Why can't the media quit Trump? 'Gutfeld!' has the answers 

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'Gutfeld!' panel reacts to CNN's Acosta saying he's suffering from 'post-Trump stress disorder.' #FoxNews #Gutfeld
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Apr 6, 2021




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Comments 100   
Cason Yu
Cason Yu Day ago
trump much much better than Biden
No she's not afraid of hard and scary lol keep up the great work guys Love your show
Dama Fol
Dama Fol Day ago
O Jorge Constanza is still a very pitiful little man...
Robert Leechford
Obama and his attack dogs have nothing but hate and anger in their hearts and spew it whenever possible.
Christian CdeB
CNN is such garbage!
Ollie Jupes
Ollie Jupes Day ago
Painfully unfunny.
Danie Weir
Danie Weir Day ago
Eric needs elocution lessons and a voice coach ...
Natalia B.
Natalia B. 2 days ago
Agreed with all reviews, Gutfeld is cringeworthy ... was this cancelled already ?
Da Dole99
Da Dole99 2 days ago
Lol .. tRump is almost as old as Biden ... and much much fatter .. and much more disgusting
onkey onsville
onkey onsville 2 days ago
democratic s, r a waste of space
onkey onsville
onkey onsville 2 days ago
democratic s r useless
onkey onsville
onkey onsville 2 days ago
trump the best man for the job,
onkey onsville
onkey onsville 2 days ago
they want to suck his u no what
onkey onsville
onkey onsville 2 days ago
the truth hurts
onkey onsville
onkey onsville 2 days ago
I can't comment cause utube keep s shutting me off
Cecilia Cole
Cecilia Cole 3 days ago
They just can’t leave him alone. Joe is SO boring.
Linda Harwood
Linda Harwood 3 days ago
The Dems continue to talk about President Trump why??? To devirt from what a mess they made of our beautiful country. God save us all ❤
Efren Laboy
Efren Laboy 3 days ago
Im mechanical psychology and they're different in their minds regrets are not for them because gods don't make mistakes but war is bad but inevitable when idiot say im like gods obey
mervy blanc
mervy blanc 3 days ago
These people are making Trump their bread and butter. If Trump did not become the president, they will just be scavenger in the street.
gemcan54 3 days ago
2018 June Harris was so upset about crying children in cages. (PLENTY OF TAPES ONLINE TO REPLAY) NOW SHE IS JUST LAUGHING BEHIND HER MASK. Remember Time Magazine cover with Trump and crying little girl. TIME, WHERE IS YOUR COVER FOR BIDEN AND HARRIS WITH KIDS BE DROPPED OVER BORDER WALL?
Matthew Scott
Matthew Scott 3 days ago
I'm just glad fox news is now relegated to 3rd tier status. They all deserve to go broke.
michael william
michael william 3 days ago
Trump's the badass President of all time
twinflower Hare
twinflower Hare 4 days ago
We are pist at anything you say. Biden I s a corps.
I love this show. Lol best show on fox right now. 🤣💯🤣😆😂
Henning Siezing
Henning Siezing 4 days ago
so bad
ACUNA Streams 4U
ACUNA Streams 4U 4 days ago
Why does this make me cringe ?
Judie Langley
Judie Langley 4 days ago
Stu ron is actually on the air waves!
Meegan Walsh
Meegan Walsh 4 days ago
Jim, get a life. What a bunch of whiners.
Marisa Ochoa
Marisa Ochoa 5 days ago
I’m really enjoying this 🤣
Kevin J
Kevin J 5 days ago
Cancerous News Network is a joke. They will swallow their words. Idiots. Since CNN isn’t at the Airports anymore I no longer get sick flying.
Love 💕 Trump... Trump won✝️🙏‼️
senior estep
senior estep 5 days ago
And the communist news network loves him
senior estep
senior estep 5 days ago
Trump is stell the man
senior estep
senior estep 5 days ago
Communist news network
John Crehan
John Crehan 5 days ago
They're just trying to distract people from the real issues.
Lynn Leigha
Lynn Leigha 5 days ago
Brian is such a boob
Susan Matz
Susan Matz 5 days ago
Get real. Trump loves attention, negative or positive. "Liberals stick to facts so they don't have to think." Someone really said that.
Susan Matz
Susan Matz 5 days ago
Gutfeld needs to stick to entertainment news and forget trying to be a comedian. Oh wait, different type of comedian. This is less funny than SNL. Pitiful.
Matt Smith
Matt Smith 5 days ago
CNN and other don't watch stupidity
harleyblue999 5 days ago
Run down yep given a chance,miserable excuse for a journalist,if he took his shirt off you might be astounded to find whip marks ,ask jim what has he done with the spear.
Holly Zemlicka
Holly Zemlicka 5 days ago
Tyrus is a genius!
Jess Garcia
Jess Garcia 5 days ago
Eric you should use the positive Trump side for promotions
Granny Annie
Granny Annie 5 days ago
Granny speaks Biden/Harris are NOT leadership material, Biden wants to raise taxes for workers, he wasn't capable of calculating cost when he stopped Keystone Pipeline! dear God clear the minds of these leaders!
jonnyrockwell 5 days ago
Oh Gutfeld how they laughed how they cried (mainly cried)
Joseph 5 days ago
amen 7
amen 7 5 days ago
Train wreck
Global Relief
Global Relief 5 days ago
Do you believe these "clowns"? They miss Trump and his corruption scandals....... What fun it was, as his sons stole the collection box away from children!
Global Relief
Global Relief 5 days ago
The media needs scandals. They are not allowed to talk about Gates...... So, what's left? Biden is a godsend! Let's look at Trump!
Caith Yagyu
Caith Yagyu 5 days ago
That woman looks miserable and she must be crying a lots
Trish Spinazola
Trish Spinazola 6 days ago
They can’t get over Trump because they know he’s not finished!!!
Olivia Stewart
Olivia Stewart 6 days ago
Why can't they leave this man alone. Or, is that the only way to keep people listening to them?
Rose Cloud
Rose Cloud 6 days ago
Cuz Trump ain't done.
M Howard
M Howard 6 days ago
Finally a late night show worth watching.
Derrick Rowe
Derrick Rowe 6 days ago
You mean they have to do journalism
Nan Kidd
Nan Kidd 6 days ago
Great stuff guys.
Nan Kidd
Nan Kidd 6 days ago
Chuckle busters.....love it..l am going to us it twice a day...till Trumps back...
Mr Rightie
Mr Rightie 6 days ago
My book, "Trump terrorise me".🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
nogginbonker76 6 days ago
LOL they bleeped it. Love me some GG
Franklin Chin Quee
Because the sober American populace can't believe that STRUMPid, a septuagenarian, is so devoid of moral belief - no knowledge of right from wrong; and stupid - no common sense.
ScottaHemi 6 days ago
they slayed their golden haired goose but can't live without him. it's sad really...
Janice Wahl
Janice Wahl 6 days ago
Jim Williams
Jim Williams 6 days ago
If it wasn’t for president Donald J Trump the fake media would have nothing to lie about 🖕🖕🖕fake news
Robin chiusano
Robin chiusano 6 days ago
Anderson/Lemon.... that was awesome!
anthony craddolph
No, Trump is an arrogant jerk, period. He deserves to be punished for lieing and grifting!!!!!
rpgudsc 6 days ago
D.T showing actions,not only words, the others are bored even with their words
Richard Ahern - LifeLine Media
Who misses Trump now?? haha 😂🤣🇺🇸
SuperSieth 6 days ago
So if I get this right.. Trump should be president for the entertainment? Little bit dumb....
Cynthia Bursey
Cynthia Bursey 6 days ago
Don't have spend my day thinking are talking about Donald Trump the man is an idiot he too stupid to even ties on shoelace 🤔👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
Mothering with Grace
I love you Greg!!! The last joke got me🤣
GM3mo10 6 days ago
Why is the right sooo bad at comedy? This is as funny as looking at a rock.
Ioane Lemisio
Ioane Lemisio 6 days ago
I'm more interested in watching hearing trump talk because he's a very interesting person he lies to the peoples faces but inside his mind is money gold fortunes never enough to carry into his grave or more money to burn with him in hell Joe Biden is so peaceful trying to help the whole country shame on you doing the great divisions
Jacquie Erle Galdos
I love President Trump!!!!!!
Hisiu Hisiu
Hisiu Hisiu 7 days ago
Conservative Voices University
Jorge Ayala
Jorge Ayala 7 days ago
This idiot is as funny as diarrhea
Richard White
Richard White 7 days ago
Kat...marry me...
Uptown Ninja
Uptown Ninja 7 days ago
This repubs are pathetic in humor and life..wow...shocking how people can pretend to enjoy this rubbish...stale af...
M K 7 days ago
Biden weak foreign policy: - China aircrafts are flying over Taiwan sky and China sending messages to the Biden administration: We are equal now!. - China representative in an interview in front of Palais Coburg hotel in Vienna ( Iran nuclear program meeting) asking the US to lift sanctions of the corrupted Iran regime, because they are illegal!! China wants to get 400 billion $ money for a 25 years contract with the Iran extremist regime!
Ray Campbell
Ray Campbell 7 days ago
Trump is above the law. He will be president again Once he does .......question......how will he over-though the armed forces ?....as dictator? I mean ....it’s possible he just needs to read his history books
gary ansell
gary ansell 7 days ago
None of this is funny.
JJ74Q Formerly Jailbreak
Gutfeld The Best After Jessie
Alexis Whittier
Alexis Whittier 7 days ago
Yeah what they're trying to do is keep president Trump criticize and at in the front line so that people won't be criticizing what they're doing and they will feel relieved to have this regime I think it probably would have worked had they not pulled so much foolishness...
Francis Flandreau
I'm glad I can get some lauf ghter. out of the sickness perverted political games like he's disguised Marxist socialist communist politicians I don't want to lose so all Democrats but there should be more standing up for the rights of this country I like your comedy satire of our world as it is I support you men and women God Bless America
John Kennedy
John Kennedy 7 days ago
Fake fox news
No more Impeachment,Impeachment,Impeachment..
Gail Cirillo
Gail Cirillo 7 days ago
Alicia Velastegui
Alicia Velastegui
Why iditoys
Dylan is fishing
Dylan is fishing 7 days ago
Well if Trump wins the next election and y'all want to move to another country where Trump is not president I will help you pack and the Patriots will even pay for your tickets
Angeliki Petris
Angeliki Petris 7 days ago
Project Veritas exposed cnn today 🤣
Bridget Batikha
Bridget Batikha 7 days ago
So funny
Christopher Grat
Christopher Grat 7 days ago
MSM- Why can't I quit you? Trump- Because you love the ratings and revenue I give you.
Susan H
Susan H 7 days ago
abdu o
abdu o 7 days ago
lmao this is the worst attempt at comedy i have ever seen. EVER!
Faith Mungai
Faith Mungai 7 days ago
Longer than we expected? Mmmmh 🤔
Sondra Dupre
Sondra Dupre 7 days ago
Shut up
MrDrago1954 7 days ago
If the Media quits Trump then what will be left? The Left? Pretty simple perception, why.
JT Boves
JT Boves 7 days ago
The media would quit Trump if republicans did. In a nation of 350 million people and (incredibly... ridiculously... stupidly) only two significant political parties (private organizations that control the US electoral system), if one of those parties is being 'led' by a dangerous, clueless, amoral, unprincipled, narcissistic imbecile, you can be assured the press will pay attention to it. The media will stop paying attention to this old child when y'all decide to grow up and take politics seriously. Until then, there will be interest in this situation like there will always be interest in any freak show. The bearded lady, the cannibal, the strong man and yes, the talking, waddling, soft, pink angry turd (yes, that would be Mr Trump).
Corey Oldknow
Corey Oldknow 7 days ago
CNN is a joke . Brian Shelter. Need Mark Dice voice for Shelter. But these people on CNN might find the truth in the Biden Years. Never
Randy Wilson
Randy Wilson 7 days ago
They love him.