Where Do Stolen Catalytic Converters Go? 

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After the catalytic converter was stolen from my 2005 Honda Element, I decided to so some research on where these stolen catalytic converters end up. I learned some interesting things.
In addition to discussing where catalytic converters go after they are stolen, I also talk about why catalytic converters are being stolen in the first place. You might be surprised about how much they’re really worth.
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San Bernardino Catalytic Converter Bust: losangeles.cbslocal.com/2021/03/16/150-stolen-catalytic-converters-found-piled-up-san-bernardino-living-room/
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Apr 5, 2021




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ApolloEight Genesis
ApolloEight Genesis 25 seconds ago
I got my catalytic converters stolen off of my car that has a dual exhaust 2 years ago.
Daniel Ducati
Daniel Ducati 36 minutes ago
I had some guy try to steal the cats off one of my vehicles around midnight and i went out there and shot him with a hollow point. cops showed up and luckily for me he had a hand gun on him. he was sent to the hospital then arrested when released and he was charged with robbery with a deadly weapon....plus he cannot run anymore due to the hollowpoint totally distroying his right knee. One of the cops told me i should of killed him due to the fact he was carring a illegal firearm.
Κώστας Π
Κώστας Π 2 hours ago
Same thing in Athens, Greece all the gypsies are doing the same thing few years now
George STEWART 2 hours ago
Buy an electric vehicle.
robert francis
robert francis 5 hours ago
Cat theft has been a problem for years. I did all the metal scrapping for the garage I worked at in Upstate NY, because of that I got to know cats pretty good because we had a pipe bender so between salt, rust and NY emissions we ended up with a lot of cats. Some customers aware of their value would ask for them back and rightfully so (not sure if you mentioned anything about in the video but I have sometimes wonder if it would be more ethical to shave off a piece of the repair bill depending on the cats scrap value or if the customer took their cat back). The point of my comment here is that even several years ago cat theft was such an issue the scrap yard local to me would not even except them because of their potential liability. Also because we bent and welded (never used clamps) our own pipe and at customers request would use aftermarket generic replacement cats 95% of the time we would sawzall old cats off. I had a clapped out beater 4x4 Sonoma I would do my scrap run in. I found a place in the Albany Colonie area of upstate NY nearly an HR each way that paid the highest on cats and weren't all nit-picky on dumb stuff like an errant wheel weight , little piece of steel on aluminum heads, intakes n the like and although they were in the phone book as a metal recycler unless you called and got directions you wouldn't find em as they were in a completely non descript warehouse in the back corner of a shady industrial park. I suspected they were Russian gangsters every one that worked their drove a 100k vehicle Infinity,Lexus, 7 Series a slammed Duramax Denali dually and a SEMA level 4x4 Duramax Denali all had heavy Russian accents and would appear as if they came straight from the club to start work at 7am on Saturday as in wearing clothes costing a month's salary for me and Armani loafers to drive a loader and forklifts as well as hand sorting scrap. They never once asked for an ID ( every other scrap place made a copy of your ID) took cash out of their pocket to pay you and usually had an open bottle of Kettle One or Hennessey on the desk in office
J Z 6 hours ago
California's new law SB 82 considers theft under $950 as a misdemeanor. I was told by a CHP officer that they have to release the theft on-site with max a citation even if they catch them. Please add the loophole in our justice system into consideration of the entire story.
Sullivanserves 6 hours ago
As a mechanic are you compensating the people who's catalytic converters you have removed, giving them fair market value? Why you keeping that s*** for yourself banking on the ignorance of others
Ahmed Jartu
Ahmed Jartu 7 hours ago
Mine is just stolen today, this is what brought me to this channel, I can't go to work because of my is recked
Kevin McMullen
Kevin McMullen 8 hours ago
New laws wont fix this issue. As the current laws are already broken by the criminals. The problem is the criminal.
Mr T
Mr T 9 hours ago
This is the same problem with bee farming, people stealing the queen bee and selling on the black market
KarIgnishaYumi 14 hours ago
my uncle got his stolen. in the city at night park beside a side building. i didnt even know it was a thing until i googled it.
Joshua Wilcox
Joshua Wilcox 20 hours ago
Now I do have a old cat from my pickup that I took off. Where can I sell that?
Dr. Lex Winter
Dr. Lex Winter 23 hours ago
They really don't carry enough material to warrant extraction. The coatings are literally one micron thick in most cases. It's only valuable in huge amounts, so only a factory geared for it would turn a considerable profit.
Craig Bowers
Craig Bowers 23 hours ago
All of the precious metals are being shipped to chins, they are aggressively trying to corner the market on all precious metals and neodymium.
Sunny Days
Sunny Days 23 hours ago
The best law would be you don't need them on car any more. There just decrease power.
Sunny Days
Sunny Days 23 hours ago
It all nasty pelosi fault in congress.
Legacy Turbo
Legacy Turbo Day ago
Simple solution get the new car manufacturers to etch the vin on the converter and that way if any place is caught buying the converter with a scratched off vin from it then they should know it’s stolen therefor stay away unless you’re in the black market side of things.
Carrie Wenholz
and each one that's stolen drives the market up for new ones.
sparky obrian
they need a "reverse " core charge method, where you ( unless a salvage yard ) can only get a credit for a new cat , one for one.
Geo Powless
Geo Powless Day ago
I fix cars and I usely have about 3- 10 cats a month , I won't buy them from any joe off the street
Oh It's Just Nick
9:53 meme time
V R Day ago
Thank you for info
Lord Ronin, The Compassionate
Here in the UK if you want to get money for some scrap metal, the money will only be paid to a verifiable bank account, ID is compulsory, your vehicle details are recorded, and anyone bringing in several claiming they took them off scrapped vehicles has to prove that they’re a registered trader and the money is paid to the businesses bank account ie no personal accounts accepted for bulk numbers. It’s cut down the size of the problem to the point of nuisance levels, as they’re will always some that will ignore the law no matter what.
The converters need to be made smaller or a newer technology developed and have them under hood and part of the exhaust manifolds. No lazy ass scumbag will take a manifold off. And BTW one of these assholes got what they deserved and took a converter off a prius and got electrocuted. He won`t be doing that again.
Joe D
Joe D Day ago
in Canada, Edmonton Alberta, A storage locker was opened be caused of no payment, I was a 10X20 and was aleast 3' deep in converters. Need to bust the brokers.
Jc Cj
Jc Cj Day ago
A good way to avoid getting your cat stolen, just remove it before they take it!
Eric's Variety Channel
Honestly, knowing some of the people I know, I think the shipping container is highly logical, especially in the states bordering coasts
f r e e b i r d
f r e e b i r d 2 days ago
simple, not enough thieves getting shot!
Gizmo Thewytchdoktor
it's all about the meth smokin' woman and her copper setalin'(or cat stealin') man.
Pierre DeCine
Pierre DeCine 2 days ago
Didn't know such a thing was happening, but I did find out 200-300 is the asking price. I am Resto-modding a 1996 Caprice & want to remove my two for performance - no one will take them off ! Gonna go with a JEGS Cat-back system instead, maybe I can fine someone to steal them ...
Mister Vacation
Mister Vacation 2 days ago
You forgot the whole germaphobe episode! Where Kramer is preparing dinner in the shower and when Elaine rubs her butt all over her coworkers keyboard and staples under her armpit and coughs all over her door handle!
ItzMikeOmg 2 days ago
Protip: the catalytic converter recyclers in NY and CA are run by the mafia.
Larry Jackson
Larry Jackson 2 days ago
I just bought a Ford Econoline that someone stole from it day's just before I found the van and it was
UserX 2 days ago
We had our heat pump stolen right outside our house. That's another one the druggies are hitting for easy recycle money. Cops said they probably got $50 at scrap yard for it. It was brand new and several thousand dollars. Cops said "we'll file a report but it will never be found". With the future law enforcement being scaled back this kind of petty crime will sky rocket.
blayne E
blayne E 2 days ago
Law enforcement could easily track you down from the VIN but you know damn well they never will that is too much work for them lol. In my area if you have your car window smashed out and stereo stolen in front of your house and your neighbor has a security system they won't even come take a report from you and try to get the video usually. If they will they will tell you that if you can go get the video from your neighbor they can come take a report but other than that there's nothing they can do for you. Unless it's in the news or something then all the sudden there's all kinds of things they can do.
Donald Kissinger
Donald Kissinger 2 days ago
Where I live even being a certified mechanic I have to show the title to the car I removed it from along with my IDs
stephanie williams
if i take something to someone to sell, they better pay me right then, would you take your car to a car dealer for him to sell it, and then wait for 5 days after he sells your car before he pays you? im buying all gold coins today, ill send you a check in 10 days after i buy your gold!
stephanie williams
i have a friend who's car was a Subaru with a trouble code saying the converter needed replaced. she chose a shop in centerville iowa to replace it, they charged her $1,000 for the converter plus labor. i went with her to pick her car up and asked for the old converter and the mechanic stated it had to be turned in for the core charge to be rebuilt. i have been wrenching on cars professionally since 1978 and know for a fact the guy sold it for scrap. i sold lots of them myself and it is IMPOSSIBLE to rebuild one! i didnt say anything to the guy but i told her that the guy sold it for scrap. that was 2015. it is not the thief that is the real problem . if people DO NOT buy tools, guns, jewelry etc... that they suspect might be stolen, the thief has no way to sell the item and therefore NOT steal it. gold/jewelry buyers pay so little for the items that only stupid people or thieves sell to them. i have had guys wanting to buy jewelry brag about the insanely low prices they pay on large profits they make. they are THIEVES!! i myself recycle electronics and extract the precious metals myself. i took chemistry in college so i know the safety stuff. i DO NOT buy items from anyone. i might find used photos or photographic film, or jewelry in an old car. but the old car is broken down so the scrap buyer only gets tin for tin price, i take every bolt out and grade it for steel or tin (diameter) i de pin wiring connectors etc....
Al Catraz
Al Catraz 2 days ago
The main contributor is the FORCING US TO USE CATALYTIC CONVERTERS at the first place!
Vault Boy
Vault Boy 2 days ago
RS GAEL 2 days ago
I have my cats removed from my car to replace with the new ones. Now I'm just having those original cats laying in my room...... I know how much those things worth and I've been looking for place to buy them.
Heather Dean
Heather Dean 2 days ago
I work in an auto body shop. We have had quite a few vehicles towed in with missing cats. 2005 Toyota Priuses and Ford Super Duties have been hit the most around here.
Phillip Toone
Phillip Toone 2 days ago
I just sold three catalytic converters from old junk cars I had in my yard for $80 each. I wasn't going to do anything with them so I was glad know they were getting recycled.
Tommy Tommy
Tommy Tommy 2 days ago
My 1998 Malibu will shift smoothly form park to drive or reverses. Next time day I start it up and try to shift from park to drive, it kick very hard. So I walk into walmart and when leaving it shifts into drive smooth, next start up, the tranny kicks hard again. Does anyone have any Idea what going ont with my car?
William Dickel
William Dickel 2 days ago
I had someone try to steal the cat off my truck in the dollar general parking lot. I came out with a pack of long zip ties because I was going to work on my tractor. I saw the guys legs sticking out from under my truck, so I opened the pack, got out a tie and zip tied his ankles together. With him squirming, I called the cops, they came and arrested him, not even cutting off the zip tie. The guy that was dragged out from under my truck was one of the most ragged looking people I’ve ever seen.
Jimmy Clayton
Jimmy Clayton 2 days ago
i turn wrenches for a living, ive got about 6 right now that i know are worth cash but havent sold them because of the people who are stealing them,and ive replaced cats on two cars that have been hit
Francisco Milla
Francisco Milla 3 days ago
All the Honda CR-V has been hit in mi neighborhood. That set me back at least 650 bucks
British First
British First 3 days ago
I remember years ago, you couldn't give your scrap car away for free back in 1997.. value of scrap or car parts back then had no value..
George Dennison
George Dennison 3 days ago
Diversion or Prevention: Which is Better? Diversion: The MF'rs doin' the stealing MUST know the best recip saw blades to buy. It's enough of a wrestling match to cut something like that on a bench; doin' it quickly, on the ground? You want the best blade made. Prevention: I'm thinking something involving a brain box so when the ignition is off, (car not running), and vibration at the cat converter is sensed, the high voltage ignition's secondary purpose is activated. Give the bastards 50,000 volts. Won't kill em, but it'll jolt em a good one, (well... unless the ground is wet, then there MAY be remains.) GeoD
dnl 3 days ago
I've seen people jack lifting vehicles parked in the streets and cut the exhaust bit in seconds like changing F1 wheels.
Russell Houghton
Russell Houghton 3 days ago
At our local scrap yard you have to give your name and sign to sell any scrap.
Drew-Charles 3 days ago
What do you think about Rhodium Synthetic
Lawerence Bly
Lawerence Bly 3 days ago
Thank you
The Electric Wrench
It's just like the gun debate...passing more laws only hurts law-abiding citizens.. just like with this deal..work harder on catching the thieves and not hurting honest folk trying to make a living...the government shouldn't be prying around in people's business and how much money they make...that's my opinion about it...
The Electric Wrench
the shity thing about limiting how many you can sell and so on... some of us.. rather.. most actually buy junk cars from people and this is how we make our living.. but on the other hand I have a business license but it's a used car lot so I can guarantee no converters are being stolen and such on my end....hate thieves....😬😬😬😬
jgibson111 3 days ago
So what are they using cordless sawzalls? Those are kind of noisy cutting through pipe aren't they? Happens in broad daylight but also middle of the night around here. I live in a Detroit suburb but it's very very quiet around here at 2:00 am when many are taken. If I'm sitting out in the middle of the night all I hear are boats out on Lake Saint Clair. If someone drops a wrench 3 blocks away you can hear it. But my local paper has a crime watch section and every week there are 2-3 cats stolen. If they used their powers for good instead of evil 😈 what a nice place we could have. Thanks for a great vid. Liked and subbed!
TheFunderb 3 days ago
Also frequently being stolen: ECUs from older (pre-def, grandfather emissions era) semi trucks. I’ve been told that they’re going to second hand truck builders that want to build emissions legal “new” semi trucks that don’t require DEF..
GGALLIN1776 3 days ago
People that come into advance auto offer $700 per cat off a honda, more for truck cats. Since I paid $500 for my truck, next time they come from ny, why not. For whatever reason they only want used ones.
Dominic Toretto
Dominic Toretto 3 days ago
Wat if ur uncle owns a junk yard and he buys wrecks and cuts off the cats cuz he can’t repair it when it’s smashed from muffler to catalytic converter
mike fromuniontown
HEY ETHEL!? FILL ER UP WITH HIGH TEST! takin the cap off the headers for some Vroom Vroom!
Robert Hurd
Robert Hurd 3 days ago
Yeah I agree with you I think the junkyard industry needs to be in on the background check of things will say that way they should hold the standards in which they do truck drivers now if you're a bad truck driver you're never allowed to get a license if you're a bad company you're definitely getting shut down that's what they need to do with these junk yards and if you are bringing in any part of a catalytic converter you should show your ID driver's license they do it anyway at the scrap yard so why ain't that being looked at you are correct my friend and hopefully we'll do the shakedown back on them to do right hang in there
Lori Nicolls
Lori Nicolls 3 days ago
My neighbor CAUGHT a guy mid sawing my Cat Converter off my Honda CRV at 5am in our parking lot🙄Sawed right thru my exhaust, but didn’t manage to get the cat off. He was literally UNDER my damn car with an electric saw, making a crap ton of noise. Scared him to death. No license plate, fully masked... Toledo Cops didn’t even take a Report
Mike Studmuffin
Mike Studmuffin 4 days ago
Any thieves in here please lend your voice and tell us who the buyers are. God will forgive you and reward you with twenty virgins upon your crucifixion.
decler 2000
decler 2000 4 days ago
I sold 50 empty cats at once 'for payback for mine been stolen 'left with a few "holes" in my car 'haha cha ching 'paybacks a bitch lol
Steve Charman
Steve Charman 4 days ago
Could something be done to make them harder to cut out? Make them less accessible- bolt on a cover shield for instance?
ianriggs 4 days ago
Drive a car low enough that they can't get to your catalytic converters... Solution lol
oceanbreze 4 days ago
maybe for doope money
BOB SMITHERS 4 days ago
just sold my 09 sti converters $1600 its crazy. These theives are actually scanning the numbers on the converters and finding the ones are worth a lot and selling them
jackle842000 4 days ago
Maybe you should bait them with a gps module hidden in it. Wander if they'll come back for the next expensive one you have? Sure couldn't run the car with it on there I guess or the module would fry but if they come frequently you might get the pleasure of running them down
Dan Simmons
Dan Simmons 4 days ago
Eric, great production on cat's being ripped. Now into action before my friends and are the target.
Fu Gazzi
Fu Gazzi 4 days ago
Can you just spray paint on it "stolen" with a stencil? Put the VIN on it but prevention is better than prosecution for the individual owner.
steve fanslow
steve fanslow 4 days ago
Idk if this helps anyone but in the 90,s we had steel bars welded to them as a theft prevention measure it was a cheap fix .
Will Mathieson
Will Mathieson 4 days ago
Can also google how to separate the valuable metals
Will Mathieson
Will Mathieson 4 days ago
Sea containers full of them just like stolen vehicles going to Middle East
Will Mathieson
Will Mathieson 4 days ago
Maybe some repair shops flip them?
Our genius government , the EPA is responsible for this. At one time the auto industry manufactured automobiles for sale in California seperate from those manufactured for sale to the rest of the country. If you bought a car in California it had to conform to their anti smog regulations.
Bryan Talley
Bryan Talley 4 days ago
I've been curious as to the why they are being stolen and how or where people who steal catalytic converters off cars go about getting money for hot catalytic converters. Thanks for sharing video
jamdad 4 days ago
Honda "Toasters" must be an easy mark. Some bottom feeder stole the cc off my sister's.
Junior Mason
Junior Mason 4 days ago
Someone stole my catalytic converter off of my 2008 Honda Element leaving me with a hefty repair bill. It should be illegal to take a used converter to any scrap yard.
Rick Ross
Rick Ross 4 days ago
This was bad back in the days..its back..lmao..i worked at a used car lot before.started up the trucks.and one by one they all sounded like a hot rod😂😂
CarsRcool 4 days ago
Yep.. And they never find any clues. Or evidence. Or clothes. Or bodies...or shoes or wittnesses or anything... Theyre going somewhere and never being seen again.. What you say will seem unbelieveable to the closed minded ones who dont wanna open thier minds to new concepts of what actually takes place on this planet
Most people don't realize that you can get the exact same metals from other sources that are much larger example its used in a water cleaning system below a stack and just 1 had enough to completely fill 2 50 gallon drums. There isn't a way to identify it.
orthogan 4 days ago
Beware of buying a pre 90 car in WA state. Too many hillbillies will cut out the converter, put in a test pipe, knowing the state will not test the vehicle. Private sales are riskiest, some sleazy used car places will feign ignorance.
orthogan 4 days ago
Stolen and questionably removed cats often are traded for drugs.
Bhekumzi Jekwa
Bhekumzi Jekwa 4 days ago
Well you've answered my questions 🙄 because since last year here in South Africa there are thousands of advertising people all willing to pay 200 to 1000 dollars for these catalysts converters. I just wondered 😅 who buy these items.
Frank Nickell
Frank Nickell 4 days ago
My local junkyard was bot by china company and there striping all the cats and shipping back to china
Jacqueline Castillo
Smh i got mine stolen in alhambra kohls in Fremont today😤🤬
T K 4 days ago
Shipped to the same the same country that brought us Kung flu 😷
p s
p s 4 days ago
Interesting, thanks. Any idea how much precious metals by weight are in a single cat converter?
Scott S.
Scott S. 4 days ago
Sounds like time to set up some bait cars covered by a sniper. The slime comes out from under the car with a cat and a softball size hole with innards spewing out of it magically appears in their torso.
LEXXVERSE 4 days ago
WRONG!!!!- these Pos MALES, knock the ore out! Smelt it down, mark it while soft,& sell it as a Cube of ore!!
Ch!mpstar 5 days ago
In the Uk we have the same problem and Honda’s top of the list
Mikerosoft Shelly
I like this guy, he the truth
Joseph Dykes
Joseph Dykes 5 days ago
The need for these will be drastically declinie as electric cars dominate the new car market in the near future. In the near term, a junk car could be worth 2 times as much than just a couple of years ago
Daryl Elliott
Daryl Elliott 5 days ago
Electric vehicles don't have catalytic converters. No exhaust. Maybe it's time to upgrade? The charger networks are built out and approaching the gas station network. Besides, most people charge at homes, and some stores have networks, which allow you time to go for a meal or shop while charging.
brian gillis
brian gillis 5 days ago
thats one reason that electric is the new way to go
Johnny Come Lately
You forgot to mention the easiest thing to do. Don't worry about it and if your cat gets stolen, just pick up the phone, call your insurance company and have them buy you one just like you would if someone stole your stereo or your wheels.
Johnny Come Lately
@ed lacapra They may try, but don't settle. Betterment may apply to tires or batteries, but unless a vehicle has upwards of 300,000 miles, you are not profiting from the repair. You need comprehensive coverage, and unless you have an "OEM" clause in your contract, they can pay for an aftermarket cat installed, and they also have to pay for any other exhaust damage. The best thing to do is as soon as you start your vehicle, hear the noise and determine your Cat has been stolen, call the insurance co. and tell them you want it towed to a repair shop. It's not only unsafe to drive it , it's also illegal. Tell them you want a rental car until it's repaired if that's covered too.
ed lacapra
ed lacapra 4 days ago
The insurance company will try to pay you less for it since they call it used. It’s called Betterment. I call it a scam
James Last
James Last 5 days ago
Eric, we're growing old together.
Untold Truth
Untold Truth 5 days ago
The EPA is the ringleader of this organized crime syndicate.
Mohawk Lynn
Mohawk Lynn 5 days ago
You have a bunch of comments on this but I am compelled to let you know that not all people who cut converters do it illegally. I live in a place that it seems we all have non running cars. Most can't afford to fix, tag, get their license back or other reasons. There is a guy who honestly drives around and looks up the amount for the converter. If the car owner agrees he pays them and cuts the converters and sells them. So pretty much he would be someone coming with a huge amount of cut off converters. Ya he's probably making double or triple what he pays out but when people are hurting and the cars just Junking out anyway he's cash and possibly pizza for dinner. We are quick to point a negative finger and find the bad but shout out to the people asking and being honest.
Mark Slocum
Mark Slocum 5 days ago
Thank you for this video, it was very informative.
Phillip Gulett
Phillip Gulett 5 days ago
How do you turn a fule injection to carburetor for non computerized car or truck incase of emp strick