What Happens If You Cut A Spider Tag tiktok makeithackin 

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What Happens If You Cut A Spider Tag tiktok makeithackin
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Apr 12, 2021




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Comments 100   
Rick Trey
Rick Trey 21 minute ago
"Purchased them for security research purposes"... Ok 🤔
Brandon Price
Brandon Price 2 hours ago
For security research purposes... bullshit content or stealing lol there was no research done this day the mfg website tells you everything you "figured out"
Raggle 2 hours ago
"Security research purposes"
Doc Tweeter
Doc Tweeter 3 hours ago
Unsheaths vise grips
ghh hjj
ghh hjj 5 hours ago
So we just gon show ppl how to shoplift
TTXRH 5 hours ago
Stranger: Why did you go to jail? Person who went to jail: submerging them in water didn’t work; so I used a hammer :)
Jonathan F
Jonathan F 6 hours ago
I had a Pikachu toy that was broken and it literally kept saying "Pika Pika Pikachu" for hours and hours. You couldn't switch it off or take out the batteries. I couldn't bring myself to destroy it or throw it away, so I decided to wait until the power ran out. On the evening of the second day, I finally cracked, grabbed a knife and stabbed it. 😬🔪🐰
ilzfuckup 6 hours ago
Can't you just super glue the four holes then cut
Disabled_Poptart 7 hours ago
This Comment Marks The 1k Mark For This Video, I Am Proud
Based Department
Based Department 7 hours ago
With a good magnet it becomes reusable, I got about 30 of them.
HOMIE WOLF 7 hours ago
fOllO fOr mUrE
KING SUPREME 9 hours ago
Don't show this to the BLM 🤣
legend of doom
legend of doom 9 hours ago
Cut the box
RobdKlun 10 hours ago
“I recently stole a few boxes from Walmart for security research purposes.”
random •
random • 11 hours ago
so just take it out of the store and cut it later
TEHE 12 hours ago
Him : so I used a hammer Shoplifters : don't mind me just watching
SABEER IQBAL 12 hours ago
Nothing happens if u rip it,don’t ask how I know...
C - moon
C - moon 12 hours ago
Yeah but water works sometimes if you hold it down long enough and they don’t struggle, Oh wait we’re talking about those things nvm
Da Real Clumsy
Da Real Clumsy 14 hours ago
Now we know how to break those things and rob items.
evilal20 16 hours ago
Minneapolis and St.Paul is watching right now 😅
Allison Turtlestar
Allison Turtlestar 16 hours ago
he’s the type of guy to- no i’m joking this is actually interesting
Klaus Gardim Martinelli
Ah i always hoped it exploded a bomb
Ichigo Kurosaki
Ichigo Kurosaki 17 hours ago
I bought a speaker from walmart the old lady cashier forgot to take it off ... but when i cut the wire it made no noise
Dark Ryu FF
Dark Ryu FF 17 hours ago
I would take the box and break the spider shit
Chad Jeremiah
Chad Jeremiah 18 hours ago
Got it... Use a hammer.
Doctor Rogers
Doctor Rogers 18 hours ago
I fucking hate US-first shorts this stupid video has been getting thrown in my face for months and I finally misclick on it and the whole video is essentially "if you trip an alarm it makes sound, so i smashed it with a hammer." US-first needs to stop trying to be tiktoc and get rid of the shorts, this physically hurts me.
Nobody Lynch
Nobody Lynch 19 hours ago
I need to listen to it
Nobody Lynch
Nobody Lynch 19 hours ago
What is that instrumental
AbjectLlama/Corsair Shill
Use a strong magnet to get these off. Lots of goodies to be taken.
Jmpmanaj23 19 hours ago
You could cut it on the bottom
Jacob Reichert
Jacob Reichert 19 hours ago
"as you can tell, submerging the infant does little to silence it's infernal screaming... So let's use this hammer"
Camron Jackson
Camron Jackson 20 hours ago
Every electronics associate pain.
BeRocK 21 hour ago
Here is the new Fat john wick limited edition human being 😁🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Delta Mike
Delta Mike 21 hour ago
I work security and their are alot of retail stores in the area I always find these in the washrooms and in the back of buildings
jeffmurnahan 22 hours ago
Hammer is good at silencing many things
CL0WN 22 hours ago
You said a hammer hey 🤔🔨
snoopyguy21 Day ago
So are these things using conductivity throughthe wires or using a tensiometer in the housing?
Imdying Lol
Imdying Lol Day ago
I’m confused bc I work as a cashier and I cut it off once with scissors bc I’m lazy and it never made any noise
Matt Supertramp
I think the key is to keep it submerged in water
Jidaxan fan
Jidaxan fan Day ago
I bought a ps4 slim years ago and they forgot to remove the spider tag and I couldn’t open the ps4slim unless I cut it ,so I did it after wards the alarm started. Going off I tried putting in water no use ,so I smashed it on the floor with the help of my cousin.
James Holbrooks
They do have one weakness I'd assume stripping the wire, getting a bigger wire and connecting both sides of the wire to a larger wire and slicing between the larger wire, allowing for it still to have a full circuit and (hopefully) not going off
DaysofKnight Day ago
*So I used a hammer*
Great Ganski
Great Ganski Day ago
A tee shirt shuts it up enough to get it outta the store!
Nishi singh
Nishi singh Day ago
He looks like a dollar store Keanu Reeves
Si Allan
Si Allan Day ago
Fat jhon wick
Zach Day ago
“Research purposes” 😉
Fadilla Rayhanz
itz Has boy
itz Has boy Day ago
You look like Keanu Reeves but fat (Don't get me wrong I'm also quite fat)
Tómas Orri
Tómas Orri Day ago
Here's a tip invest in a magnet
Breezee Day ago
:God is real! 😁 Want some proof?🙃 Y O U 💫✨💖 You are the proof. 💗 God is our creator. Love your creator just like how he loves you amen 😁
Dino Swaur
Dino Swaur Day ago
One of my managers used to slam them in the ground until the plastic broke and then snip the wires
Coyeyes Day ago
“Security research purposes” lmao
Data mule
Data mule Day ago
You realize you could just be educating criminals right?
A hammer jammed the high tech. AI needs the same hammer.
MissMichSan Day ago
Lol you know you stole that! Hah jk
Mr AJ Day ago
"John wick bit THICC"
would a jumper wire work to bypass the cut ? asking for a friend 😉
RandomGamers Day ago
I see, so I should bring a jug to walmart submerge the alarm an run like hell, thanks😁👌
zachary branker
*smiles in alligator clips*
CVKL Day ago
Hmm if it works on tension, maybe superglue all the openings then cut the wire but I don't know if that's how it works 🤷
teenage mutant ninja kermit
Plot twist he's training to rob the nearby walmart
Year 2021
Year 2021 Day ago
Just emp it , it’ll fry and never bother you again.
Random Beauty
"So i used a hammer" now smash that like button
Michal Keller
Wait isn’t it’s alarm system based off how hard the string is pulling? If that’s the case you can take gorilla glue and place it at the corner so then cut it. If not and it’s a wire that has a sensor system then that’s great it’s even more efficient!
Toxic-StuX Day ago
When I worked at Ross as the stockroom manager, I would just toss em in the trash compactor🤧🤧🤧
Mister J
Mister J Day ago
Whats the name of the background music? Anybody?
D Lum
D Lum Day ago
Just get a long wire with two clips on each side. Connect on each end of the wire and cut where you want to between those clips. When you cut the wire you are interrupting the communication and thus the alarm. With the clips you give the signal to travel on an alternate route
*wonder why it says 2alarm on it*
pokeRiley Day ago
He's just giving robbers a head start
fozea khan
fozea khan Day ago
if I just cut the box with my siccer
Juan antonio Galindo rosas
He’s a like a fat john wick
Anon Anonymous
Poooooooor man is goons freak
Yannick Day ago
Most packages arent a perfect square so most spider tags can be puzzled off
ky Day ago
I’ve seen a video game box crushed by one of these in a store once
Fake Tipster
Fake Tipster Day ago
Thanks now i know how to silence one
DoubleRcarr Day ago
John wick is that you?
Ivan Smith
Ivan Smith 2 days ago
Lol a frickin hammer😂😂😂
Mia C
Mia C 2 days ago
I work retail and these are the worst!
Suburban Cyber Goth
"Security research purposes" sure Jan.
emma green
emma green 2 days ago
water? nope, *hammer time*
Mikky V
Mikky V 2 days ago
Imagine ordering a spider tag but there one on the box
224 gh
224 gh 2 days ago
What is the name of this music
Aaditya Khare
Aaditya Khare 2 days ago
keanu reeves after eating 5 mcd burgers n 1 large pizza😂😂
Jose Vazquez
Jose Vazquez 2 days ago
Anyone know song name?
The Gamer Mammot
The Gamer Mammot 2 days ago
Don't tell people how to disarm those, it could help robbers not get caught robbing
A aron
A aron 2 days ago
Fat Revees
Shawn Nichol
Shawn Nichol 2 days ago
Plots twist: he stole it and it’s not for educational purposes
tank head
tank head 2 days ago
"I recently purchased a few spider security tags" yeah suuuuuree
Stewie Griffin
Stewie Griffin 2 days ago
instructions unclear: i tried putting my item back and it broke off without buzzing so i took it with me, cops at my door.
andrewz61 2 days ago
Just use some alligator clips and a piece of wire to keep the circuit closed. Modifying an ESD wrist strap would be a great solution.
Hello my name Is Ben
shoplifters: interesting...
Storme Dannic
Storme Dannic 2 days ago
What’s the song he’s using in the background
Wallace Nelson
Wallace Nelson 2 days ago
Use a magnet say thanks to your local professor thief lol
CHO7 2 days ago
Him: just for educational purposes. Medias 2 weeks later : a man stole 15 ps5, 10 MacBooks pro, 28 iPhone 12 by hacking their spider tags in a shop
Poodleinacan 2 days ago
More of the story: rewire with a bridging wire, before cutting.
Meow Skeet
Meow Skeet 2 days ago
Nah he low key finessed that sht
Hasnain Kherani
Hasnain Kherani 2 days ago
Baba Yega?
Nba Meme god
Nba Meme god 2 days ago
Tiktok is cancer
psycho gaming
psycho gaming 2 days ago
Trick cut it then yeet it