WHAT IS GOING ON!?? | Invincible Ep 1 Reaction 

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Apr 2, 2021




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Comments 100   
YaBoyRoshi 18 days ago
This shit is CRAZY!!
Captain Teeko
Yeah omniman is tenzin lol
David Yodo
David Yodo 9 days ago
As soon as i know this is created by same creator of TWD. I'm watching it immediately.
TheLightbane 10 days ago
I had the exact same reaction you guys did with the plane. bloody heart attack. I swear to god if i hadn't seen similar gruesome death scene Sh&* with the Harley Quinn Series this would have been way more shocking to me.
zirath ashe
zirath ashe 12 days ago
Simmons used the voice more from legend of korra than spiderman.
Alex M
Alex M 13 days ago
Yo, you guys know about your impersonation channel yeah? YaBoyRockLee. Not even kidding. They biting your show selection and even some of your editing/sound aesthetic. They been doing it for years too apparently. Blows my mind.
Rohan Jaime
Rohan Jaime 2 hours ago
It was first time I ever screamed watching characters in an animation getting slaughtered. That shit was crazzzzzzzy son
Schnelliwin 4 hours ago
Joo im new and that intro is sick and i lke your content
33 simmer
33 simmer 9 hours ago
Why are people surprised this iis robert kirkman we’re talking about 💀 aka the walking dead
jrag1000 10 hours ago
Nigga, what are we watching? The rebirth of comics.
jrag1000 10 hours ago
he didn't hit him like a man, he hit him like a SUPERMAN
Thwomp 14 hours ago
whole fight would've went different if Red Rush stayed on protection duty instead of attacking
Miasimon Day ago
It took this reaction to make me realize that those guys that Darkwing and Red Rush left tied up are probably dead, by now. Maybe not the guy left by Red Rush, because someone could probably undo those cords. But those two left by Darkwing probably can't be taken down by force because Darkwing is probably the only one who can turn those magnets off.
The Devil Breaker
"The FISH"
Captain Teeko
Omni man is Jk simmons who was also tenzin :) and the lady at the picnic was the voice of Azula :3 the shop dude is mark hamill too :3
Jimi strøm
Jimi strøm Day ago
You guys are such bad Liars. You’ve seen this shit already!
SPIKEE Day ago
what you mean??
jacob healy
jacob healy 2 days ago
the voice for black sampson is teen titans voice for cyborg and the dude who makes the costumes is mark hamil aka luke skywalker and voice of the joker
Maylson Martinez
Maylson Martinez 2 days ago
The only good part what a fucking shit show, bringing social justice every fucking episode, are you fucking kidding me THE ONLY GOOD THING IS THE DAD KILLED EVERYONE BUT EVERYTHING ELSE IS SO FUCKING SHIT
David Torres
David Torres 2 days ago
The comic is one-sided fight. They at least put up a fight in the show
Ant Bizzy 806
Ant Bizzy 806 2 days ago
You guys really need to read the comics I was a fan before the show it is good shit
Wintte1 2 days ago
React to The boys pleaseeeee
TCC 3 days ago
7:47 lmao Uncle Ruckus on the right lol
GamerBear 3 days ago
I totally guessed he couldn't fly either, just the way the scene before he does is done gives that feeling. Totally called the ending scene the moment I saw a stand-in for the Justice League, though. lol At least in terms of them being goners.
philos4r 4 days ago
same reaction,
punk dad ash
punk dad ash 4 days ago
dude lupa is fucking distraught okay that man look like he really done seen some shit at the end of this entire video SKDJS AND I FEEL SO BAD HE JUS LOOKS SO SO OUT OF IT AT THE END
JP RC 4 days ago
22:50 that's what would happen if Flash attempted to fight an unleashed Superman. Coming to think about it, this would be the entire Justice League's fate at the hands of an evil Superman.
bryan deloge
bryan deloge 4 days ago
"What am I watching" lol that was exactly my reaction 😂🤣😆 but it's so good .
Dewayne williams
Dewayne williams 5 days ago
Yea show wild.. I was tripping when I first seen the end
ZenFlowers 5 days ago
I like the girl that defended invincible. She really kicked that dude in the balls. Also after seeing green ghost not as green but like, as a person that just made it hurt more.
Akash Baldew
Akash Baldew 5 days ago
Whoa kratos and atreus watching invincible with freya
Esther Matthews
Esther Matthews 5 days ago
I just cant get attached
iDesire 5 days ago
Where do you watch this
midp0int 5 days ago
You guys have no idea how crazy this series is going to be
Ryny 5 days ago
In the comics apparently omni man destorys those guys in like one panel
Jordan Davenport
Jordan Davenport 5 days ago
Oh man dude, I don't know anyone who's caught its a big i. Good eye.
Jri Sparks
Jri Sparks 5 days ago
dude what the actual fuck man did I just watch talk about intense bruh
TheSixthRaikage 6 days ago
I died at "red polo energy" lmao
Shawn McMurter
Shawn McMurter 6 days ago
Idk if I’m aloud to state it or not but that was a proper timed N drop.
Raf Allan
Raf Allan 6 days ago
WTF was that???!!!! LMAO I was expecting a kid show
Naartie M
Naartie M 6 days ago
why does your girl remind me of rachelfit?
Young Lax
Young Lax 6 days ago
Fuck that was wild
JoeBlizzo 6 days ago
Damn Red Rush had it the worst now that I think about it. Since he perceives time slower than everyone else what was seconds to us was probably hours to him
kerlyenai 6 days ago
Anyone else though that the Viltrum backstory was really fishy? Sure it had green lantern vibes but, in reality, any nation with that much power has never been completely benevolent. Quite the opposite in fact, most of the time.
J3D1M1NDTR1CK5 6 days ago
YOOOOOOO! what is that into! first time here, that is sick af!
Nicolás Cabello
Nicolás Cabello 7 days ago
Mateus Oliveira cantor
I Love React
Also Tenzin
Kaiser Kain
Kaiser Kain 7 days ago
Just want to say love the opening
Robin Jakobsen
Robin Jakobsen 7 days ago
That intro goes hard tho animation so GOOD
PurgatoryZero 7 days ago
I think I understand why he killed them all, he got rid of every one who could receive credit for stopping villains, so his son can get all the credit and grow stronger
Daniel Cabrona
Daniel Cabrona 7 days ago
cool asf intro!
Leif Dude
Leif Dude 7 days ago
I fucking loved this reaction but that How I met your mother joke killed me bro
A Thomas
A Thomas 7 days ago
That intro is fucking godlike. Shoutout to fellow black anime watchers. Thats an eeeeeeeeasy subscribe.
dungeonmaster16 7 days ago
22:00 in comics right now they are setting up lucius fox son, timothy fox to become the next batman. ppl saying it wont stick maybe but do note. in 2039 it will be batmans 100th anniversary. among comic community even though most wish for the character to stay the same there has to be a point where they officially retire as that role. so ppl predict in the year 2039 bruce wayne as batman officially comes to an end and someone else takes on the mantle for good for another 100 years and repeat the cycle. besides batman its same for superman, wonder woman and such. they are legit prepping the torch passing on.
h2ojr1 7 days ago
23:27 the matrix would like a word
Y'all reactions was the best i seen lmaooooo 😂🤣😂😭😭😭
Wei-Ting Shen
Wei-Ting Shen 8 days ago
Dark wing is bar man ??
E E 8 days ago
27:20 - When your not desensitized, this is your reaction!
John Carlos
John Carlos 8 days ago
I thought I was the only one that lost my ISH like this when I saw this the first time lol
A B 8 days ago
Where can I watch this for free plzz someone help a brother out 🙏😩
Proud Saiyan Prince
I laughed so fucking hard at Dark Wings death. What a fuckin moron trying to close the distance. 😂
God 8 days ago
its funny how nobody remembers hawkgirl they always say she's like wonderwoman or woman thor XD poor hawkgirl
Fidel Guerra
Fidel Guerra 8 days ago
She couldn't faze the punch because she was holding Darkwing
Max Steel
Max Steel 8 days ago
First when they put 18+ i thought it may contain more romance thing not expected this brutal killing 🤯
Samuel Andrew
Samuel Andrew 8 days ago
The character is inspired by nightwing
Sun 8 days ago
I feel like they are sent to planets to “protect” the people of different planets but then rule over them in the long run
Jonathan Padilla
Jonathan Padilla 8 days ago
Pshh Omni Man went east on em. Imagine the reaction to that specific 3 day battle with a dude who just got introduced!?
Ninjhetto NLK3
Ninjhetto NLK3 9 days ago
I think the Viltrimites are colonists, not saviors. Also, the woman who phases didn't because she tried to catch Dark Wing, which is why Omniman threw him to her.
serenityq26 9 days ago
bruh! how can you not have read invincible? sigh thoth weeps
thejmeister 9 days ago
Your reactions were awesome. I didn't see the ending coming at all, and it left me traumatised.
Bryan Cash
Bryan Cash 9 days ago
This the new red wedding reaction lol
David Yodo
David Yodo 9 days ago
Holy Shit that Ending 😱
Oyamada Kouta-Kun
you have not seen nothing yet
SlimCognito Entertainment
I just started watching this and I'm losing my shit. I need some more.
Unite x Conquer
Unite x Conquer 9 days ago
"What is this show?!" 😂😂
James No Last Name
James No Last Name 10 days ago
Seriously, you’re reactions are literally amazing. These types of reactions are what I love seeing when I watch any reaction video
Priyam Samuel
Priyam Samuel 10 days ago
That's some badass intro you've got there
derodrick ingram
derodrick ingram 10 days ago
Y'all reactions were priceless...
Jei Sanchez3
Jei Sanchez3 10 days ago
Viltrumits are actually like saiyans tho, they conquer planets
Jeff Taylor
Jeff Taylor 10 days ago
This isn’t like superman going crazy. This is more like Vegeta going crazy. Viltrumites seem to be much closer to saiyans than kryptonians biologically. Sans tails of course.
Crustyfl8ke 10 days ago
The ending was giving Justice League: Apokolips War
Shilev Whisperwind
Shilev Whisperwind 10 days ago
The legend says, that those 2 criminals are still hanging on the water tower.
Ron H
Ron H 10 days ago
Those two dudes magnetically handcuffed up on the water tank gonna be there for a WHILE
jamal simmons
jamal simmons 10 days ago
Fatality to all the heroes! The boys styles!😉👍
Anthony Blalark
Anthony Blalark 10 days ago
Yo what’s the intro lmao fireeeeeee
TsM YEAGER 10 days ago
Like what did my eyes just see WHAT?!?!?! JUST HAPPEND!??!?!
lsplan23 10 days ago
In comic it wasn't even a fight omni man destroys them in a sec. I'm glad they gave them some time to fight in tv show.
dantederi 10 days ago
I never read the comics, so this suprised me so much. I was rooting for Omni-man, so it's such a shock.
dantederi 8 days ago
@5567 5555 hey man, no spoiler please
5567 5555
5567 5555 9 days ago
Nolan redeems hinself anyways
ARGENT 191 10 days ago
Amazon Prime is doubling down on Evil Supermen like Homelander and Omni-Man. Maybe because Amazon is owned by real life Lex Luthor, Jeff Bezos.
carlos sepulveda
carlos sepulveda 10 days ago
27:07 Is that an Arrow reference?
Justin Perryman
Justin Perryman 10 days ago
That was the best opening I’ve ever seen....
Tariq Guebaili
Tariq Guebaili 11 days ago
LioSlayer Of SJWs
LioSlayer Of SJWs 11 days ago
It was way better in comics. Omni Man merked them lickity split! Last one standing was the immortal and the dialogue was better in the comics everything was just better in the comics! They made omniman look like he struggled to beat them oh please... viltrumites are like kryptonians and saiyans in one. They all got one shotted in a split second and we didnt know who was offing them. Then immortal turns around and says “You, I never liked you” (as opposed to the lame ass “why” line) Then omniman beheads him and says the feeling was mutual! It was way more savage in the comics. This just nerfs omniman and make it seem like they stood a chance against him.
Macro Mondo
Macro Mondo 11 days ago
Red Rush was being the MVP till he got cocky and attacked, he was helping the team way more as a support, moving them out of the way of Omni Man's punches, straight up deflecting one of his attacks, dude was a teamplayer and died the moment he went in solo. P.S: Yes i know this version lasted longer than the comics (i already read the whole story) just apreciating the changes they did for it in the series.
TheLastSane1 11 days ago
In the comics Omniman kills them all in a single panel each implying they where killed so fast that none of them really could react. Kirkman has since said that he probably should not have done that and I think that is why it was a fight in the show.
Eric TheAwesome
Eric TheAwesome 11 days ago
yo i thought this would be wack cus of the thumbnail but i was literally asking myself where the 2nd ep was ep cus that was wiiild
Nicholas Costello
Nicholas Costello 11 days ago
What if real Superman here lol 😆
Irving Ramirez
Irving Ramirez 11 days ago
Y’all need to read the comic it’s so dope 💯
flashdr1ve 11 days ago
i thought this show was boutta be lame but holy shit lmfao 💀💀💀
Robb Thomas
Robb Thomas 11 days ago
Y'all worried about the dudes on the water tower... I'm weak!
ALUCARD x3x 11 days ago
im in episode 5 . and this is best super hero show i ever see
Robb Thomas
Robb Thomas 11 days ago
Tra Rags energy! 😂😂😂
JZ 11 days ago
In the comics omni man took them out without breaking a sweat
Ghost MKC
Ghost MKC 11 days ago
"What in the Justice Friends??!!" lol. You'll love this show, its pretty close to the comic and yall aint ready for that level dopeness. Invincible is from a race that are like a mix between Kryptonians and Saiyans. Imagine.
m ranger
m ranger 11 days ago
dont mess with jj jameson.