When passengers request for things not on the plane #shorts 

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Apr 3, 2021




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Rucha M
Rucha M 7 hours ago
vegetarians left the chat
Jibril • Once
Jibril • Once 8 hours ago
i can imagine her neighbors looking at her while she's holding a fish and pretending to swim infront of the camera
Arushi Bhattacharya
Arushi Bhattacharya 15 hours ago
Hahaha I love the brutal sarcasm
Leslie De leon
Leslie De leon 16 hours ago
Amazing she actually used fish for this vid 👌respect
Castiel Quinzel
Castiel Quinzel 18 hours ago
My gf would pack her own fish and rice
spunky gaming
spunky gaming 20 hours ago
Youre cool!!
Grace Lyall
Grace Lyall 21 hour ago
Jennie:here is your fish Me: I want pork now Jennie:*gos to a farm and slaurters a pig*
VarinderSidhu ROMANS6
I would like lame curry please
Mario Gill
Mario Gill 22 hours ago
she got the fish bt she relized she cant get back.. *internal screaming*
Abinash Lama
Abinash Lama 23 hours ago
Sorry I prefer Cod or catfish rather that common fish
Dream Touch
Dream Touch Day ago
😂😂😂😂😂 this made me crazy...
• ⟨⟨ H ⟩⟩ •
There’s like five planes right now
Maryam Nadeem
Lol XD
Edrik Alvarez-Salazar
That’s what I call good service 👌
Bana Alataibi
You fo relise she has an actual fish in her hands.. wow tge quality of the vid is just.. *chefs kiss* 👌perfect
•îçęčrêâm Løvêr•
"Im sorry, i prefer pizza, can i get pizza instead"
Ezcookiepie Zp
So you die bc of fish.
Explicit Jay
Explicit Jay Day ago
ᶜᵃⁿ ᴵ ᵍᵉᵗ ¹ ˢᵘᵇ ᶠʳᵒᵐ ᵗʰᶦˢ ᵗᶦⁿʸ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗ ᵐᵃʸᵇᵉˀ
aikeio Day ago
wait how can she go back up to the plane again..?
Abigail Rubiano
Abigail Rubiano 2 days ago
I love how when she comes out of the water, her makeup is still perfect 😂
Zenkyuu 2 days ago
Pop Team Epic
Ben Van Dam
Ben Van Dam 2 days ago
Ooh it’s fresh, can’t wait to ask for some when I get the chance :0
•_•MƠƬӇЄƦ_ȶɛǟ_B҉a҉g҉_Öń_тнε_Ïńṩïďệ•_ •
ok ok I think I might have seen you on a plane going to Florid around a week ago and lifted off around 12:56 I dunno cause this one women/lady looks a lot like u but it's hard to tell because of masks so yeah
hakima hakeemi
hakima hakeemi 2 days ago
...then she starts to grow wings but she realizes she din water and water will not let de wings fly and she meets her doom bec a shark is straight headed to her she get devoured and dies...The End...
Jasper Toys
Jasper Toys 2 days ago
How will she get back
mini com.gaming
mini com.gaming 2 days ago
Im sorry i just prefer shark only
Sneha Dinesh
Sneha Dinesh 3 days ago
😂 super
Apurba ghosh
Apurba ghosh 3 days ago
SSeven7 Animations
For a second there I thought she was going to die and never give the fish back
Jayanti Shankar
Jayanti Shankar 3 days ago
Me: ....how's she gonna get back to the plane tho- nvm-
Laura Rivera
Laura Rivera 3 days ago
Random Gurl
Random Gurl 3 days ago
Idk if your a real flight attendant or not but if you are I hope to see you when I go on a plane
Kristine Bishop
Kristine Bishop 3 days ago
Lots of Japan fish for Karen
Xx Specify xX
Xx Specify xX 3 days ago
was that a game, if so pls tell me the name of the game
The little one
The little one 3 days ago
The little one
The little one 3 days ago
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The little one 3 days ago
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The little one 3 days ago
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The little one 3 days ago
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The little one 3 days ago
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The little one 3 days ago
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The little one
The little one 3 days ago
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The little one 3 days ago
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The little one 3 days ago
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The little one 3 days ago
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The little one 3 days ago
Timeea iz
Timeea iz 3 days ago
utkarsh singh
utkarsh singh 3 days ago
I have nt laughed this hard since ages
Ayesha Abdul ghafoor
Now I just have to fly to the place cause gravity don't exist right 😂
Deeeeeyn 4 days ago
I prefer kicking that passenger out of the plane.
O_O 4 days ago
Savage level 💯
N30N SUPRA YT 4 days ago
Yes can I get a *9/11?*
Smoll Bean
Smoll Bean 4 days ago
“Actually I change my mind I’ll have chicken” Jeenie: Oh don’t worry, this ones for free :) Jeenie: *chucks fish at passenger*
It’s all fun and games until she realize that the plane have gone away and she’s left in the ocean alone.
lihan_77 4 days ago
I thought she was just SO DONE she just killed herself. But she got fish. And couldnt bring it back.
Spiritgirl1943 4 days ago
Legend says that she has died in the ocean and now if any one every eats fish u are then hunted by the her.
Shut 4 days ago
I mean she can probably use the fish to fly back up
TaMyah Smalls
TaMyah Smalls 4 days ago
😂😂😂😂😂 I-
Swacky 4 days ago
Really varieties must be in the menu, why isn’t it there😂
Glxwy Nights
Glxwy Nights 4 days ago
Let apreciate the fact that she jumped out of a plane and made a ✨Montage✨ of it
Malina Ngoc
Malina Ngoc 5 days ago
I’m dying 🤣
Sameeha Aslam
Sameeha Aslam 5 days ago
When your vegetarian on this plane 👁️👄👁️
K-World Trash Can
How is fish veg??? Confused in all languages? Am I missing something?
Smoll Bean
Smoll Bean 4 days ago
pes·ca·tar·i·an /ˌpeskəˈterēən/ noun: pescatarian; plural noun: pescatarians; noun: pescetarian; plural noun: pescetarians a person who does not eat meat but does eat fish.
Smoll Bean
Smoll Bean 4 days ago
Yeah she wasn’t vegetarian lol she was pescatarian
Just Didji
Just Didji 5 days ago
5 star service “really goes out of her way to help the passengers”.....oh....wait
Amelie Murray-Clark
SkyeIsTheLimit 5 days ago
“And she opens the door and sucks out all the passengers and causes to crash the plane.”
Navreet Singh
Navreet Singh 5 days ago
You should have yeeted it to plane to make it funnier
Nandha V
Nandha V 5 days ago
Did anyone notice there was nike symbol in her parachute?
You are from south or north korea
Kay I
Kay I 5 days ago
Perfect let's eat fish
Kuheli 5 days ago
And how are going to go up again? Fly maybe?.... Your videos are 100 on scale of 1 to 90 .
Nils Nyman
Nils Nyman 5 days ago
Anyone speaking to me that says the words "I don't eat..." will have the rest of their sentence completely ignored because it's going to be followed by some nonsensical bullshit that I don't care about.
Tianda Stewart
Tianda Stewart 5 days ago
If your wondering how she got back on the plane don't worry she had a jet pack
A Ra A ra
A Ra A ra 5 days ago
the meg shatks
the meg shatks 5 days ago
Lol this was funny when,she jump for the plane
Roselyn Cabrera
Roselyn Cabrera 5 days ago
So...u got the fish for the passenger....but how r u going to give the fish to the passenger??
Carmen Carde
Carmen Carde 5 days ago
You're funny 😆
NuggetYT 5 days ago
Now for the tricky part give the fish to yhe passenger Not try to get back on the plane
exhausted popcorn
I prefer tuna
YO & OY 5 days ago
LOL nice work
WalleyAllen Plush Productions
U have a green screen phone lol
MonsterPlayzz 5 days ago
pepiurs tv playz
pepiurs tv playz 5 days ago
Khoa Anh Vu
Khoa Anh Vu 5 days ago
Never thought I like this channel so much.
Orchid M
Orchid M 5 days ago
Every single thing u upload is relatable..being a cabin attendant for 10 frigging years!
Lorraine Roberge
Lorraine Roberge 5 days ago
XC Sio
XC Sio 6 days ago
I remembered the South African Airlines skit with the meal on board 🤣🤣 cow or beef?
T Yapquina Acuña
Like, useless shit
Imagine people seeing out of the window looking at her falling down from the sky👁️👄👁️
Mia Crazy adventure
Who else wishes they can have Jennie as their flight attendant 👩‍✈️
Troublemaker 101
Troublemaker 101 6 days ago
I hope we can vegetarian on that plane. Don't wanna get thrown off.
Arianna lankybox Fan
Hello everyone so today meal where only chicken or beff
Aiyesha Wijesinghe
Omgg 🤣🤣🤣
Ukitake Sephiroth
I mean some people don't eat meat, i always hope there will be some kind of replacement when I board a plane honestly
Bad-Mouthing an Ex