When Hijabi Girls Call A Salon #shorts 

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Feb 18, 2021




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Saleh Family
Saleh Family 6 days ago
FYI, I have an awesome stylist who accommodates for me but we need more salons for Hijabi girls to be inclusive!
Swift 3 hours ago
@Jaxxy Argemone no it wouldn't. Needing to have an entire room fills atleast what could have been 3 spaces and no one is going to pay triple price for a haircut. Unless you can convince everyone else to also pay a lot more for essentially the same service it's not a good business move. You've only given half assed arguments with nothing to back it up. Name 1 other group of people that needs a private space to get a haircut. I can't name one.
Jaxxy Argemone
Jaxxy Argemone 4 hours ago
@Swift including Muslim girls in their client base would absolutely increase their profits. Especially since Muslims are not the only minority that would appreciate a private place to get their haircut. So yes it is a good business move. Making your life easier is the function of every business beyond its industry.
Jonathan Solomon
Jonathan Solomon 6 hours ago
@Malvika Singh this doesn’t make sense
Swift 7 hours ago
@Jaxxy Argemone businesses earn money and expand the amouny of customers they have by offering vegan foods. Accommodating people's religion costs money. A business needs to make money, not make your life easier
Aman A
Aman A 10 hours ago
@Ashtyn Odom Like most humans, they keep following their ancestor's traditions, without thinking why they are actually doing it....
FI SOA 25 minutes ago
Hijabis just cant explain right these days
The mad lad
The mad lad 54 minutes ago
you ain't special just because you wear a hijab
GamingLass Hour ago
If I ever open a beauty salon, I'll have seperate rooms (if anyone needs one, or just like to have whatever done in private) (it is my dream to open a beauty salon btw)
fabulous legend
You are taking the religion too serious.
Lily Hennessey-Coyle
Why can’t people make things custom for everybody’s believes and other things like ummmmm disabilities not saying that you believe it a disabilitie
Raiza Davids
Raiza Davids Hour ago
Is that a bts Hoody thingy on his head?
Orellana Anthuan
Orellana Anthuan 2 hours ago
Im sure god doesn’t want us seeing their hair 😂😂😂
Clara Valenzuela
Clara Valenzuela 3 hours ago
i don't know if you have already made a video about this but do you have to wear the hijab (i'm so sorry if that's not what it's called or how you spell it) if you have no hair on your head?
shinedown crawling
shinedown crawling 3 hours ago
Why is it that we have a funny skit and some people have to be so serious not everything has to be so serious u have to have some humor in your life some people need to lighten up at times or if they were serious 24/7 it would be boring who’s with me
Someone Talking
Someone Talking 3 hours ago
I’ve only ever gone to a salon once and it was just to straighten my hair. It was at a mall that was owned by my ethnic group. My mom cuts my hair most of the time though
10th letter
10th letter 3 hours ago
Cut your own hair? I mean, seems simpler
MikiKiki 3 hours ago
Cut your hair at home. It’s not like you’re disabled and need special accommodations.
Helia Tavakoli
Helia Tavakoli 4 hours ago
Timothy Curler
Timothy Curler 5 hours ago
You want a box and accommodations then maybe Google a place that specializes in that type of thing...or book a flight back home for a haircut 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
Timothy Curler
Timothy Curler 5 hours ago
Shine banana
Shine banana 6 hours ago
Do they need hairstyles if they are gonne wear a hijab anyway
Logan Kline
Logan Kline 8 hours ago
Seek Gods face alone, Christ is the only way to heaven. Without the savior to pay the price of our sins their is no salvation for the unrighteous. No amount of tradition or rituals will save our souls only the true acceptance of Christ in our hearts will tie us into the tree of life. Keep repenting and seeking the truth 🙏
That Girl
That Girl 8 hours ago
In Malaysia, most hairstylists are non-muslims. And they usually have a private room at the back or just an enclosed area they prepared for girls with hijab. Although, I prefer cutting my hair on my own, I do go there to wash my hair or some extra haircare thingy.
Adeena Amatullah
Adeena Amatullah 9 hours ago
soinu foig
soinu foig 10 hours ago
❤️🧕🇨🇦 we love all hair!! And EVERYONE !! Everyone is equal here❤️🙏🏽🇨🇦
Richard Fleming
Richard Fleming 11 hours ago
i find this really helpful for school! keep up the great work 💕🥰
Richard Fleming
Richard Fleming 11 hours ago
i find this really helpful for school! keep up the great work 💕🥰
soinu foig
soinu foig 10 hours ago
This is cool because my life goal is to create a hair salon where all races are included. There will DEFINITELY be private rooms for women with hijabs!
chihuahua bently
chihuahua bently 11 hours ago
Is anyone gonna talk about the old school phone ring with the modern day cell phone? 😅
chihuahua bently
chihuahua bently 11 hours ago
Dang... the things you don’t think about when you don’t have to think about them.... obviously this is a beautiful expression for you guys (well ladies 😅), but yeah, there should be more accommodation for this o.o
Littlebit01 Gameing
Littlebit01 Gameing 13 hours ago
Why do you where that bc I never fond out
Parallel- Knight
Parallel- Knight 14 hours ago
That must be a real pain ahaha
Zoop 14 hours ago
"no" **Hangs up phone**
Jahan R
Jahan R 15 hours ago
MGN01 15 hours ago
Too many rules. When one works on purifying their heart, these religious/cultural rules seem burdensome.
Phox Games
Phox Games 16 hours ago
Sounds privileged and demanding. Go to a Muslim salon, cut it yourself, etc. The world doesn't need to conform to individual beliefs. Although smart market would be to upcharge for a private cut.
Jabriah Peery
Jabriah Peery 16 hours ago
Plz Show your hair
Gacha Peanut
Gacha Peanut 16 hours ago
I meet a twelve year old she was nice and she wears one of those I know what they are called but u don’t know how to spell it
Hailey Werner
Hailey Werner 16 hours ago
I know you design hijabs but would you ever be offended if you saw someone wearing your hijabs that you designed as a scarf and would that be disrespectful to Muslims
Innocent being
Innocent being 16 hours ago
how do we marry legally?
2GB gamer
2GB gamer 17 hours ago
Not again I don't wanna see this stuff you tube
SrJackquito 18 hours ago
This seems like a good business opportunity. Charge more for the private room.
SrJackquito 8 hours ago
@Laila A no true. If you offer this to all clients it is not discriminatory. Furthermore, the request is coming from the client to be in a private setting. The salon is complying with the customer wish however this request does cost more money to implement. Easily defended in any court of law.
Laila A
Laila A 8 hours ago
Not really, that's more bordering on discriminatory practice. Charge more for simply putting a room divider or a curtain up around one dedicated chair?? Come on
StrawberryFox Draws
StrawberryFox Draws 18 hours ago
This is cool because my life goal is to create a hair salon where all races are included. There will DEFINITELY be private rooms for women with hijabs!
Heather Toribio
Heather Toribio 18 hours ago
Forgive me, but if it is really that uncommon where you're living, can't you just ask someone to come to your house and do it? I've done that before.
Deutschland403 O
Deutschland403 O 19 hours ago
Do Hijabi girls trim their box? That’s what I’m interested to know
Laila A
Laila A 8 hours ago
That's inappropriate and really not your business but I'll answer you anyway. Yes, we do. It's actually considered a practice of the sunnah (teachings of the prophet - peace be upon him) and very much taught and encouraged to have a trim, I think it's every 40days or so
Rebecca Montgomery
Rebecca Montgomery 19 hours ago
Jesus is Lord
Tyler Barlow
Tyler Barlow 19 hours ago
Imagine thinking oppressing women to the point they cant even show their own hair is considered empowering
RFXZ KATO 19 hours ago
I like how I got recomended this because I think it's a really cool thing to learn about. Also, it's good for if I ever work at a hair salon and a hijabi person calls. (Sorry if Hijabi person wasn't the right term to use.)
Queenie 19 hours ago
"Ofcourse we have private chairs for every person"😂
Natia Gugulashvili
Natia Gugulashvili 20 hours ago
i still dont get how you cant show youre hair rule cause boys are sexuality attractive ? WOW thats just messed up
Natia Gugulashvili
Natia Gugulashvili 20 hours ago
zanya reese
zanya reese 20 hours ago
Can we see your face
Rebekah kissel
Rebekah kissel 20 hours ago
I was always giving women with head scarf hair cuts. I'd just bring a chair to bathroom. No big deal really.
Right Right
Right Right 20 hours ago
Whats the reason for a private room if your barber is still going to see it and touch it? Do you people think others have unholy thoughts of you as soon as a strand of hair is visible or what?
Don Tray
Don Tray 21 hour ago
Wait, why would you let your barber see your hair then? Kinda doesn't make sense.
Jim Jimmy
Jim Jimmy 21 hour ago
Lmao so can’t see your hair but a nigga can cut it, y’all need to to stop just stop . Live life free
Phillip Pierce
Phillip Pierce 21 hour ago
Why does she need a hair cut KNOW 1 SEES HER HAIR
haya gh
haya gh 14 hours ago
Lou K
Lou K 21 hour ago
So is it ok for the male hairdresser to cut her hair, so long as no-one else sees it? Just asking for my own personal understanding.
haya gh
haya gh 14 hours ago
No, just the women, her family Who can see her hair
jt3000o 21 hour ago
Yeah how about no
Divadtube 21 hour ago
Wants to get her hair done so everyone will think it looks nice.
Stoned Metalhead
Stoned Metalhead 22 hours ago
I'm so tired of seeing these videos. I do not care
Gracie Izell Carrillo
Why do you need a haircut when you are covering it anyways, do you need a stylist to cut your ends? Serious question.
Jodiel Ebanks
Jodiel Ebanks 21 hour ago
Maybe it’s too long or the person has split ends.
Hunny Bunny
Hunny Bunny 22 hours ago
Instead of saying a “box” say a septet room
Tyler Reichel
Tyler Reichel 23 hours ago
Look, No hate of any kind because to each there own. But what's the point of dealing with all of these weird restrictions and stipulations?
Marie Miller
Marie Miller 23 hours ago
I will never understand this. The hoops you are put through because your a woman. Like you have to hide who you are because ur less than. Of all the things you cant show, hair.... Id think you couldnt show your butt in jeans, but Ive seen that. What is about the hair? Im not trying to be disrespectful, I genuinely dont get it. Also it triggers me, because it makes me feel like these woman are treated like property & that makes me angry. Ive lived at the hands of a cruel man.
Aron Day ago
What a screwed up religion.
Amy lee
Amy lee Day ago
As a muslim who live in a muslim country let me tell you this you can get your hair cut by any lady in a woman hair salon, as long as no man is there its fine you don't need a private room.
Coastal Reporter
Why you guys are making too difficult all these daily life things... Being a Muslim I strongly condemn these types of acts by you... Because Islam is a very beautiful and easy religion and way of life to everyone... Do not present it in a very difficult way for others so they will don't want to embrace or enter in it.... Hope you guys are understand...
Hell o
Hell o Day ago
How do women in hijab cut their hair?
Daniel Roth
Daniel Roth Day ago
I saw her hair a little bit
ChairMan Day ago
Just get it cut
Ego Ex Machina
You know that at home hair-dressers exist right? 😅
Salmah Hussain
Lol hilarious!
Ask. For a female attendant instead 🙃
Charlie Wethington
Sad that Muslim women have to do this
FROY LÁN Day ago
So they're "special people " or something?
FROY LÁN 2 hours ago
@Joia De Vita lol
Joia De Vita
Joia De Vita 2 hours ago
@FROY LÁN Okay, whatever.
FROY LÁN 2 hours ago
@Joia De Vita they're asking for the same freedom that we are????????, I have never ever heard anyone ask for a back room at the barbershop and neither have i
FROY LÁN 2 hours ago
@Joia De Vita it is a special treatment because they have to accommodate to that person, you bbn don't see me rubbing my religion on people's faces just so I can get service based on it
Joia De Vita
Joia De Vita 2 hours ago
They're asking for the same freedoms that we all are. I want to be able to get my hair cut in public like everyone else. That means I need accomodations for my disability. Notice I said LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. Women and girls who wear a hijab would also like to be able to get their hair cut LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. They're not asking for special treatment, they're asking for equal treatment. This really isn't a difficult concept.
shovan nath
shovan nath Day ago
Aap shift ho jao.. ya ghar pe bula lo
Marya Khan
Marya Khan Day ago
Really awesome thought but that box in hijab cut was outclass
Vee for Van
Vee for Van Day ago
This is interesting, I live in Indonesia where the majority of women wear hijab but I've never seen a salon that has a private booth except for waxing and even then some salons only have one big closed room of 2 to 4 chairs and we be waxing together. I'm not muslim, but I do wonder where the muslims in my country would cut their hair then. I'm not certain that I've never meet a hijabi woman in the salons where I cut my hair before because I cut my hair in a public salons that can be found in malls. Again, the vast majority of people in my country are muslims and wear hijab. Most of our restaurants are halal and we have wudhu on every bathroom. It never come to my attention but now it gets me wondering why the salons don't all have private cubicle.
Kaykay Abuel
Kaykay Abuel Day ago
If you really need somebody to cut your hair but your hijabi just ask a family member
noego jimmy
noego jimmy Day ago
You are selling business idea for free. Nice sarcasm too. Soon you'll see female hairdressers advertising... Maybe visiting homes...
noego jimmy
noego jimmy Day ago
You are selling business idea for free. Nice sarcasm too. Soon you'll see female hairdressers advertising... Maybe visiting homes...
Twoine. Com
Twoine. Com Day ago
Repent. Jesus is the way, truth and life. He died for all of our sins. God loved us that much to die for us. Jesus is coming soon the Bible prophecies being fulfilled accept and believe in the gospel of Jesus for eternal life in heaven. He is the son of God not a prophet
dania Day ago
ur religion is confusing
dania Day ago
anyways do you guys believe Jesus is god or not
C Co
C Co Day ago
بالله عليكم نتمنى منكم ترجمة مقاطعكم الى العربيه
prof shad
prof shad Day ago
Maybe somebody should open a place that specializes in hijack haircuts.
Sakenna Beaird-Nelson
Assalamu Alaykum sisters thats why its best to learn how to groom yourself words from my lovley husband
H Factor64
H Factor64 Day ago
I know its role playing But if a hair salon cutter/employee did answer the phone and respond like that .. ...that was very respectful and courteous I'm sure there are some salons that do accommodate.......but unreasonable to think all should PEACE, LOVE and STRENGTH.......to ALL these days!! Its TOUGH for many
Bianca Toma
Bianca Toma Day ago
Its got to a poit where is an ibsessuon to cover hair from men. Believe me, if he.s attracted, is not by the hair, is his own wish. Si women are to obssesed with this. Religion doesn.t say like that. Hijab got turned into a cage for women to stay by their men. Wich is an insult to true religion and not god wish
Noor-Af-Shan Bader
😂😂😂😂😂 true
Dominik Jurajda
Keep with traditions and stuff but stop crying about this stuff you go to Europe and expect us to adapt to your needs? No you adapt to us or find somewhere else, as much of a dick I sound for saying that you can't say it's not true what should I go to Muslim countries and be suprised or judgemental of the locals when they start leaving because I started eating pork while site seeing? (A bit of an extreme example but same thing)
Niki Day ago
Just go to woman only saloon. So simple
Marcus Auralius
Go somewhere else or take that bin bag off
Ed Bartley
Ed Bartley Day ago
Love these guys
Bitter coffee
I know this isn't related to the topic of the video but I'm been wondering this and Google isn't helping Can a Muslim support LGBTQ+ or be apart of it?
Home Tv
Home Tv Day ago
So how do you cut your hair mam
John Santos
John Santos Day ago
Amazing that this is a thing, but Christians cannot show their faith in public. Nothing against the creators of this video, but it is interesting that the prevailing culture in the United States doesn't get to be the prevailing culture that it is. Welcome to 2021 folks
Mr B
Mr B 23 hours ago
I know right take god out of everything, when this nation was built on Christianity. But let some other cultural/ beliefs completely opposite of anything we know freely prevail what a joke.
Fuck Talk crud
Brian Schoene
Lmfao how does this get popular
anicyb Day ago
Well even there is a woman hairdresser and noone else in the salon, there would be security cameras, and the recordings can be seen by males, so you're screwed either way with your traditions, sorry. Not my problem though, no way I'm ever wearing a hijab
Seema 21 hour ago
@anicyb trust me, we would know if we were being treated with no respect. Islam gave women the right to vote, divorce, work, and live - when western women didn't have any of these rights and were treated as mere objects until much much later...actually to this day. So no, we are happy with our lives Alhamdulillah. There's power in knowing your worth and not having to put yourself on display to get attention from others. Don't speak on behalf of us, we can do that on our own, thanks.
anicyb 22 hours ago
@Seema well anyway you're screwed because in your culture you're treated with no respect for your personality, women are stereotyped and shoved in a box that doesn't fit the majority of you, but you have no courage to stand up for yourselves or no critical thinking to understand how badly and unfairly you're being treated. That's sad but again not my problem, I would never accept such disrespect towards myself that you're accepting
Seema Day ago
Not necessarily. There are many home-based salons for hair, waxing, threading, etc. run by awesome women who are great at catering to Muslim women! I've never had any problems getting my hair cut - thanks to these amazing women! It just takes a while to find them if you are in a new area. And most of them don't have indoor security cameras either. So nope, not screwed Alhamdulillah!
XxFlexx Day ago
Bro when I go to school this is what happens
Rashi Ben
Rashi Ben Day ago
What is Ur fav hijab that u have
Naziha Huda
Naziha Huda Day ago
I always go to women's salon, so no men allowed to go inside♡♡
Malice Underland
Is that a real issue? I'm a cosmetology student and it's important for me to kno what sort of things I need to accommodate for in the future when I open my own salon.(hopefully, one day!)
This Little Dragon
I understood what she was saying.
Myduh Treasure
Its called a booth
Lucky Me
Lucky Me Day ago
Yes and I'll need head rinsed with holy water while incense is burned and a virgin is thrown into a volcano.
i broke my foot...
i broke my foot...