When Customers Say Give me One From The Middle 😂 Funny in the hood 

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Feb 17, 2021




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David Motlagh
David Motlagh Minute ago
It's hard to get good customers nowadays...
dragonl0l 10 minutes ago
What even are those things
Zo 19 minutes ago
fresh? not fresh? its dollar ass cigars what do you expect? and pro tip, you save money if you dont smoke 20 dollars worth of weed each time you wanna smoke, use a bowl, TRUST me
Mr. President
Mr. President 42 minutes ago
How about middle finger? Hah?
عبد الله
عبد الله 2 hours ago
Bart Baker
Bart Baker 2 hours ago
Yer supposed to squeeze them slightly. If they stale and you squeeze tf out of them, they are going to crack.
Qué es?
Idoesthis Tv
Idoesthis Tv 5 hours ago
& call people cute nicknames
Idoesthis Tv
Idoesthis Tv 5 hours ago
Do another one from the far far middle my boy
Afros&AfroSheen 5 hours ago
I've done this to my cat. She wouldn't eat her cat food and I would just flip it over. I think she caught on though. 😂😂😂
Onur ji
Onur ji 6 hours ago
I am from Germany and don't know this product. What is this actually? A blunt paper?
Michael Cooney
Michael Cooney 8 hours ago
She getting ready for that big job interview at 2pm
Nelly 8 hours ago
Hell nah I’m dead 💀🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤦🏽‍♂️
McSloppyfish 9 hours ago
MrFurley 11 hours ago
Lol, just go get high already
Kevy A?
Kevy A? 11 hours ago
what if you “feel it” first, tell them it’s fresh then hand it to them, see if they want a different one after you “inspect it”
Dan D
Dan D 11 hours ago
What you should do is put those all in some type of circular container then when they say give me one from the back..show them the container spin it around and ask “which back?”
joseppi4cinqua 12 hours ago
These are all staged. Every single one.
NaNdO M 12 hours ago
Just give her a new one.
Tim Kazuki
Tim Kazuki 13 hours ago
He meant giving her the finger - the one from the middle
Jason Roberts
Jason Roberts 14 hours ago
People are just flat out stupid.
Kannon Jones
Kannon Jones 16 hours ago
stale swishers? She’s not a smoker 🤣
Panic Williams
Panic Williams 16 hours ago
Boy!!! You did that!!! " FROM THE MIDDLE MIDDLE" huh?
Tess Kambie03
Tess Kambie03 17 hours ago
Gian 17 hours ago
This is a real workd example of the placebo effect
Ger -
Ger - 18 hours ago
Are all your customers just smoking weed all day?
Bobby 18 hours ago
I want to see their reaction when you tell them what you did
G Mac
G Mac 19 hours ago
She going to be pissed when she see's this
Gumball Watterson
Gumball Watterson 19 hours ago
im addicted to this channel love his video
fredrick davis
fredrick davis 19 hours ago
Such liars
L 2
L 2 19 hours ago
What is That?
curtyct {ct
curtyct {ct 21 hour ago
I new this dude was a prick you're just f****** with people and more often than not and most likely those things aren't dried out and garbage
Emil Förster
Emil Förster 21 hour ago
Of course the customer didnt see the camera. Fake
Nathan T
Nathan T 22 hours ago
This twice I’ve seen someone say that their swisher was stale is that a real thing?
Donny Berger
Donny Berger 23 hours ago
The tobacco in that will be dumped out anyway....
مهدی بختیاری
David Fincher
This is scripted forsure
Rico Day ago
Yeah ..the middle 😂
Panda King
Panda King Day ago
Naveen naveen
Mrs Fahrenheit
can someone explain to me what those are? I’ve never seen them before in my country
Mad Lad
Mad Lad Day ago
Im to white to even understand whats in the back and why it should be fresh in the middle.
Killer Op
Killer Op Day ago
Don't buy swishers if you don't like stale blunts lol shits are GARBAGE!!
DON Keko
DON Keko Day ago
Its from the middle
Over Toasted
Over Toasted Day ago
If everyone got one from the back, eventually someone would get one from the front. Logic.
Kiezkollege Day ago
Can't help but see the skin color in these videos
A Day Wit Jay 1
Zelda Hyrule
Zelda Hyrule Day ago
I'm ded 😂
BIN Nasri
BIN Nasri Day ago
That's isn't good
jaskaran singh
hy guys plssssssssssssssss help me and tell me what is the difference between middle , front ,back ??????? is front one is cheap quality
keem123456 Day ago
وش ذا اللي مدمنينه الأجانب هههه
Sale Ćibab
Sale Ćibab Day ago
How somebody now this is goood or not 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Crusader Guy
Crusader Guy Day ago
Ok I know I'm stupid but what are these?
NENi ONER Day ago
This tobacco leaf filled with chemicals and flavoring isn't fresh and neither is the reggie bush she's about to fill it with either.
Yhe Phocusxx00
Ay what’s that shit they always butying
x mam
x mam Day ago
Can someone explain me wth those small packages are? And if they are 1 sigar why tf would anyone buy it? Why not buy big pack of them??
Jonathan Arias
Samsa Day ago
This trick works with every job. Sound tech here, sometimes we just pretend to turn a dial and people still say "oh yeah, that's way better now" while we didn't change shit (mostly singers complain for no reason).
Zboi Zekoi
Zboi Zekoi Day ago
Thanks placebo very cool
Adam Es
Adam Es Day ago
U should really switch the shit out like Come on man lol
Keke Kimbrough
When they got home they were so mad lol shit was dry😂
Yasin Saeed
Yasin Saeed Day ago
The women probably smoked some then just asked for brand new ones
Roman Lizarraga
Can anyone tell me what are they looking for when they press and touch the bag? To see if it is damaged or something?
Jeri Garcia
Jeri Garcia Day ago
When they wareing color yellow like banana...jcats
Larry Marshall
Larry Marshall 2 days ago
They always say yea this one is better 😆😆😆
Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar 2 days ago
Customer satisfaction is your utmost priority 😂😀😂
God Son
God Son 2 days ago
Mike Sullivan
Mike Sullivan 2 days ago
Haha this is classic! Do more pink lighters
samsom Son of isac
Bro, it doesn't fcking matter !! It is her money she can Fucking Ask for what ever the fck she wants as long as u selling!! You don't know what made her act that way, I personally know that We stock the Fresh product All the way in the back!! And keep the dry/older product on the front!! And most of the people don't know that unless they have had being working on daily stores themselves or got a tip!!
Victor Augusto Ona
I’m sure that this is what goes down with all the whoops!
Texan Gaming
Texan Gaming 2 days ago
Swisher sweets are nasty
Eddie Forester
Eddie Forester 2 days ago
The Angelhaze
The Angelhaze 2 days ago
“Got’em !” These nuts !🤣
HYPERX 2 days ago
Middle middle
Brian L
Brian L 2 days ago
Just roll the blunt already
Pretty Classy Lady
This is not funny. All he does is exploit black customers. He would do this in a white neighborhood
Messy Gs
Messy Gs Day ago
So tricking someone who lied about it anyways is exploiting how? 😂
Steve Drake
Steve Drake 2 days ago
Literal crackheads go in that shop!
Spintechfilms 2 days ago
Imagine thinking your smarter then the guy thats behind the bullet proof glass
Only thing going in my lungs is oxygen.
Brandon Buckley
Brandon Buckley 2 days ago
People just don't know their shit 😒
Zero Cool
Zero Cool 2 days ago
She said I like it from the middle ;$
Yatyas68Whiskey 2 days ago
I love watching their complete ignorance over and over....it amuses me
ita Dapeeza
ita Dapeeza 2 days ago
Mmmm 99 cent cigars yum
keon dragon
keon dragon 2 days ago
Just imagine if one knew
David Canizares
David Canizares 2 days ago
Came someone tell me the mindset behind getting one from the back or middle? I don’t rlly get it lol
Flaye 2 days ago
Dude is literally making the same video over and over and over getting millions of views each time. How
Whole lotta RCS
Whole lotta RCS 2 days ago
Akotski1338 2 days ago
What are swisher sweets and why does they want it from the middle?
zero! 2 days ago
Ryan Quintana
Ryan Quintana 2 days ago
Lol the human condition
Herson Valle
Herson Valle 2 days ago
😂 I hope these people don’t find this video
Phur Es
Phur Es 2 days ago
Weed heads are so slow 🤣🤣🤣🤣
shaggys garage
shaggys garage 2 days ago
She a fake smoker because she didn't even notice it felt exactly the same lmaoooooooooooooo that's y u always say "na a diff one stop playing"
shadowpeople evil
shaggys garage
shaggys garage 2 days ago
beelzebub beelzebub
haha nah this fresh
Edward Thacher
Edward Thacher 3 days ago
That guy is messed up it wouldn’t have hurt anybody to grab a new one. you’d be still making money off your crap. That’s why things don’t change for the better in the hood. If isn’t the man trying to keep you down it’s some greasy liquor store clerk. And doing it and on 99 cents cigars that guy must squeak when he walks being so dam tight.
ShadeyFang 3 days ago
Notice not one white person. Racism. Don’t at me I don’t get notifs