Why Cars are better then Girlfriends ? 

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Apr 28, 2021




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Supercars Zone
Supercars Zone 13 days ago
Shop for Shoes gymvascular.com/
XD Buttery ._.
XD Buttery ._. 2 days ago
U haven't experienced love
MMB 2 days ago
can you fuck a car tho?
mech arena chaxy
mech arena chaxy 3 days ago
It's not even a link
flyneco22 5 days ago
your hands are soft and clean and fat and zero tools in garage. minus you
Issac Daniels
Issac Daniels 5 days ago
@David Terrazas yes you can make sweet love to your car all you have to do is take care of the car you want to love make it shiny do something that makes it look good and there ya go
Benjamin Arreola
Benjamin Arreola 2 minutes ago
The only person on earth that gets me.. Everybody wonders why I don’t have a girlfriend... THIS IS WHY
Jai_benjamin 4 minutes ago
So true though
SOJUSLIM TDFLOCK 28 minutes ago
That was a garage door key fob and it that definitely was not a key fob for the Lamborghini I know cuz I have one and he got it off of Amazon👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽
Lord fondue 23
Lord fondue 23 4 hours ago
Gabriel Rodrigues dos Santos
Do you want to control your girlfriend then ?
He has a car and no girlfriend
Waffle killer
Waffle killer 6 hours ago
I can't do any of the things he just said to my gf if I had one but I can get a nice car
Water Baqua
Water Baqua 7 hours ago
Here's why statistically people say statistically to sound smart: 2. Lamborghinis have been turned into toy cars because of social media pranks and US-first bux. 3. When did women have anything to do with cars? 4. Based on you're preference, you're bound to attract the 1 that will change your statistically forever and then government will pass legislation to ban all production of any vehicle engine higher than a 4.5 cylinder to save the planet, then a Lamborghini will be just as equal as a Honda Civic 🤣🤣 0. All cars require ⛽
Andrw 8 hours ago
You don’t know what a good car looks like
Dave vlogs
Dave vlogs 8 hours ago
You can’t fuck a car. Girls win.
zqckextra 8 hours ago
So does car moves by themselves? No right. *except tesla*
Karter Walsh
Karter Walsh 10 hours ago
It looks the same on Instagram as it does in person
Mason Turner
Mason Turner 10 hours ago
My car won't let other guys ride her.. My girl on the other hand man I don't know 🤷‍♂️😂
Grossmesser1 10 hours ago
Number 1: Lemme show ya my supercar so all of you nobodies can pad my ego.
Billy Cloudy
Billy Cloudy 10 hours ago
Number one reason why a girlfriend is better than your car: You can’t make sweet sweet love to it.... But then again maybe you ca.....🤔
yotogo 11 hours ago
don’t care
Marius Banik
Marius Banik 11 hours ago
It may not get mad if you wanna add new parts, but the forum purists sure will
Soumit Ganguly
Soumit Ganguly 11 hours ago
Where's the statistics dude?
j0wt0ng 11 hours ago
Wait, he has has lambo and aliexpress exhaust cutout (remote is from 50€ kit)??😅
ramon bustillo
ramon bustillo 12 hours ago
Lmao incel
bruh 12 hours ago
Who else is just randomly stuck in a US-first shorts loop
Thisisyoutube Tv
Thisisyoutube Tv 12 hours ago
Divyansh Krishnatreya
Gnome Warlord
Gnome Warlord 13 hours ago
Honestly true
FistAnt 14 hours ago
Tanks are better than cars you can always commit 27 murder charges and more plus it can’t get damaged
Jorge Gonzalez
Jorge Gonzalez 14 hours ago
That’s because your game is weak but it’s OK because you have the car
a l t i k
a l t i k 14 hours ago
i dont think car can f with u
Nafis Rayhan Habibi
Nafis Rayhan Habibi 14 hours ago
Yeah both have downsides lmao 🗿
Niklas Meyer
Niklas Meyer 15 hours ago
He made some good points there not gonna lie
Pringle Productions
Pringle Productions 15 hours ago
Number 7: I can actually get it
loku bytheway
loku bytheway 15 hours ago
number 7: it doesnt get interested to a new owner
THE FLASH 15 hours ago
Girlfriends are better trust me
junior rector
junior rector 16 hours ago
👏👏😂😂👏👏👊 you know it 😂😂
g Newells
g Newells 16 hours ago
8 it doesn't get jealous when you ride another car
Matthew 16 hours ago
Thats why i dont have a girlfriend... And car xd
Unprecedented President
I don’t like lab Lanbos like that I like more of a unsmoked green or like skylines and so on
CLOUD NINE 16 hours ago
They could say the same bout us tho...🤣
Vision 16 hours ago
Famous quote by Ludacris in fast 6: they dont leave you and take half of yo shit.
Chief 16 hours ago
Because when you beat the hell out of cars, they’ll actually take your money and shut up
Initial Doge
Initial Doge 17 hours ago
“Racers don’t need girlfriends.” -The lonely drivers
Mr.Coolio 4
Mr.Coolio 4 17 hours ago
I mean, both are money pits
Iso Sky
Iso Sky 17 hours ago
I like the final reason
Its_Austin_YT 17 hours ago
Buuuuuut… can it have kids?
Charzard and Marvin marko
Are you just flexing
cult of eyes
cult of eyes 17 hours ago
Motorcycles however are almost exactly like having a girlfriend... I assume 🥲
Odysseus 300
Odysseus 300 17 hours ago
I have searched the entire universe but I still can’t find who asked, even though some of the stuff you said I agree with.
Ace Boogie
Ace Boogie 18 hours ago
I can control who drives it
RICKY PIRES 19 hours ago
this video is grailed .
Scroll31 19 hours ago
Guys: thats right cars are better Girlfriend: well no more vagina for you Guys: can we pls stop playing this game?
Kamal Wilders
Kamal Wilders 20 hours ago
Number 7: Why get a girlfriend, if you can get dozens of several bxtches inside it
Bibi Lake
Bibi Lake 20 hours ago
Goes back to home & hey babe what's for dinner? I love u muacks
Andre S.
Andre S. 20 hours ago
Those dislikes are probably not single
Domenico Barone
Domenico Barone 22 hours ago
Now the girls with blue hair YOU CAN’T COMPARE A GIRL WITH A CAR REALLY?
Danh Nguyen
Danh Nguyen Day ago
Can you fuck the car????
Justin Z.
Justin Z. Day ago
Disadvantages: it ain't got no pu-
How can uh compare between the car and the girlfriend . R u fucking illiterate
The Adventures Of Zac
This is basically Herbie the Love Lamborghini
Sir Steven Harvey III
Statistically, My spelling is better than yours
Monaco J
Monaco J Day ago
The dude isn't wrong 🤣
Evan Grove
Evan Grove Day ago
And it does not demand that you pay child support!
I Mkadmi
I Mkadmi Day ago
Lepidz Day ago
Fucking fax my g 🤣🤣🤣
SpeshulDino Day ago
But both depreciate the longer you have them. So get a cheap car and spend the rest of the money on hookers and cocaine
Tiago Gayosso
But ..... idk
•• Day ago
I slept with your car yesterday I’m sorry
Mango and Friends
Girls: ... He's going to jail
Ricky Jr. Nomura
*than you illiterate moron
Chris 9928
Chris 9928 Day ago
Liked the vid before he finished saying number 1
Dino Nugget
Dino Nugget Day ago
Only con: That car sucks up more money than any girlfriend.
Ahmed Agag
Ahmed Agag Day ago
DK Standard
DK Standard Day ago
Im not a big lambo fan but i like the white
Chyna Barnes
Chyna Barnes Day ago
Wait a min that key opens my gate 😂😂😂😂😂
eFlex Day ago
They dont want clothe And cant say no on good ride
Raul4life Day ago
Om g
neo domdom
neo domdom Day ago
Tho both can be stolen, Car still better.
car parking multiplayer JDM_Team
You forgot number 8 Number 8: they never cheat to you
More its Jayden
Ahaahtred Day ago
Jonas Hediger
"It's really easy to turn on" And "I can control and ride it" 😂😂
CallumFUIJ Day ago
These are not stats
Filip Salik
Filip Salik Day ago
Wow 2011 Lamborghini aventador
Quark Day ago
Let's be honest this dude has 0 substance and will be used by women most of his life.
Hydrozen Day ago
Vriginity is cool Stay pure
Kira Fox
Kira Fox Day ago
No no its cuz you are looking for a girl ... not a submissive:) dm me
Split_tongue420 Ry
Better *than* girlfriends, not then 🤣🤦🏻‍♂️
John Rambo
John Rambo Day ago
That’s sad. At least you have a nice car
High Everyday
This guy:Its always there for me My broken down rx8:Kinda crazy right?can i have some oil? Me:Commits suicide because its the 3rd engine this year
Yeah but can it have your kids?
junit483 Day ago
You can also trade up without losing half of your shit
sneh sachdeva
Number 1010000: it runs faster than you......
alexander winningham
Too bad you can't have a convo w it or see it's titties or you might be onto something
Gianni Suri
Gianni Suri Day ago
I laughed when he said it's super easy to turn on 🤣
Sam E
Sam E Day ago
Alaa Eddine Boubekeur
You can't compare between them. A car is an object a girlfriend is a human being.
BadBoY Rajput
U can't have sex with your car 😂