Where I Really Come From | Invincible Ep 8 Reaction 

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Apr 30, 2021




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Comments 100   
YaBoyRoshi 14 days ago
"I'd still have you" FUCKKKKKKK
Gabriel Yulaw
Gabriel Yulaw 10 hours ago
@Ike Drakeford Yep, I can only think of 3 differences: Saiyans generally kill a planet's population so they can sell the planet, Saiyans use child soldiers, and the Saiyans were conquered because of their arrogance.
PatBro8 17 hours ago
FUUUCCCKKK I feel bad for mark man!
Braylen Brown
Braylen Brown 3 days ago
"For such a ass-hole omni-man is a pretty cool guy 😎" roshi 2021
brainzu 4 days ago
Clarence Rubin Jr.
@Jordy Amattahir Lmfaoooo
Vengeance Gaming
Vengeance Gaming 2 hours ago
Tho this show was insane. Invincible is the best reality of a Super Hero on any Planet. There is always innocent bystanders. It's down right depressing.
Kierren Mathews
Kierren Mathews 9 hours ago
Omni Man vs Superman Who's gonna win ? 👀
Karma :3
Karma :3 12 hours ago
"I'm INVINCIBLE, a Viltrumite raised on Earth!"
Victor Alarcon
Victor Alarcon 13 hours ago
Immortal = Krillin
Lumberjack Legs
Lumberjack Legs 16 hours ago
What i don’t hear a lot of people talk ab, is the fact that he said “this world will crumble before u look thirty” or something along those lines, and Omni man looks like 50. So is this considered a viltrimite’s “prime” or is he old and weak? How devastating is a viltrimite in their prime? How long has this mf been around? Like this can lead to so many questions..How many times has he done some shit like this, has he done this to other planets? does he have other children? How long has he even been on earth? Immortal was around for a while as we could see from his flashbacks so how long did they know each other? Mad Ego vibes (GotG2) definitely reading the comics after this. No redemption for that mf Omni man. fuck Omni man all 20-30-70-whenever. Wow. 10/10 season
Tricky Moses
Tricky Moses 21 hour ago
Zodd vs superman fight this is the behind the scenes
TheDoge 777
TheDoge 777 21 hour ago
Nolan dies to lord thragg
TheDoge 777
TheDoge 777 22 hours ago
In the comics Nolan has the biggest change in his character from monster to hero
Burco Presents
Burco Presents 22 hours ago
Me after seeing Omni-man kill thousands of people: I fcking hate that guy, no way I’ll feel bad for him again Mark: You, Dad. **Omni-man cries** Me: gosh dammit why am I feeling this, I don’t want to feel pity he legit killed thousands of people’s family and destroyed lots of buildings and lots of people’s jobs.
jrag1000 23 hours ago
OmniMan loves that toss air ankle grab body slam.
CC LL Day ago
you should watch castlevania
Nyx Urich
Nyx Urich Day ago
Bring Superman prime 1millon to defeat omni-man
Locke107 Day ago
To Omni-Man, he isn't being "evil", he's teaching his son the lessons he felt he should have taught him at an earlier age instead of being coddled as a human - and lessons he, himself, had to learn on his home world. It's twisted, but he really believes he's doing the right thing and it's pretty cool to see that you can relate to it without agreeing with it. Omni-Man does care about his family but he's been indoctrinated for thousands of years. He’s uber-loyal. That's why he flew away, he couldn't decide what to do. And on that note, you have to understand his position. He knows his people are coming - and that the only thing he can change is whether or not humanity will submit and become part of the Empire, or die resisting, Mark included. We know from the flashbacks that Omni-Man's time on Earth has had some genuine moments, but it pales to his time as a soldier. Same for that "pet" comment towards Debbie. He does love her but that comment was aimed at more than just at his long lifespan; personally I think he was trying to convince himself of it, knowing what was to come. Not to mention, while Nolan is beating the snot out of Mark, he keeps trying to teach him - or rather, break him - not physically, but his spirit. His willpower. Nolan knows he has the advantage of overwhelming strength and just wants Mark to change his mind and join him, but when Mark appeals to what little humanity Debbie instilled in Nolan over those 20'ish years, Nolan finally feels torn between two lives. It might be a complicated sense of love, but it's undeniably love. It's the first time he's ever questioned his mission.
SoyKazuki Day ago
Puff puff pass, we smoking that Omni-man pack
Gamer Art Tv
Gamer Art Tv Day ago
I felt the same way reading the comic of Invincible. I was like how many L’s can one person take
Felix Gutierrez
Tbh Omni-Man was indoctrinated into that worldview to be strong. If they killed themselves to make themselves stronger they wouldn't give two SHITS on other Xenos. Omni-Man here still has a heart and him leaveing only ever means that he could help or change his way of thought. Bc if he goes back he gonna DIE so he's brewing up something. And it would seem odd for him to come back just to re-take it over so...I'm smelling a Redemption arc for the boy for seasons 2 and 3!
Felix Gutierrez
6:03 "Thank you! Didn't think I was gonna make it!" Your not 🤣
Gabriel Dombach
If they think this was bad just wait until thragg shows up
Jorge Nuñez
Jorge Nuñez Day ago
I was so emotional on the first watch. But after the second watch through, that train scene gets funnier each watch.
Brennan Masters
Just came here to say that intro is fucking fire
Gabrihell Braga 666
Me: "oh no Omni-Man is such an a*hole" Also me: Thinks about all human history of inbecile rulers, wars, slavery, mass rapes and torture. "When you're listening to the villain's speech and they're lowkey making a lot of sense"
Michelle Galamay
bruh they are littrly saiyens
Imagine Superman fighting Omni-man. (You have to agree with me that would be a great crossover fight.
XTentionG .F
XTentionG .F Day ago
ah yes fuck these humans omni man spittin bars
Mr. Kips Gaming
One punch man vs omni-man.
Gabrihell Braga 666
Omni-Meme Just because his wife is a pet doesn't mean he doesn't love her :D
kalel gaming
kalel gaming Day ago
not goin to lie tho i still rock with omni man
The Joxter
The Joxter Day ago
Guess he should be called “vincible” now...
Cochulito Day ago
Viltrum is a God Damn Battle Royale planet.
mazimadu 2 days ago
(US-first keeps recommending video) (Reluctantly clicks) (Sees animation) OH GOD! OMG! THIS IS INCREDIBLE! THIS IS AMAZING! *THIS IS BETTER THAN THE ACTUAL VIDEO* !
YeahImChampion 2 days ago
Am I the only one who kinda agrees with Omni man? You gotta admit he does make some points. 🤔
24 Canvases
24 Canvases 2 days ago
Soooo... Omni-Man is Vegeta
John Blanton
John Blanton 2 days ago
BS standing, up my man couldve just lied but no he just let his dad kill thousands of people.
John Blanton
John Blanton 2 days ago
I thought that talking about how invincible was biased because he was raised on earth, and calling omni man a piece of shit for doing what he was raised to believe and do was a bit hypocritical.
George Moore
George Moore 2 days ago
Black Samson was an og member of the guardians of the globe. He was on hiatus after he lost his powers, but joined the revamped group with his suit that “runs on batteries” before he got his powers back
Eureka Adang
Eureka Adang 2 days ago
When Radits met Goku for the first time ...
Mathew Byfield
Mathew Byfield 2 days ago
I can't get enough of your intro though - it's so hype!
Aaron Watanabe
Aaron Watanabe 2 days ago
Omni-Man: *kills a full train of people* The dude on the right: 🗿
benji4114 2 days ago
Wierd thing about this episode is It didnt make me cry the first time i watched It (maybe a tear tbh) but The second time i cried, maybe i was Just too shocked at what i was seeing the first time.
nnightkingj 2 days ago
Omni man did nothing wrong
willy micrecker43
The reason omni man was sad he got his powers is because he knew vitrum was coming and they purdge the weak
reignmans 2 days ago
I have an idea. When Mark got his powers , remember how Omni man started getting annoyed angry and then he killed the squad? im pretty sure the mission was something along the lines "go to the planet , breed, when the kid comes off age take over the planet". god damn that episode hit so hard.
Kilara SX
Kilara SX 2 days ago
Promise Uzowulu
Promise Uzowulu 2 days ago
First time watching your channel. The intro too 🔥🔥🔥
RagingRaygun 2 days ago
The cyborg soldiers are more ethical then you think. 1) theyre willing enlisted men And 2) they said they were already dead
TbeforetheJ 3 days ago
Omni man was right. Mark wasn’t looking at the big picture
Jon Farga
Jon Farga 3 days ago
all tap water is contaminated with chemicals. for example, in the CIS, chlorine enhances - dulls the mind and makes people submissive. In the United States, things are different. Even if you say it on the news, people will not believe it and take it for a joke.
He'd actually going to another planet and start over but instead of his mission he truly cares read the comics crap 2% battery charge gtg
Malachi Oxley
Malachi Oxley 3 days ago
Me:Oh great another super hero series,it's not going to be intense Also Me after the 8th episode: 0_o
Braylen Brown
Braylen Brown 3 days ago
"For such a ass-hole omni-man is a pretty cool guy 😎" roshi 2021
Rachel M
Rachel M 3 days ago
I went from shock to being tearful. What an incredible show.
Big Dave
Big Dave 3 days ago
The main thing I loved about the show was the application of force they showed. That's what really pulled me into the ending fight. I could honestly say I felt ever hit 🤣🤣. Keep up the fire reaction as well, I feel right there with you guys👍.
Attia Mazen
Attia Mazen 3 days ago
Omniman is from Planet Vegeta
Kings Man
Kings Man 3 days ago
Can't atom eve vaporize omni man or does her powers not work on him
Rocky Day ago
1. Excluding plants, her powers don’t work on organic matter. 2. Even if it could Omniman would kill her faster than she could blink.
John McWind
John McWind 3 days ago
Why is Glenn always gettin his head bashed in?
Wan Ahmad Rizzuan
That's is why braniac destroyed krypton hahaha
Vitalis Otene
Vitalis Otene 3 days ago
i swear this character looks like the description of the plaedians and the val valiant ufo story lol
Q 3 days ago
Showing that secret room was an unnecessary flex 😂
Furious FN
Furious FN 3 days ago
That intro is god teir
L33T CORPS 3 days ago
Omni man = majin Vegeta
The Ascendunt
The Ascendunt 3 days ago
Viltrumites killed their own kind without a second thought. Other races have absolutely no chance. Those guys are fucking ruthless.
cysonicx 4 days ago
8:40 thats tough man
Brian Goodson
Brian Goodson 4 days ago
Check out the reviews of the whole comic anything yall think going to happen isn't even close
BEATAx ZAKI 4 days ago
This man casually kills people like he's eating a burger
Mrfluffybeehive 4 days ago
“Think mark” Omni man - 2021
Killerkris 4 days ago
I don’t think those cyborgs are unethical, they are giving dead soldiers an ability to still serve their country, they aren’t alive, they don’t feel. It’s sort of like if they were organ donors xD except they take the body and use it in the cyborgs.
I live in Chicago “ chuckles” “I’m in danger”
Owl Dusty
Owl Dusty 4 days ago
I’ve never read the comic but according to someone in another comment section Omni man is the nicest out of all his people. Edit: I scrolled down like two comments and found it again 💀
Aelius 4 days ago
Well...Omni-Man isn't going to be getting any father's day gifts... imagine telling your son that you could just make another kid while you smash his face in.
Kaleg The Dragon
Kaleg The Dragon 4 days ago
Is there anyway I can read the comics cuz I cba to wait until the next season comes out
Sleepy 12ft Panda
What's exceptional about how this series tackles violence is that it isn't framed as a power fantasy. Other ultra-violent superhero stories get wrapped up in the cathartic release of aggression, but here every act of mass destruction does nothing but victimize the weak. This isn't an action series. It's a horror show.
Sleepy 12ft Panda
God I was not expecting literal Nazi Superman when I started this series.
ROB MING 4 days ago
Dawg, y’all reactions are priceless! Subbed✊🏾
Ho Huncho
Ho Huncho 4 days ago
Saiyan moment
noybigbrain 4 days ago
This reminds me of supermans ult in injustice 9:55
Austin Abney
Austin Abney 4 days ago
I came here just to see their reaction to the “train scene” yep…about what I felt as well lol
George Blake
George Blake 4 days ago
im convinced the lady is the only smart one. these 2 dudes dumb as hell
Chicken Sauce
Chicken Sauce 4 days ago
Bro I just realized that the suit maker is mark hamill
Minato Nazimaki
Minato Nazimaki 5 days ago
Man ima need Goku to chop omnimans head off with one punch
Etrod Applequad
Etrod Applequad 5 days ago
I don’t know if you guys missed it, but in the episode they stated that the robots were dead soldiers, so it was alive people
Bread Lord
Bread Lord 5 days ago
Cecil: american tap water is poisoned so you cant see certain light frequences Me an italian: time to become sorcerer supreme
The Kid
The Kid 5 days ago
That's why Superman had to kill Zod.
SGM 5 days ago
The only smart one in this cahnnel is the man in the middle, the other two are stupid af
Jordan Verbeek
Jordan Verbeek 5 days ago
I love how they animated Allan's facial expressions like Seth Rogen.
Jordan Verbeek
Jordan Verbeek 5 days ago
"Dad . . . ?" He was invincible in all the ways his Dad was not.
max bravovichs pedreros
"id still have you, dad" that hits so hard dude, fuck
B Dreads
B Dreads 5 days ago
I must be a psycho because I was smiling during this whole episode (especially the train scene)while saying “damn” ,”omg” ,”wow” ,”holy hell” Fucking loved this episode
Sayzana Michael
Sayzana Michael 3 days ago
U need some help
Master Jai
Master Jai 5 days ago
My boi being invincible rn
A J 5 days ago
Mark beat his dad by punching him right in the feels.
Aly Seleem
Aly Seleem 2 days ago
May Viltrum fall!
Meek 5 days ago
dosen't excuse omni man but yea gotta think where he comes from how long they live, and how long hes been indoctrinated to believe what they believe. ep 8 was basically thousands of years worth of *knowing* how to be a viltrum, vs his 20ish years being a human Also real talk, were literally like ants to these viltrum lifespan and str wise the fact he left earth and mark alive speaks volumes of the inner turmoil- look forward to seeing this arc evolve as the series goes on
Joseph Cline
Joseph Cline 5 days ago
21:17 To be fair, all of those drones are corpses. They used dead people, if you missed that earlier. Personally, at that point it doesn't matter to me.
Barn3ttGaming 5 days ago
I've never seen you guys so serious & sad during a reaction before. My man Lupa was struggling to get through this episode (so was I).
-Akuji Gaming
-Akuji Gaming 5 days ago
As you guys said they will send more on earth.. but omni man will be back to help them as family:)
Gabriella Dominguez
I noticed that the front teeth were missing in the flashback and those were the same teeth Omni-man knocked out in the present.
Legiey 5 days ago
I really enjoyed this show, I also like how the episodes were around 50min, and the op is basically instant instead of a normal anime where the actual episode is 15min
Robert Curtis
Robert Curtis 5 days ago
If I was Mark and Amber came at me with a kiss after my dad made me watch a train full of people die ida just about fucking slapped her
007Crash 5 days ago
If you haven’t watched WHIPLASH I would highly recommend, the guy that voices Omni man is the director of the band in that movie and it’s just a really good movie.
Jamill Johnson
Jamill Johnson 5 days ago
Best fucking show on as we speak!
Ryan Comegys
Ryan Comegys 5 days ago
She sound so bored man idk