When your mum hears the tiniest thing drop! #Shorts 

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Apr 26, 2021




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Makayla Adventuring Games
Liana are you blind you dropped a crunchie a d said it was a sock
Toast 6 days ago
When I drop something my mom goes "WAS THAT UR PHONE?!"
Zara Humphreys
Zara Humphreys 6 days ago
Alma Thomsen
Alma Thomsen 7 days ago
Lol it’s a scrunchie
Rukhsar Akhtar
Rukhsar Akhtar 8 days ago
who else hate metal bowls when they fall at midnight?
Emily Wemily
Emily Wemily 8 days ago
One time I was tiptoing across my floor to the bathroom and my mom came upstairs and told me there was too much activity happening. Another time my MUSIC STAND fell over and she didn't flinch-
Ldshadowladys Biggest fan /shadow cadet
It’s a boble not a sock
Suzie Williams
Suzie Williams 9 days ago
Kirsty Barton
Kirsty Barton 10 days ago
Lol same with me 😂😭
Aeva Todd
Aeva Todd 10 days ago
jimin_bts 10 days ago
“I LITERALLY just dropped a SOCK” ( it was a scrunchie my guy)
J/10 B/44
J/10 B/44 11 days ago
Lilly Martin
Lilly Martin 12 days ago
Lilly Martin
Lilly Martin 12 days ago
Them: I just droped a sock Me:Ah hunny thats a scrunvhy not a sock
me me
me me 12 days ago
Just Kota
Just Kota 12 days ago
You can’t do cannibal oof it’s easy
•Gacha Marshmallow•
Yet my mom can’t hear me yell “YEAH?” :/
Humble bee playz
Humble bee playz 12 days ago
My mom when dropping all of the bottles in the shower: *silence*
Tianna Hough
Tianna Hough 12 days ago
Me: OMG liana Liana: emmmm do i know u Me: NO BUT IM A FAN liana: *runs* Me : okay
Komputerowiec69 12 days ago
Wow what A bri'sh accent
VeronicaPlayz 12 days ago
Her : I literally just dropped a sock Me who pays full detail in everything except art : GIRL THATS A SCRUNCHIE A PRETTY BLUEISH GREEN SCRUNCHIE IN DETAIL.
Sis 12 days ago
Meanwhile when my entire dresser falls over my mom doesn’t say a peep 😂😂😂
Elly Buttercup
Elly Buttercup 12 days ago
It was a scrunchie tho
Lucky Jones
Lucky Jones 13 days ago
Donutlord22 Cheeseburger& milkshakes
I like how she said it’s a sock but if you look at it closely it’s a scrunchie
Zeddie Land
Zeddie Land 13 days ago
They copied tra rags
Elanacat Thurman
Elanacat Thurman 13 days ago
Yas lol 😆
Game Master
Game Master 13 days ago
Apparently it was a sock. It’s a scrunched hon!
Mylee Redman
Mylee Redman 13 days ago
You should really stop embarrassing yourselfs
Runaway Royalty
Runaway Royalty 13 days ago
Jesus loves all
Vicky Lia
Vicky Lia 13 days ago
She has cameras in there
Aoi :3
Aoi :3 13 days ago
Lily Elsaey
Lily Elsaey 13 days ago
The fact that she literally dropped a scrunchie and said that she dropped a sock 😂😂
Brayden Sparks
Brayden Sparks 13 days ago
That’s a scrunchy
Rachel Green
Rachel Green 13 days ago
Mother’s have super hearing sometimes 😂
bashirakhatri 13 days ago
imagine how she would react if she dropped a vase 😂🤣😅
Farid Dewan
Farid Dewan 13 days ago
Liana u dropped a scrunchies not a sock XD
Luciana Gladewave
Luciana Gladewave 13 days ago
Why is this my mum tho
Leah-Marie Wagner
Leah-Marie Wagner 14 days ago
Bruh that ain’t no sock that a shrub hue👏
Leanne Ferguson
Leanne Ferguson 14 days ago
When ever you tell me I’m pretty that’s when the hunger really hits me your little heart goes pitter patter I want your liver on a plater use you finger to stir my tea
Sky N
Sky N 14 days ago
zarah rehman
zarah rehman 14 days ago
it wasnt a sock it was a scrunchie 👏👏
Sophie Broadhead
Sophie Broadhead 14 days ago
Laurie’s thought
Laurie’s thought 14 days ago
True story...no matter where you live on the planet!!!
Spider Rose
Spider Rose 14 days ago
I thought it was a scrunchie XD
stephanie amack
stephanie amack 14 days ago
That's how it be tho
Hanks gaming channel 1
Lol it is so truw
Kia Price
Kia Price 14 days ago
Lianaaaa why u so pretty... Like for no reasonnnn god spent to much time on you. Respectfully
Mia Phull
Mia Phull 14 days ago
Omg over reactor
Rolando Guedea
Rolando Guedea 14 days ago
Rokaya Mohamed Ahmed
Is it a sock or a scrunchie
lostsaddnes 14 days ago
Silly Sisters Roblox
Samara House
Samara House 14 days ago
My mom is always like that even when she is outside and I drop a piece of paper she comes back in there and says "what was that"?!?!
Mikayla Prentice
Mikayla Prentice 15 days ago
Sandra back at it😂😂
Marzy 15 days ago
Wow I thought it was for hair not for feet
Isabella Anne
Isabella Anne 15 days ago
“I literally just dropped a sock” My stupid logic instinct: It was a scrunchie.
《•{abby bean}•》
huh. for me it's a "ARE YOU OKAAAAAY?!" from across the house.😂
Kaylin Talosi
Kaylin Talosi 15 days ago
Lol same here
Mia Styles
Mia Styles 15 days ago
Her hair is so pretty!
LillyWaffle 15 days ago
Hearing my deadname be called feels so weird for me
I’m not cool.
I’m not cool. 15 days ago
I love it how they hear the tiniest thing but can hear you scream YESSS or MOMMM
Eddie Ward
Eddie Ward 15 days ago
YES... Bro u literally just summed up my life
Kerline Jorvelus
Kerline Jorvelus 15 days ago
*cough *cough* scrunchy...
Kirsten Huegel
Kirsten Huegel 15 days ago
Her : *I dropped a sock* Me : *NO U DIDNT U DROPPED A SCRUNCHIE*
Mika Rowe
Mika Rowe 15 days ago
Dose she mean a scrunchy
Austin 15 days ago
Its more like "ARE YOU ALRIIIIGHT????!"
Julia• 15 days ago
But they can't hear when whe scream "WHAT!!" 15 times
It's Just Jamie
It's Just Jamie 15 days ago
ummmmm i’m. confused isn’t it a scrunchy Not a sock
Itzz NikkiiOofz
Itzz NikkiiOofz 15 days ago
"I literally just drop a sock" Me:......that a srunchy lol
Katsuki Bakugo
Katsuki Bakugo 15 days ago
Me: **drops my pencil while doing homework** Mom: OMG ARE YOU OKAY WHAT HAPPENED DO I NEED TO GET YOU BANDAIDS OR DO WE NEED TO GO TO THE ER ARE YOU HURT??!?! Me: “It’s just a pencil mom… I’m doing homework” Mom: **insists on helping even though I understand what I’m doing and told her not to**
• Strawberry Momo •
I’ll be emptying the dishwasher and ya know, things make ✨ noise ✨ I stack a plate on top of another and then my gramma is all up on me like “wHaT diD YoU bReAk!!”
Totekara Kun
Totekara Kun 15 days ago
My mom:
Kelsey Fenwick
Kelsey Fenwick 15 days ago
Liana: I literally just dropped a sock.? Me: 👁👄👁 Also Me: BITCH THAT WAS A SCRUNCHY 😂
Rahaf H
Rahaf H 15 days ago
Sienna Sampson
Sienna Sampson 15 days ago
It was a sock U mean scrunchie
amber lee
amber lee 15 days ago
Amanda M
Amanda M 15 days ago
I'm upstairs and I only dropped us off my mom's like are you trying to break the floor me be like how did you even hear that
Lyla Hendry
Lyla Hendry 15 days ago
My mom washing dishes sounds like a hurricane outside my door. I pen rolls off my desk and suddenly I’m the bad guy. 🙄
Miranda Tarnowski
Miranda Tarnowski 15 days ago
Me: drops a bottle of soap in the shower My parents at the same time: ARE YOU OK!?!?! HELLO? ARE YOU OK!?
helen gezahegn
helen gezahegn 15 days ago
No when I drop a freaking water bottle cap my mom goes “What happened are you okay?! Did u die?!?”
Callum Stevenson
Callum Stevenson 15 days ago
I loved you connor and liana so much and I loved your US-first videos is very Amazing and so beautiful and gorgeous biggest best couple ever xxxxxx
Billie Eilish Fan
Billie Eilish Fan 15 days ago
“Mom i just dropped a sock” umm. It’s a scrunchy
GachaBloxGal 15 days ago
the beginning was so relateable tho when she was like what did you drop and i always said nothing
XXShisui TeleportationXX
When your mom hears your scrotum drop: 👀
Stacy Fazioli
Stacy Fazioli 15 days ago
It was a scrunchie
Big fat hairy Poo
Big fat hairy Poo 15 days ago
it’s true
Antonio Borja
Antonio Borja 15 days ago
HAHAHA may mom 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Menna Ragab
Menna Ragab 15 days ago
it was a scrunchie not a sock
Ellie May Melvin
Ellie May Melvin 16 days ago
Dolly Francisco
Dolly Francisco 16 days ago
Suk Kang
Suk Kang 16 days ago
Itd not a stock it's a scrunchie
Sherry Millikin
Sherry Millikin 16 days ago
BasicHuman DontBotherMe
Moms hear everything and are apparently heat proof 😔
Dead Taurus
Dead Taurus 16 days ago
"When ever you tell me im pretty thats when the huger really hits me" :)
Dead Taurus
Dead Taurus 16 days ago
Okay, but this is relatable
Lerai Wood
Lerai Wood 16 days ago
It’s not true with 🐔 me but it’s so funny
Jolene McCance
Jolene McCance 16 days ago
So funny mum
Niya Brooks
Niya Brooks 16 days ago
Toca Rainbow Bunny
Toca Rainbow Bunny 16 days ago
Katy Perry - Electric
Katy Perry - Electric
Katy Perry - Electric