When you try to race the fridge water #Shorts 

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Apr 1, 2021




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Giada and Layla
Giada and Layla 5 minutes ago
My fridge: 💧 💧 💧 💧 💧 💧 💧 💧 💧 💧 💧 💧 💧 💧 💧 💧 💧 💧 💧 💧 💧 💧 💧 💧 12 minutes later 💧 💧 💧 🥛
Lola Ikonasaare
Lola Ikonasaare 7 minutes ago
Me who has the same fridge since 2014 *knocks on door to ask my father why* *realizes I dont have a father*
Kyle Robatto
Kyle Robatto 30 minutes ago
zDylanッ 42 minutes ago
Trix_toxin Hour ago
Trent Williams
Shoulda did this with a microwave it’s more relatable
Moshii Aye
Moshii Aye Hour ago
Ohh so theres fridge water now?
rexter trucker
rexter trucker 3 hours ago
I race it when it's about to clos
gladitsnotme 4 hours ago
First of all, how big is your damn house???
Sky girl aleah aleah
Spooky blossom
Spooky blossom 4 hours ago
Is this some rich person thing that I’m to poor to understand?
Get me to 10k pls
Get me to 10k pls 5 hours ago
I hope everyone who reads this has a great day
firdaus zany
firdaus zany 5 hours ago
True dude😅
Snack for 2
Snack for 2 5 hours ago
Duke 6 hours ago
Me boiling water except I boil it all away until pot is on fire.
jce07 6 hours ago
i dont understand
Adre’Onna Brown
Adre’Onna Brown 8 hours ago
I have that same fridge and it just goes so fast 😭
bobangtan 9 hours ago
i have a tap.
JOEM LANCE VISTA 10 hours ago
Taina Elisabeth
Taina Elisabeth 10 hours ago
your experiences are not universal
Cloudy 11 hours ago
I have the same smiley sponge
Shadow Realm
Shadow Realm 11 hours ago
Yeah fridge water is soooo slow
smol p
smol p 12 hours ago
this must be a tiktok for rich people
Kan Kan
Kan Kan 12 hours ago
It’s so weird to see a video of him not laughing 🤣
Maisie Rayner
Maisie Rayner 12 hours ago
Do be like that tho
Nuggets Mayhem
Nuggets Mayhem 13 hours ago
When people get lazy to get a cup of water from the sink ._.
Pat M15
Pat M15 13 hours ago
Rich people problems
L Hitman
L Hitman 15 hours ago
Damn that's slow asf, but atleast you have a fridge like that.
jimmy khor
jimmy khor 16 hours ago
What he just throw his phone its gonna be broken
GTR 16 hours ago
Ticktoc cancer
CaPPer YT 17 hours ago
I do this with a microwave and the timer is about to hit 1
Gorol 17 hours ago
Im want have fridge like that
BOLT gaming
BOLT gaming 18 hours ago
Everyone waste 20 seconds for this video
Doc Noir
Doc Noir 18 hours ago
Hey Siri, put my speedrun cue on.
Audrey Guo
Audrey Guo 19 hours ago
How is ur refrigerator so slow loll mine fills up like in 5 seconds
xD3M0x 20 hours ago
*When You Done Youre Home Work* Water:................
silentS 20 hours ago
That’s me but with a Microwave 😂.
Padma Priya
Padma Priya 21 hour ago
There was problem with the topic !!! He didn't mention how many cups of water!!!
Leon Andrew Galagar
Leon Andrew Galagar 22 hours ago
Thats me lol
Jeff Hill
Jeff Hill 22 hours ago
They have a filter!
jonrick casayuran
jonrick casayuran 22 hours ago
Yup al of that for just a perfect glass of water
Nick Gurr Kong
Nick Gurr Kong 22 hours ago
This was kinda funny. I owe credit where credit is due
OMR FLD 23 hours ago
I don’t fuck with middle-class memes
Joshua Tv
Joshua Tv 23 hours ago
No I'm not going to be a fan 😂😂😂😂😂😂
GMR_TEAM 23 hours ago
spead run
Matina Jazmine
Matina Jazmine 23 hours ago
poop assisstnant
poop assisstnant 23 hours ago
Would be a lot more relatable if I had a fridge like that
Joe Suchy
Joe Suchy 23 hours ago
Clean your purifier
HypeX 23 hours ago
Uhh can’t relate
Drizzle Day ago
When you assume im wealthy enough to waste money on a fridge like that
aqua 23 hours ago
a good fridge is actually a good investment
aqua 23 hours ago
you don't need to be wealthy lol
Idk_N_Idc 0_0
It’s more like the microwave for me
Mandy's Arm Candy
Yes I do this too. And also the microwave
WoofHuski Day ago
I thought it was just me
StyLtv_ Day ago
That shit takes so long
kristyyy Day ago
Dam rich ppl problems lol
klaudia Wajler
That is me all the time
skyson b pei
skyson b pei Day ago
I look away for 1 millisecond and all of sudden my house is the lost city of atlantis
KT beef
KT beef Day ago
Every morning
Succ Ducc
Succ Ducc Day ago
Should have included the part where you wait for GTA online to load
Imxsleepy Day ago
this shit is wayyy too true
madalyn embrey
Soooo...are we just not going to talk about how he just slid like 3 feet across carpet in socks...??? 😅😂
KFplayz Day ago
Me everyday
notthereal billybobthorton
Rich people problems are not worth my time
alec Fernando
I wonder how different the comment section would be if a microwave was used instead of a fridge
Better version: when you have a fridge with a water dispenser
JcTYT Day ago
he's so fasg he watched the glass before the fridge even finished putting water on it
michael pendley
You guys got fridge water!?!
MarkoBuild Day ago
wtf why sould anyono have water on ther fridge? Why ┐(͡°ʖ̯͡°)┌?? ┐(͡°ʖ̯͡°)┌??
Dimitry Petrenko
we dont have a fridge but we do have a jar and I always do that.
Rasheeda Jones
Nah that's the microwave
Fany Day ago
Dude is the definition of “all that?”
Wildcat2013 Day ago
this is the least cap I've ever seen in a video
Wildcat2013 Day ago
you could do the same thing for gta load screens
Howelcometochilis -
Naw that’s when you race the microwave
Jed Flint
Jed Flint Day ago
If your water comes out that slow, your filter needs to be changed lol
Angus Shaw
Angus Shaw Day ago
Who brushes their teeth before drinking water
John Albert Bergula
This video gave me anxiety 😩
Promonax Day ago
Sooo true
King Jaay
King Jaay Day ago
I related to the brushing teeth one and have done it before 😂😂
Noah Miller
Noah Miller Day ago
I do this all the time but with the sink
Alex Ace
Alex Ace Day ago
I can understand the ice dispencer, but this has to be one of the most useless inventions.
Kyle Adrian Ondez
r.i.p phone
DEL icious
DEL icious Day ago
What kind of monster brushes his teeth BEFORE drinking water ?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!
Faith Lund
Faith Lund Day ago
i try to race the microwave like i have to use the bathroom or get water and i try to do it before the time runs out 😂 i fail 90% of the time 😂
Katana Gamez
Katana Gamez 8 hours ago
Same I always do that
Paul H.
Paul H. Day ago
Dumb soo dumb!!!
lupita's planet
I do this all thr time 😂
Dominico Cosma
Dead on
Dylan Bacon
Dylan Bacon Day ago
My Samsung smart fridge does that but it's WAY faster... unless of course you edited it to show slow progression or speedy chores. Either way, I can relate
DoBeVibingTho YT
That is absolutely me everyday..
Dogface730 Day ago
Am I the only one that has fridge water that tastes like soap
Gracie Yang
Gracie Yang Day ago
Wait so you could just leave it there and don’t have to put constant pressure on the button thing....
Mason Eck
Mason Eck Day ago
That’s funny 😐 definitely worth the 180k likes
Давид Цыба
1глоток и все в раковину🙃🙃🙃
FELIX Day ago
Why not just drink tap water
Fernando García
Cosas de gente con dinero jajaja
LagichYTシ Day ago
Me every morning:
Cxndy Day ago
IMAO i am 13 and i still do that
aqua 23 hours ago
13 year olds really be thinking that they old
Mrs. Tempo
Mrs. Tempo Day ago
Me with the microwave timer
Narancia Day ago
yo the fridge water got that anime time logic
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