Whitty is back in Friday night funkin' and he aint playing.. VS Whitty full week (INSANELY HARD) 

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Whitty is back in friday night funkin with his very own bonus week with cutscenes and an insanely hard surprise song. Its the VS Whitty Full week mod that honestly deserves to be in the actual game
Get the Whitty Mod here - gamebanana.com/gamefiles/14457
editor - us-first.info/more/6iiYmnC4HZmoNhmVvwqRBw


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Feb 17, 2021




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Jhettro da gamer
Jhettro da gamer 4 minutes ago
Well i guess this will be like the week7 but i dont know what is the character im talking about the difficutly i think its INTENSE
Whitty 21 minute ago
Everybody I hate ya
Chayse WILSON 30 minutes ago
Holy sh*t bro I can only just beat lv1 wtf
Kwiie Potato
Kwiie Potato 35 minutes ago
Clap for Mikey 👏👏👏👏👏
Rafael Cordova Tellez
Rafael Cordova Tellez 51 minute ago
Kirby Boi
Kirby Boi 57 minutes ago
"Can we get some star power or something?!" Button mashing: Never fear, I am here!!!
Kirby Boi
Kirby Boi Hour ago
I like this episode of Funkin' Night Fridays
Alleni Peterson
Whitty insane: PS4/PS5 eyes
skittleloo Hour ago
Is he the bob or the boy
Gordon Lai
Gordon Lai Hour ago
Secret technique use both hands
MyNameIsChian Hour ago
The last part of whitty is insane he cant even do it Me: Just smash ur keyboard
ITSSCaleb 2 hours ago
The girlfriend be looking like: 😖
Tyrek Cambridge
Tyrek Cambridge 2 hours ago
The Boyz II Men with talk like that because his character isn't talking Beatdown usually talk like that you don't get pulled new move is you who's trying to talk but he do we have a full swear you can leave here if words to guess why he's talkin like that the chat bar
Darlene Carpiso
Darlene Carpiso 2 hours ago
There's someone who beat the very hard part
Fifteenlamb 2 hours ago
One thing can scare gf is Whitty rage mode
zekeoe time
zekeoe time 2 hours ago
My throat hurts from whitty
Robyn T
Robyn T 2 hours ago
Jay and Bijuu's Reactions are so Similar
Ammie Marshburn
Ammie Marshburn 3 hours ago
Whitty:do I look like bomby to you!?!?!?
Olívia Moniz
Olívia Moniz 3 hours ago
That is what happens when you make Whitty (Ballistic) angry
komaru naegi
komaru naegi 3 hours ago
bijuu the legs are always worth it
Bluefoxy 3 hours ago
Did you know there's a US-firstr who managed to beat ballistic the final level with witty three times in a row I'm not joking his name is 8-bitryan any manage to do that twice in one video then in another video will he was messing around with Mod he went back and beat it again
Ariel Cerqueira Cambui
Real190loggedout 4 hours ago
That one gamer his name is Ryan but, he beat it 2x in a row
Max Enzo F.Dingal
Max Enzo F.Dingal 4 hours ago
Katherine Johnson
Katherine Johnson 4 hours ago
I'm the girl
Mist 4 hours ago
Mike when doing Witty's last song: AAAAAAHHHHH!!!
simone 4 hours ago
3:38 famous last words
Kitty Girl AfnaN
Kitty Girl AfnaN 4 hours ago
Whitty: Hmm.....you look......... *I N T E R E S T I N G*
Zen The Budgie
Zen The Budgie 5 hours ago
That’s hard
joshua kaloso
joshua kaloso 5 hours ago
I was going to tell you to spam the arow keys
kian ronquillo
kian ronquillo 6 hours ago
Yo you just messed up
kian ronquillo
kian ronquillo 6 hours ago
Skin oooooooooooooon scanner
Iveta Balazova
Iveta Balazova 6 hours ago
The gf must have extensive leg pain by sitting down for like 2536342 year XD
kian ronquillo
kian ronquillo 6 hours ago
I haven't seen the whole Cut scene Yet
kian ronquillo
kian ronquillo 6 hours ago
You messed up one time
Iveta Balazova
Iveta Balazova 6 hours ago
Bowserswaffles 6 hours ago
I disliked the video because of grub hub
willowhazel_ 7 hours ago
Mike: *completely traumatized about Whitty*
AJ Morris
AJ Morris 7 hours ago
4:11 "But like the thing is he doesn't want our girlfriend, he just wants the dad." *P A U S E*
Dylan Ripper
Dylan Ripper 7 hours ago
BF: beep boop skdeeop Whitty: ur gonna regret that Also Whitty: ME GUITAR
Ꮪꭵꮮꮙꭼꭱ Ᏸꭹꭲꭼꮓ
"What are we doing in this alley?" Picking on someone who's having a bad day already and your girlfriend's parents have likely wronged.
Ꮪꭵꮮꮙꭼꭱ Ᏸꭹꭲꭼꮓ
Imagine trying ballistic on a DDR pad.
Ꮪꭵꮮꮙꭼꭱ Ᏸꭹꭲꭼꮓ
That intro lmfao
Just Matt :/
Just Matt :/ 8 hours ago
Where is he from tho..
suprised pikachu
suprised pikachu 8 hours ago
Monokuma dancing goes well with everything
luigipants 8 hours ago
I agree with Bijuu. The legs aren’t worth it, no matter how THICC she is.
Nilgun Alieva
Nilgun Alieva 9 hours ago
Mike:let's see what he's got Whitty:waminamu sindeu
pico 9 hours ago
Bf cant talk
Penguin master Gaming
7:07 me when sees this: starts dancing
Rachelle S
Rachelle S 9 hours ago
14:39 Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls of all ages he actually did it
howard daniels
howard daniels 10 hours ago
I'm bout to put ballistic whitty in two words: *VIBE CHECK*
Teardrop :D
Teardrop :D 10 hours ago
Mike: hes like the bomb GF: HE IS A BOMB
Happy_ AlexRO
Happy_ AlexRO 10 hours ago
Welp if you did it i'll make an even harder mod
Bluey And da bugz
Bluey And da bugz 12 hours ago
Am I the only one that dose not like those parts at the start of the vid showing what happenes later in the vid
Beepboop skibop beep
Maya Oiterong
Maya Oiterong 12 hours ago
the monokumas just dancing from fnf XDD
Nawaf Salman
Nawaf Salman 13 hours ago
Nawaf Salman
Nawaf Salman 13 hours ago
shadowinjai X
shadowinjai X 13 hours ago
"you can't go long! That hard" Realization *
xxSnow__bunnyxx 13 hours ago
Is it weird for me to say i'm simping HARD as what for whitty over here? or is it just me
kwaza 14 hours ago
Bijuu Mike:wins the second round Whitty: *Welcome to Rap hell*
Ali Said
Ali Said 14 hours ago
who `s bruh bijuu mike
Vannaly Bill
Vannaly Bill 14 hours ago
Whitty the second song Whitty:kzvdysjdfizzvgzzk r8sjez9aozc Flippy:eazy
mocomuncher999 14 hours ago
i beat it as well but man its way to hard for me
Mark Cataylo
Mark Cataylo 14 hours ago
B***y is it so fast ⏩
Jade Jordan
Jade Jordan 14 hours ago
Jakob the gamer
Jakob the gamer 14 hours ago
Biju: i can do anything now! Whitty track 3: are u sure about that?
Destroyer of League of Legends
Osu players did it
Čørrūptëd Śkīd
Fathan Albi Zahri bocil 2
11:32 Grubhub
Caden Castillo
Caden Castillo 17 hours ago
Boop beep skebatpy boop lol
daddy aizen
daddy aizen 17 hours ago
Still waiting for cory to play this lmao
menacing Robber
menacing Robber 20 hours ago
finally Merch the finally doesn’t cost like 50 dollars
kelowed 20 hours ago
gabriel zamora
gabriel zamora 22 hours ago
He’s the older brother of the bom in the amazing world of gum ball
Cat _Z
Cat _Z 22 hours ago
Есть хто русский?
Allain Robichaud
Allain Robichaud 23 hours ago
why does citizen Z have green hair
Bendy Beats
Bendy Beats 23 hours ago
So I'm pretty sure the song file for ballistic is called ouchmytoe
Bendy Beats
Bendy Beats 23 hours ago
*Go mango*
Tony Stark
Tony Stark 23 hours ago
Moral of the story our character is too cocky
P P 23 hours ago
Tip for those desperate to make ballistic: you can use wasd and the arrows at the same time :)
H Lyons
H Lyons Day ago
I like this mod
Senpai Supreme 2D
Witty Da Bomb Literally
Sunil Dindial
Was this a mod?
Amelia DeRienze
11:34 get grubhubed
Logan _the_potato
Mike: “Dang, I got 2 misses :C.” Me: “You got 2 misses? I got 18.” My Dad: “You both got past the level?”
Amelia DeRienze
꧁Shadowgaming8321꧂ LOL
Lol grubhub ad meme
David Toomey
David Toomey Day ago
Song 1: Relatively easy Song 2: Hard Song 3: Synchronized button mashing
Crisisyt Day ago
Mic screes before it hits the floor
Crisisyt Day ago
Keith:beep Whitty:(i took that personally)
Crisisyt Day ago
Is it raste or riced
Dom Ly
Dom Ly Day ago
*Everybody gangsta 'till Ballistic starts playing on hard*
Lesha Lopez
Lesha Lopez Day ago
lol someone should make a mod for friday night funknin were all you see is the grubhub ad
Brandon Diaz
Brandon Diaz Day ago
I hate you 8bitrian
kitten miko
kitten miko Day ago
It’s funny how I beat all of whittys songs and I rarely play Friday night funkin -
dul lim
dul lim Day ago
ai love de song
Aung Aung
Aung Aung Day ago
RIP is hands.
Sanariya Dilman
I love that udg reference of dancing monokumas