Where Is Foxy's Hook?! [VERSION B] "Fazbear & Friends" Episode: 1 (Minecraft FNAF Animation) 

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Fazbear and Friends is a new animated series based on the main cast of "Five Nights at Freddy's". The show follows the wacky misadventures of Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, and their many friends as they get themselves into trouble while trying to manage their pizzeria.
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-- 🎬 Video Credits --
Freddy/Bonnie - Zachary Preciado: ZaminationZ
Foxy - Xycron: XycronVA
Chica - Frongi: frongi_voice
Written by:
-Micah Preciado and Zach Belanger
Original Soundtrack by:
-Zachary Preciado
Executive Producer:
-Zach Belanger
-Avalon Preciado
-Isaac Christopherson, Kaleb Sullivan, Avalon, Zachary & Micah Preciado
James Pelter, Zachary and Micah Preciado, Seth Jones, Phyre, Pixel
-Andy Gill
Final Layout:
-Zachary Preciado, Micah Preciado, Zach Belanger
-Avalon Preciado, Zachary Preciado, Micah Preciado, Zach Belanger, Seth Belanger
-Evan Robinson
-Seth Belanger, Micah Preciado
-Zachary Preciado
Produced at EnchantedMob Studios in St. Louis, MO.
ZAMination Twitter: zaminationyt​​
Micah’s Twitter: ZAMinationYT​​
Zachary’s Twitter: ZaminationZ​​
Instagram: zamination​​
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Feb 15, 2021




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Comments 100   
Lee Samuel
Lee Samuel 50 minutes ago
Lee Samuel
Lee Samuel 50 minutes ago
Clara Setiawan
Clara Setiawan 52 minutes ago
this is like foxy nigthmare when they find the new hook.
Zyrrel Imbo
Zyrrel Imbo Hour ago
" "
Consuelo Mago
Consuelo Mago Hour ago
Rosario Roa
Rosario Roa Hour ago
1:30 OMG😂😂😂
Magaly y Joaquin Sepulveda
Chapter 2
Magaly y Joaquin Sepulveda
CHapter 2
Luke Dog
Luke Dog 3 hours ago
So that’s how foxy got all of these scars and eyepatch from 1:30 3:51
Francisco Javier Gonzalez Cortez
Wtf is this?
Sabrina Romera
Sabrina Romera 4 hours ago
you yes
Sabrina Romera
Sabrina Romera 4 hours ago
loencontraro bien
Israel Tinoco
Israel Tinoco 4 hours ago
boog's great adventure come with me
Wow I love it
EL MASTER DERECK 5 hours ago
Nice video
Azzam Alfaheed
Azzam Alfaheed 6 hours ago
María del Carmen Mendívil Cruz
Título español y así yo no entiendo
JaceTGV 6 hours ago
You mean this handy coathanger that I found on the stage in Pirates Cove? No Bonnie we mean your buck teeth,
Glamrock Freddy
Glamrock Freddy 6 hours ago
Scott Cawthon needs to see this.
JaceTGV 6 hours ago
Bonnie is really off key...
Bonnie 7 hours ago
I've read this far! 🦊
FlashGamingPlayz 7 hours ago
This should be on the Disney channel
black_gamer 8 hours ago
I wish this be cartoon in tv
:3 Cute face guy
:3 Cute face guy 9 hours ago
Ngl Foxy sing well
Liam Santos
Liam Santos 9 hours ago
There is this youtuber called the famous films about fnaf 6 and also made this thing video called lefty’s laugh house and in one of the parts it said where’s foxy don’t care ha 👇
Luna Rojas Karen Millet
2 part plis
Tabby Slime123
Tabby Slime123 10 hours ago
Plot twist:Freddy and Bonnie r the same voice
Emiliano Sanchez
Emiliano Sanchez 10 hours ago
If this ever gets put in the TV you're are absolute Legend
mistyxrxin 10 hours ago
move offer kardashians its fazbear & and friends turn
Lillyanne Zawistowska
0:49 on me hand you dont have a hand though...
Chica 11 hours ago
Blue Guy
Blue Guy 13 hours ago
seems like something fazbear entertainment would make
fabiana Orozco
fabiana Orozco 13 hours ago
Satadal Payeng
Satadal Payeng 13 hours ago
How many episodes are there
Socorro Lira
Socorro Lira 14 hours ago
Zianna 14 hours ago
What was part 1 all about again? 😂
Patricia Shoyo
Patricia Shoyo 15 hours ago
I feel bad for foxy
Paolo Cominardi
Paolo Cominardi 15 hours ago
please make episode two 👌
Hiroshi Borjal
Hiroshi Borjal 15 hours ago
Bonnie si a boy?
Oyundelisi 3748
Oyundelisi 3748 15 hours ago
Türkçe alttayizili Yaparmısın
Kenzie cat cutie Rubenstein
Please make more these are so good
Sultan noob
Sultan noob 16 hours ago
Meltgaming 347
Meltgaming 347 16 hours ago
Whats next chica lost his cupcake?
Tristan H
Tristan H 16 hours ago
0:03 Foxy likes Bonnie's cut G.
Meltgaming 347
Meltgaming 347 16 hours ago
I wish this was on Disney channel! I will watch it!
Macabantech 16 hours ago
I love this cartoon it’s funny
Kam Fooi Wong
Kam Fooi Wong 17 hours ago
Help pls
Minimike s
Minimike s 17 hours ago
make another episode I beg this one was so cool
pls rób tak dalej bo to było fajneeeeeeeeeee.
ezra simol
ezra simol 17 hours ago
Why why why😡🤬😡🤬😡😡😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬
Murat Önder
Murat Önder 8 hours ago
Why why
Eduardo Vazquez-Herrera
Can you actually make some more episodes
bayoxey ooof
bayoxey ooof 17 hours ago
this is so cool
Jaiden Rowland
Jaiden Rowland 17 hours ago
Jaiden Rowland
Jaiden Rowland 17 hours ago
Barbie A.
Barbie A. 17 hours ago
Fnaf fnaf fnaf yaaaaaàaaaaaay
Anna Dzienis
Anna Dzienis 18 hours ago
Can you make other episode from Fazbear & friends? I want other episode from "Fazbear & Friends" Minecraft animation
Sarah Sissi
Sarah Sissi 18 hours ago
Jazig 18 hours ago
ZAminecraft I'm new here and I'm a fnaf fan can u make more off these? Make like uh... Where Freddy disappear
Jazig 18 hours ago
That's just an idea
alg wolfgod
alg wolfgod 18 hours ago
sowowl 18 hours ago
Станислав Баджаков
Version A is better than this! Who's agree?
Игрушки Ани
Блин вотбы это по тележку показывали
Fahrin Asmawi
Fahrin Asmawi 19 hours ago
poor bonnie UwU
Вероника Филимонова
А почему здесь бонни как наркоман?!
TheMrOffline 20 hours ago
I’m 14 I shouldn’t be watching this but I love it
xoxogottoadoreme 20 hours ago
Hey zanimations mind telling us when are you releasing episode 2 please
Ronnel Bitco
Ronnel Bitco 22 hours ago
Is this a cartoon wwll i love it!!!!!! No jumpscare for me
theinkpictures 22 hours ago
Iiiii like it :D
Faranak P
Faranak P 23 hours ago
Freddy: help you foxy where did you last see it foxy: on me hat Freddy: what the f***
Faranak P
Faranak P 23 hours ago
Last see it
Faranak P
Faranak P 23 hours ago
Freddy: will help you foxy where did you
The Nessie Show
The Nessie Show 23 hours ago
Bonnie is the cutest....😂
Beamboy 100
Beamboy 100 Day ago
Poor bonnie
Azwad jbat77
Azwad jbat77 Day ago
Freddy? Ha ha ha
Jhorey Dingding
Emily Ashley Damayan
I think you should make more episodes plssss 😊
derek694 Day ago
the thing i hate about this is that they made a fool out of bonnie.
Robert Sumolang
3:53 so thats how foxy got a hole in the fnaf 1 game
Aeon Torres
Aeon Torres Day ago
This is like talking tom and friends
Aeon Torres
Aeon Torres Day ago
When is the ep 2 start?
Doge Animations Art
soy la unica que habla español? :,^
John Matthew Dolutan
So this is how foxy is out of order.😏
Roopnarine Deonarine
1:42 I see why foxys out of order
Alexa Reyes
Alexa Reyes Day ago
pajamas please stop by😊😊
Sushi cats
Sushi cats Day ago
Thats fnaf do you know what the afton family is
Cookies Day ago
1:35 The Star
Cookies Day ago
The Series begins
Art Rafael Num.2
Joseph Portis
I hope you make more of these episodes.
Toxic Replace
1:29 why he has an eye patch
Frisk 1234
Frisk 1234 Day ago
Plz make more
Mr. Hippo Comics
This is my knew favorite TV show
ShadowWolfie the cyber wolf
That was just adorable! Best series yet that I've ever seen!!!
Brian Musso
Brian Musso Day ago
this has to be mine crafted bruh
Franki F
Franki F Day ago
Real Guy
Real Guy Day ago
Have you sent this to Scott with a note saying put this on fox or Disney
Sawyer Giles
Sawyer Giles Day ago
poor bonnie
door tier list
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