Why Are All School Buses Yellow? 

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Why Are All School Buses Yellow?


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Feb 16, 2021




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Shatter Sucks
Shatter Sucks Minute ago
Me about to steal school bus paint for my car:
Jayden Thiel
Jayden Thiel 18 minutes ago
Is it possible to find the paint color code and paint t your truck/car that color though
Ghostfire4 YTGames
Ghostfire4 YTGames 27 minutes ago
I’m gonna paint my car that exact yellow
More A-manClark
More A-manClark 51 minute ago
Him: when you see the yellow light you will automatically slam on the breaks to stop My mom: "don't worry I can beat the light" *floors the gas pettel*
Coronavirus /Positive
Coronavirus /Positive 57 minutes ago
What if I got a yellow car?
HITman Hour ago
Taxis are also yellow
craig arron
craig arron Hour ago
You do in the uk in London ya get yellow taxi so that's bullshit what ya just said
Ryan Monahan
Ryan Monahan Hour ago
Not joking iv watched every single one of your videos. The only thing I don’t qualify for is the commenting one but I’m going to go back so every single one of ur videos and comment this message. I’m also am here for the Xbox series x. If I don’t Winn that sucks good luck to everyone else entering. Epic video to To claw boss him self Not a bot claw boss I had to do this manually
D Fuji
D Fuji Hour ago
Okay, that explains the color, but it doesn't explain why my school bus was shorter than the rest.
Justus Ullman
Justus Ullman Hour ago
When I see yellow I accelerate 👀
JackTEM Plays
JackTEM Plays Hour ago
“yellow means slam on your brakes, except in New Jersey” lol
Tutorial Time
Tutorial Time 2 hours ago
I know I’m late but I heard that people can’t pump there own gas in Jersey is it annoying to you
danny 2 hours ago
I think u are a bus driver in a town near me, (im in nj) I recognized you for some reason.
Grace Luster
Grace Luster 2 hours ago
My friends dad has a white school bus
Brandon Smith
Brandon Smith 2 hours ago
what about yellow taxis??
Crimson Karma
Crimson Karma 2 hours ago
Hello fluffy
Ray N
Ray N 2 hours ago
never new that
SpazKingz 2 hours ago
SpazKingz 2 hours ago
Hold chrome
Robert Frady
Robert Frady 2 hours ago
Around where I live green means go yellow means go faster you idiot and then red means too slow got to stop now
FBI 2 hours ago
Now I actually know this been looking for the answer forever
Emerald Zebra
Emerald Zebra 3 hours ago
You can actually get this color on cars here in the UK. It's the exact same paint.
Its_Me_Romano _
Its_Me_Romano _ 3 hours ago
When I see yellow I think McDonald's
Sky Ta
Sky Ta 3 hours ago
Yellow lambs: who’s that
Husk 3 hours ago
Me bouta ask my dad to get a paint job on his car for "School Bus Yellow" Edit: Oh wait nvm
Husk 3 hours ago
God dammit
GXT Jolly
GXT Jolly 3 hours ago
Me in the UK....... YELLOW
Makayla Burkard
Makayla Burkard 3 hours ago
Wow I’ve never been so filled with KNOWLEDGE
Teuila Halalilo
Teuila Halalilo 4 hours ago
What about a cab 🚕🤷‍♀️🙂
Absorbz 4 hours ago
Bus dwiveeer
Dirz x19
Dirz x19 4 hours ago
In my country school buses are white
Not Dylan The Weeb
Not Dylan The Weeb 5 hours ago
Nah when i pull up to a yellow i speed up
Jessie LeCrone
Jessie LeCrone 5 hours ago
It's the beat the red for me
Alice Mahoney
Alice Mahoney 5 hours ago
I live in Nj and I feel attacked
ItzLoserHere 5 hours ago
New Jersey Sqaud
TheBlackestRose 6 hours ago
Yellow means beat the red in the uk too lol
•marshmallow Boba•
The school bus at my school is white and black there’s no yellow I think I know why the kids are missing now👅👃👅🦶
Elias Hanchett
Elias Hanchett 6 hours ago
That’s interesting
S4NDW1TCH_MEAT 6 hours ago
Not legally*
Amalie Seifrig
Amalie Seifrig 6 hours ago
Who else didn't know this
Icy Moose
Icy Moose 6 hours ago
Jersey Gang😈😈😈
bad_intentionz 71
bad_intentionz 71 7 hours ago
What about taxis
doc.garfield 7 hours ago
Not the bus I was in it was blue and it said County jail on the side
Joeh 7 hours ago
"You automatically think caution" Me looking at the yellow bus, first thought, "BaNaNa"
Jerrod Keith Westcott
If seen white busses
Yo Daddy
Yo Daddy 7 hours ago
Yellow always means beat the red H town baby
Yeet Squad
Yeet Squad 7 hours ago
2 of the new schoolbuses at my school are black they are brand new
Twemple 7 hours ago
Fortnite kids: not all school busses are yellow...
Alastor 8 hours ago
Unless kid is colorblind
Amaris Delacruz
Amaris Delacruz 8 hours ago
Him:"Yellow meansto slow down unless ur in New Jersey then it means beat red" Me in Texas: "yellow means pedal to the metal my dude"
MasterThiefMC 1610
MasterThiefMC 1610 8 hours ago
Love how there is no school busses in finland 👀
Koala 8 hours ago
In Vegas yellow means go faster
sierra jones
sierra jones 8 hours ago
White athletic school busses
Stephanie Perez
Stephanie Perez 9 hours ago
abhishek n
abhishek n 9 hours ago
Ummm..... I have seen lot of yellow coloured Lamborghinis and similar high end cars. Among many other vehicles. 💁‍♂️
Damien 9 hours ago
States with no running yellow laws. " so I saw yellow and went brrrrr"
widowfox 9 hours ago
Christopher Obando
Christopher Obando 9 hours ago
Uhh, taxis? When they used to exist
Anthony Shaw
Anthony Shaw 9 hours ago
Yea I was boutta say cuh yella mean go faster
MATTHEW BUCK 9 hours ago
Aishasiya Basheer
Aishasiya Basheer 10 hours ago
My school bus was blue but now it is orange
Just a Random god with Internet
My grandpas honda is yellow
XxZTunnezxX _
XxZTunnezxX _ 11 hours ago
Yo what's up bro
Rok kuduz.lapajne
Rok kuduz.lapajne 11 hours ago
I wish i could have it i don't have anything to Play ono
Kyle 11 hours ago
Ion give a fuck abt school busses
Haidnsuperking1 12 hours ago
Where ever i am yellow means go as fast as you can and beat red
Rogelio Garcia
Rogelio Garcia 12 hours ago
Yes I did
Head Hunter
Head Hunter 12 hours ago
My @$$ is numb from hitting it on a school bus
William Shawn
William Shawn 12 hours ago
Taxis are yellow lol
Killarich_504 13 hours ago
I call the Cheese bus
Sophie Harrison
Sophie Harrison 13 hours ago
Wow well we learn something every day
sean Tejada
sean Tejada 13 hours ago
As someone who lives in New Jersey I agree
Oompa Loops
Oompa Loops 14 hours ago
Slam on the brakes at a yellow no I speed the fuck up
The Bud Boss
The Bud Boss 14 hours ago
That's cool. I've seen blue buses
kt Gamer55
kt Gamer55 15 hours ago
Last time i check when people see a yellow light they slam on the gas peddle
Anonymous User
Anonymous User 15 hours ago
Next up they give them light up Sketcher tires XD
Ryan Lagan
Ryan Lagan 15 hours ago
I am never going to New Jersey then, unless I wanna die. Screw it I'm going some day
jacob lewis
jacob lewis 15 hours ago
I live in New Jersey and I can 100% approve his claim
Krissa Adkins
Krissa Adkins 15 hours ago
I guess I want my friends back
Ultra Easton
Ultra Easton 15 hours ago
Yellow is cool but this yellow be hittin different
Oliver Hauervig Bjerg
3000 comment pog!!
MEME TIME 16 hours ago
This makes SOOOO much sense now
LadyZubat 16 hours ago
"Green means go, red means stop, yellow means beat the red" -slogan for both New Jersey and Texas Drivers
Zortcia Roblox
Zortcia Roblox 16 hours ago
If every school bus is yellow how come my school has a few blue ones
Mixa Mega
Mixa Mega 17 hours ago
america is cringe
Drek Eater of worlds
Hi love all your videos it looks like you have fun witch it great I’m so happy for you and want to thank you for entertaining me and all of us cause your grate at it :) your the best
Captan kitten
Captan kitten 18 hours ago
How is nobody talking about how he said schools buses are the only yellow cars in existence Taxi:👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀
Captan kitten
Captan kitten 18 hours ago
Unless there's taxies
mcfarlandtravon 19 hours ago
How do you pay for the gas ?
Justin Guarino
Justin Guarino 19 hours ago
Orders this color to paint a “school bus” Paints car this color 😎
Wout Selleslagh
Wout Selleslagh 19 hours ago
Nice, well thought out
noel padilla
noel padilla 19 hours ago
This guy is awesome
Dea Seluler
Dea Seluler 20 hours ago
Yes yellow=beat the red
Eduardo Garcia
Eduardo Garcia 20 hours ago
notaaesthetic 20 hours ago
I already knew of this but it's nice to see it again!
CoolBus _
CoolBus _ 20 hours ago
There used to be green buses too
Dirtbike Armstead
Dirtbike Armstead 20 hours ago
Anthony L
Anthony L 20 hours ago
Flixxy 21 hour ago
So ppl know when they see a yellow bus that has a red stop sign on it to ZOOOOOOM right through. *Duh*
denied 21 hour ago
LMFAOOO when you said in nj yellow means beat the red i started laughing my ass off since it’s so frue
Clout Demon999
Clout Demon999 21 hour ago
Paint yours blue