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Mar 31, 2021




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munni9787 19 days ago
Look at the older brother’s face. Had me dying!🤣
A Jay
A Jay 6 days ago
Jacob Reyes
Jacob Reyes 7 days ago
That’s me when my 5’5 self sees my younger brother an his friends. My generation got skipped or some
Bigboi Collector
Bigboi Collector 8 days ago
7000th like
caroline abok
caroline abok 8 days ago
I have looked at this video 5 times just looking at him 😂😂
《ItzJustMeh XD》
Oh wow...I didn't notice it until I read this comment 🤦‍♀️😂🤣
Zayna Gamez
Zayna Gamez 9 hours ago
I love how he is folding his prayer mat Does this mean they are all Muslim? I’m new to the channel
Imran Ali
Imran Ali 11 hours ago
Sir,, ASLUML_0_EKAM U femily is Muslim,, Plz tell me
Uzayr Degia
Uzayr Degia Day ago
They are muslim because the dad is folding up a Muslim prayer mat
Ayyub Saifi
Ayyub Saifi 2 days ago
Is IT a prayer mat ❤️
Daluut Warsame
Daluut Warsame 2 days ago
I love the dad's American accent 😂😂😂😂
Zaib Khattak
Zaib Khattak 2 days ago
You guys are Muslim very very nice i am to
azri isa
azri isa 3 days ago
نور علاوي
Are they muslims
Abdul Waheed Adil
Im wondering what is dad doing with the muslims prayer mat ?? 🙄🙄
Ahmed Sefyan
Ahmed Sefyan 5 days ago
I am Muslim
Heya Rasmi
Heya Rasmi 5 days ago
Hou are muslim
Lare Shaho
Lare Shaho 5 days ago
are u guys muslim!!
Bloom's fnaf animations\
Was that the jalmaz the cloth he was flipping
Akil Dolaku
Akil Dolaku 6 days ago
Bro you muslim me too
blink army
blink army 6 days ago
Wait it's that what that guy hold its sejadah right in Malay we call that
Ali Berke
Ali Berke 6 days ago
Are you a Muslim
Lucy 7 days ago
He doesn't look old. Honestly the sons face looks old asf I can almost see facial hair coming in already
tayyaba raza
tayyaba raza 7 days ago
omg are you a muslim 😃
Happy Cooking
Happy Cooking 7 days ago
Are u muslim...
JPCantMiss 7 days ago
I actually like these guys’ content
Lord Phantom
Lord Phantom 7 days ago
Yoo not every 15 year old plays fortnite thats a stereotype
GS Ga MiN g
GS Ga MiN g 7 days ago
I didn't know that he was muslim
Anne marie robin
Anne marie robin 7 days ago
Rita Norfleet
Rita Norfleet 7 days ago
you guys are hilarious...😍
DRJ 7 days ago
Haticeylin 7 days ago
O katlandığınız seccade mi?
T. New
T. New 7 days ago
Vojtěch Zlesa
Vojtěch Zlesa 7 days ago
"What do you do in your spare time"?"I play fortnite". I think he's 9 years old.
UnknownGamer 6 days ago
Shafin nation
Shafin nation 7 days ago
hey brother are u muslim 🤔 Why you have prayer mat???
Cookie 123
Cookie 123 4 days ago
@Shafin nation i know right???
Shafin nation
Shafin nation 5 days ago
@Cookie 123 But their behavior is not like that of Muslims🤔
Cookie 123
Cookie 123 5 days ago
Idk i think he is
Saim Ahmed
Saim Ahmed 7 days ago
Are you Muslim
nasser Saeed
nasser Saeed 7 days ago
ذي سجاده ولا يتهيالي 🙂
HAJ Asmr
HAJ Asmr 7 days ago
Are you guys muslim?
Prova 7 days ago
Are you guys Muslim?
deal with Arrma
deal with Arrma 7 days ago
I play Fortnite Of course he's 15
mrutherford1106 7 days ago
He looks like he's just a really tall 11 year old
x.aozora.x 8 days ago
why every 15 year old boy looking like a man?
Bad Wolves Gamer
Bad Wolves Gamer 8 days ago
You are islam you are pakistani because you have gia namaz
Overlord Laharl
Overlord Laharl 8 days ago
I was always the youngest looking one from my friends lol
RedBloxStar 8 days ago
Acting sucks lol
HlubiSonwabise Siyengo
I deal with this every time a new friend comes over
MARJAN AHMED 8 days ago
Are you a muslim
HTO _ 8 days ago
TikTok... automatic kid lmao
Matthew Mcclelland
Your 15, prove it: starts dancing awkwardly
B0UNTY01 8 days ago
Doing a little dance proves everything
Im streamer
Im streamer 8 days ago
No one taking about that the dad is folding jaye Namaz hes muslim i thought so
baghdad ali
baghdad ali 8 days ago
انتو مسلمين وت
A.R Ahmed
A.R Ahmed 8 days ago
This reminds me bad boys 2003.
أرمي وأفتخر
You are Muslims ? ❤❤❤❤😁
Shadab Yasir
Shadab Yasir 8 days ago
My 15 years My height 6 feet Weight 89.250 kilo gram Class. 11th I am also like them
Mary Berger
Mary Berger 8 days ago
They all wondering how he tall the one in orange:wtf-
A HEN THIGHS 8 days ago
Meanwhile is Asia ...
Flowers are the best 2021
Do you guys speak Urdu? Because of the Janimas the dad folded but idk what you guys call the thing he folded
yes D
yes D 8 days ago
Them dancing looks like the NBA 2k animations whenever u enter a courts game
OOF LORD 9 days ago
How is dancing some stupid fortnite damce supposed to prove anything
Brilliyan 9 days ago
Like the prayer mat tho
Master UwU
Master UwU 9 days ago
I’m 14 and people think I’m like 21 cuz I look it and I am 6’6
Toybox_blue 9 days ago
When the turning point is fortnite had me giggling
Moaz Khursheed
Moaz Khursheed 9 days ago
That thing which he is folding is a prayer mat.... ✌
Jang 9 days ago
"what do you do in your spare time?" "I play fortnite" "You're definitely 15" I just turned 16 and i played fortnite when i was 14. I don't know anybody my age who plays fortnite. What is this inaccurate information?
Smokey 9 days ago
I’m 15 6’1 and 180 pounds
•Royal Orbs •
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 9 days ago
Me who is 17 with a full on beard looking 22 can relate to this
kniif 9 days ago
Wow got the hole squad laughing
Robet 9 days ago
He aint 15 if he plays fortnite
Yolo_Gamer0000 9 days ago
Me watching this as a 15 yo that's barely 5'4
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 9 days ago
Truth!!!! My son is in the 8th grade one of his friends is 6'6
I was hoping he'd slap him for saying fortnite in his house.
spy ninja
spy ninja 9 days ago
You guys are muslims bcoz I think pops was folding a praying mat
Death Knight
Death Knight 9 days ago
Im 9 and 6'9 so i can relate
Murpheria 9 days ago
All fun and games till you realise that lazarbeam could pass as a 15yo by these standards
Socialbuttafli 9 days ago
Literally, My Kids😂😂😂 If it wasn't for their baby faces they could pass as young Giants 🤣😂🤣🤣
Kuromi moon
Kuromi moon 9 days ago
Pluskii 9 days ago
Yeah I had a full beard by the time I was 15. Actually sucked growing up looking old, annoying kids thought I was an idiot and stayed behind like 10 years lmao
West Meets East Indonesia
Was he folding a prayer mat (sajadah)? Are they Muslim? Just curious.
NightSkyDawn NSD
NightSkyDawn NSD 9 days ago
He looked like a kid when you are wearing a damn magnifying glass as your glasses
rabiya khan sadozai
That praying mat♥️ Assalam o Alaikum Wa Rehmatulla hi Wa Barakatu hu🌈😇 stay blessed
rabiya khan sadozai
@West Meets East Indonesia same to you🌈
West Meets East Indonesia
Happy Ramadan 😁 coming soon
Sepide 74
Sepide 74 9 days ago
شما مسلمونید
Menibor1 9 days ago
Was this supposed to be funny?
UnknownGamer 6 days ago
Idk the tik tok Dance makes me not like it
Kessar Kana
Kessar Kana 9 days ago
The fact that we have to do the Renegade coz we look older is embarazzingggg 🤣🤣🤣
Gladius Shepard
Gladius Shepard 9 days ago
Truth!!!! My son is in the 8th grade one of his friends is 6'6
J FORCEuk 9 days ago
He doesn't look older. Hes just tall
Jewel Plaza
Jewel Plaza 9 days ago
😂😂😂. Prove it 😂😂
Jessica Taylor
Jessica Taylor 9 days ago
This is the cringiest shit
UnknownGamer 6 days ago
Eyad Alnani
Eyad Alnani 9 days ago
هاذول مسلمين ؟
Moxyfoxy 12
Moxyfoxy 12 9 days ago
Im 13 and people say that i sound and look like im 18 or some shit
Char Siu
Char Siu 9 days ago
No bc he's Christian .
BIG_PANDA 9 days ago
Are you muslim
Video Ezy
Video Ezy 9 days ago
Thats MrStealYoGirlJnr
Cheese AMOUGUS 9 days ago
A guy walks up to you does a dance and then says he likes fortnite does that mean he is now legally 15?
Ultra 9 days ago
"I play fortnite" 😢
Gouvas Gaming
Gouvas Gaming 9 days ago
That dance in silence was cringe
kamilya kamilya13
عم شوف سجادة الصلاة 🤔
Paddy Hug
Paddy Hug 9 days ago
Ohh your are Muslim I just know that 👍👍
Mom 9 days ago
Alalahu akhbar my muslim brother We will take USA from the hands of biden! Long live the islamic caliphate!
zephyrrr 9 days ago
Although I am very reluctant to do so, I am very sorry to inform you, sir, that the statement that you have just made through the use of online means in the format of a picture, video, message of text, or a combination of the three, is partially, somewhat, relatively, incompletely, fractionally, slightly - a miniscule degree of not gonna lie high-key kinda cringe.
juryqxa 9 days ago
Yes i can totally relate my mom tells me i look like 13 or 14 even tho im 11
SkyPie 9 days ago
What religion is the dad
FIKRI the kaneko
FIKRI the kaneko 9 days ago
Muslim / Islam
Vincent Pan
Vincent Pan 9 days ago
I don’t see how doing a bad dance move and playing fortnite prove you are 15 still very cringing acting in my opinion.
BaltimoreActual 9 days ago