What's with all these compartments? 

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Did you ever store anything in the spare compartments of your consoles?
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Nov 19, 2020




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Mary Schroeder
Mary Schroeder 9 days ago
Well, the GameCube is a lunchbox confirmed. And the GBA SP is a sandwich.
Darthsmokey05 14 days ago
Me who just got up and walked over to check my ps2: INTERESTING
Memeweeb 15 days ago
Ah yes time to hide all of my illegal substances inside of my retro game console collection
Rafáel Lopes dos Sántos
Only one tiny compartment on the wii, but i used to hide my smarties, skittles and m&ms in bc they so smol
J RA 16 days ago
A lot of weed.
Tim the sperm whale
carlos costa
carlos costa 18 days ago
buddyroach 18 days ago
Is that the ceo of raw papers talking?
Tedge77 Sommer
Tedge77 Sommer 20 days ago
Your mother's phone number
Aaron M.
Aaron M. 20 days ago
I stash the things that make them work there
KING TNT 20 days ago
I stashed my video games in my Console
IND 乄 Toxic
IND 乄 Toxic 21 day ago
The PS2 compartment is where the hard drive belongs
syed yunus
syed yunus 22 days ago
For the game cube, u put the game boy player to play game boy games
Hugo Stiglitz
Hugo Stiglitz 23 days ago
Hard drugs
ThreePac Threezy
ThreePac Threezy 24 days ago
Literally zero compartments lol
Tyler Willis
Tyler Willis 26 days ago
*Adam Sandler* you put your weed in there
Ephraim Tobing
Ephraim Tobing 26 days ago
A Shitload of cocaine was stored there when playing vice city back in ‘02
Galax LordCZ
Galax LordCZ 28 days ago
I can't tell if this is satire.
Satya Prakash Dash
Satya Prakash Dash 28 days ago
For hdd for 💾 and future upgrades.
almer fotonya suigetsu
n64: top - for expansion pak / jumper pak bottom - for 64dd (japan exclusive) super Nintendo - maybe just to see how the n.gin works n.e.s - never used / like snes, the 2nd is just to see how the n.gin works ps2 - hard drive / hard disk gamecube - 1 - for online (modem) 2 - to play gameboy a. Games. 3 - never used or maybe to attach an USB
Hank "The Pimp" Hill
It might just be me, but I partially hear Mordecai (Regular Show) in this dude's voice
Classic sonic The hedgehog
What about sega genisis
Antonio's Video Games
Hey did you know what else? Did you know that... Original Nintendo / Famicom Sega Master System Sega Genesis / Mega Drive Sega Saturn ( I think ) Sega Dreamcast ( I think ) Super Nintendo / Super Famicom Game Boy Game Boy Advance Nintendo DS Nintendo 3DS PlayStation PlayStation 2 PlayStation 3 PlayStation 4 PlayStation Portable And Xbox 360 Have different shape Model systems?
Antonio's Video Games
And you forget that Sega Genesis have a add-on for Sega CD also. Lol
TheRagingStar *
TheRagingStar * Month ago
I think I stash my beans in my nes and also my fire hazard stuff
Jack Boobs
Jack Boobs Month ago
Tana F1
Tana F1 Month ago
FBI watching this be like 👁👄👁
Mcwellington Harris
Hide my weed
Alexander Grant
Alexander Grant Month ago
People in the 80s now can store their weed
Denis Kgomo
Denis Kgomo Month ago
abdulrahman _ zz
Drugs. I stash drugs
Forever7370 Month ago
1 Month ago
Most of them cant even fit a skittle but the ps2 can fit 2 large kit kats
Ella Myers
Ella Myers Month ago
It’s chicken nuggie storage duh, pop em in there for 20 mins (or 40mins from frozen), and boom, perfect chicken nuggies
Anime Is cool
Anime Is cool Month ago
I stash my cocaine
Driz Trxx
Driz Trxx Month ago
A water balloon
husai ni
husai ni Month ago
I put dirt on my old console.. thank you..
sambucaman89 Month ago
I let you guess that one stepbro
Calamarofritto 7
Drug dealers be like. I stash drugs in my retro consoles
narekoh Month ago
You sound like a cop
SBG Mello
SBG Mello Month ago
I use to keep Money in my game cube
Bailey Pickel
Bailey Pickel Month ago
“Compartments for stuff????” Dude look at what you’re opening. It’s clearly ports for external hardware. Like the gameboy player and the internet adapter for the gamecube. To call them compartments is crazy.
monkey spark
monkey spark Month ago
Connor Garza
Connor Garza Month ago
Definitely for hiding weed from your parents 😂
funny guy
funny guy Month ago
how drug cartels should really hide there shit
Gaming Clan
Gaming Clan Month ago
you took half the components out to make empty space you just faked a tik tok and put it on US-first
Static In my head
I used to hide my weed in my ps2 but all those compartments aren’t there for no reason
SimplyPly Month ago
Ever notice how all yt shorts are tiktoks?
Dream SMP Quotes
1000HoursFreeAOL sp
I used to keep my weed in that ps2.
IlikeTRAINS55 Month ago
These were expansion ports, would be cool so see them return like imagine upgrading a Xbox one to an Xbox one X instead of buying a new console, but sadly that sort of tech doesn’t get developed since it’s easier to start over.
XVIravenIVX Month ago
I miss the hard drive bay of the fat ps2.
Bobo The Trans Dimensional Hobo
Thanks for giving me new ideas for hiding my CP. Thank you very much!!
J. Blox
J. Blox Month ago
I hide my ketamine in these and a subway sandwich in the PS2
DeadEye gaming
DeadEye gaming Month ago
I stash money in my ps2
Emad Lokhandwala
My friend that's not a place to stash stuff it's either for memory cards, hard disks and plug in devices
My life in the BIG WORLD - Aaron Hinojosa
U can put your weed in there 🤣🤣
cocoa 2512
cocoa 2512 Month ago
Most of them are used for accessories but idk about the ps2
Dyno Report
Dyno Report Month ago
Places to hide the stash
Young boy dick rider
That murder weapon
Joey Month ago
Sneak your candy in there
TheRealLenart Month ago
Travis Knecht
Travis Knecht Month ago
The xbox original got the biggest one
Travis Knecht
Travis Knecht Month ago
And my mommy said i cant tell you what we put in there
Verti Month ago
The PS2 was perfect to stash weed in... I heard from a bird 😅
n0 tHe GaMeCuBe sTaSh iS fOr mUlTiplAyeR tHiNGs dUmBaSs i DoNt cAre If iTs a j0ke
AJ McFarland
AJ McFarland Month ago
This seems like a loaded question
Bravo six
Bravo six Month ago
I stuff it with video games
Chase Barnes
Chase Barnes Month ago
doltz -2012
doltz -2012 Month ago
I used to stash weed in the ps2
Aswin P Salgunan
Isn't it used to let out heat??🤔🤨
Darkyper Month ago
It's for the cable managements 😂
Jaden CM
Jaden CM Month ago
I have an iPhone So like Dust
Retr0GamerGR Month ago
Ms Pretty Kawaii
For cable or cord storage
Todd Reed
Todd Reed Month ago
I used to keep my weed in my ps2
Justin Langlitz
Justin Langlitz Month ago
My weed and shrooms
God gamer Cason Flowers
Ps2 we got tou
CØLD WRLD Month ago
The GameCube parts are used for things you can add in like a mini screen and an online thingy
Don't read my name
Ok so u can use the ps2 to hide your phone when mom wants to take it. 🤠
Sprocket The Ostrich
The GameCube one is for a special port
Nilly Dere
Nilly Dere Month ago
"A lot of people don't know this but you can put your weed in there". 😂
Polga Month ago
Illusion Steve
Illusion Steve Month ago
Marijuana And Cocaine
chris carter
chris carter Month ago
Weed definitely weed
Gabriel Esteves
Gabriel Esteves Month ago
Well they arent secret anymore
Ker Sen Samrach
Ker Sen Samrach Month ago
It's probably where u put the games
Dušan Vuković
Dušan Vuković Month ago
Birbboi 111
Birbboi 111 Month ago
One of the gamecube ones is for a divice that let's you play online
Ps2 was ment to have a hard drive in it
Brady Young
Brady Young Month ago
I’d put games in the ps2
Michael Rios
Michael Rios Month ago
Wise Gaming
Wise Gaming Month ago
"Have you noticed how basically all electronics have inputs/outputs and compartments? Wow"
Gustav I
Gustav I Month ago
I have a ps3
Catastrophic Month ago
Sam Lopez
Sam Lopez Month ago
I stash weed lol
Traevis playz
Traevis playz Month ago
I stash my little toys and my flash drive
D364000 Month ago
MDMA and shrooms
Redacted Month ago
What's funny is most of those slots are useless unless you live in japan (n64 disk drive and SNES satellite view)
Wolf Boy
Wolf Boy Month ago
Shove dog crap in your consoles kids! See what happens!
lazarbeam vs nephew