "fart with nose" emoji Lit no one use it correctly
kat.loser_hi mrcheese
I was dancing to it
The_ Shawn
The_ Shawn 9 days ago
The ringtone do be bussin bussin with the weird vibration
Marvin Blanco
Marvin Blanco 9 days ago
White Sound generator
Lennon Tedesco
Lennon Tedesco 9 days ago
lol ipone iz goin 💨
DiscMil 9 days ago
jokes on you i don't have a home button
Andre_ YT
Andre_ YT 9 days ago
Its water in ur phone
sir cartier durrkkkx
I think my iPhone is faulty it has no home button
Vlad Gapchenko
Vlad Gapchenko 9 days ago
My iphone 11 pro does that 😩 but if i open it will loose water proof feature
Cooper Marino
Cooper Marino 9 days ago
Do what my sister does smack the phone hard until it’s quiet
James Ace Reese
James Ace Reese 9 days ago
Laugh sounding like David dobrik.
Festim Maloku
Festim Maloku 9 days ago
It's nice iphone 7
Brooklynfrost Updates
Nice try that's big cap cuz you ain't slick 😶
Diskyze 9 days ago
Get that crunch
Appleheads’s Best friend
I had someone fart in a video before watching this one
Alex Vazquez
Alex Vazquez 10 days ago
Fixed it the same way it broke, dropped it again😂
Zest 10 days ago
what about when every cord that is tried is “loose”
Joshua Meyer
Joshua Meyer 10 days ago
Me, an android user, watching this : hmmm interesting
- Sage
- Sage 10 days ago
K͛rispy K͛remezz
K͛rispy K͛remezz 10 days ago
Hummmm yes my iPhone 11 is farting when I press the home button
Rhi 10 days ago
Me who has an android phone without a home button like that: i am infinitely superior
¿ImNotSimping? 10 days ago
Wait can’t you just go to vibration and instead of default select none-?
Henrik137 10 days ago
its evolving into a sega genesis
Christina Hosek
Christina Hosek 10 days ago
Just A Casual Channel.
bob berks
bob berks 10 days ago
Owen Blue
Owen Blue 10 days ago
Kleb Apple
Kleb Apple 10 days ago
Phone repair guryu x josh connects
Darventz 2k6
Darventz 2k6 10 days ago
Thts literally my phone rn
roblox_searah 10 days ago
Can i get a iphone plss any kind
Rayana Medhat
Rayana Medhat 10 days ago
Ur laugh made me laugh XD
Azzrif 10 days ago
Mine does that
Aiman Hulmani
Aiman Hulmani 10 days ago
I said crunch so loud when he asked lmaooo
Josh Connects
Josh Connects 9 days ago
pp popo
pp popo 10 days ago
yo bro thats the best ring tone
Aaron Stringer
Aaron Stringer 10 days ago
My iPhone 7 is doing the same thing, so now I know what the problem is. Thank you
iamawesomestewart 10 days ago
I bought an iphone for the first time and I am strughling with downloading whatsappp
Amona LaFraise
Amona LaFraise 10 days ago
I was having it before i saw that xD thank you very much !:D ~
Ron LT
Ron LT 10 days ago
XxgachawolfXx Hawkins
Simply Express
Simply Express 10 days ago
Work as a wireless technician. I see this issue every now and again. It’s almost always a sign of either a lazy repair and/or the phone was previously owned, and has been opened up by someone.
Green Mello Jello FaNaF
SpartanJames 10 days ago
Josh connects And phone repair guro comparison Josh is very soft Me eating phone repair guru GET THAT CRUNCH NOM NOM NOM
Wayper 10 days ago
Iphone 6 plus I have a problem so hot and lag
TheOfficial SoldierThatReviews
Can you make a video where the Xbox 1 X isn’t displaying video and you fix it ?? Cause that could literally SAVE ME! oh I stop scrolling to watch your vids
{Ţhe sssimp Queen} ꧂
Shhhh don't let apple see this
Saad Alkhunaifer
Saad Alkhunaifer 10 days ago
Sounds like toon desk
AJ's Vacs
AJ's Vacs 10 days ago
Iphone ringtone farts*
Alec Kelley
Alec Kelley 10 days ago
Wait I don’t have a home button
Filiberto Gutierrez
Home bottom whats that
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin 10 days ago
I just restarted it and that worked
beast immortal
beast immortal 10 days ago
Kieran Briscoe
Kieran Briscoe 10 days ago
Why does my phone spaz out sometimes, it’s like it is possessed or something, I won’t be touching if and it would be randomly tapping?
100 k
100 k 10 days ago
apple be like: 700$ to repair
Shadowkillerxx 10 days ago
Bro it's just a beatbox chill 😌
VanixYT 10 days ago
Stop hating on this guy, hes not copying prg he just has the same profession as him bruh.
Alma Soreq
Alma Soreq 10 days ago
Thank you so much
Senpai 10 days ago
Tony 10 days ago
My home button has stopped working ever since I updated my phone in 2019
My phone does this but 10 times worse, but I don’t have the screwdriver to fix it
agnet lopez
agnet lopez 10 days ago
Can you do the same with Samsung galaxy s9+? I think my phone has this problem
Ranboos Memory’s
Ranboos Memory’s 10 days ago
My mom has this problem I was going to comment about soon but now I don’t need to
Jhead52 Gaming
Jhead52 Gaming 10 days ago
You forgot the seal bro lmao
Vcc. Tayla
Vcc. Tayla 10 days ago
You wanna fix my phone? The microphone won’t pick up :(
Leandro Araujo
Leandro Araujo 10 days ago
That happened to me but water just got in the sound port
Lucas Gawor
Lucas Gawor 10 days ago
PRG says get that click, right?
davara cara
davara cara 10 days ago
My home Button broke
arnaudot 10 days ago
I just had to do the same a couple days ago to an 8+!
I adopted a cat.