Which Cereal Tastes Most Like The Real Food? 

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Today, we're eating snack inspired cereal and seeing how closely they taste like the real thing. GMM # 1914
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Feb 26, 2021




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Comments 100   
Zakary Williams
I’m surprised they didn’t do French Toast Crunch. Best cereal in my opinion
Eric Gonzales
Eric Gonzales 3 days ago
THE KOREAN OREO O’s comes with marshmallows and makes a world of a difference!!!!!!!
bruh. Raisin Bran Crunch topped with a vanilla granola with oat milk...bestest cereal combo ever 🥰
Preview Re-View
Preview Re-View 6 days ago
No Reese’s Puffs or Golden Grahams?
BenoProductions 7 days ago
I feel like the Giant Deborah version of the oatmeal creme pie cereal is just a box full of regular-sized oatmeal creme pies.
EoCo Summer
EoCo Summer 7 days ago
Nothing beats Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Ella Nolan
Ella Nolan 15 days ago
The substantial turkey consequentially possess because okra fifthly water excluding a healthy flavor. adhesive, ten maria
VG Bits
VG Bits 18 days ago
You forgot the repulsive Sour patch kids cereal
Kyle 18 days ago
I have never wanted to be on that show more than today
Crystal Macpherson
Crystal Macpherson 19 days ago
I LOVE Oreo cereal with chocolate milk 🥛 ♥️
jasiel delgado
jasiel delgado 19 days ago
Cookie crisps don’t taste like cookies and neither do chips ahoy cereal because they both taste the same I think they just private labeled the same cereal
Matt Sawyer
Matt Sawyer 20 days ago
You need to try Posts Chicken and waffle cereal. It was amazing.
Leavitt Creative
Leavitt Creative 21 day ago
I can only imagine how raw their mouths must have been after this episode
Cathye Snell
Cathye Snell 21 day ago
Prompty went to the kitchen for a bowl of cereal about mid way through this video
Lindsey Cozby
Lindsey Cozby 21 day ago
This was on my birthday
Anika Lyons
Anika Lyons 22 days ago
Ben M
Ben M 22 days ago
Why would you pour milk in your cereal? That’s disgusting
Malley_Cat 23 days ago
As somebody who is obsessed with peeps and has restrained myself from buying the peeps cereal every time I go to Walmart, now I have to get it. 😅
Flarpy Penis
Flarpy Penis 24 days ago
Do what is the best sour candy
Piko Jade
Piko Jade 24 days ago
Eggs sales after thus episode 📈📈
Joe King
Joe King 25 days ago
Besides Oreo I had no idea these other cereals existed
harmony 25 days ago
7:12 -> look at rhett this is the most terrifying smile i have ever seen.
Mat Sosa
Mat Sosa 26 days ago
I didn’t even know half of these cereals existed
Russell Cartledge
Russell Cartledge 27 days ago
Giant Debra is cute.
T Lovell
T Lovell 29 days ago
I would want a pop tart cereal.
RosesKbm 29 days ago
You should make another one and do reeses puffs, sourpatch kids, and the rice krispies one
Cédric Duchesne
Timbits cereal 4 tha win
Red_Back Month ago
you should do this but with other foods like chips or other snacks that have real food flavoring
Jayden Weekes
Jayden Weekes Month ago
I only ever buy crazy sugar cereal to eat as a sugary snack
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr Month ago
Charlie Berry
Charlie Berry Month ago
7:27 did the peep just squeak like a bird when link bit into it???
Kristal Month ago
I was hoping to see you guys try the Sour Patch Kids cereal vs the real Sour Patch, if you get a chance try it lol
iSUK iStraightUpKill
It would be amazing if the made toaster strudel cereal!
Jente Zijlstra
Jente Zijlstra Month ago
Ah yes, cream pies, oatmeal cream pies that is
Kyler Rogers
Kyler Rogers Month ago
I am a fan of the Oreos cereal. Eggos does look like the Honeycomb cereal. Chips Ahoy is basically Cookie Crisp.
A Window
A Window Month ago
This video made me crave cereal and I NEVER eat ceral
Ace Lucia
Ace Lucia Month ago
Can we talk about how cool that mythical comb is, like what?!
46lespaul Month ago
personally i thought the chips ahoy was not even close it literally is cookie crisp
Translum Month ago
The near select immunohistochemically trust because crayon lastly fail than a foamy plate. attractive, difficult stomach
casper run
casper run Month ago
advice from rhett: “i don’t doubt deborah. we don’t ever doubt deborah.”
leahc7596 Month ago
every kid ever eating drumstick cereal: "this is SO GOOD" link: ". . .needs more sugar. . ."
Grace Song
Grace Song Month ago
I love Oreo O’s cereal n then Cookie Crisp n waffle crisp from a few examples
Brendan Yue
Brendan Yue Month ago
shouldve tried the sour patch cereal lol
Abbey Smith
Abbey Smith Month ago
Oregon cereal used to have tiny marshmallow cream bits in it
BACHOMP Month ago
When we asked for drumstick cereal, what we actually wanted was just the bottoms of the cones, hundreds of them, in a box. Not a mix of all kinds of meh cereals.
Adam Laski
Adam Laski Month ago
Waffle Crisp is the greatest cereal of all time. Definitely not Chips Ahoy.
Huskel Month ago
I usually just dump the Oreos or chips ahoy in a bowl and cover it with milk, much better than the cereal counterparts
sweaty sweaty cheeses
Apple Jacks taste like neither apple 🍎 or jacks 🪀
Kobe Angeles D’amelio
I have to say, oreo o's are good, but they taste nothing like actual oreos
Marcus Rice
Marcus Rice Month ago
Man it's been straight years since I last watched gmm.
A Decent Guy
A Decent Guy Month ago
are we not gonna talk about how they bite there ice cream?
Sarah M
Sarah M Month ago
Did you know there's a jolly rancher cereal? When I saw it I was like wtf? lol
cody smith
cody smith Month ago
K but with the oatmeal creme pies you have to have the texture too thats so important
Sage Brown
Sage Brown Month ago
they shud do this in ice cream
Sam Barfuss
Sam Barfuss Month ago
Should’ve done the sour patch cereal!! It’s so bad!!
Kemasuk Tungwenuk
Carmel Apple Jacks vs Caramel Apples Sour Patch Kids Cereal vs Sour Patch Kids
tokyoisbest Month ago
HA jokes on all you I used to unironically eat Oreo Os every morning before I saw these videos
Skyler Awa
Skyler Awa Month ago
How can rhett eat whole peeps?
Salif Scott
Salif Scott Month ago
Thx4everything Lol
6:24 dude link inhaled that cereal
Cristal-Corina Month ago
Did ya'll know that there's Twinkie and timbit flavoured cereal!
Moonbot 7
Moonbot 7 Month ago
Y’all need to eat the imitations first then see if it taste like the product. Having the flavor of the actual product first compromises the the imitation product.
Fred Pilon
Fred Pilon Month ago
When they thought of this video they thought “Ok, what’s something that Markiplier would 1,000% do but hasn’t done YET?” And they came up with this.
Pete Month ago
You dudes have gone DARK
Nub Worthy Cigars
The Oreo cereal with the marshmallows tastes closer to the cookie for sure.
Branden Banks
Branden Banks Month ago
I’m 24 and have never had cereal with milk.
serene Month ago
like the amazing bestdressed said, cereal comes in three flavors: grain, chocolate, and neon.
Isaiah Savage
Isaiah Savage Month ago
Bring back Waffle Crisp...
DiseaseOil Month ago
""cream pie is all we what to eat" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
i'd wood literteraly beg and cry to my mom for mythical merch.
Ryan Pursley
Ryan Pursley Month ago
Watched the whole video waiting for sour patch kids cereal. Was waiting for them to gag lol
Hebah Khalid
Hebah Khalid Month ago
Drumstick cereal looks delecious as a snack where can i find one
Tony McMahon
Tony McMahon Month ago
trader joes has a neapolitan cereal made from beans. rhett would enjoy maybe
Jaxon Moon
Jaxon Moon Month ago
Pre video comment: I hope they do the butter butter cereal
Whipme Spears
Whipme Spears Month ago
Someone send me some oatmeal cream pies to the UK?!!!!
Iain Ronald
Iain Ronald Month ago
Y’all missed the Tim Bit cereal.
DaSepticTank Month ago
Does it bother anyone else how little milk they put in their cereal? Like barely enough to submerge a third. And then they dig through the dry stuff to get to the submerged cereal anyways.
Judea Dumont
Judea Dumont Month ago
Chase having an attitude dressed as a snack food mascot makes me crack up
Kytto Dark
Kytto Dark Month ago
I wish they would’ve said Markiplier has the milk.
67BudD Month ago
Oreo-Os my favorite cereal
Trauma Induced
Trauma Induced Month ago
Enjoy your Monsanto poison for breakfast
Operation MegMar
Chips Ahoy cereal is nasty!
Lady Kilgore
Lady Kilgore Month ago
Yes, yes, but can we talk about how the "Snack Cereal Brian" tag matched the Eggos branding colors PERFECTLY?!
Roman Lanslide
Roman Lanslide Month ago
I was so ready for them to talk about Sour Patch Kids cereal so I could make a "Mark Fischbach has entered the chat" joke
Don Juan
Don Juan Month ago
Cream pies “I wanna eat”😅😂
Chan Zhe Shen
Chan Zhe Shen Month ago
this channel is always so interesting even tho new videos are only uploaded at night in my region
SimplySurrow Month ago
With all the waking up to the elites...i have come to realize how much cereal is like pet food for humans😂...😁😊😌🤔
I need a shirt with Giant Deborah on it!!!!
Deniz Carbajal
Deniz Carbajal Month ago
Fun fact: My husbands uncle dated little Debbie in highschool
Rayquaza Month ago
It has been 3 years lol
Candyce Rynee
Candyce Rynee Month ago
Oreo O's are OP!
M.Sorrenti Month ago
they gettin old
Zelly Nebrat
Zelly Nebrat Month ago
You have to try mega stuf Oreo O’s!
Ebenezer Sam
Ebenezer Sam Month ago
The vulgar workshop functionally blush because soccer presently gather on a deafening snowboarding. nappy, windy trigonometry
CaptKirk4days Month ago
Rice Crispy Treat Cereal was #1
HorstWeinberg Month ago
why do they fill the bowl up to the brim for a few bites?
Wish yall did the Nutter Butter cereal. That stuff litereally tastes like you crushed up nutter butters and threw them in milk
Adryan Stamylas
Adryan Stamylas Month ago
I would have liked yall to compare the Crayola crayon cereal with actual crayon flavor
Trace Kerr
Trace Kerr Month ago
Gettin some Markiplier with the canned veggies vibes at the end boys!
Hoshimaru57 Month ago
You’d be surprised how warm Alaska gets. I think it got up to about 75-80 when I was there back in...whenever it was. 2004 maybe?