What really happens when you stub your toe 

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Apr 6, 2021




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Emilia Eva
Emilia Eva 12 minutes ago
I love these!
_Noeru_ 31 minute ago
Nah it just travels to the brain Stem
Hairul Anuar
Hairul Anuar Hour ago
Sir please do when we bleed
Lavvy Wavvy
Lavvy Wavvy 4 hours ago
By then the pain already been getting worse
Noah Walter
Noah Walter 4 hours ago
The reaction to the actual toe stub was pretty mellow all things considered
Michelle Valentim
Michelle Valentim 7 hours ago
Ur soo Smart for real
Carlos Mendoza
Carlos Mendoza 8 hours ago
Fórrela though, our electric messages are like mini flashes ⚡️
music lover 8906
music lover 8906 9 hours ago
Im really starting to like these shorts on the body system add some medical terms and youll be makeing more views like usual and helping people learn and be inspired to go into the medical field the medical field work like a department for the body there's classes for only lung work liver work all the main part have people who only study on that part for me im a cardiovascularsnogfer student and im very proud of it and the work you're doing for these videos im aslo learning alot and re learning too and im really enjoying these video's thank you
tBYk 10 hours ago
*how do i make them not run*
Tamar Alexis
Tamar Alexis 11 hours ago
🤣 🤣 🤣 I really hope you're in college to be a professor or doctor or biologist cause I would watch you on PBS
Scorpion 11 hours ago
The “damn that hurt” part is underrated.
Ahmed EM
Ahmed EM 13 hours ago
This is only tiktok that I enjoy
jay's life12
jay's life12 13 hours ago
He reminds me of Cory Kenshin
XxDrivingEmpireZx 15 hours ago
He could have emailed it
Nate Lee
Nate Lee 16 hours ago
That title tho:FOoT DePaRTmEnT kinda sus ngl
Nickolas Salas
Rick and Morty
Christopher Nunes
"That's like 37 miles away." Lol
Maria elena
Maria elena Day ago
Wow your really Getting yourself hurt to make these Great Job
YO MAMA Day ago
She a runner 🏃she a track star ⭐️
The Candy Bar Bandit
That took so long before he had felt the pain
tebjosh13 Day ago
Mariah Nickel / AlexPlayz / Fnf Fan
And that's why teachers say "The Brain Is Confusing." Kids.
Biscuit Animations
“We tried that but some departments would make random sharp pains for no reason” I think my chest department got ahold of that key
Anna Creamer
Anna Creamer Day ago
That happens alot to me
GodlyEggify Day ago
You wait for a lot hours to feel the pain
shardul sarpotdar
Nice biological explaination
Avalon 123
Avalon 123 Day ago
This man beat the algorithm
Oliver Von arx
For this one i have to interrupt; the pain is produced in the brain - even if it’s the 37miles away toe that got hurt. So the key should stay in the brain. 😉
Malika Joseph
Ha ha 🤣
Melissa Gragg
This channel is Cells At Work LQ
Hey STOB iT!!
“All your pain in one video”
artspooner Day ago
Notice of Withdrawn Application - can we hear more about this please?
He looks like Mythpat
Paul JC
Paul JC Day ago
What if he stubbed his toe doing the 37 mile run to the brain?
Luigi Diaz
Luigi Diaz Day ago
Keep these videos going!!!!
Tony Hamilton
Tony Hamilton 2 days ago
When you stub your toe and see ash, the ash gives it a 30% damage boost
FruityPebbles 2 days ago
Jayden Dan Dominquez
I know pain exists to let you know how much something hurt you so you don’t get hurt again but its like cmon brain, its a stubbed toe, you already know it heals after a few minutes 😂
shunacy mcgee
shunacy mcgee 2 days ago
Yo name is iamdices I thoughLAMDICES
Pencil Snapper
Pencil Snapper 2 days ago
*Notice of Withdrawn Application*
Shannon Mcneely
Shannon Mcneely 2 days ago
This is ingenious!! Hilarious!!
Garrett Smith
Garrett Smith 2 days ago
At the end lag
Ryan Ellett
Ryan Ellett 2 days ago
But some departments create random sharp pains for no reason. Funny bone department: 😗🎶
Arthur Maxson
Arthur Maxson 2 days ago
the fuckin shatter is heart breaking
J 3iller
J 3iller 2 days ago
I see the passion clearly
Pokémon Master
Pokémon Master 2 days ago
What was that” looks like one of the toes got stubbed” 😆 😂 lmao
Kai Ericksen
Kai Ericksen 2 days ago
Withdraw application 🤌🏼
bitchxx 2 days ago
They should just get a fax machine
•Teddy- Rex•
•Teddy- Rex• 2 days ago
No wonder it takes a little while for it to hurt I always wondered why 🤣
i_isaac’s backup
what if i purposely stuff my toes multiple times so my cells in my body get fit, making me fit
GAEL CORTEZ 2 days ago
Ummmmm ok it would not take that long but ok
kiwiidayy 3 days ago
Why isn't this an episode of Cells At Work
Sansic Rainbow
Sansic Rainbow 3 days ago
You need to work with the people who made cells at work
Ross Gines
Ross Gines 3 days ago
No one: The front page being blank: *Why are we just here...to suffer*
johnathon haikilla
All these videos are making me really cell’f conscious...
Joe Fire
Joe Fire 3 days ago
Yo why don’t you not purpose the pain and then we want die🤯
batman24 3 days ago
Who els felt that
door number
door number 3 days ago
Patrick Edgley
Patrick Edgley 3 days ago
I mean... the pain isn't in the foot though. You only experience pain in your head. Your toe isn't conscious, the pain in your toe is an illusion so that you know where the damage is.
Zion Antoine
Zion Antoine 3 days ago
Thus is so accurate why can't bio teachers use this style
Breax 3 days ago
This guy reminds me of Cory Ken shin when he was waaaaay younger
Lily Steer
Lily Steer 3 days ago
I stubbed my toe while watching this.
Jenna J
Jenna J 3 days ago
U went to the leg department for the foot in a previous video but in this video there’s a foot department??? I watch to many of these dont I
Brenden Williams
Brenden Williams 3 days ago
Cannot relate to delayed reaction. All my body's departments have their pain keys and will use them regularly.
bonk dog
bonk dog 3 days ago
AuRa-Tragiic YT
AuRa-Tragiic YT 3 days ago
Well I know this is a comedy skit, but your blood cells can go through your entire body in like 5 seconds. Dats phast
UroSenpai 3 days ago
What about if you don’t feel any pain
NixelVR 3 days ago
except for this happens all at once very fast
7_alvarez _7
7_alvarez _7 3 days ago
I love these videos
0nlyjermiyah 3 days ago
Please do “ what happened when u get a whooping “ 😩😭😭
pakalu papito
pakalu papito 4 days ago
He should've said "*pant* I ran... 2 meters... up here..."
Normal Person
Normal Person 4 days ago
Hes 37 miles tall? Dang.
ilikepop 4 days ago
What happens when you take a shiiiiCAGO
Domino YT
Domino YT 4 days ago
Well this is actually good since pain,or being scared tells us if there is danger.
blackstarafro2 4 days ago
Stub your pinky toe next time. Then tell me if stubbing your big toe is the same thing?
Jonathan Ramon
Jonathan Ramon 4 days ago
Just watch cells at work
These are actually funny 😄
CTI 4 days ago
Don't they have uber's in the body?
Dovahkiin 4 days ago
This guy has the best videos
Only One
Only One 4 days ago
But irl they do get there fast.
Tanner S
Tanner S 4 days ago
I can't get osmosis jones out of my head every time I see these shorts
Thumbs up Foxy
Thumbs up Foxy 4 days ago
I just felt that pain through the screen
Muffin 4 days ago
*Imagine u hitting ur pinky toe and that cell stubs it's pinky toe too....*
varshini ot7
varshini ot7 4 days ago
sarah graham
sarah graham 4 days ago
and then theres me who stubed my toe while walking to get a plaster for my recent stubbed toe
Aiden the gamen
Aiden the gamen 4 days ago
Is it sad that I don’t get this?
Lauren Cipolla
Lauren Cipolla 4 days ago
To some people they may be thinking like "so just don't give him the key so he don't feel the pain"… as much as it might seem nice to never feel pain, pain is our body's way of telling us something is wrong. It is an evil necessity. Imagine if you cut your toe on something sharp but you didn't feel it so you start bleeding out really fast but you don't necessarily notice it as quick as you would have if you were in pain...... It isn't out there example but you get what I mean. Obviously there are outliers to this, people with chronic pain issues people with diseases that have chronic pain etc, but pain is a necessary evil. it's like when you get a fever, you're body is actually trying to tell you it's being overwhelmed by the sick-causing organism or virus in your system.
siniplop face
siniplop face 4 days ago
the beginning was so dramatic 😂
Un Crafted
Un Crafted 4 days ago
Will smith
Sort Memes
Sort Memes 4 days ago
Why do I have to pee when I’m in psin
Tanjiro Kamado
Tanjiro Kamado 4 days ago
Weaklings. a legos pain is ***more***
Mr Minecraft
Mr Minecraft 4 days ago
I love this dudes videos
Goatman Brigance
Goatman Brigance 4 days ago
I liked this video because it had a Rick and Morty poster. Oh and the video was good.
hi there
hi there 5 days ago
this reminds me of the time i broke my pinky toe after stubbing it on the wooden chair
super gohan
super gohan 5 days ago
To the people reading this comment God loves enough to allow you to repent in, order for us to be free from sin , repent and go to heaven. PLEASE REPENT NOW
Staci Lamb
Staci Lamb 5 days ago
My pain is at light speed when I stub my toe
Vexxium 5 days ago
Just stubbed my toe 5x harder and I'm still standing........just crying and dying inside
Jemani Robinson
Jemani Robinson 5 days ago
Brain department : Looks like we stub our toe Paper: completely blank on the front 😂😂
Zenitsu 5 days ago
High quality content my dude
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