When Players Meet Their NFL Idols on the Field | NFL Films Presents 

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Jan 19, 2021




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kara bella
kara bella Hour ago
“Be spicy but be smart” hahaha love it!
BHM 4 days ago
Funny how many Vikings they had on here. Cris Carter, Adrian Peterson, John Randle, and Ifeadi Odenigbo.
Alison Baker
Alison Baker 5 days ago
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Srimal Ruwange
Srimal Ruwange 6 days ago
“Tom Brady” “Tom Brady” “Tom Brady” “Tom Brady” “Tom Brady” “Tom Brady”
Brian Nugent
Brian Nugent 7 days ago
I really enjoyed that piece
Nicolas Cantos
Nicolas Cantos 7 days ago
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Kevin Odom
Kevin Odom 7 days ago
If I was white I'd be blushing. 🤣 like that dude
big d
big d 10 days ago
Not one cowboys. Sanders doesn't count
Braedon Morecraft
Braedon Morecraft 11 days ago
a ha ha ha 😏
Emma H
Emma H 11 days ago
Mark Walhberg is a fake glory fan
Shadowboost 13 days ago
5-10 years from now, players still gonna be "Man, that's Tom Brady"
vonmahs324 14 days ago
So no one is gonna talk about how Spice Adams is the meme guy?!?
Connie Fairchild
Connie Fairchild 15 days ago
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Billy C
Billy C 16 days ago
Makes me smile when I see professional athletes fan boying
Randle still looks good
Adrien Pinard
Adrien Pinard 17 days ago
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HELLO DEAR 18 days ago
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Daniel Masis
Daniel Masis 18 days ago
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Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 18 days ago
Imagine watching TB12 as a kid, grow up, get drafted, play out your career, retire. AND he still playin!
Don is happy
Don is happy 15 days ago
That would be crazy if it happened
천솔비 18 days ago
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Yeezydude boiguy
Yeezydude boiguy 19 days ago
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gg allin
gg allin 20 days ago
No he didn't
Joel Moseley
Joel Moseley 20 days ago
Ass kissing at its finest...
wisc cheese
wisc cheese 20 days ago
Should not idol anyone but god
herman chavez
herman chavez 20 days ago
“I got off the table and called Jon Jones”
Shawn Green
Shawn Green 20 days ago
I stopped watching black sports years ago. I’m surprised they haven’t banned white Americans from playing, you know because we are all racists.
Shawn Green
Shawn Green 10 days ago
Peter Kay that may be true. I would still rather be me than you.
Peter Kay
Peter Kay 10 days ago
I think it's because you are just not very bright.
I Dream of Jeannie
Yeah! Minnesota in the house!! We love Mr. Randal!.. Oh yeah.. AP!!! ❤ ❤
AJC1983 22 days ago
This video is wholesome af.
GHOSTY 22 days ago
Yo wtf does jay ajayi sound like
Dangerous One
Dangerous One 22 days ago
I feel that the reason why the Buccaneers won Super Bowl LV is because everyone looked up to and believed in TB12. And he made them believe in themselves. Motivating.
Kami Conradi
Kami Conradi 23 days ago
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Yeezydude boiguy
Yeezydude boiguy 23 days ago
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Eric Marvin
Eric Marvin 23 days ago
Cris Carter had me dying lol
jjs777fzr 24 days ago
Ty Law. TB12. McCourty brothers. Awesome. Not shown was Roethlisberger was on the field mic’d up and asked TB12 for a jersey. As a fan of both more than the game overall that was crazy.
Spicy Pepper Pasta
Spicy Pepper Pasta 24 days ago
4:13 Is this fake? Looks like someone photoshopped a poster into some photo of a room.
N B 25 days ago
Tom Fing Brady.
WeeZ Montana
WeeZ Montana 25 days ago
My favorite player LaDainian Tomlinson
stephenson aman
stephenson aman 25 days ago
Jesse Brake
Jesse Brake 25 days ago
That’s the kinda love I enjoy seeing from the players, no hate just respect for there idols. Great stuff
Anthony Phung
Anthony Phung 25 days ago
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Iris Dunn
Iris Dunn 25 days ago
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Shane Wright
Shane Wright 26 days ago
Bro the fact more people aren’t talking about spice Adams and John Randal in the same room is blowing my mind.
Angela Carson
Angela Carson 26 days ago
Loved this clip!!!
Feels 26 days ago
When I was like 11 I went to Disneyland and was walking around with my family. Look to my left and standing there is Phillip Rivers with some of the Carolina college team. He saw me look and said hey want a picture. And so he took a picture with me and gave me an autograph
Billy Wayne
Billy Wayne 26 days ago
Eddy Pineiro how you gonna pick Aaron Rodgers out of everybody, for shame sir...
Eddie Martinez
Eddie Martinez 26 days ago
"I called my brother like yo... Tom Brady knows my name" 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Michael Nguyen
Michael Nguyen 27 days ago
3:01 "Red Rover, Red Rover, let them f-----s come on over." Alright, I'm using that from now on.
Slappy McButterballs
Ty Law out here high as a kite....
Carter Mahoney
Carter Mahoney 28 days ago
I didn’t know Jay Ajai was British!!!!
rachelle roxas
rachelle roxas 28 days ago
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Brian Torsell
Brian Torsell 28 days ago
"I'm in the NFL now, I can't have this." Haha
The Common Sense Conservative316
My cousin had a class with Sproles and he signed a ball for her that she lost...
The Common Sense Conservative316
@No Café I know lol
No Café
No Café 27 days ago
Girls man smh 🤦🏾‍♂️
Chloe Hennessey
Chloe Hennessey 29 days ago
Prime, in his Prime. Woulda given you fits, Ocho! But we still love you. ❤️🧜🏻‍♀️💋
Lucas Olivieri
Lucas Olivieri 29 days ago
- Tom Brady - Tom Brady - Tom Brady - Tom Brady end quote
Heather Kennedy
Heather Kennedy 29 days ago
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Nicholas Allen
Nicholas Allen 29 days ago
Anyone that dislikes Darren sproles is someone that doesn’t deserve your attention. Love that guy.
Brotha Brandon
Brotha Brandon Month ago
Nice to see my man Spice
savage life
savage life Month ago
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Armin Smith
Armin Smith Month ago
This is the pure, wholesome content we need
E E Month ago
Ty Law: I was playing against Jerry Rice, i can't wait to tug his jersey and hold!
Ethan Bondick
Ethan Bondick Month ago
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Parties Over
Parties Over Month ago
LT must have struck fear in the hearts of many.
Happy Rainbow
Happy Rainbow Month ago
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Hunzallah Riaz
Hunzallah Riaz Month ago
“I tackled julio jones “ 😂😂😂😂
Noah Richards
Noah Richards Month ago
I was so shocked when I heard jay ajayi talk 😭
Andrew Potter
Andrew Potter Month ago
Dion would shut you down. Child please
mohammad sohail
mohammad sohail Month ago
Wow I didn’t know Deion sanders played for the ravens
Matteo Gigliotti
Matteo Gigliotti 29 days ago
Baltimore colts*
William Clarke
William Clarke Month ago
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Beau Bridges
Beau Bridges Month ago
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David Ogden
David Ogden Month ago
"I tackled Julio Jones" is the cutest thing I've ever heard
TJ Longmoney
TJ Longmoney Month ago
"Why are you celebrating so hard" "Yo dude, I just tackled a hall of famer"
Noeun Kim
Noeun Kim Month ago
Ty law is a best!
amanda c.
amanda c. Month ago
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Ryan Mitchell
Ryan Mitchell Month ago
Red rover red rover come on over lmao
dragonage200 Month ago
You know TB12 hella old when some of his opponents were babies when he won his first Superbowl
taytoe cheeps
taytoe cheeps Month ago
Meeting Earl Campbell when I was 12 years old was a big deal.
Gifted Images LLC
"Tom Brady won his first Super Bowl when I was 7 years old." ...........Now imagine making it to the NFL and TB12 is back in the SB trying to win his 7th ring.......Jesus Christ!!
Daney D
Daney D 22 days ago
He did
Mr. Wertibaldi
Mr. Wertibaldi 25 days ago
That would never happe...... Oh, well.... ^^
Agatha Illa
Agatha Illa Month ago
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Nestor Robles
Nestor Robles Month ago
We need more videos like this one!!!
Yeezydude boiguy
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Jacob Campbell
Jacob Campbell Month ago
Just imagine being a rookie and Derrick Henry comes barreling full speed right at you!!
Jacob Campbell
Jacob Campbell Month ago
@Devin Hudson for sure🤣😂 I'm not letting him posterise me!!
Devin Hudson
Devin Hudson Month ago
Im stepping right out the way lmao
Michael Petersen
0:26 This is not a player meeting his idol : Mike Evans played with Josh Reynolds at Texas A&M. You can see the Gig Em! on the jersey :)
Gerard Ligonde
Gerard Ligonde Month ago
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Kerorofan Month ago
Chad Johnson still as humble as ever I see...
Bear 7453
Bear 7453 Month ago
LMAO at cris carter “YES!!!” 😂😂😂😂😂😂
659009stan Month ago
6:25 Nick Bosa - (Little Kid Voice) I tackled Julio Jones! Me- Lmao!
Mister_ Nobodyyy
Never realized Jay Ajayi was English
Yoboy Odyssey
Yoboy Odyssey Month ago
I tackled julio jones
Ghoste Babiet
Ghoste Babiet Month ago
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Sean Sandberg
Sean Sandberg Month ago
Dude I’m honestly so interested as to which brother Chandler called when that happened. If it was Arthur he’d probably “Well, he definitely hasn’t forgotten about me!” And if it were Jon it was more along the lines of “That’s cool. I’m the best fighter on the planet.” Honestly those Jones boys are a special breed. Also, please don’t reply to me talking about Jon’s drug tests. I’m aware of all of it and just wanted to be positive about the guy for once in my life.
Vontae Woods
Vontae Woods Month ago
Spice Adams
TC DA Month ago
What an Influence...
Charles Newton
Charles Newton Month ago
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BJJ Monkey
BJJ Monkey Month ago
What happened to Ajayi?
John Prince
John Prince Month ago
These guys seem very humble. It's nice to see players as fans as well.
Andrew Comments
Andrew Comments Month ago
I hear Jay Ajayi's getting ready to launch his ASMR career.
이슬 Month ago
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Martin Zavala
Martin Zavala Month ago
this video is so wholesome. It’s awesome not just to meet your idol but play against them too
45 pewterpirate
45 pewterpirate Month ago
This kinda stuff..this is why football is awesome❤
jacob rippy
jacob rippy Month ago
what are ytou celebrating for? MAN I JUST TACLKED AP! like what? wouldnt you?