What's wrong with Biden's dog? Famous 'Dog Whisperer' gives expert opinion 

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Cesar Millan tells 'Fox News Primetime' Biden White House 'tension' to blame for Major's agitation. #FoxNews #FoxNewsPrimetime
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Apr 6, 2021




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Comments 99   
blackturtleshow 6 hours ago
What would happen in the case that Biden's dog were to be kidnapped? Would it be a national emergency?
Silke Anja Strähl
Silke Anja Strähl 19 hours ago
Just as I thought...but Narcs never blame themselves!!! So it will be the poor Dog's fault according to owners! God forbid they call in an EXPERT like Cesar Milan to HELP their Dog!! That would be admitting you do not know everything like your DNA, NPD is saying you are Albert Einstein ....🙃🐕
Kimberly Cunningham
Dog has no leader and therefore must either take charge as a confident relaxed alpha which decides who will be allowed on the property, or becomes a fearful distrusting confused biter. Either way is bad
Robin Gray
Robin Gray 5 days ago
Dogs can sense bad spirits. And that white house has plenty.
saffy 6 days ago
What's wrong. with Joe ????
Jim H.
Jim H. 6 days ago
Biden is TensionMaker-In-Chief so why is anyone surprised?
Jim H.
Jim H. 6 days ago
If you had to be with Joe full time, you’d have to bite stuff too.
Melissa Harris
Melissa Harris 6 days ago
It's not the Dog, it's his Owner! Maybe the dog realized his only way out of that place and away from Joe is to bite someone cause it worked last time!!! 😆lol
Nader Darab
Nader Darab 6 days ago
Maybe it's senile like it's boss, lol.
Patricia mckinney
That dog is acting out because he is constantly around unstable crazy people 24/7 and can only release that energy
Bonnie Lassie
Bonnie Lassie 6 days ago
The dog knows who the bad people are. Good boy.
PoM MoM 6 days ago
Theyre all confused and dont know where they're at, thus the aggressive behavior
Red Saya
Red Saya 6 days ago
I would never own a German Shepard as I’ve seen the destruction they can wreak on a farm, nonetheless they are smart dogs and I can’t blame him if he doesn’t respond well to the situation he’s been put in.
Donna Mcduff
Donna Mcduff 6 days ago
Dogs know
Colin Byerly
Colin Byerly 7 days ago
When dogs are exposed to dropped medication it has effects on even dogs . He’d lucky to be alive in the Biden house of party’s .
Karl Kernehan
Karl Kernehan 7 days ago
I'll tell you what's wrong with the dog. HE'S A DEMOCRAT!
Smell the Coffee
Smell the Coffee 7 days ago
Nothing wrong with the dog....it's the poor dog's owner
Cynthia Gibson
Cynthia Gibson 7 days ago
Whats wrong with Biden?
Haley Mammeli
Haley Mammeli 7 days ago
This is the most ridiculous thing ever. Are there kids at the border treated like dogs? Bought and sold / “adopted”. Mockery
Elaine Bau
Elaine Bau 7 days ago
It takes a village, how true.
Mia Ace
Mia Ace 7 days ago
So basically you have a loopy President you have a loopy dog. = I
10bears2 7 days ago
Maybe he should be put down 😂 As for the dog I really think he can be retrained!
Kathryn McGinnis
Kathryn McGinnis 7 days ago
The comments here are frightening. What has happened to your brains America?
Rocky Barnes
Rocky Barnes 7 days ago
sqlcomp 7 days ago
Biden's dog hates cheaters ! Even his dog wants Trump back!
Vonda Hartsock-Oneil
The dog doesn't recognize the "smell" of Biden. There's no pee pee or old folk aroma, there's no plastic covers on the furniture like at home either lol
Freedom Warrior
Freedom Warrior 8 days ago
If I was surrounded by a bunch of psychopaths, I would bite too!
The Bob Loblaw Show !
Biden can’t control a dog. This explains Hunter Biden.
Mj Gibbons
Mj Gibbons 8 days ago
That’s a pretty dog who needs a busy happy family. An old codger doesn’t cut it.
Kim Jaksim
Kim Jaksim 8 days ago
Never mind that dog. What the hell is wrong with Joe?🤯
Michael Slawson
Michael Slawson 8 days ago
apierre6 8 days ago
You can tell Fox News is desperate. They're attacking this dog! Real hard hitting journalism, lemme tell ya 😂😂😂
Democrat Dog, says it all!
debbie hellion
debbie hellion 8 days ago
Maybe Joe Biden's dogs just doesn't like these people's with reptilian eyes in charge 🤣😂🤣😅 I mean one or two or three but crap I just can't quit finding them on the news and all over in high places 🤫
Mr. Zebo
Mr. Zebo 8 days ago
What is wrong with the dog biden is the hates left wing pigs
V A 8 days ago
Lucky dog, if it had been a pitbull idk if he'd still be living.
Truth Matters
Truth Matters 8 days ago
As a shepherd owner they have One Master When there are multiple people involved in activities The Dog is the Master because He doesnt have one to control him
MR Gs SIDEKICK 8 days ago
I ain't letting no village raise my kids. You seen the crime lately?
k 8 days ago
I love Caesar Milan and dogs and hate how y'all are twisting his words in this comments section. His main point is that rescue dogs come with issues and it takes time to rehabilitate. Major is in the best place for the rehabilitation at the White House - surrounded by new people and friends that he can learn to be comfortable with.
Patricia Anzar
Patricia Anzar 8 days ago
The Dog is unstable like his owner
Everdine Stenger
Everdine Stenger 8 days ago
Yet another Biden failure,his son, his dog....
Jamie Butler
Jamie Butler 8 days ago
The dog is probably freaked out with kid sniffing weirdo joe trying to sniff him up all the time.
Kenny Fenny
Kenny Fenny 8 days ago
The dog is actually a Russian spy robot.
Sislertx 8 days ago
mushy 8 days ago
Stop sniffing that dog Joe
Willa Habersham
Willa Habersham 8 days ago
Dog is all spoiled rotten with all taxpayers money don't know how to act
BLanka Shore
BLanka Shore 8 days ago
Dogs are ill ad ease around Satanic minded crazies... God created our animals and they are closest to perfect until you put an unstable human in their life.
Sara Lackey
Sara Lackey 8 days ago
There is nothing wrong with the dog. I can't say the same for his owner.
LaughTooHard 8 days ago
It's so obvious this dog did crack for four years while hunting with Hunter. I saw the dog drop off the laptop and stuff ballot boxes.
4TIMESAYEAR 8 days ago
A rescue dog is not necessarily unstable because they had a prior owner - the owner may have gone to a nursing home or passed away. There are some very fine rescue dogs.
Crystal the Lady Hermit
What's wrong with the dog? 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑
OH MY!!!
OH MY!!! 8 days ago
God help us! Creepy cannot even manage his own dog!
dONNA W 8 days ago
That's what I have thought and said...it's the new environment the dog has been forced to live in.
Spoon King
Spoon King 8 days ago
Poor dog has to live with nazie Joe .
Shylo Scott
Shylo Scott 8 days ago
Dogs are sensitive to when their owner is ill. They become over-protective and suddenly, they sense threats everywhere.
Luz Rivera
Luz Rivera 8 days ago
That's too much dog for him. He cannot even handle the country how the hell he will handle a dog that needs authority.
Diana Sloan
Diana Sloan 9 days ago
The owner needs to be smarter than the dog.
Juanita Haynes
Juanita Haynes 9 days ago
Beautiful dog... not mangy at all
Tery Wetherlow
Tery Wetherlow 9 days ago
Well with the shadiness coming out about these people maybe the dog smells shady......check the CIA out too pup....
mary stinson
mary stinson 9 days ago
The Biden’s are LYING LIARS LIE!
Runsontrails 9 days ago
Khhh BS. The Biden’s don’t care about the dog
Proud Republican
Proud Republican 9 days ago
I wonder how long the rest of us would get by with having a dog that bites .........
Cathryn P
Cathryn P 9 days ago
This dog is walked around by a man with a mask and outside? Ridiculous.
CJ Mcdowell
CJ Mcdowell 9 days ago
Animal reacting to Stolen election
CJ Mcdowell
CJ Mcdowell 9 days ago
The dog is possessed like Kamala
Mela Vuinakelo
Mela Vuinakelo 9 days ago
Bryan Mcleod
Bryan Mcleod 9 days ago
Dogs are proven to resemble their owner, so I believe Major just keeps Sniffing ppl too hard...
Western Slav
Western Slav 9 days ago
Awesome, even the dog knows who the scumbags are today. Keep biting them
Tam 9 days ago
Biden probably hits the dog cuz Biden blames it for everything! Poor Dog !
Peanut Oreo
Peanut Oreo 9 days ago
This is why I only get basset hounds. They are almost impossible to anger and I don’t have to worry about them attacking anybody. However, they have big mouths and will bark when someone comes around .They are the best.
Patti Frey
Patti Frey 9 days ago
I think Joe can jog with him more . 😆
Patti Frey
Patti Frey 9 days ago
Why hasn't Joe called Cesar
J. Bee
J. Bee 9 days ago
He is so smart. I love him. He worked on my Chihuahua
craig gallagher
craig gallagher 9 days ago
Smart dog!
My Dog is Bossy
My Dog is Bossy 9 days ago
Seems you were trying to make this political and about stress in the WH than the dog really. Seems every time Cesar was answering your question and giving a reasonable answer you weren't satisfied with it and kept trying to make it about what's happening in the WH. As someone who also worked with dogs for over 20 yrs I agree with what Cesar is saying here, it doesn't matter where these dogs live or how many people are there, it matters that people are communicating with the dog clearly so that the dog understands. Plenty of households with this issue. I'm no fan of Biden, but this isn't about his politics or how he is running the WH. This is about helping this dog adjust to this new life. Like Cesar mentioned there is no protocol for dogs being introduced into the WH. And there really should be.
Grace Rosales
Grace Rosales 9 days ago
Poor dog. What a life to be with this guy! The dog is beautiful. He needs a Loving home and owner.
Iesha Tyler
Iesha Tyler 9 days ago
This is hilarious they thought Cesar was going to talk bad about Mr. President. Fox is just desperate now.
Cheryl Melton
Cheryl Melton 9 days ago
This poor dog senses the evil in the WH 😈
Kat nip
Kat nip 9 days ago
Animals know if they are liked and if they are not liked. Biden should probably pick a different person to watch over the dogs. Preferably a professional dog walker and the secret service can monitor and protect the walker and dogs from a distance. Ten to twenty feet should suffice.
Michelle G
Michelle G 9 days ago
Are you sure the dog isn't unhappy because he has an evil owner?
Boonphit Phanthavong
Lol dog out weigh corona virus... 😱
Laurie Ann Rodriguez
Thank you Fox News Australia! This is a very unusual story we need to figure this one out!
echogrl556 9 days ago
The dog is be agitated by all the demons running around the White House.
Joseph Cornell
Joseph Cornell 9 days ago
obiden f him corrupt illegal government world wide ,treasonous fs,sweet dog
H G 9 days ago
Biden: “What’s wrong with my dog ?” Dog: “You kept mistaking me for a human child. I don’t need any more late night ‘snuggles’.”
Ghetto Wilderness 66
He's antifa
Jess 9 days ago
Biden’s story was he rescued Major as a puppy! Biden is a bad dad all around! THIS CLOWN IS NOT MY PRESIDENT!
Salvage Monster
Salvage Monster 9 days ago
Biden keeps mistaking him for his wife at night
Brenda Chasse
Brenda Chasse 9 days ago
Love Cesar Millan but I don't understand why he even help this evil men
Sunshine MishasMommy
I feel so sorry for that dog..he's a beautiful dog,and could be really sweet if in the right environment..Ceasar Millian is spot on IMO,if people knew how to properly socialize the dog,then I'm sure that dog would be a loving and sweet puppy..but they don't care about that poor dog,Biden adopted him for the optics,it was just for show..the fault doesn't lie with the dog,it's the humans that are around the dog that are the problem..I just hope that pup doesn't end up "on a farm upstate somewhere" which is usually code for it's been euthanized
The Abike Speaks Show
Major said, I'm biting ya ankles to tell you to get it right. Hell I'm normal, y'all are not. Roof, ya can't even see it!!!!!!!
Jana Tyree
Jana Tyree 9 days ago
The poor dog does not like joe and no one else around him, He just came from the pound
barbikinkin 9 days ago
I disagree with Caesar on this...it’s a way more stressful situation.
L Lynn
L Lynn 9 days ago
The dog is lied to and disrespected too.
Miriam Cohen
Miriam Cohen 9 days ago
His dog? What about him?
Derrick Oconnor
Derrick Oconnor 9 days ago
He do not. Use to been. Around. So much. People. He. Wants. To go. Home. Poor dogie he wants. To go back home
whitexchina 9 days ago
5...4...3...2...1 Cesar Milan is going to be cAnCelEd, because he came on Fox.
whitexchina 9 days ago
The dig had more media coverage than Biden had press conferences.
mss burr
mss burr 9 days ago
The dog feeds off its owners energy. And that poor dog has been feed a constant stream of crazy from Joe🤦🏿🤣😂🤣💀 He sence's that Joe want to bite the officers so he does it them for him🤣...lol