What really happens when you bleed 

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Apr 4, 2021




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LGTEEV 12 minutes ago
Me as a blood cell:I'm gonna slip three a crack three the skin. Brain:NOOOOO YOU SHALL NOT DO THAT WE CAN NOT HURT THE HUMAN. Me:*escaped already* Brain:still screeming
Ian Villaluz
Ian Villaluz 20 minutes ago
Cells at work in a nutshell
Rea Family
Rea Family Hour ago
Where did the sub button go? Oh wait i already subbed lol
David Prince
David Prince 2 hours ago
That was a fake wasn’t it
David Prince
David Prince 2 hours ago
They are the same
Big Smoke
Big Smoke 3 hours ago
Altanna 666
Altanna 666 4 hours ago
Then you get a bruise
Jisaiah Urena
Jisaiah Urena 4 hours ago
do you have a tiktok?
tristan scott
tristan scott 5 hours ago
You should do a sleep paralysis video. Thats trippy and frightening at the same time. Allergy vide had me dying!
Axel Rod
Axel Rod 6 hours ago
So no one is gonna mention that the heart IS A MUSCLE?!
Keith Wrigley
Keith Wrigley 6 hours ago
Jesse Martinez
Jesse Martinez 12 hours ago
ivan torres
ivan torres 13 hours ago
What happens when you drink nyquil
선성국BTS 13 hours ago
Watching these videos has become my new regular routine 😂
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki 13 hours ago
That's basically the anime cells at work but different
adison hallen
adison hallen 13 hours ago
Just like cells at work the anime
Coco Loco
Coco Loco 14 hours ago
“I wasn’t listening to a damn thing” Me in school with every boring/substitute teacher ever
Gablsg 14 hours ago
Well you set me up for my test thanks or ive already done it im so confused with my life 🥲
Animator Poko
Animator Poko 14 hours ago
Cells at work be like:
Sophia Stout
Sophia Stout 14 hours ago
LoL 🤣😆🤣😆😆🤣 this is cute
Humorous Medicine
Humorous Medicine 15 hours ago
Stop posting TikTok on US-first. TikTok is garbage. US-first is art.
Mr Baller
Mr Baller 15 hours ago
Escaping from Kibutsuji like
Nelson Stone-El
Nelson Stone-El 15 hours ago
Zero tout cour
Zero tout cour 16 hours ago
Tempest Schepp
Tempest Schepp 16 hours ago
Any one see that red ranger mask!!👌
Cheryl Johnson
Cheryl Johnson 16 hours ago
Eric ERTO 17 hours ago
Omg so funny I had to subscribe I want more
Wake up Emma
Wake up Emma 18 hours ago
Valuable education right here
Ethan the Pro
Ethan the Pro 18 hours ago
I fricken love this yt :>
Ben Aldridge
Ben Aldridge 18 hours ago
Who is this guy XD
jack Langton
jack Langton 19 hours ago
IllumiZoldyck 19 hours ago
This reminded me of cells at work lmao
SuprisingChurro 21 hour ago
he reminds me of coryxkenshin
llxn_o 22 hours ago
POV: You’re watching the next Cells at Work episode
justin lipps
justin lipps 22 hours ago
The door was really just a band aid
Staci Lamb
Staci Lamb 23 hours ago
Me when I bleed: licks the blood Red blood cell: where in hell am I??
nikki Tate
nikki Tate Day ago
All those classes that you skip go like:
Truth Grace
Truth Grace Day ago
This introduces the idea that our red blood cells are somehow hostages
GodMax, Drinker of Tea
If cells at work ever gets a live action adaptation, we need him
6 days ago
6 days ago Day ago
cringe asf
Dessi c
Dessi c Day ago
Funny, cute, and accurate lol
ELO-bo-HIM Ministries
Sunflower Gacha
Nope if your card starts with a m your going to mustle if your card starts with a h your going to heart
Josiah G,
Josiah G, Day ago
wait stop Jesus died on the cross for us spread the gospel Jesus loves you very much our father is coming turn to him before it’s too late repent and share God‘s word Jesus loves you ✝️❤️
burstina Day ago
Low-key he sounds and looks like cory
Kathryn Kathlock
These videos are the bomb
Poor Maurice
ZaeLezz !!
ZaeLezz !! Day ago
Ok but appreciate the door slam. Wonder how many times he awkwardly slammed himself against the door.
Kari Hathaway
valin shyr
valin shyr Day ago
if the blood cell never went through the door there wouldn’t be bleeding tho.
funky lentil *-*
I was hoping the white blood cells were gonna be like militant guards keeping the red blood cells from escaping their life of slave labour. But i guess they're just glaziers. That's cool too.
Skyproze Day ago
He reminds me of young Cory and I love that
Skyproze Day ago
His voice reminds me of a familiar rapper but I fr can’t put my finger on it
Aiden the gamen
That’s when you ALMOST bleed like when your finger etc is red but nothing comes out
Cells at work :>
Rogue Hitsugaya
Everybody gangsta till Maurice hits his head faster than how spectrum goes offline.... *Bars🔥🔥🔥!*
Andrew Xiao
Andrew Xiao Day ago
The bit of saliva from sucking on the cut: well hello there
Niamat Khan
Niamat Khan Day ago
This is from tiktok
Mohammed Mustafa shareef
Best way to learn about body parts
Elizabeth Terrazas
Did you know blood is actually blue until it hits air it turns red
Zen Senpai
Zen Senpai Day ago
This is basically cells at work but without the young little platelets to patch up the opening.
Fuolku Day ago
wait dont the red bloodcells block the cut
Cosmetolog D
Cosmetolog D Day ago
Ok, medicine starts to be interesting to me
Slinging INK
Slinging INK Day ago
This just cells at work on demand and I love it
Netisha Rasberry
Hey could direct the live action version of cells at work.
Yo, Hataraku saibō! Producers. Found y’all a new director.
Ryan Wilbanks
Osmosis Jones up in this bitch.
Red And Blue
Red And Blue Day ago
This gives me fresh prince of bel-air vibes
Just Because
Just Because Day ago
Mika Ella
Mika Ella Day ago
Cells at Work! right now: 🧍
Smoll potato
Smoll potato Day ago
Grace Ghosty
Grace Ghosty Day ago
Just watch blood cells at work
ko sgj 😁
SuperMarioVang 2 days ago
Imagine the dude who bled made a whole that’s why the door was open but the dudes finger blocked it
Teaching Guys Fashion
What he got wounded just by flipping a paper 👁️👄👁️
Alpha Oxide
Alpha Oxide 2 days ago
Cells at Work S2
Mr.NightWolf2006 2 days ago
Monkey D. Galen
Monkey D. Galen 2 days ago
Bruh wheres the kawwaiii platlets 😭😭
Serpent 2 days ago
Had to watch a second time
evaporate 2468
evaporate 2468 2 days ago
seth devery puckridge
I think the fuck not ive seen cells at work thank you
no 2 days ago
I learn more science from him more than my teacher lol-
Samson Powell
Samson Powell 2 days ago
Man even our blood cells hate our bodies. Aha ahaha. Ahehehe 🤣😂😄🙂😐🤨🙄😑😶😒😔😪☹😥😢😭😫😫
emonelijah YT
emonelijah YT 2 days ago
I'm just a guy
I'm just a guy 2 days ago
😆wate what
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 2 days ago
"how the hell did he hear that?" "because you're talking out loud"
Igris 2 days ago
“I wasnt listening to a damn thing” - every online student class ever
LoSe_NOXzlier 2 days ago
Zero Doe
Zero Doe 2 days ago
Cells at work pero en negro 😎👍 Dejando la broma, te quedó muy piola xd
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 2 days ago
I play Pubg
I play Pubg 2 days ago
When your biology teacher likes to "personify" everything
ZYT___ 2 days ago
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Sabrina Gutierrez
That was a good one1👍
DatBoiPercy 2 days ago
Thanks ian
Stoodart Official
Who else didn’t know who he was supposed to be red blood cells until you watched it twice LOL
2LDoubleL2L 2 days ago
Cells at work but live action
_denzoned_ 2 days ago
There is always that one guy..
drekthepro 2 days ago
Fun fact: "Red" Blood Cells are actually blue before reaching oxygen.
Eve McFadden
Eve McFadden Day ago
That’s a myth lol ur veins r just that color red blood cells are red fr
Papa Pepperoni
Papa Pepperoni 2 days ago
I thought it was more like a bunch of reed blood cells just threw themselves out of the opening until they quickly become stuck in the opening and it gets patched up (I thought that blood clots stopped the bleeding until the wound heals)
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