What is a Tattoo Ink Sack? #shorts 

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Have you seen people with recent tattoos show off their bizarre looking ink sack? Here is what it really is!

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Apr 27, 2021




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alfonso luna
alfonso luna Hour ago
I was wondering what that was bc I have tattoos and that never happened to me
Oscar Hour ago
I always thought that was under the skin.
Lemmi Chillmister
Lemmi Chillmister 2 hours ago
That stuff is gross when it seeps while you sleep
Mathieu L
Mathieu L 4 hours ago
That's another reason I won't do tattoos
OG Trendy
OG Trendy 10 hours ago
Thst intor remind me of the dentist
Amy California
Amy California 15 hours ago
Absolutely not so gross 🤢
zang zhiao
zang zhiao 22 hours ago
Ink is stealing from octopuses, please do not condone the use of rape, murder, racism, pleasure for YOUR own NEEDS #become_vegan
zang zhiao
zang zhiao 8 hours ago
@Croatia check out ThatVeganTeacher shes trying to guilt trip people into becoming vegan
zang zhiao
zang zhiao 8 hours ago
@Croatia im not forcing anyone, im just telling you that ink stealing is bad lmao
Croatia 21 hour ago
Don't force people to become vegan
Myamation 22 hours ago
Can you or should you pop it?
Adrian martin
I'd rather be a human laser thanks
Key Royale
Key Royale Day ago
Facts we use the non stick pads when doing pressure wraps after surgery
We just use cling wrap for an hour or so 🤷‍♂️
atznoise Day ago
Asmodeus Day ago
It's pretty bad for your tat actually. Causes more problems then it prevents.
Acapulco En La Piel
This doctor has a perfect skin color, for full color tattoos
Alicia Camacho
No sé pero es lo más asqueroso que he visto este año... 😨
nigg gurs
nigg gurs Day ago
Who the fuck wants grinch as a tattoo
Skylar P
Skylar P Day ago
Yeah used that stuff all the time
Del Gawd
Del Gawd Day ago
Doesn't saran wrap do just fine?
Nightmare Day ago
That IS a good Idea Cartman
hem hem
hem hem Day ago
got my first tattoo today can’t wait for the mess
Danimal Day ago
Get on with your work and stop making stupid tik tok shit.
Young Machi
Young Machi 2 days ago
My luck would be 5 minutes walking out the shop I'd hit my leg on something and it bursts. It happens every time I buy some fresh new kicks no matter how careful I'm being I wind up scuffing them 😒🤦🏼‍♂️😤
Uhh Donavon
Uhh Donavon 2 days ago
Yeah but you also supposed to take it off after a day, SOME types allow you to keep it on longer but after the blood and what not start poolinguiu should take it offf
Lucifer 2 days ago
Есть ли русский? Если да то дайте пожалуйста перевод.
Does The Name Matter
What a shitty tattoo design lmao
Mr. JNGM 2 days ago
Dude what the hell is that editing
Why the heck would someone get that as a tattoo?
I asked
I asked 2 days ago
How am I the only one wondering why anyone would get a tattoo of the Grinch
Harlow 2 days ago
Watching it again u can infact notice the plastic coating
This is why i don't do tattoos it's like perminent drawings that a kid would normally do to their skin
Coffee Cat
Coffee Cat 2 days ago
mr man. i think you are very cool
lotion 2 days ago
I would poke a straw into it and drink it
Brandon Jackson
Brandon Jackson 2 days ago
I think this is why I'll never get a tattoo. "Yeah sorry my ink sac is leaking one sec" pfft like screw that noise 🤣
Valery Malfoy
Valery Malfoy 2 days ago
So THAT’S what plasma donation is for
Mel Rey
Mel Rey 2 days ago
Does this only happens with colored tattoos? I'm getting a forearm sleeve next year and was wondering since it'll be my first.
Backwood Brando
Backwood Brando 2 days ago
smart asf to watch his videos
Andrew Fletcher
Andrew Fletcher 2 days ago
These niggas stay copying each other
Miha Krizan
Miha Krizan 2 days ago
Real tatto never becomes like this....
Lemon Moon
Lemon Moon 2 days ago
She took it off
Vishakha 2 days ago
What's jhope doin there 😭
MrBigT 2 days ago
How do i stop getting these on my recommendations. Disliking is not working
I Don’t Know
I Don’t Know 2 days ago
Susie Owens
Susie Owens 2 days ago
He is smart
Hooty May
Hooty May 2 days ago
I’m so lucky to have never gotten this. Both my legs have big pieces and I just swelled and needed ice. Ink sacks freak me out
Antoine Inguenault
OMG you look like Dr. Tenma from Monster 😂
Kayla 2 days ago
the “what is that!” sent me into outer space i laughed way to hard
Tama Peko
Tama Peko 3 days ago
michael flores
michael flores 3 days ago
We not gonna talk about how dope her tattoo is ??
Toy Bonnie SFM
Toy Bonnie SFM 3 days ago
Imagine getting pricked
Jaelynne Landig
Jaelynne Landig 3 days ago
There are 2020 comments 😆😆 it's a sign
Jaat Gaming
Jaat Gaming 3 days ago
Xenofyen 3 days ago
Deisy Reyes
Deisy Reyes 3 days ago
I remember I had an ink sack and it was the nastiest thing ever when it popped 😂😂
Sue Jefferson
Sue Jefferson 3 days ago
Sir Youn has such beautiful skin 😎
digital subliminal messages
S R B That is wild , is what that is
TheSubway Godfather
When i got my first tattoo it was like this but it was a blood sack :/
Luhgoh Baws
Luhgoh Baws 3 days ago
Muy guy you got 2 million followers you making money moves
qtpie488 3 days ago
So no large tattoos. Check.
ゆうしだよ 3 days ago
Bomez Gomez
Bomez Gomez 3 days ago
They just pressuem
Riley 3 days ago
I wanna pop it
태국504 3 days ago
July Ol
July Ol 3 days ago
Especially if it's the Grinch xD
bob 3 days ago
ayo i can make plasma???? plasmabending????? les goo???
CVerse 3 days ago
This girl is the living embodiment of a cream filled Twinkie
another sad teen
another sad teen 3 days ago
Ew just don't get tattoos
Kolby Tatom
Kolby Tatom 3 days ago
If you’re not using saniderm in 2021 wtf are you even doing?
asianboi.mp4 3 days ago
I would not recommend getting a tattoo is super unhealthy and painful
MUM DEY 3 days ago
Ummm..... I just see hobi hyung there
Goggle Elggog
Goggle Elggog 3 days ago
yo mamma
yo mamma 3 days ago
I never wrapped my tattoo before
Trxggy 3 days ago
I got a small tattoo on my wrist , over my vein and it leaked . . 🤧
AoF item 500
AoF item 500 3 days ago
Doc = Song hong min
Vikas Buttan
Vikas Buttan 3 days ago
J-hopeeeeeeee who's loves bts like my comment 😀
uguu uguunen
uguu uguunen 3 days ago
When you have to make a cut between every sentence for gen z with zero attention spam
air max
air max 4 days ago
Pablo Cejas
Pablo Cejas 4 days ago
Honestly on tattoos you should always put paper and plastic on it. I don’t get why so many people just go around normally and treat it like it was 2 years old. That’s how you get a ruined tattoo
JT McAilin
JT McAilin 4 days ago
I remember back in high school, one of my closest friends got hit my a semi truck while skateboarding. Which proceeded down the road for quite a ways until the driver realized he was dragging my friend underneath his truck. Thank fully he lived, but it took numerous skin grafts to fix his SEVERE road rash, some of which they took from other parts of his body and I remember seeing something similar to that on one part of him, then this other mesh like substance on the part of his body where the skin was removed when I visited him at Harborview in Seattle... luckily he was on enough pain meds when I came that he wasn’t too phased by the whole ordeal at that point lol
moop 4 days ago
‘Anytime you get a tattoo, and this big of the grinch...’ You will regret it in 10 years. Just like 90% of all tattoos!
ryan zheng
ryan zheng 4 days ago
Leilei / ADHD Sanders
Oh Lordy. I’m never getting a tattoo
Sandy Peters
Sandy Peters 4 days ago
Orrrrr don’t do this shit to yourself
Joaco Goes
Joaco Goes 4 days ago
Yeah? You are asian
Joalisson Fs
Joalisson Fs 4 days ago
thanks for the tip doctor🙏
Rotom Black
Rotom Black 4 days ago
Just one thought; It’s not plasma, it’s actually Interstitial fluid. Good clip!
MrJamesdryable 4 days ago
"Take a second look". What an upsell. Two views for one video.
This guy has had work done to his face, you can see it in the cheek bones
M 4 days ago
Ew. Mine didn’t do that. I have big full upper arm in color, that was done in one session.
UnknownWolfy 4 days ago
Kang _ Farah
Kang _ Farah 4 days ago
J hooooooope 🌚💜
skywards 4 days ago
Flower bridge
“skin graft donor types”? i can donate my skin??
Priya taneja
Priya taneja 4 days ago
jhope oppa 😊😄✌💜
iCQ _www.SPCL.tk_
i dont know why people would want a tattoo
jackson 4 days ago
pop it
Really Spooky Bird
Bitch you emitting plasma tf
alex x
alex x 4 days ago
Lorenzo Villarreal
I know that cuz I just had a friend has skin graft and she just got a tattoo and then did the same thing
Oceania231 -.-
Oceania231 -.- 4 days ago
Oh now I see it I’m dumb 🤦‍♀️
Aluminum and Mercury
Making aerogel