When You Don’t Have A Dog Bag tiktok coleandersonj 

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When You Don’t Have A Dog Bag tiktok coleandersonj
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Mar 31, 2021




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Comments 100   
lea 44
lea 44 3 days ago
The Goose
The Goose 7 days ago
it's a snack for later
jayfet 10 days ago
this should have more likes
Cassandra Cousineau
Beautiful eyes.
Juni Donald
Juni Donald 13 days ago
The most decomposable thing on earth picked up with the least decomposable thing on earth.
geebeefreebee 13 days ago
Idk why but I used to think that the police would search the poop to find me and arrest me so if I was on a short walk I would run home and back as fast as I could to pick it up :P
Miguel Cordeiro
Miguel Cordeiro 14 days ago
Nobody uses bags anymore. I know it for a fact cuz I see people do this shit everyday
Arts & Crafts
Arts & Crafts 14 days ago
Not picking up your dog poop can spread Parvo and that kills dogs especially puppies......this video is not funny, this is pushing dangerous behaviour. How can you not bring poop bags with you when you take your dog out??? Have some responsibility.
imkinda nice
imkinda nice 14 days ago
I just ignore it and act like I havent notice 🙃
moe lester
moe lester 14 days ago
This is to realistic
Kacey Clark
Kacey Clark 15 days ago
Him: runs away The dog: oh I finally get to chase youuuuu
Brendo100p 15 days ago
He looks like glaz for mw
Ryan Dosenberry
Ryan Dosenberry 15 days ago
If there’s snow on the ground you’re golden, discretely cover it up while making it look like you’re picking it up 😂😂😂
I’ll just pretend it didn’t happen. And run away with my doggie.
Mordecai1524 15 days ago
If you have a extending lead just keep walking and pretend you don't know what your dog is doing lmao they'll follow you when their done😂 I've had to do that a few times when i don't bring enough bags
Kaitlynn hi
Kaitlynn hi 17 days ago
The second WhY though
Lena Always
Lena Always 18 days ago
That struggle is all to serious
Creedblaze 45
Creedblaze 45 18 days ago
You dont use leafs?
Brianna Archibold
Brianna Archibold 18 days ago
I was coming home from school and this lady walked her dog by my house and she literally made her dog poop on our property and didn’t even have the audacity to pick it up or anything and I just kept looking at her.
Brianna Archibold
Brianna Archibold 18 days ago
I swear I just wanted to 🤜👩
Aiyanna DeHaven
Aiyanna DeHaven 18 days ago
His dog was so loyal following him at the last part tho
TheHumanBird 19 days ago
It do be like that
Da AKM 19 days ago
My neighborhood has little stations where there’s bags and a trash can. People still don’t care lol
Gotcha Open 2
Gotcha Open 2 20 days ago
The coming of Jesus Christ is close my brothers and sisters!! Please repent of your sins and ask God for salvation for the time is short 💕😞 we are not perfect which is why we need to seek the lord more than ever!❤️❤️🙏🏼..... God spoke to me through dreams and is waiting that you may come to him!.
Tuna sandwich
Tuna sandwich 20 days ago
They know, dogs just know
Solae' Groomes
Solae' Groomes 20 days ago
The dog was like: Ayo man hol u- BRO CHILL WAIT WAIT WAIT
Eleanor May
Eleanor May 20 days ago
Use leaves
NAD SNATCHER 20 days ago
There's always something to Pick Up After Your Dog and for the people who don't what makes you so special!?!
Londan Brown
Londan Brown 20 days ago
Is it just me or when I tell my dog “go play” he uses the bathroom?! When I say “go potty” he goes to play..?! Like wtf🤨😳
Red Eyed
Red Eyed 20 days ago
Just eat it
Krista Thompson
Krista Thompson 20 days ago
Every. Single. Time. Bring a bag and they don’t go. Sometimes, I swear they’re worse than kids!😂
Hanadi333 20 days ago
Use your socks
Cooking with Ava
Cooking with Ava 20 days ago
ikr the trouble is real 🥴🤚😭
Aaa shit it’s Bobert
Lol 😂
I love English
I love English 20 days ago
That’s why we have containers of dog bags at every corner in Germany.
ltpunisher6666 20 days ago
I act like I’m on my phone then look up when he’s done and say loudly “if your not gonna potty then we are leaving” and walk away LOL 😂
Macy Skye
Macy Skye 20 days ago
Y’all lazy as hell if you can’t bring puppy bags when you take your dog out...smh...
This shit don’t work Shorts
I just wait for someone with a dog or keep walking
Kate Wood
Kate Wood 20 days ago
I thought he was pretending to grab it with his bare hands 😂😂😂
King bucket
King bucket 20 days ago
Just use your hands like are you stupid
Tolu O
Tolu O 20 days ago
😂, I read it as “When you don’t have a bad dog”
edwards1148 20 days ago
This was me the other day I’d forgotten the bags, three dogs, 4 shits in the first 5 mins, one while crossing a zebra crossing.
Tristan hovedskov
Tristan hovedskov 20 days ago
I just look around and then I take my dog and go very calmly to that path people was walking on and just walk with them until I can go down another path that will take me closer to home:)
Faith Perkins
Faith Perkins 20 days ago
The dog goes “Oh crap we’re leaving!”
Sadie Simeona
Sadie Simeona 20 days ago
Oml heh me wen my dog does that 😰😰🤣🤣🤣
Kinley Ramsey
Kinley Ramsey 20 days ago
Haha I don’t even use dog bags my Dog pops in the yard he’s to fat but he’s my boy I love my doggy boy 🐶+🥰=😻 but a dog version
phoebz 20 days ago
and that’s why my parks got bag stands
Sophie Marshall
Sophie Marshall 20 days ago
missXspencer1 20 days ago
Who's the guy tho?
Key 20 days ago
Why have I been seeing so many more people recently with their eyes so far apart ?
Bernard Wright
Bernard Wright 20 days ago
Who picking up shit with a bag
Io Nova
Io Nova 20 days ago
I put a stick in the ground to mark it so I can find a bag and come back to pick it up
Carol Wilson
Carol Wilson 20 days ago
Mother's on rare emergency occasions a mother will pick up there kids poop and flush or put in the trash with there bare hands this man has mommy qualities he pick up his dog baby's poop with his had thats good husband material mimus the dog poop in his pocket ladies. 😅😅
No Name
No Name 20 days ago
Is that a gsd?
mobile gabe
mobile gabe 20 days ago
Just commented to make it 69
Troxik 20 days ago
Happend to me once, and I was lucky enough that there was another dog owner so I asked her if she had dog bag to spare cuz I forgot mine. To this day I'm really grateful to the women which gave me a dog bag🙏
Zach Wilcher
Zach Wilcher 20 days ago
Bro I do this every time
Huffy The stuffy
Huffy The stuffy 21 day ago
Ghost Squad
Ghost Squad 21 day ago
Could have used a mask like Mia khalifa
Shoom _
Shoom _ 21 day ago
Smile and wave
wnc817 21 day ago
And people wonder why there are rats in the ghetto
Dcavid Gomez
Dcavid Gomez 21 day ago
Put your dog on a leash
Dick Toles
Dick Toles 21 day ago
Is this suppose to be funny?
LeftR tardation
LeftR tardation 21 day ago
Did the popo roll up? 😂
Genesis Ansbro
Genesis Ansbro 21 day ago
That’s a Scottish mannnn
Cutiedew 21 day ago
You should make sure you leash your dog!
Munomanom 21 day ago
I love dogs... my issue is I hate dog owners.... if you have a dog you should always take bags.... why do so many make the mistake (and then more than once?!)... If you don't wanna pick up the poop then dont get a dog....
Samuel Nelson
Samuel Nelson 21 day ago
If you actually grab your dog’s fesces with your bare hands you’re kind of an idiot
Gimme_dem_toes 21 day ago
Thought he was gonna eat it
flounip ?
flounip ? 21 day ago
You just ask other dog walkers if they hv any spare bags 😐
deestefmorr 21 day ago
Jacob Galarza
Jacob Galarza 21 day ago
I really do despise people like this like y get a dog if u can’t be responsible
리나 21 day ago
I feel you bro 😂
You local Weeb
You local Weeb 21 day ago
I just run awau
Johanna Jane
Johanna Jane 21 day ago
Is anyone going to ask the question.... Why the fuck haven’t you got a dog bag on a walk with a dog?
Abby road
Abby road 21 day ago
That happened once I ended up using a old sock that was randomly in my pocket
HarryBoBarry 21 day ago
At least you care. Most people just leave it.
Marlena thorvald
Marlena thorvald 21 day ago
I have a story about that I was walking my dog and forgot a bag and of course she poops 2 houses from home well when she finishes up I start running back to the house to grab the pooper scooper. As soon as I start to run back this man comes out of his house yelling at me that I need to pick up the poop....excuse me sir that's what I was doing what do you think 🤔 let her poop and now I'm running from the scene?
Pip-Pip 21 day ago
Disgusting. You should always have doggy bags, leaving it is unacceptable
Dominique Khrystyne
It’s a joke
Kristi Brooks
Kristi Brooks 21 day ago
Get a leash bag holder people. Can't leave home without both.
Daniel Mcleod
Daniel Mcleod 21 day ago
If the ground is soft enough I just scope up some of the ground too so I don't ever have to touch it.
Nezukoo 21 day ago
His dog looks so much like my dog😩😩😩 Cuteeeee😭♥️
RhanaKhana Z
RhanaKhana Z 21 day ago
How his dog followed him at the end, I-
Candii Cubana
Candii Cubana 21 day ago
I look away and pretend I didn't see it happen 😂😂😂
Arts & Crafts
Arts & Crafts 14 days ago
Candii Cubana your dog, your responsibility.
Candii Cubana
Candii Cubana 14 days ago
@Arts & Crafts I didn't shit there. 🤣
Arts & Crafts
Arts & Crafts 14 days ago
Parvo kills dogs, clean up your poop!
Candii Cubana
Candii Cubana 15 days ago
@It’s free Real estate you really couldn't.
It’s free Real estate
@Candii Cubana I could say the same to you ❤️
TY279545 21 day ago
You should be an actor. [Seriously]
candice feyerabend
Dog:ooo yes this grass smells nice mmh let me investigate it Man:*runs* Dog:wow it's very green this gra-wait why you running? Ok let me run to Ahhh
positivebird is respawing
Luckily where i live we dont have to pick it up unless it is on the road/where people walk.
lewis 1507
lewis 1507 21 day ago
what I do is grab what seems like to many and then a few
alí cia
alí cia 21 day ago
Yeah yesterday I used receipt paper to pick it up there was a guy staring at me on a bench the whole time and I left my baggies at home 😭
Abdelrahman Mohamed Mahmoud Hegazy
Living in a country with a rampaging street dog population has its perks for example i dont have to pick up my dogs shit Downsides theres dog shit on the side walks which is why you walk in the street where the cars pickup tthe dog shit in their tires
Robert 21 day ago
Antonia Tan.
Antonia Tan. 21 day ago
That's why I carry 4 bags on me... my dog pooped 3x on a walk once!!
Jackie Bell
Jackie Bell 21 day ago
He is a BEAUTIFUL pup
Brownhippie X
Brownhippie X 21 day ago
I have had this happen. I went in the house got a bag and went back to pick up his poop
Pixel 21 day ago
I respect that.
Brownhippie X
Brownhippie X 21 day ago
@snazzed I thought about it but I can’t stand when other ppl do so
Brownhippie X
Brownhippie X 21 day ago
@Candii Cubana why lie about it ? I’ve done it but I also live in a city so most of our trash areas have poop bags on them as well.
snazzed 21 day ago
Ide just leave it at that point😂
Candii Cubana
Candii Cubana 21 day ago
Liar 🤣🤣🤣
Laloni Chester
Laloni Chester 21 day ago
I hate this but luckily we have tons of people who litter so there is always something nearby
Squirrel Nutz
Squirrel Nutz 21 day ago
He just rolled out on his dog. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Alexis Acosta
Alexis Acosta 21 day ago
I mean there is so many people there you don’t think anyone would have a dog bag😭
Hannah Quigley
Hannah Quigley 21 day ago
This always happens to me but I always walk my dog around my block of im alone (I do longer walks with the fam)so I run into the store with my dog being a good girl she waits tied into something and is a very good girl
Bratz B.
Bratz B. 13 days ago
@Hannah Quigley just because it hasn't happened to you, doesn't mean it won't. Stop doing that.
Hannah Quigley
Hannah Quigley 20 days ago
@NAD SNATCHER well in my area that never happens but for the most part what I'll do is at my local store they have free paper towels and I take them and use it as a poop bag. So I would never really leave her alone at all unless someone is there. She's never left unattended. But I appreciate that your commenting this. Make some feel better :)
NAD SNATCHER 20 days ago
Have you ever thought somebody might steal her, try to ransom her back, use the dog for dog bait, sell for animal research, chop her up and use for Shark Bait or just some sicko who wants to harm an animal! NEVER leave a dog unattended!!!
morella walker
morella walker 21 day ago
This is why you Always take Two plastic bags with you on a walk! It's not like they take up any space; tuck them into clothing if you don't have pockets.
Ollie B
Ollie B 21 day ago
Dog shit is biodegradable just leave it
Natalie Dubs
Natalie Dubs 21 day ago
Omg I’ve done it!!!! Or if u k ow your dog poops multiple times on a walk and have one bag you put the bag around your hand but pick up some grass from next to the pile cuz you k ow there’s a bigger one coming
Faith Grace
Faith Grace 21 day ago
Same like wtf dog especially because I have a doxie and I'm like "Your breed is small af in general and your pretty small for that if a eagle wanted you'd be it's snack. So how the hell can you shit 2 times and pee like 20 times on one walk!?!??!"
Lex on top
Lex on top 21 day ago
I just run away and pretend it’s not my dog, and when it follows I start screaming
Dieggz 15 days ago
Causes even more attention to yourself...
Tonybacon5 15 days ago
Bro I'm 💀
J Lulendo.
J Lulendo. 17 days ago
Lex on top
Lex on top 20 days ago
the sad thing is that I’m not joking 🤣
Julie Kelly
Julie Kelly 22 days ago
Lmaoooo!! Omg I've been there too😂